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ID : tm3219013161

Novel Sulfonated Poly (Ether Ketone) (Speek) Membrane For Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)

The objective of this invention is to develop a novel fulfonated poly (ether ketone) (SPEEK) sa the cation exchange membrane for high performance, high proton conductivity and low methanol permeability for DMFC application. The SPEEK membranes with various degrees of sulfonation (DS) were developed using proprietary mixtures of fuming sulfuric acid as sulfonating agent. Optimizing of the sulfonatin agent mixtures represents the most inventive step in developing this novel membrane for DMFC. This novel step leads to both high ion exchange capacity (IEC) and DS of the membrane within 2 or 3 hours compared to 120 hours using conventional sulfonating process. Overall, this led to the development of high performance SPEEK membrane which exhibited 6 times low methanol crossover and good proton conductivity compared to commercially available membrane. The economics of the novel SPEEK is very appealing since the reduction in methanol is by 60%. In addition, the material cost is also significantly reduced by 10 times as compared to the commercial membrane.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219113162

Novel Speek Membrane For Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)

Proton Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) plays a crucial role in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) in order to produce high fuel cell performance. The commercial Nafion membrane from DuPont Company possesses outstanding chemical and mechanical stability. However, they may have two major shortcomings which are very expensive (RM 3000/m2) and high methanol crossover/permeability in DMFC. Methanol crossover is particularly troublesome because it leads to Cathode depolarization, excessive water production and possible electrode flooding, and reduction in the fuel efficiency of the entire system.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219213163

Novel Method for Real-Time Single Cells Viability Detection using Dual Nanoprobe

Single pulses current measurement on single cells using dual nanoprobe through environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM)-nanomanipulator system was performed. The nanoprobe was fabricated using focused ion beam (FBI) tungsten deposition and etching processes. The characteristics of the nanoprobe were examined from the energy dispersion spectrometry (EDS) and noise analyses. In this work, for the first time, the electrical property of single cells under their native condition was presented. In order to apply this method for cell viability detection, two types of cells were used, i.e. dead cells and live cells. The results showed that there is a significant difference on the electrical measurement data between the dead and live cells.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219313164

Novel Method for Measuring Single Cells Adhesion Force using Nanofork

This novel method measures single cells adhesion force using a nanofork. The nanofork was used to pick-up a single cell on a line array substrate inside ESEM. The line array substrate was used to provide small gaps between the single cells and the substrate. Therefore, the nanofork could be inserted through these gaps in order to successfully pick-up a single cell. The nanofork was fabricated using a focused ion beam (FIB) etching process while the line array substrate was fabricated using nanoimprinting technology. To investigate the effect of contact area on the strength of the adhesion force, two sizes of gap distance of line array substrate were used, i.e. 1 m and 2m. Results showed that the cells attached on the 1 m gap line array substrate required more force to be released as compared to the cells attached on the 2m gap line array substrate.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219413165

Novel Method for Fast Single Cells Stiffness Measurement using Buckling Nanoneedle

We proposed a buckling nanoneedle as a force sensor for stiffness characterization of single cells. We performed in situ measurements of mechanical properties of individual W303 wildtype yeast cells using a buckling nanoneedle inside an integrated SEM (ESEM)-nanomanipulator system. Finer local stiffness property of single cells was compared at different pressure and temperature ranges. This detection method of the stiffness variations of the single cells could be applied in the future for fast disease diagnosis based on single-cell stiffness analysis.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219513166

Novel H2MC Membrane For Acid/Green House Gas Removal

Natural gas is gaseous fossil fuel consisting primarily of methane (CH4). Generally, natural gas also contains water vapor (H2S and CO2) which are contaminant impurities that reduces natural gas quality. The separation of natural gas contaminants is an important operation in natural gas treating to increase natural gas quality. CO2, present in natural gas needs to be removed in order to increase heating value of the gas, preventing corrosion of pipelines and gas processing equipment, prevent crystallization of CO2 which can cause process blockage and reduce the green house gas emission which harmful to environment.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219613167

Novel GaN-Based On-Chip pH Sensor

-Robustness, chemically stable, high sensitivity and selectivity
-On-chip integration for faster data transmission
-High responsivity (charges in current level with time) due to AlGaN HEMT Structure
-Standard GaN processing with simple planar structure
-Ability of working continuously at temperature higher than 250C
-Ability of sensing gas at various levels of gas content and pressure.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219713168

Novel Design of UWB Rectangular Monopole Antenna With U-Slot

-Ultra Wide Bandwidth operation (3.8 GHz to 12 GHz).
-Compact and light weight design for ease of integration with other component/circuit.
-Very low transmission energy (less than 1 mW) which will impose minimal interferance to other devices.
-Extremely difficult to intercept.
-Low cost.
-Omni-Directional radiation pattern (data could be transfer in all direction)
-Enable to be applied in military or other devices that requires highly secured communication.
-Can be used as a part of on body communication especially for microwave imaging (breast cancer detection).

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219813169

Novel Bimetallic Catalyst For The Production Of High Purity Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs)

This product is cheap and simple process yield of CNTs which is relatively high (50-75% using CDV compared to 30% using arc discharge). It easy to scale up and mass produce CNTs. It also direct growth onto specific substrate.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3219913170

New Retainer Design For Greener Environment

-New design retainers.
-High pressure and heat resistant.
-Emission reduction.
-Low cost production.
-High stabilities and constant flow.
-Improve air and fuel mixing.
-High energy output.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220013171

Natural Palm Oil As A New Power Transformer Insulation Material

Electrical insulating liquids are used abundantly in a variety of components of power system networks such as transformers, power cables and bushings. Petroleum-based mineral oil is the most commonly used oil in the electric power industry. However, the oil is non biodegradable and can contaminate soil and water when serious spill take place. Therefore, it is vital to find a better alternative liquid insulating material which is environmental friendly. One of the alternatives is to utilize palm oil as electrical insulating material. Malaysia as the world's largest producer and exporter of palm oil will have a good opportunity if palm oil can be used as electrical insulation, particularly in power transformer. Natural palm oil has the properties of biodegradable whereby it can reduce the environmental impact and less toxicity to living organism. It has also being shown that the natural palm oil has good electrical and chemical properties having the potential to replace the existing mineral oils.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220113172

Natural Flavors Without Color

Many food available in the market today have synthetic flavors that have untolerable chemical contents that may pose health hazard especially to children. Our invention contributes in the production of natural intense flavor concentrate without color, suitable for food and beverages application. This invention promotes nutraceutical, non-chemical flavor in the market and incorporates natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory of natural flavor. It is also nutritious, environment friendly, good solubility, economical, no existing local competition and contains all the goodness of fruits.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220213173

Nanostructured Coupled Semiconductor Photocatalyst (NCSP)

NCSP is a novel photocatalyst with high efficiency under visible light (60%), low recombination rate of the photogenerated hole-electron pairs, high surface area, hydrophilic, demonstrates excellent adsorption ability towards the nonpolar organic compound and may be easily recovered. NCSP is prepared by impregnating coupled semiconductors on nanostructured material support. Through the synergy effect of coupled semiconductors, the charge separation of the photoexcited electron-hole pairs is greatly increased and thus results in low recombination rate which will in turn enhance the photocatalytic activity of the photocatalyst. The high surface area provided by the nanosupport enables more active sites to be present and enhances the recovery of NCSP.

-Gold Medal - British Invention Show (BIS) 2007

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220313174

Nanoparticle Automachine

The present invention relates to a system and method for measuring nanoparticle in automatic manner. The machine comprise hardware and software for nanoparticle analysing. Thus the output can automatically display the size, shape, concentration, percentage of aggregation and the image of nanoparticle.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220413175

Nano-Crystalline Ni Plating On Aluminium by High Speed Electrodeposition

A basic Watt's type Ni solution is used without any additives and a normal d.c power supply (rectifier) for depositing nanocrystalline Ni by high speed movement of the electrolyte. No-pret-treatment/ no pre-plate with an intermediate metallic layer. 20 times faster plating rate than conventional electroplating. As plated Ni on aluminium surface is nano-crystalline and can be plated with Cr, gold or silver. ROds, pipes, plates various shaped components can be electropolated now with this process.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220513176

Nano Tungsten Carbide (WC)Microwave -Induced Alloy From Palm Kernel Shells For Remediation Of CFC

Novel technique for preparation of Nano Tungsten Carbide. This catalyst prepare using activated carbon from local waste palm kernel shells. Microwave- induced alloying technique applied on this preparation. Drive high quality product with nano-size particle. Percentage conversion of 92% (CFC-22) to (HFC-32) was achieved at the low temperature.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220613177

Multistage Symmetrical Wobble-Plate Compressor

This multistage high- pressure compressor features a novel symmetrical configuration of two identical wobble plates and set of pistons, for use in natural gas refueling in vehicles. The symmetrical configuration gives a well balanced design in terms of vibrations. It designed for domestic natural gas vehicle slow over-night refueling from piped mains supply, the compressor is compact, light and low noise and vibration levels. With slight modifications the compressor can also be adapted for other high pressure applications such as refueling industrial and medical gas tanks and scuba diving tanks. The 5-stage compressor has been designed for competitive specification. It is able to handle a low 3-bar suction pressure and deliver a discharge pressure of 250 bars at a shaft rotation of 1500 rpm, to give an equivalent pressure ratio of 2.268 for each stage. With a wobble plate tilt at an angle of 5 degree, the delivery flow rate is 1 normal m3/hr. For good balancing, the piston weight is set at the same value for every stage. For lightness and compactness, the compressor housing, piston, wobble plate rotor and cylinder block are made from aluminium, while the shaft and connection rods are made from steel. This gives the total weight of about 30 kg, with a size of approximately 0.3*0.3*0.5m3. On the overall this Malaysian-designed compressor gives an impressive performance in terms of noise, vibration, compression capability and mechanical efficiency.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220713178

Multi-purpose Radiation Grafted Ion Exchange Resign Based on Locally Produced Polyethylene

This ion exchange resins were prepared by a simple copolymerization method with a high energy radiation obtained for the first time in Malaysia. They are composed of substrates made of locally produced polyethylene using vinyl monomer as a grafting monomer by a simple chemical treatment. They can be tailored to host desired functional groups (acidic or basic) and its content of functional groups can be controlled to desired levels in the resins. They can be used for treatment of wide range of ionic species and can be easily regenerated. The resins have high metal absorption capacity, which is inexpensive.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220813179

Multifunctional Electro-Optic Modulator

The electro-optic modulator utilizes DKDP or K*DP crystal as a pockel cell. Transparent electrode is employed to create electric field longitudinal to the crystal axis. The pockel cell is powered with a variable high voltage up to 6 kV. DC power supply was specifically design for driving the pockel cell. The modulator becomes multifunctional via control unit which programmed to command for displaying the supplied voltage, to vary the frequency and to delay the switching time.

Bronze Medal - PECIPTA 2007
Silver Medal - International Exhibition-Ideas-Inventions-
New Product (IENA) 2007

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3220913180

Multi Purpose Distance Safety Device Detector

To simplify the task of calculating. Combines electronic technology and ultrasonic waves. Safe and practical for measuring purposes.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3221013181

Multi Beamwidth Active Antenna Beamforming Network Using Butler Matrix

The Butler Matrices in a receiver system integrated with Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) is using the narrow beams in the Butler Matrix. It is possible for a receiver to increase the gain in the desired signal directions and reduce the gain in interference directions. A technique is introduced which uses high linearity LNAs and a Wilkinson power divider placed at the Input port of the Butler Matrix. The resulting outputs have high linearity and broad beam width that can be used for short-range communication. This active antenna beamforming network using Butler Matrices provides a method for vehicle communication systems where long-range communications with roadside beacons and short-range communications with fast moving vehicles are made possible?

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3221113182

MozzieRID: Natural Aromatic Skin Wipe

The novel feature of this invention is the formulation itself where in this skin wipe consisted of single repellent oil only plus a Hibiscus gelatin to overpower human odors and help to cool body heat during perspirancy, thus deflecting mosquitoes away. The bioactive compound of concern cinsisted in this invention is geraniol. Geraniol is extracted from Pelargonium radula which is widely available locally and known as Jeremin. This particular oil posed a styptic or astringent effect which contracts the tissues or blood vessels when bleeding. Moreover, a Hibiscus gelatin is added to the formulation to coll down the body heat, which produced carbon dioxide (CO2) plus heat wave from the skin via transfer mechanism. A skin wipe is usually comprising a low cost and biodegradable porous sheet (cellulosic fibrous) impregnated with an oil-in-water emulsion. This skin wipe contained a polymeric bead which is useful for treating the human skin or environmental surfaces by providing controlled released of functional ingredient. A search for an alternative effective insect repellent, which is also user friendly, mobile, safer and cheaper than the existing one seems are able to be fully developed and justified.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3221213183


The system for reducing high metal content (up to 90%) in shellfish. The system is also fast, easy to use and cost-effective.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3221313184

Miniaturized Microwave Central-Slit Meander-Couple Wilkinson Power Divider With Harmonic Suppression Capability

- An intelligent miniaturized single device that can simultaneously divide equal signal power, exhibits broad bandwidth and suppressed harmful third harmonic.
- Achievable 50% size reduction equates to similar space reduction and considerable commercialization manufacturing costs.
- Multioperation over microwave band width with unwanted harmonic filtering capabilities.
- Miniaturization employing meandering and central slitting technologies.
- Design procedure applicable for any microwave frequency below 10 Ghz.
- Ease and low cost fabrication using normal printed circuit board technique.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3221413185

MIGe - A New And Novel Multiple Lightning Impulse Generator For Low Voltage Lightning Protective Device Testing

This product is new and novel invention which is different from the existing Marx Impulse Generator. It able to produce lightning impulse voltage and current with natural characteristics. It incorporates electronic delay an triggering circuits. It's breakdown of spark gap is initiated by the electronic triggering circuit. It's multiple triggering is archived by delaying the spark gap breakdown using electronic delay circuit.

Skudai Johor

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