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ID : tm3211513086

SzProtect: A Hybrid Technique for Software Protection

The rapid growth in the computer software industry has generated a great demand for numerous type of software. These software however, are prone to various attacks by crackers. Currently, the main treat to the software industry is reverse engineering (RE). RE is the process of discovering the technological principles of a software system through analysis if its structure, function and operation. It enables an attacker to analyze and modify an application without the need for the original source code.

Silver Medal - INATEX 2007

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3211613087

Synthesis of Anti-Inflammatory Agents By Using Highly Reactive Zinc

Highly Reactive Zinc is prepared by a a simple electrolysis system. It nanosized particles with large surface area compare to commercial zinc metal. It highly reactive towards metallation with organic halides to produce organozinc compound. It also shows

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3211713088

Sustainable Bitumen from Waste Material

This is a sustainable bitumen mix where 15% of bitumen has been replaced by waste materials like waste cooking oil, crumb rubber and palm oil fuel ash.This product can perform efficiently as binder for flexible pavement and reduces up to 15% of total cost and environmental pollution.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3211813089

Suscrete (Sustainable self-healing concrete)

Suscrete is a self-healing environment-friendly concrete admixture to repair micro-scale cracks autonomously, applicable in tropical region to reduce risk of structural concrete failure. It increases water resistance and protects concrete from algae and fungus with longer life cycle & lower cost.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3211913090

Spectrum of Nano Encapsulated Natural Colorant-TNC

Product Features:
- A natural, red-hue primer colorant, substantially free of alkaloids and PPO, nano-encapsulated, has good stability, minimal aroma &without any organic solvent residuals.
- Nano encapsulation protect colorant from degradation and preventing premature colour development.
- Increase colour stability, maintain colour characteristics and product shelf-life.
- Enhancing stability to temperature, moisture, oxidation and light.
- Reducing negative interactions with other compounds.
- Controlling the release of encapsulated ingredients.

Relevant Industries:
- Food colorants
food, packaging industries
- Beverages
fruit, carbonated, dairy, soft drinks
- Textiles
alternative to synthetics dYes
- Pharmaceuticals
tablets, capsules
- Nutraceuticals
health care products
anti-aging creams, moisturizers

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212013091

Solid Rubber Blend Base Electrolyte For Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries

- Modified natural rubber blend (MNRB) polymer electrolyte have been developed for application in lithium batteries.
- A new rubber blend base solid electrolyte has an ionic conductivity of 10-5 S/cm at room temperature. this value is comparable to those gel electrolytes currently in process of commercialization but it is mechanically more stable.
- The OCV of this material is 4.5V and the complete discharge is 100 mAh/g.
- High voltage of 4.0 volts.
- Operational temperature range -10 Celsius up to 60 Celsius.
- Very small
- Small self-discharge
- Contains no heavy metals
- Stable voltage during shelf life
- Low cost and easily available polymer blend

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212113092

SNAD : Smart Nap Alert Device

This device detects early signs (dozing off, nod off) driver and when it happens, the device produce noisy alarm immediately to wake up the driver and also the passengers in the vehicle. At the same time, the control module which equipped with a GSM system sends an SMS to the monitoring station for further action.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212213093

SMS Reservation Parking System

SMS Reservation Parking system is practical, effective and time-saving. The product is marketable for commercial purposes and the acquisition of the system by the building management will increase the number of customers. It will solve traffic jams during peak hours as users try to search for empty parking spaces especially at shopping complexes. It will also help users to know of available parking lots at the destination. The device will enable users to book the nearest parking lot to the entrance via SMS.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212313094

Smart Noise Mapping Prediction Software(NOISEMAPSS)

This invention able to predict a reliable strategic noise map and noise exposure level in dynamic and complex working environment. It could be effectively used in monitoring and noise control strategy.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212413095

Smart Grounding Design Software

It is not easy to use IEEE Std 80 on 1986 IEEE Guide for safety in AC Substation Grounding. Thus a safe design AC substartion grounding system was designed. Young and inexperienced engineers, consultants, educator of engineering universities and colleges will not be able to use this in a very short time of learning. So the innovation here is to make designing of the AC substation grounding system as a simple exercise with features that can advice us whether the design is acceptable or not.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212513096

Skin Nutrient Formulations Containing Labisia Pumila Extract For Enhancing Collagen Synthesis

This invention concerns a cosmetic and skin care preparation which is intended to address aging skin characterize by spot area, wrinkle as in premature aging caused by chronic exposure to ultraviolet light. Suitable for aging skin. Reduce skin wrinkle. Promote collagen synthesis. Enhance the moisturizing effect of the skin.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212613097

Single Step to Prepare Zinc Peroxide Nanoparticle

Zinc peroxide has recently become widely exploited in the rubber industry for the improvement of wear resistance and as an oxidant mainly in mixtures containing explosive materials and pyrotechnical mixtures. Zinc peroxide can also be useful in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries for therapeutic applications.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212713098

Single Miniature Power Divider PI 2008 3760

A single power divider/combiner that has added feature of simultaneously filtering harmful inherent undesired 3rd harmonic. Achievable considerable >8 reduced size factor equates to similar space reduction and considerable commercialization manufacturing costs. Miniaturization employing meandering, central-slit and 3 pair of grooves. Simple, single configuration yet is miniaturized. Eliminates the need of external harmonic filter that will increase the overall size. Design procedure applicable for any microwave frequency.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212813099

Sine-Slab Coastal Erosion Control

Sine-Slab is a flexible, interlocking pre-cast concrete product designed to work with nature. The system provides a step-like feature that provides access to water yet prevents soil erosion. Self-draining, energy absorbing and sediment trap capabilities enhances Sine-Slab's appeal by low maintenance and ecologically friendly. This product is suitable as a solution for applications to shoreline protection, land reclamation projects, flood control, ship berths and docks in harbours, beaches and marinas.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3212913100

Simple Technique for Measuring of Bulk Volume and Density of Shapeless Material

The density measurement of solids was lagging because of difficulty in measuring the volume especially in a porous and shapeless material. The technique was developed to measure the volume and density of shapeless material with a vacuum system. The advantages of this technique are dry system, quick measurement, and inert and cheap gas such as Nitrogen can be used as a measuring gas.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213013101

SilicaSnOx - Highly Selective Nanostructured Catalysts For Ecofriendly Chemical Synthesis

SilicaSnOx are new nanostructured catalysts which have been prepared from rice husk, a agriculture waste. By dispersing tin precursors uniformly within ordered structure nanoporous silica, we develop the technology to obtain nanometer size, roburst and highly active oxidation catalysts. Novel features of SilicaSnOx are:
- Nanomaterials with controllable size, shape and structure
- Low material cost
- nontoxic and safe to handle
- Preparation in aqueous solutions
- Largest surface area (1400 m2g-1)
- Uniform, Controllable nanopores (3-5 nm)
- Thermal Stability up to 700 Celsius
- Ideal recoverable catalyst
Benefits of catalytic applications are:
- Preparation of chlorine free benzaldehlde in high yields.
- Liquid phase reaction, little or no solvent requirement.
- Catalytic reaction range (from 60 to 100 Celsius
- Promotes new, clean, ecofriendly and economic processes.
- Potential industrial beneficiaries include food, pharmaceutical, dYes and perfumery.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213113102

Sildenafil Mobile Test Kit

Sildenafil is commonly prescribed pharmaceutical for erectile dysfunction treatment but prohibited in coffe powder. Simple, in situ mobile test kit examination for food sample. Yellow coloration to determine concentration of sildenafil. minus the heavy machinery and instrumentation in determining sildenafil. Help industries and ministry of science and ministry of domestic trade and consumer and consumer associations.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213213103

Siakap Best: An Aquaculture Feedmeal From Fermented Prawn Waste Silage

- Siakap Best is a pelleted diet exclusively formulated by incorporating lysine-rich protein obtain from Tiger prawn waste. The protein was produced through fermentation process using our own isolated lactic acid bacterial strain.
- The fermentation process using glucose as substrate and fermentation at 37 Celsius for 3 days in a unique horizontal rotating basket bioreactor provides easy recovery of the protein-rich liquor and chitin solids.
- Feeding trials on Seabass juveniles showed that the lysine-rich protein liquor can be used as a substitute for more expensive fish meal commonly used in aquaculture grow-out diets.
- An added advantage of the process is the valuable by-product, chitin which has many commercial applications.
- This work on Seabass diet has not been done anywhere else and is also the first in Malaysia.
- Provides alternative source for protein ingredient for aquaculture diet.
- Cheaper feedmeal will boost aquaculture industries as 50% or the cost of aquaculture industries comes from the feedmeal.
- Solves environmental pollution due to prawn waste dumping.
- The use of simple and safe process can be exploited for booth big and small scale industries.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213313104

Ship Wake Imaging System

Measures ship wake via imaging technique during model testing stage. Capable of determining low wake wash hull design. Applying high-accuracy close-range streo-photogrammetric technique. Precise ship wake and wave measurement. Measure precisely waves generated by wave makers-ocean test basin.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213413105

Seismic Hazard Analysis

Seismic Hazard Analysis

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213513106


Product Features : -reduction in use of natural fine aggregrate with replacement of crumb rubber. - addition of steel fibre in mixtures

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213613107

Seer-SAC: SEISMO-Accelero-Crackometer

SEER-SAC: Seismo-Accelero-CrackoMeter, works through a new concept of tri-axial movement of a single inertial mass that captures the vibration wave due to energy released by earthquake ground motion and crack propagation. The spatially suspended mass moves freely within the framework when the ground moves. Utilizes magnetometer technology to detect magnetic variations generated by permanent magnets attached to the mass element. Six magnetic sensors in X, Y and Z directions, enabling detection of both translational and rotational.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213713108

Seer Monalisa : Genetic Intelligent Seismic Inspection, Monitoring and Analysis for Structural Management System

This Invention produces an intelligent system for seismic inspection, monitoring and analysis in application of structure management system (e.g. building, bridges, offshore structures, dams and transmission tower) using mobile devices. Unites conventional structural inspection with seismic monitoring and analysis. Genetic Algorithm (GA) for input optimization. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) as intelligent component for monitoring and forecasting. Finite element Algorithm (FEA) for generation of structural performance damage level.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213813109

Seer Isolator III - New Generation Intelligent Base Isolator

- Produces very high vertical stiffness but still flexible
in horizontal translational direction.
- can take larger vertical loads compared to the
commercially available base isolator.
- it can be used for taller buildings up to 10 stories.
- the amount of rubber and steel materials has been reduce.
- inexpensive to manufacture, easy to install including
Structural Performance Monitoring System.
- BiSEER-Isolator can be more intelligent as a device of
important application of networked embedded sensing with
a significant commercial potential.
- by using wireless strain gauge, the load time value of
structure can be detected.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3213913110

Seer - Isolator III : New Generation Intelligent Base Isolator

Produces a very high vertical stiffness but still flexible in horizontal translational direction. Can take larger vertical loads. It's can be used for taller buildings up to 10 stories. The amount of rubber and steel materials has been reduce. Inexpensive to manufacture, easy, to install including Structural Performance Monitoring System.

Skudai Johor

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