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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

Kuala Kangsar Perak


ID : tm204121459

Multi Purpose First Aid Kit

Improved first aid kit with lock holder and portable storage box.

Kit pertolongan cemas yang telah ditambah baik dengan pemegang berkunci dan kotak simpanan mudah alih.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3491115538

Natural Airing Technology

In principle, Pio8 Ventilator is installed at the ridge of a building. It creates a region of lower temperature and thereby lower pressure, so that hot air from within the attic (space between roof and ceiling) is drawn up to the lower temperature region (heat flows from hot medium to cold medium) and exhausted into atmosphere through the Pio8 ventilator outlets (Hot air rises). Once the hot air is drawn out from the attic, it creates a negative pressure (vacuum) within that area.As the result, air is drawn out from inside of the building (interior) through the ceiling vent holes. Fresh and cool air will move in from widow and door to replace the valume of air draw out to the attic. Indirectly, it will form a convection loop. As long as the temperature different between inside and out side, air exchange take place. Moreover, the Pio8 ventilator outlets being located the top of the unit takes advantages of the principle that hot air rises and minimizes any adverse effec on air exhaustion by atmospheric wind and also out of sight from ground level.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3491815545


The stable high pressure steam machine ensures shorter processing time.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3493315560

Biometric Verification

FACE ID 2 is a biometric incorating fingerprint verification and facial recognition. It uses dual biometrics authentication methods for accurate personal identification and for collection of precise data for time attendance and door access for added security. With a 4.3 inch Thin-fill Transistor Technology (TFT) 65K colour touch screen panel, Face ID 2 combines 2D and 3D local features in its face recognition algorithm for secure and reliable facial recognition authentication. Facial identity verification takes less than 2 seconds. For easier data transfer, communication methods include TCP/IP, RS 232, RS485 and USB port, with Wifi and GPRS as optional features.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3493815565

Pre-Commercial Validation of MyDENKit: A Molescular Diagnostic Kit for Dengue DiseaseScreening and Virus Serotyping

Dengue diagnosis and treatment are very challenging under asymptomatic conditions. Clinical symptoms will mislead doctors (=clinicians), which in turn will increase the number of dengue deaths in Malaysia. Existing immunodiagnostic and microbiological tests are tedious, inaccurate and require more than 6 to 7 days to confirm if it is dengue. Existing methods have failed to identify secondary infections in dengue patients. MyDENKitTM is a PCR (Polymearase Chain Reaction) based molecular diagnostic kit for early detection of dengue (within 1-3 days after onset of fever) and serotyping. Kit is completely customized to all the four Malaysian strains of dengue virus and has undergone precommercial validation in 7 countries namely Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Cuba, Sudan and USA.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3496615593


Produk MYMATA menawarkan perkhidmatan
CCTV teknologi terkini yang tidak memerlukan
peranti rakaman. Rakaman di simpan di dalam
awanan (cloud) dan pengguna boleh mengakses
video melalui telefon bimbit, tablet dan komputer
di mana sahaja dan pada bila-bila masa

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3499115618

CyberCare: eCommunity for Children's

Cybercare aim at building an electronic community that serves children`s home (orphanages) and their administrators in Malaysia and the rest of the world. The target is to connect 25 homes in the first 12 months (about 500 children). The eCommunity will achieve individual and collective benefits that includes the following:
-Community focused around children -the youth of the nation and the world
-Membership has its `under-privileges` -circumstantial and voluntary, haves and havenots -A community that exits but yet to form.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3500315630


- To create communication access among deaf community
- To acculturate deaf community to understand, master and enjoy ICT in all aspect of life.
- To promote deaf culture, Malaysian sign language through the use of ICT
- To create awareness among deaf community to accept ICT as major agent in improving their life in this country.
- To integrate deaf community into the K-society.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3507515702


Losyen mata yang dapat membantu dan mengurangkan serta
merawat mata penat, mata kering, radang mata, ketidakselesaan
mata serta radikal bebas dan juga katarak.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3515215779

Cap 2- Computer Aided Physiotherapy

Cap 2 is a computerized physiotherapy assistant system meant specially for disabled children. This system uses animation and sound to make physiotherapy more fun and exciting thus expedite the recovery process. Cap 2 comes with built in touchscreen and now support hand, leg and hand physiotherapy.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3524315870

Multi Purpose First Aid Kit

Improved first aid kit with lock holder and portable storage box.

Kit pertolongan cemas yang telah ditambah baik dengan pemegang berkunci dan kotak simpanan mudah alih.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3353214503

Rukun Tetangga Network (Rtnet)

-Promote National unity drawing people together with a sense of belonging and togetherness

-To prevent crime in the RT`s areas

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3353314504

Development of the Herbal Community Through the Use of ICT

The project is an application that demonstrates the use of IT and multimedia, which will be dedicated solely on the development of the Herbal Industry. This will be providing inputs and information on berbal products. The portal will be a one-stop reference point on herbs and herbal industry in accordance to build a better understanding of the local herbs and the industry. This portal will provide information and inputs on herbs and herbal products therefore creating and fostering an interest in Malaysian herbs, and being infromative.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3353414505


Sejenis pukat tunda yang bersaiz sederhana

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3353514506

Pemprosesan Surimi

Surimi adalah isi ikan hancur yang telah melalui proses larut lesap, di adun dengan gula, sodium polidosfat dan disejukbekukan untuk penyimpanan. Penggunaan surimi sebagai bahan mentah untuk pemprosesan produk-produk berasakan ikan lebih sesuai dan mudah jika dibandingkan dengan penggunaan isi ikan segar. Surimi boleh diproses menjadi pelbagai produk seperti bebola ikan,kek ikan, bebola udang, bebola sotong, bebola ketam dan juga hasilan berserdak roti seperti nuget ikan, jejari ikan, burger ikan dan pelbagai produk seperti yang banyak terdapat di pasaran kini.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3353614507

Smart Cylinder Angle Jig

This project is to design a jig (Holder Clamping Device) which use to hold a cylindrical bar workplace in the machining process of the CNC edm wire-cut machine. The jig can product with certain specified angle cutting at cylindrical bar workpiece and it can also produce high precision product.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3353714508

Security Authentication Short Message Service (SMS) for Student Result

Secure authentication via SMS for student examination result function allows students to check their result online. The system is enhanced with security features using one-time password method to secured data activities via SMS. Only registered and authorized user access the result via SMS service.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3353814509

Portable Ice Maker For Fish Storage Container Using Rechargeable Concept

Existing storage condition for catch fish using container mixed with ice cubes. Cost of ice cubes was expensive (RM525/month in 100 L container). New invention product built solid ice in the container using rechargeable concept. Solid ice melting in 3 days. Low electricity cost.More space of storage.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3353914510



Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3354014511

Ozone Generator Electrode Box

This novel design of ozone generator with attached air compressor provides an alternative green chemistry treatment method for the remediation of industrial and municipal water treatment application. This uses of technology can be extended to treat factory effluent and perform wastewater remediation.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3354114512

Multicompass Kit

Multicompass Kit was created to improve and reduce the work step in draw. In addition, this invention also greatly simplify drafter whose measurements are accurate, easy to use and the results of line thickness is refer to the international standards.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3354214513

Mobile Alternator Tester

Portable Alternator Tester (PAT) is designed to identify damage alternator found in a vehicle and to make sure the alternator top be installed in the vehicle engine to function properly. It is very important to make sure before alternator reassembled, the alternator is working and funcionality

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3354314514

Mini Piling

Mini Piling machine was developed specifically for small scale projects. It can be used to plan pipe with 2" to 4" diameter, square tube with 2" to 4" size and etc. It is driven by 4.5HP engine. The speed of pile planted using this machine can reach up to 50 second peer feet. Only requires two operator.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3354414515

Inbrel 2.0

Passenger vehicle brake lamp failure is common scenarios that happen occasionally but hard to detect by the driver. In this project,ICM and electric circuit are developed to detect the failure and then sending a signal to the driver via an indicator to notice the function failure of the brake lamp.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

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