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ID : tm3156412535

M-Community for Advertising and Connecting People - Flying2U

Flying2U is a platform for students to communicate and upload notices to M-Board using SMS, MMS and 3G by private groups and public groups. It enables to notify the location of a private group members if they are at the same time and at the same place based on phone cell id independent from TELCO.

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ID : tm3156512536

Malaysian Herbal Link

Integrative Medicine is an emerging field of medicine which fully integrates conventional and natural therapeutic modalities into a seamless delivery of health care, resulting in enhanced treatment options and improved outcomes for the end user. It utilizes the best of conventional and natural medicine that is least invasive, expensive and damaging and most likely to active an internal healing response, as supported by clinical studies, in the prevention or treatment of any condition or disease as well as in the improvement of health and vitality.

Parallel to the Malaysian government mission, the Ministry of Health Malaysia has taken the initiative to incorporate Traditional/Complementary and Alternative Medicine (T/CM), electronic publishing, digital libraries (including the evaluation and development of methodologies) and information technology (including the use of online production platforms) into unique digital information resource, the Global Information Hub on Integrated Medicine.

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ID : tm3156612537

Low Cost Septic Tank

The product has been approved by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembentungan for use nationwide. The Kem. Pembangunan Luar Bandar has also endorsed this product. More than 7,000 units has been installed nationwide. The tank is easily produced either using ferrocement or fibreglass. Currently about half a million household in Malaysia is without any sanitation facility. Therefore, the market is very big for a simple innovativeproduct that has already been commercialised via a pilot project.

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ID : tm3156712538

Literacy Project (Basic Education Research Unit, School of Education Studies)

Literacy has been acknowledged to be a basic skill for everyone. It is not limited to possessing the abilities of reading and writing in a mechanical manner but rather encompasses perception, understanding as well as those that enable people to function adequately in social and employment situations. The concept of literacy in this project unifies the concepts of functional literacy, living and cultural literacy which requires the acquisition of level of knowledge based on the integration of skills in reading, writing, counting, listening, verbalizing as well as thinking. It is through this project that BERU, aspire to use creative writing in order to develop language literacy among children an in addition the healthy development of mathematical literacy.
Children's Own Stories is a collection of story books written by school children as a creation of their own imagination and they illustrations they drew were the realization of these creative imaginations.
The research in mathematical literacy revealed that there were children who really lacked understanding as compared to those who just need practice. The four modules produced by this project have several positive impacts on classroom assessment, particularly as a diagnostic tool for teachers to assess students' number sense or mathematical literacy.

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ID : tm3156812539


LignoZorp is a low-cost heavy metals adsorbent for wastewater treatment which oroginated from smart recyclng agriculture waste. In particular, the present invention is capable of effiectively removing heavy metals from wastewater at a very minimum cost. LignoZorp exhibits good compatibility with commercial adsorbent in the market example activated carbon and zeolite which are quite expensive. The reusable capability of the LignoZorp and not to mention the ability to reduce COD and BOD in wastewater; make this product an irresistible choice for the users. This is double edged enterprise that aims to overcome the problem related to the disposal of agricultural waste especially in the palm oil refinery factory as well as to recycle the unwanted materials into a valuable product.

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ID : tm3156912540

Labisia Microkit: Medium For mulation For In Vitro Culture of Labisia Pumila (kacip Fatimah) For Industry Application

Labisia pumila (Blume) F.Vill also know as Kacip Fatimah was commercially used in herbal preparation of health prosucts for protective medicine before and after childbirth,anti-aging, antibacterial, modulating postmenopausal cardiovascular risk and other ailments. Commercial demands for health product manufacturing has exposed this species to over collecting from wild and limited source for field plantation. Therefore, methods for micropropagation of this species have been developed after 6 years research to provide plantlets for agricultural application. The Labisia Microkit provides formulations for seeds sterilization and nutrional requirements for seed germination, multitiple shoot regeneration and rooting of plantlets. The product is applicable for three varieties of L.pumila, i.e. var. pumila, alata and lanceolata.

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ID : tm3157012541

Krim Haruan (Haruan Cream)

It is basically an antiseptic cream enhancing wound healing, may be used as cosmetic night cream or anti nappy rashes and for small cuts and bruises.

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ID : tm3157112542


Kenaf is used as an alternative to recovered paper as a fibre source that is able to meet the cost constraints and produce high quality newsprint. Kenaf has potential in paper making for a multitude of end-users. A suitable quality fibre pulp can be produced from whole kenaf stem using an innovative chemi-thermomechanical pulping process.

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ID : tm3157212543

Isotonic antioxidant drink

Isotonic Salution - Osmotic pressure of the solution is equal to the osmotic pressure of protoplasm

Isotonic Drink - Isotonic formula contain roughly the same number of dissolved particles per kg )osmolality) as blood plasma; 280-330mOsm/kg

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ID : tm3157312544


Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies or ISDEV was founded in 1995 at the School of Social Sciences; Universiti Sains Malaysia. It evolves from its initial name, the International Project for Islamic Political Economy (IPIPE), then Islamic Development Management Project (IDMP) and finally in September 2005, Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV).
As a research and educational centre, ISDEV gathers its academic members from various disciplines and schools within the University. It aims at pioneering and enhancing the field of Islamic development management beyond the confines of the development and management per se. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to development and management, integrating social, economic and political tools of analysis to understand development management in an integrative and holistic manner based on Islamic doctrines.
All in all, ISDEV strives to scrutinize and construct a conceptual and practical framework of the management economics, development, and economic development in a Islamic perspective. As development is seen as an all-embracing aspect of life, from spiritual to material and physical, and from the level of the individual to that of society, state and beyond, ISDEV intends to cover the whole range of horizons of human live, formulating and pioneering a new integrated discipline that ISDEV terms Islamic Development Management.

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ID : tm3157412545

IPV6 Over Fiber

IPv6 provides stnrngthover IPv4 In tern ofaddressspace, 0pUon support and securlly. By using the 128 bit addressing space in IPv6, we can generate up to 2 IP address which is equivalent to 3.4 X lO unique lP. Thls large amount of address can make every host, including mmputer, PDA and mobile phone to gain an identical IP. Because of IPv4 is not sufficient in IP address, they need MAC address In order to identified every h&. This MAC address is prMded by Data Link Layer (Layer 2 IT OSI Model). But, since lPv6 has provided large enough of address space for every host on the earth, that Is no point to use b C address anymorewhen lPv6isimplementin NetworkLayer.

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ID : tm3157512546

Intelligent Worm Detection - iNetworm

iNetworm is a 24/7 application that monitors and pinpoints sources of worms in a local area network. Current commercial protections againts worms include IDS/IPS/Firewall in the gateway and Antivirus at the end-hosts. However, there are still security hole(s) in such protections, if a worm manages to get into the local network, users in network with patched and antivirus-protected machines. Security products that are currently available are unable to detect these infected machines. iNetworm covers up holes that are still in the network. When a worm is detected in the network, an alarm is raised, and a solution presented to the user. iNetworm does not depend on any specific hardware. A PC with a network card running on Windows is sufficient.

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ID : tm3157612547

Intelligent Scheduler For Manufacturing Process

Software that can be used by manufacturing industries to determine optimized production schedules.
The current method of scheduling in most manufacturing industries normally involved ad-hoc methods that do not consider the optimization of the resources in the shop floor. This because scheduling involves many constraints and objectives that have to be considered, and these are difficult to determine, formulated and optimize.
In this project, we consider the problem of scheduling in a high-mix-low-volume (HMLV) environment, where the manufactures have to produce more variety in lower volume in a dynamic business climate. Scheduling of products for the a certain bottleneck process is complex, as it involves various inputs such as resource utilization, resource limitation, product variety, product characteristics and product demand.

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ID : tm3157712548

Inteligent Slope Monitoring And Mitigation System Using Latest Advanced ICT Technology

An intelligent alert warning system as a pilot study to improve current setup monitoring system at USM Slope and implement with the latest cost-saving communication technology to be used with the current setup for a better market value and long term sustainability

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ID : tm3157812549

Integrated 3D Terrain Visualizer

This system enables the visualization of 3D terrain in a web environment. The system is created with the integration of eight different GIS and non-GIS software, consisting of AutoCAD, R2V, PCI Geomatica, Arc GIS, Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML), Chisel, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. This system uses the digital contour data and high resolution satelite images from the QUICKBIRD satellite. AutoCAD is used to extract contour layers, which are then edited by using R2V software. The final contour data is segregated into separate areas accordingly by Arc GIS software. PCI Geomatica is used for segregating and processing the satellite images. The final output is in VRML format and gives a 3D terrain visualization, which can be overlaid with satellite images. All outputs are then compressed using Chisel software. Finally, the website is created and launched into the web server by Micromedia Dreamweaver. This is a novel system that can help users visualize different terrains for a multitude of applications.

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ID : tm3157912550

iNetmon - A Passive Network Monitoring Tool

In today's world, computer networks are the backbone of almost every business and industry. Computer networks provide shared resources, accounting, e-mail, inernet and intranet tahat is esed within these organizations. It help business to reduce cost, streamliness processes and facilitates the sharing of information.

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ID : tm3158012551

iNetmon - A Distributing Platform for networking Security and Monitoring

The system which functions as a platform in analyzing activities on computer networks. The system has several unique characteristics, which allows the user to analysis important events that occur within a computer network, while at the same time identifying possible hacking attempts on the network. The device is a useful tool in protecting one's network system, which if otherwise left unprotected and vulnerable, could result in productivity and economic losses from malicious hackers. iNetmon is not anti-virus; on the other hand, it is a system to identify the source of problems in a network. When the source of a problem is known, it is easier.

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ID : tm3158112552

Inet Portable: An Intelligent Evolvable RealTime Network Monitoring and Anomaly Detection Engine

Intelligent monitoring engine (IME) is one of iNetmon's main modules that is intended to intelligently monitoring the network traffic and alerts user if an anomaly is detected in the network. The main idea is that the engine will model the normal traffic condition of a one particular network where iNetmon was installed/tapped-in. Hence, it will only start detecting anomalies on the second week running since it will use the whole first week to train and model the normal condition. IME will only focus on detecting network traffic flow types of anomaly. However, some constraint must be well considered when training the engine. To ensure the integrity and quality of the trained engine, network administrator needs to ensure that, upon starting the engine, the network state is considerably normal in a a sense that the number of normal instances vastly outnumbers anomalous instances. IME applying the general framework of Evolving Connectionist architectures that facilitate modeling of evolving processes and knowledge discovery. It is a collection of artificial neural networks that resemble the human cognitive information processing models. ECOS framework has been successfully applied to numerous challenging real world problems.

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ID : tm3158212553

In Vitro Culture of Seedlings of Fruit Trees and Ornamental Plants

The agriculture sector continues to be a thriving industry especially in terms of fruit trees and ornamental plants. Fruits provide us with a wide range of nutrients in the form of dietry fibres, vitamins as well as antioxidants and are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One cannot undermine the importance of ornamental plants, which not only have medicinal properties, but are also proven to be useful in therapeutic practices.

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ID : tm3158312554

High Perfomance Varistors

With 280 lightning days/year, Malaysia ranks 2nd in the world for lightning occurrences. The Meteorological Department (2006) reported that severe lightning-induced power surges are commonly blamed for damage of electronic equipment. Varistors are the most important surge protective components used in surge protecting system; however, most surge protecting systems are designed for applications in countries with lesser lightning occurrences. For lightning-prone Malaysia, high performance varistors are required to handle severe lightning-induced power surges; varistors used in Malaysia must perform better than international standards.

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ID : tm3158412555

Herbal Standardisation

To assure quality, safe and useful herbal products in the local and international markets, the utilization of standardization methods is indispensable. We provide the expertise and know how in standardizing local herbs using various established methods in addition to advanced techniques such as taste sensor technology and high performance thin layer chromatography.

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ID : tm3158512556

Herbal Stability Monitoring Using Metabolomics

NON BIASED IDENTIFICATION and QUANTIFICATION of all metabolites in herbal or other natural products are vital determine the status and stability of the complex mixtures especially when developing and modernizing such products into evidence-based medicines. The monitoring of the presence and concentration of the bioactive constituents is extremely vital as it affects the quality, efficacy and shelf-life of the herbal product. Infrared spectroscopy technique in combination with chemometrics data processing could provide total metabolite fingerprint profile of the phytoproduct. Thus, an innovative identification, classification and discrimination tool for stability monitoring of phytoproduct was developed.

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ID : tm3158612557

Haruan spray for burn and wound

Haruan (channa striatus) contains all the sessential amino acids and fatty acids that are proven to be able to accelerate wound healing. Haruan extracts has already been formulated as creams and tablets and are already commercialized. Haruan spray utilizes these properties of haruan extract and is formulated as a novel form of medicated dressing containing Haruan extract that can enhance the healing process

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ID : tm3158712558

Handheld intelligent taste sensor

The production of a majority of food & health product depend on the a SENSORY EVALUATION of a panel of trained personnel. However the human sensory system varies with daily
physical & mental conditions. To enable continuous automatic production of food & health products with reliable quality & reproducibility a sensor that provides A QUANTITATIVE measure of taste & flavour is highly desired.
A MULTICHANNEL TASTE SENSOR consists of lipid membrane transducers. The sensor simulates the human
gustatory (taste) system, basedon the global selectivity concept (non-specific). This taste sensor is
aplicable for rapid quality monitoring of food & health products at all stages & scale of productions.
The sensor will be useful tool for food & pharmaceutical industries in monitoring

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ID : tm3158812559


grRemDirex allows users to make full use of available computers to execute their applications in parallel, thus reducing their execution time.

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