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ID : tm3404015011

1. Research and Development of Metal-Graphite Brushes (Carbon Brushes) Through Powder Metallurgy Technique.

2. Development of collector shoe for light rail application.

- Produce carbon brushes or metal-graphite brushes using Powder Metallurgy technique. The brushes are the components that transfer electric current between stationary and rotating elements in electric motor and generators.

- Produce collector shoe (car

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404115012

A new toughening agent for termoset resins developed from natural rubber

A technique was developed to toughened thermoset resins using liquid natural rubber. The modified resin was proven to improve impact properties of composites.

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404215013

A simplified route in producing synthetic bone graft

Carbonated apatite which is similar to biological apatite was developed using a simplified processing route.

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404315014

Development of carbonated apatite material for possible biomedical implant purposes

Carbonated apative is the latest material being researched as a bone replement material. It has a close revemblance to bone mineral. It is a catepin phosphase-based bioceramic that contains carbonate. It has an excellent biocontabilish with hard tissue (bone) which makes them an excellent material for bone subsitute.
Advantage: Bone substitute material

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404415015

Development of powder metallurgy high speed steels component through additives Enhancement

Produce cutting tool inserts from high-speed steel powder particle hrough powder metallurgy technique.
- Ability to fabricate high quality & near net-shape products
- Minimise wastage of raw materials
- Cost reduction

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404515016

Development of Ti02 thin films by sol gel methol

Develop Ti02 thin films by sol gel technique for electrochromic devices.

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404615017

Development of Titanium and Titanium Alloy Plates for potential medical and dental application

Fracture fixation plates through powder metallurgy technique

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404715018

Development of Type 3 compresses natual gas (CNG) tank used in natural gas Vehicle (NGV) application

Cureently the cost to acquire CNG from abroad is high due to import costs. The high demand for current and future CNG cylinder for NGV vehicle is high as it is an alternative replacement for oil base energy vehicle. With the support from the Government , manufacturing of CNG cylinder locally will lower the cost. CNG carbon fibre which is lightweight and of high strength should give less maintenance for NGV operator and better operating cost in the long run.

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404815019

Environmental Friendly Binder System for MIM Process

To overcome at least some of the problems associated with other binder system such as blamrable, toxic and caranogenic, a composite brider system lad been successfully developed which consist of water soluble oligomer, PEE and PMMA. The news system has been successfully used for various retal powders.This binder is of cursively for use in environmentally friendly MIM feedstock formulated for water debuding.

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3404915020

Fabrication of Fracture Fixation Plates for Orthopedic Applications

To counter the problems associated with conventional processes of producing implants, anew approach has been invented, which is the adaptation of the injection moulding process. With this technique in place, he have now taken a step for rapid manufacturing of fracture Fixation plates for the first time. The fracture plates produced using this technique company with the international standards. The advantages of this process are design flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3405015021

Hydrogen production system VIR renewable energy

Design system of the pem electrocycer for hydrogen production via water electrolysis process

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3405115022

Research and Development of Alternative Brake Pad Materials

Pads with composite materials using Powder Metallurgy technique.

Kulim Kedah

ID : tm3431515286

Rubpa Paint (A novel rubber based corrosion inhibiting paint)

Rubpa Paint is a novel, low toxicity rubber emulsion based paint. This paint is easy to prepare, has lower production cost and better physical strength if compared to its commercial encounters. It is an excellent corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel structure due to its good electrical conductivity.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm3431615287


A fast tool or method to determine the content of dry rubber in latex and raw rubber.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm3431715288

Product Certification of MRB Fertilizer

Program pensijilan baja untuk pokok getah yang
disijilkan berdasarkan speksifikasi yang telah
ditetapkan dan sistem pensijil

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm3431815289

Primeter- Rapid and Accurate Rubber Content Analyzer

Primeter is an instrument based on the application of near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) scanning of the latex and solid rubber and quantitatively determinate of the rubber and non-rubber content by multivariate analysis.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm3431915290

Novel Pressure-relief fully natural rubber latex foam for bedding.

A novel pressure-relief natural rubber latex foam has been successfully developed. This invention offer proper spine and joint support, prevent back pains and provide extra comfort overnight sleep. The pressure-relief NR latex foam is made of 100% natural and renewable materials.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm3432015291

Natural Rubber Artwork: A New Technique and Green User Friendly Medium for Visual Arts

The present invention is a product made of natural rubber composite suitable as medium for visual arts. It is compose mainly of naturally occurring materials such as natural rubber latex, cellulose and pigments.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm3432115292

Growth of Nanoparticles within Natural Rubber Matrix

This invention is distinctive if compared to conventional methods of introducing nano-sized filler particles into natural rubber matrix to form nanocomposite. In any conventional methods, fillers are added as solid or suspended solid. This invention employs liquid that converts into solid in-situ.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm3432215293

Eco Friendly Sound Deadener for Building Application

Keeping building interior from unwanted and excessive noise using DIY eco-friendly sound deadener that acts as a sound wave barrier which provides an appropriate strategy for controlling noise. Resistance to heat, water, and fire with good sound absorption, odourless, high tackiness and cost saving.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

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