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ID : tm2987810849

A New Measure of the Intensity of Capital Account Openness

It is widely acknowledged that the long term economic development and growth of capital-scare countries depends on the flows of capital from those resource-abundant economies. Liberalizing the capital account is one of the approaches adopted by policymakers of these poor countries to promote growth. However, capital account liberalization is m=not a one-time event that constitutes an instantaneous and complete removal of barriers on capital flows. Instead, most countries liberalize their capital account by lifting individual restriction gradually over time. Given the potential beneficial ramifications on economic growth, the fundamental question is on how to measure capital account openness. As noted by Kose et al. (2009), many countries have capital controls that are quite strict on paper but ineffective in their enforcement, so their actual capital flows are quite high. At the other extreme, many countries are quite open to global capital markets on de jure basis, but in practice capital flows are minimal. Hence, to capture the degree of capital account openness, it is important to capture both the de jure (legal-based) and de facto (outcome-based) aspects so that its impacts on the economy will not be underestimated. Unfortunately, our extensive survey has found that the extant literature measures financial liberalization either on a de jure or de facto basis. Motivated by these shortcomings, the main objective of this study is yo construct a new composite indicator of capital account openness that captures both the de jure and de facto information. This index will be used to quantify the impacts of capital account liberalization on financial development (Baltagi et al., 2009), economic growth (Quinn and Toyodo, 2008), and the occurrence of financial crisis (Edwards, 2008). These new findings are expected to provide useful guides to policymakers in developing countries.

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ID : tm2987910850

A Greenstone Lightweight Aggregate-Renewable and Sustainable Resource

This invention describes generally to a renewable and sustainable construction material, lightweight coarse aggregate in concrete production and particularly converting solid wastes as discharged from domestic, municipal,industrial,agricultural,construction and demolition debris sources into a fruitful green solution of disposal.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2988010851

A Fiber Granule Board and Production Thereof

The present invention relates to a fiber granule board, in particularly a fiber granule board utilizing agricultural solid waste for use in the construction and the like industries.

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ID : tm2988110852

A Construction Material Thereof

The present invention relates generally to a construction material and more particularly to agricultural solid waste reinforced construction material.

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ID : tm2988210853

C-Channel' - An Efficient Precast RC Floor Panel For Modern Buildings.

Conventional normal weight concrete (NWC) and lightweight concrete (LWC) developed at UMS using OPS (Oil Palm Shell) solid waste are recommended for production of C-channel. It is made with 1 m width and various lengths. It is a structurally efficient and quality assured floor product.

C-channel is full precast product using reinforced concrete having steel within allowable limit.

It is highly recommended for use in modern buildings as per Industrialized Building Systems (IBS)

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ID : tm2988310854

Window to The World (An Interactive Model for Extraocular Muscles)

The eye model is a low fidelity stimulator which shows the synchronized movement of both eyeballs. It demonstrates the extraocular muscle. The functionality of the model addresses the students' haptic memory as they see the demonstration and the haptic memory as they handle the movements.

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ID : tm2988410855

UMS wheel for bishop scoring

" Bishop scoring wheel " is an easy and simple way of calculating bishop score. It consists of 5 wheels each of which represents one component of bishop score. This wheel is unique in the sense of time saving , easily memorizable and applicable for obstetric management, especially in remote areas.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2988510856

The Use of Matryoshka Chest in Improving student's Achievment in Balancing Chemical Equation.

The matryoshka chest is a teaching tool used in learning the balancing chemical equation concepts. The different size of the chest will trigger student's curiosity, capture their attention and motivate them to unlock the chest using the concept of chemical equations through hands-on activity.

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ID : tm2988610857

Syzygium: New Anti-Fungal Nutraceuticals

The genus syzygium is herbal plant and contain secondary metabolites which show antimicrobial activity in nutraceutical. Beside, fungal diseases are problem to hatchery products. Three new compound were isolated and tested anti-fungal assay against crab's larvae. The prototype was produced by pme.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2988710858


Smart-Z is a novel smart system designed to attract and kill mosquitoes. The device transmits live data of mosquito count and device status to a base station for online analysis. The web-based plot can indicate potential dengue outbreak area and thus preemptive/control measures can be taken quickly.

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ID : tm2988810859


The global seed business represents a multi-million dollar industry. Genetic variation between batches of seeds represents a major problem to commercial growers. Identification of seeds using DNA sequencing methods is a complex, time consuming process. SeedPRINT resolves this problem by using a simple PCR primers. Results have indicated that batch variations between seeds can be detected on the bacis of PCR amplification profiles.

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ID : tm2988910860

Response of Underground Pipes due to Blast Loads

In our day-to-day activities, we come across underground pipes which are used for services such as water supply, drainage, sewerage, oil and gas supply. Due to huge investment in the construction of these installations, there is a need to study their responses due to blast, especially in cases where it is lain across the road or directly underneath multistory buildings. This research work has examined the carious constituents of blast vis--vis ground media, intervening medium, pipes and blast loads. Using Unified Facilities Criteria (2008), ground shock parameters for blast in buried pipes, open trench and surface blasts for commonly used explosives at various stand-off were estimated. In addition, using empirical method, shock parameters for underground blast for commonly used explosives at various stand-off were also estimated. Existing models were verified using the Abaqus code and results compared with those obtained using the SAP program. Consequently, parametric studies of buried pipes were carried out using a finite element-based numerical code, the Abaqus. Finally, guidelines for the design of buried pipes to resist effects of blasts were suggested.

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ID : tm2989010861

PSS Reps Counter

PSS Reps Counter

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ID : tm2989110862

Propagation of Microalgae Using A Submersible Bioreactor

Due to the high chemical content, microalgae have been propagated for uses in aquaculture, pharmaceutical, and biodiesel production. Taking advantage from the ambient temperature and wave action of the sea, this submersible bioreactor is designed for optimum algal growth and biomass production.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2989210863

Progressive muscle relaxation therapy in reducing tension

Students are societies investment for future. Any problem to them is causing problems to nations economy. The review of literature on student mental health revealed that 10 to 20 % of students in the university are suffering from Psychological distress in the form of Anxiety & Depression. It is the responsibility of the university authorities to take care of these student problem tradititionally defined with in the context of adjustment & developmental challenges. Special mention about Anxiety & Stress at academic, personal & social level will be taken care by authorities by just introducing Relaxation muscle relaxation therapy.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2989310864

Products Innovator Using Morphological Analysis Method

This innovation trains and measures the creativity traits of a person such as fluency, flexibility and originality of ideas. A creative learning and teaching method known as Morphology Analysis (MA)is developed to enhance creative thinking abilities in a form of educational game in brainstorming sessions. Respondents produce ideas through the process of forced relationship where unusual or rare ideas are created by the intersecting or inter-relating variables from x and y axis.

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ID : tm2989410865

Production of Seaweed Salad

Produk ini dihasilkan dengan menggunakan
rawatan rahsia selepas aktiviti pasca panen,
dipanggil rumpai laut premium. Rumpai laut
premium ini kemudian digunakan untuk
menghasilkan salad rumpai laut

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ID : tm2989510866

Production of Amplang

Rumpai laut kering untuk produk ini dihasilkan
dengan menggunakan rawatan rahsia selepas
aktiviti pasca panen, dipanggil rumpai laut
premium. Rumpai laut premium ini kemudiannya
digunakan untuk menghasilkan amplang

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2989610867

Portable Capturing System for Nystagmus (PCSN)

The PCSN is a user-friendly device to record and analyze nystagmus by using an innovated app. It captures any eye movements via sensitive video camera (in a Google). The recorded video is analyzed by the processor using an advanced algorithms and the information will be displayed on a smartphone.

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ID : tm2989710868

Novel Anti Adult T-Cell Leukemia Drug from Bornean Red Alga Laurencia Majuscula

Adult t-cell leukemia is an aggressive t-cell malignancy, whereby patients have poor survival rate and their life are rapidly terminated. Three new molecules discovered from bornean red alga, laurencia showed strong cytotoxicity on atl cells.These compounds become promising pharmaceutical leads.

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ID : tm2989810869

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques: An Approach to Enhance Motivation Among High-risk Students

The manual is for teachers to enhance motivation among high-risk students using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. Three main NLP techniques use in this manual are progressive relaxation techniques, discover true values techniques and circle of excellence technique.

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ID : tm2989910870

Minimalist Robotic Kit As Educational
Intervention Computational Thinking

Inovasi reka bentuk dan pembangunan modul
pembelajaran tentang robot dan pengaturcaraan.
Penggunaan robot untuk meningkatkan
kemahiran berfikir komputasi dalam kalangan
pelajar di sekolah rendah dan menengah

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2990010871

Mengkuang Fiber Composite@MeFiCompTM

Mengkuang tree a pandanaceae family, can be found along the coastal area of Malaysia. In Malaysia, mengkuang tree leaves most widely used as plaiting material. Mengkuang fibers has a potential to be a wood plastic composite material due to its long fibers characteristics. Long length fiber will give more strength to fiber plastic composite that will be produces. This characteristics depend to filler loading of the fibers with plastic materials. In Malaysia various types of fiber plastic composite, the natural fibers that have been studied were, kenaf, banana trunk fibers and also pineapple leaf. While mengkuang seen as one of the future natural fibers to be used as filler/substitute because of its natural abundance and fiber characteristics.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2990110872

Kenaf Core a Filler in Road

Kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus, L.) originated from Africa was found 4000 years ago. Kenaf is afast growing species which can attained the height of 3.5 ??? 4.3 m in just 120 days after planting. Kenaf is renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Kenaf has strong fibres and multiuses.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2990210873

Interactive Tourist Guide Navigator (ITGuNa)

The national museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions for visitors or travellers around the world to get to know Malaysia. Interactive Tourist Guide Navigator (ITGuNa) works the same as a museum tour guide who will assist visitors with exhibit details. ITGuNa acts as an educational aid to brief the visitors about the history of the museum artifacts, leading them through every corner and section around the museum. This provides a rich learning experience about Malaysias culture, history and art knowledge. ITGuNa leads visitors interactively to the selected point of interest and provides the visitors with intelligent decisions to walk the shortest path according to their choice. The introduction of ITGuNa can potentially add an attraction factor to Malaysias tourism and educate tourists regarding Malaysias culture and diversity.

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