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ID : tm3302013991

A Novel Highly Sensitive Fiber Laser Pressure Sensor

A novel pressure sensor system that can be used in manufacturing, power generation, oil palm and oil gas exploration industries has successfully demonstrated. The sensor structured consist of a ring erbium-doped fiber laser and fiber Bragg grating as sensing element. The sensor system provide real time pressure measurement with resolution up to 0.1 nm/bar. It offers an alternative to interferometry and piezo sensor and also can be extended for remote sensing. It's hybrid nature allows the sensor to operate as laser source as well.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302113992

A Novel Development of a Strategic Sourcing Supplier Selection for Capital Equipment (S4-CapEq) Decision-Making Model

Malaysian Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) is increasingly using strategic sourcing as a means to control costs and risks. Consequently, supplier selection has become a major strategic decision for buyers. Supplier selection is a multi-criteria decision-making problem which includes both qualitative and quantitative factors. A reliable supplier selection method should be able to handle this need in order to support modern procurement requirement of having a systematic and transparent decision-making approach. This mandate, as well as the need for an increasingly strategic focus of corporate supply chain management departments, provides the basis for the current research. This study examines the appropriate strategic sourcing supplier selection metrics for procurement of capital equipment in the ESI in Malaysia. It identifies metrics contributing to the successful procurement of capital equipment which is seen as one of the many management practices that contribute to corporate success. A mixed methods approach comprising qualitative and quantitative survey was used. A case study of a key player in the Malaysian ESI formed the basis of the study with questionnaire survey and semi-structured interviews. The study intended to identify and define the metrics that key stakeholders believed should be used for supplier selection. From the mixed methods approach, the metrics and their underlying definitional dimensions for selecting suppliers for capital equipment products was formulated. The outcomes foresee the possible initiative to bring procurement in the Malaysian ESI to a strategic level. Firstly, although typical Malaysian ESI seems to be formally implemented a governing procurement policy and procedures, the status of organizational supplier selection judgment is generally average. There was an identified need for improving organizational supplier selection effectiveness through an urgent introduction of a standard set of supplier selection metrics and corresponding definitional dimensions. Secondly, results suggested executives view supplier selection metrics from two different perspectives: supplier competitiveness and supplier attractiveness. Thirdly, the metrics ranked according to their importance level for strategic sourcing supplier selection in the ESI were product quality, delivery, price, support services, safety awareness, performance history and customer focus. Consequently, this study developed S4-CapEq decision-making model for policy makers, practitioners, and researchers in the ESI which incorporates elements of rational decision-making and corporate governance.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302213993

A Mobile Child Spying System

The system describes an android-based application that can be secretly installed on mobile phones, allowing parents to monitor and record all incoming and outgoing SMS, phone calls and location from their childs mobile phones. The system is useful because it helps the parents to track the history of SMS, phone calls and location, and thus, know of their children has misused the mobile phones for some unnecessary social relationships, criminals etc, or be in the area that is unpermitted by the parents. All the records (the communications via SMS and phone calls, and location) are logged and updated in a secure online portal, so that the parents can monitor remotely without their child knowing it. To realize this system, several technologies and fields are incorporated, namely wireless cyber security, mobile application development and wireless communication protocol. For each of these technologies to work properly, we introduced a new technique which is incorporated in our new design architecture that can hide, disguise or otherwise mask at least one as aspect of the monitoring processes: the convert identification of the mobile devices to be monitored, the covert installation and control of the monitoring applications (portal) and the covert exfiltration of collected monitoring results. The covert exfiltration technique that we introduced refers to a technique to move collected monitoring results from a mobile device while it is under the control or another without their knowledge or awareness. Thus, it can be those using stealth, surprise, covert or clandestine means to relay monitoring data. One of the important things in the architecture is the privacy and protection against intrusion attempts. To provide these protections, we implement a single sign-on and identity based authentication scheme. In these schemes, we introduced a use of salt value to enable unique identity and thus, prevent any intrusion attempt. The benefits of the system includes it helps the parents to monitor the use of mobile phones by their child. This significantly helps them to make sure that their child is carefully monitored and thus, avoid social criminals caused by social networks.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302313994

A Low-Cost Agent-Based Loan Origination and Automation System (Ab-LOAS)

In a loan application process, information flows from one location to another until it reaches a final destination where a decision whether to approve or reject the application. This process requires collaboration from various people either in a centralized location or at distributed branches. The banks objective is to issue a fast but uncompromised decision. In this project, we study a normative agent-based Framework and deploy it to a Loan Origination Process. We then implement the process in a multi-agent platform to demonstrate the applicability of the normative framework in time-constrained situations. We develop a simulation-based application to allow users to experience the effectiveness of applying the normative framework in the loan origination process. The results from executing the simulation show that the normative framework and the multi-agent system have considerably eased the flow of data and information and provided the users with the relevant status of the loan application.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302413995

A Hierarchical Dynamic Bandwidth Allocator for Ethernet Passive Optical Network

Developed for an Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) environment to enhance Quality of Service by improving fairness and bandwidth utilization. The bandwidth allocator supports triple play, i.e. voice, video and data services using the Russian Doll bandwidth allocation model (RDM) in an EPON intra-Optical Network Unit (ONU) environment.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302513996

3D Engineering Visualization Application using Visual Cues and Augmented Reality Technology

An innovative approach i.e. Augmented Reality and computer vision is used to design and implemented an integrated unique application i.e. 3D Engineering Visualization Application using Visual Cues and Augmented Reality Technology that offer users interface or keyboard, the application provides a user friendly interface for first year engineering students to visualize and visualize the problem solving in a real time environment. A web camera is used to recognize the particular problem and a marker (to display visual cues) as a metaphor to interact with 3D object. The technique and design approach showed that application helped students in understanding the motion of the slider crank better. The motivation of this invention was to overcome the shortcomings of commercial interactive 3D engineering application for learning. Some initial work has been published in academic papers and journal(s).

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302613997

WISCAP: CREESQ Index (Wisdom Capital: Moving Beyond KM and IC)

The WISCAP: CREESQ Index is a web based application intended to measure employees' KM and IC management practices. The index derived would be useful to HR managers to plan/design the TNI of the employees. Training costs would be saved since the mismatch of employee's TNI and executions and minimized.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302713998

The Rating System Model for Assessing the Green Quality of Working Life for Malaysian Government

The rating system model for assessing the green quality of working life for Malaysian government institutions which consists of three dimensions namely green leadership, green team based practices and green training and development.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302813999

Synthesis of Green Graphene Using Waste Palm Oil

In this invention a novel approach was developed to reduce the graphene oxide (go) using an eco-friendly green reducing agent viz. Beta-carotene which are abundantly available in waste palm oil. The reduced graphene was characterized by UV-spectrum, raman spectrum and x-ray diffraction pattern.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302914000 is an android-based mobile application for the customer to check the price and lodge a report to KPDNKK if the price is over the ceiling price that set by KPDNKK. The app is not only checking for the price but also will display details info about the product including the Halal status.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303014001

Power Infrastructure Communities Advancing Resilience Toolkit Integrated System (picartis)

Picartis is a community intervention designed to enhance community resilience through assessment, planning and site selection of power infrastructure by integrating environmental sensitive area (ESA), social and engineering elements into the system.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303114002

Pintar Jawi

The mobile application will make use of Mobile Augmented Reality(MAR) technology to recognize pattern on cards and display jawi characters. When two cards are put together, the application combines the characters and display the jawi syllable. MAR is used to enhance the student learning experience.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303214003

One Card Mobile System

The One Card Mobile System is an upgrade from university card to university apps via mobile setting. It has three users for current state if which are the students, librarian and lecturers. The system is expected to lessen errors and upgrade to automatic process for university routine transaction.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303314004

Mycrat: Malaysian Corruption Risk Assessment Tool

Mycrat is a system that measures the level of corruption risk in an organization. The assessment will be done by independent assessors to ensure fair evaluation is obtained. The evaluation will be administered bi internal auditors and reported to top management further decision

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303414005

Microwave Assisted Post Treatment Processor to Produce Second Generation Biodiesel for Gas Turbine Application

This is a novel process that deploying microwave irradiation to produce improved biodiesel or called second generation biodiesel through distillation. The improved fuel has shown better properties compared unimproved biodiesel and subsequently meet gas turbine fuel specification standard ASTM D2880

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303514006

Learning Iqra' Using Voice Recognition Technology

E-Iqra' is an android education mobile application to help in learning how to read Quran by providing guides to pronounce the hija'iyah letter correctly. Voice recognition technology is used to check on correctness of the pronounciation. Currently the application covers for Iqra' Book 1 and 2.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303614007

I-VSM: An Agents Of Things (AOT) Approach To Intelligent Vehicle Speed Monitoring

The system monitors vehicles' speeds at all times and warns drivers of impending fines for over-speeding. This system, which we called the intelligent vehicle speed monitoring system is based on the concept of agents of things (AOT), an advanced concept of the internet of things (IOT).

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303714008

I-Preventdiabetes (I-Predi)

Prediabetes is a "Pre-Diagnosis" of diabetes and is reversible condition. I-Predi is a web-based self-management application developed by integrating health behavior change theories, user requirement and health professionals' perspectives to empower prediabetics prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303814009

Intelligent Settlement Prediction Using Monte Carlo Simulation (I-SPMCS) at Dumping Area in Malaysia

The intelligent settlement prediction of soil using Monte Carlo simulations (I-SPMCS) is developed to stimulate the long term settlement of the soil at dumping area. The total settlements at the dumping area are to be predicted because in order to reuse the dumping area, the soil must be stabilized.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303914010

Intelligent Rain Water Harvesting System for Domestic Usage

In this project rain water harvesting for domestic usage at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) was carried out where the size and location level of the storage tanks used in the fixing, pipe lines and check valves network, filtration, water treatment, flow and many other factor been considered.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3304014011

Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Relay Using Fuzzy Logic for Time Delay Determination

1.Replacing the current inverse time characteristic relay with a fuzzy logic controller to determine the time delay of the overcurrent relay.
2.Determination of membership functions to identify fault zone.
3.Design of relay which is versatile to topology change of the system it is installed in.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3304114012

Innovative and Sustainable Price Comparison with Crowdgrocr

The application enable accurate price comparison of selected grocery items. It ensures reliability of the price information and sustainability of price contribution from the crowd by the incorporating the model for sustainable users participation in non-profit mobile crowdsourcing applications.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3304214013

Inertial Broadband Micropower Generator For Perpetual Powered Wireless Sensor Node

This device can be positioned on any vibrating machinery e.g. in power plant where at a critical vibration pattern it will generate power to activate a wireless sensor to caution for maintenance. The device consist of three main parts ; Piezoelectric power generator, Data transmitter with power management unit and Data reciever.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3304314014

I-Green campus tracking system (I-GCTS) : Creating a Sustainable Culture on Campus

I-Green campus tracking system (I-GCTS) aims to aid the campus community in supporting green initiatives to enhance sustainability on campus. This system is all about making green and healthy choices that will eventually create a positive impact to the operation of a university.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3304414015

Identification of Real-Time events during flood disaster through social media

A web-based application to extract social media messages from flood victims to display real-time events during flood disaster that allow rescuers and related government agencies to plan focused search and rescue operations.

Kajang Selangor

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