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ID : tm3513815765

Automatic Animal Kennel

Its an animal kennel that opens, closes, lights up and washes on its own.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3513915766

Floating Bag

Its bag with some features to save people and their belongings from flood and water.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3514015767

Handy Show Washer

It is an easy and convenient way of washing shoes, especially school shoes.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3514115768

Liquid Absorbind Pouch'Lap'

Its a simple recyclable pouch used to absorb water and retain for a certain period of time to save the plants.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3514215769

Multipurpose Jacket

Its a jacket enclosed with a fordable raincoat that gives a buzz if its nearing an object. Has a special safety feature.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3514315770

Portable Shoe Dryer

Portable shoe dryer is an easy way of drying shoes that gets wet during our outing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3514415771

Vigna Supermeal

Its a complete meal made specially for children, adults and senior citizens based on the specification.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3520315830

RESQ Canvas

RESQ Canvas has multiple functions during emergency. It is a wide and long canvas when unfold and can be zip up into small back pack. It has compartments for simple emergency kit, food storage and to keep documents. It has flashing LED lights, whistle to call attention and can float on water.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3522115848

Smart Fuel Tank (Smafet)

SmaFeT, also known as Smart Fuel Tank, is an invention specially designed to give extra protection to the car when refuelling. This accessory is to be fastened to the key compartment of a car and fuel tank. This product helps users to increase their safety when refuelling.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3523415861


The Clipz is a hanger with a digital luggage scale and an alarm clock which can be used with a magnet hook or a suction hook. It is very strong and durable as it is made of standard wood.

Miri Sarawak

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