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ID : tm3432315294

The Application of NR Crepe Mat for Road Construction

In the road construction, the utilization of geogrid is not a novel approach. However, the attempt to use geogrid from natural rubber has never been attempted and so far there is no baseline study or background to substantiate the potential use of natural rubber geogrid in road construction.

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ID : tm3432415295

Latex-T ; A Simple Test Kit for Detection of Allergenic Proteins in Latex Products.

Latex-T kit is developed for detection of allergenic proteins in latex products. The test does not require any lab-based instruments, thus allowing on-site monitoring of latex allergens at ambient temperature. The test is rapid and simple which can be performed by any worker without specialized lab skills.

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ID : tm3432515296

Salt Iodate Micro-Method Reagent (SIMR) Kit

Salt Iodate Micro-Method Reagent (SIMR) Kit is ready to be used in the field for determining iodate in edible salt. All chemicals and consumables needed for 96 tests are provided in a portable reagent kit box. Iodate measurement is carried out using a portable reader integrated to iodatecalc app.

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ID : tm3432615297


this software is for the calculation of nutrients, based on the Malaysian nutrient composition database, in foods, meals, menus and recipes by nutritionist, dietitians, doctors and other users for research, food consumption studies, menu planning, dietary advise or general nutrient information.

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ID : tm3432715298


The patented new product that can trap adult Aedes mosquitoes and tricks.

Produk baru yang telah dipatenkan, boleh memerangkap nyamuk Aedes dewasa dan jejentik.

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ID : tm3432815299

Iodatecalc App

Iodatecalc App is developed to determine salt iodate concentration assayed using salt iodate micro-method. Iodatecalc App is a mobile app based on android. The app calculates the value of salt iodate based on the absorbance result.

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ID : tm3432915300

Cat Insektisid

Paints that have insecticides which can be used for the purpose of painting houses as decoration and also to kill medical insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and ants.

Cat yang mempunyai racun serangga yang boleh digunakan untuk tujuan mengecat rumah sebagai hiasan dan juga untuk membunuh serangga-serangga yang berkepentingan dari segi perubatan seperti nyamuk, lalat, lipas dan semut.

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ID : tm3433015301

Quarry Particulate Pollution Index and Noise Software Volume 1.0.0 (QPINS V1.0.0)

Dust and noise from quarry have been recognized as a major source of pollution. They are not only nuisance but can give huge impact on human health. This software can be used by the relevant authorities to take predetermined measures to protect nuisance level and health of the neighbouring community.

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ID : tm3433115302

Development of Eco-friendly crystal glass using local silica sand for tableware.

Local silica sand from Terengganu and Sarawak was used to develop of crystal glass(CG). The required quality of Silica sand was 99.5% SIO2, 0.015% FE203 and 0.05% AL2O3(Grade B). The CG composition melted at 1400 Deg and the product were tested according to BS 3828:1973 crystal glass specification.

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ID : tm3433215303

Transportation of Dry Packed Live Tiger Prawns (Penaeus Monodon)

MARDI has successfully developed a method for the dry packing of live tiger prawns. After harvesting, the live prawns were initially subjected to a period of precooling and conditioning to help reduce the harvesting and transportation stress before being given a cold temperature treatment. A controlled cooling rate is essential for the survival of the prawns during subsequent handling and transportation. The cold treatment reduces the metabolic rate of the prawns to promote temporary hibernation during dry transportation. Oxygen flushing was carried out to increase the amount of available dissolved oxygen in the water.

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ID : tm3433315304

Technology of Production Cocoa and Chocolate Products

Couvertures have high fat content which are suitable as covering any solid (e.g. Granola bars) or pasty centers. It is also suitable to be used as ingredients in making other confections and specialty chocolate such as chocolate fruits fudges and chocolate fillings, decorating and molding hollow figures. High temperature chocolate centers is suitable for a new version of cookies which could inhibits fat migration from the filling to cookies itself.

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ID : tm3433415305

Technology for the production of Fruits Sauces

The product developed is fruit-based sauces using local fruits like pineapple, belimbing, banana, mango, papaya and soursop. These fruit-based sauces developed has the flavour of the fruits used. The taste has a mixture of hot, sweet and sour. The colour of the product depends on the fruits used.

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ID : tm3433515306

Technology for The Production of Ayam Percik Sauce in Pasty Form

The sauce is processed as a high acid food packed in bottles. It is stable at room temperature for six months. It is remmended that 125g water added to every 180g paste which is sufficient for 5 cents of chicken each weighing 300 to 310g.

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ID : tm3433615307

Technology for commercial production of Gendut, a new sweetpotato cultivar

Gendut has a spreading plant type and its above-ground parts are entirely green. Mature leaves are heart-shaped. Storage roots are round elliptic to spindle-shaped with a smooth, thin yellowish brown or light brown skin. Root flesh is yellow, and its texture is dry.Gendut is a superior table variety with high palatability and desirable texture. It is suited to processing into fries.

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ID : tm3433715308

Technology - Kit Pengesan Pantas Sisa Baki Prestisid Di Dalam Sayuran Menggunakan Teknologi Sol-Gel.

Asetiltiokolin (AChE) ----> Tiokolin + Asetikasid.

Tiokolin + DTNB (Kromogen)----> Nitrobenzoat Merkaftotiokolin + Asid Tionitro Benzoik.

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ID : tm3433815309

Sweetpotato Based Traditional Cakes

Sweet potato tubers are first washed to remove dirt, sliced into match-stick size (6 x 3 mm) and soaked for 30 minutes in 0.2% sodium metabisulphite solution. It is then drained, spead on stainless steel trays, and dried at 50-60C in a cabinet dehydrator until crispy. The dried products were ground and passed through a 300 mm mesh sieve to produce sweet potato flour.

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ID : tm3433915310

Sweet Potato based traditional cakes premixes

There are more 32 sweet potato based tradional cakes processed and sold daily. The products have comparatively short-life. It is envisaged that the development of the premix flour of same selected sweet potato based traditional cakes will find it ways into stores, supermakets and alikes in future. Sweer potato flour is prepared from the fresh tubers.The developed products showed that there are no significant difference between products development using fresh sweet potato and that of the premixes flour intern of colour, flavour, texture and overall acceptability.

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ID : tm3434015311

Reduced Calorie Traditional Cakes

The reduced calorie traditional cakes were reformulated to reduce the sugar and coconut milk content in the standard formulation by more than 50%. The Sugar and coconut milk were replaced with sorbitol and polydextrose respectively, thus reducing the calories by more than 25%.

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ID : tm3434115312

Protein Hydrisate bait spray (PROMAR) for management of fruit fly

Protein Hydrisate bait spray (PROMAR) for management of fruit fly

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ID : tm3434215313

Production technology for Malaysian dried Flowers

Dried flower materials for flower arrangements

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ID : tm3434315314

Production of Vegetables Under Rainshelter Technology

i)The rainshelter is a plastic-roofed structure with iron or wooden framework and with its sides open or fitted with insect-proof netting.

ii)The technology involves minimal or non-use of pesticides, giving vegetable produce low in or free from pesticide residues.

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ID : tm3434415315

Production of potted chrysantheum

Production of potted chrysantheum

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ID : tm3434515316

Probiotic Milk Beverage

The process involves technology to introduce live probiotic cultures into milk without giving it a fermented taste. Currently fermented milk products are available on the market and thier popularity is increasing because od consumer trend for health foods. However all these products have a characteristic fermented taste which may not be acceptable to some consumers.

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ID : tm3434615317

NUTRIMA - Just Great

Pembangunan Produk Nutrima- Just Great Diantara Pendekatan Terbaru Dalam Penyelidikan Antioksidan Yang Dijalankan Di Pusat Penyelidikan Teknologi Makanan, Mardi Ialah Dengan Memecahkan Bahan Flavonoid Atau Asid Fenolik Yang Diikat Agar Membentuk Asid Fenolik Bebas. Kajian Sebelum Ini Yang Dilakukan Ke Atas Manusia Menunjukkan Bahan Asid Fenolik Bebas Lebih Mudah Diserap Dalam Badan Berbanding Asid Fenolik Yang Diikat Atau Bahan Flavonoid. Proses Ini Melibatkan; A. Penskrinan Buah-buahan Tinggi Kandungan Asid Fenolik B. Rawatan Campuran Jus Buah-buahan Terpilih Menggunakan Enzim Tertentu Atau Dieramkan Menggunakan Inokulum Selama Beberapa Hari C. Penskrinan Madu Tempatan Atau Import Yang Tinggi Kandungan Asid Fenolik D. Ujian Sensori E. Ujian Pre-klinikal (ujian Keselamatan Dan Keberkesanan) Ke Atas Tikus. F. Ujian Klinikal Ke Atas Manusia Ujian Penyerapan Bahan Antioksidan G. Ujian Jangka-hayat Produk Hasil Kajian Produk Nutrima-just Great Telah Berjaya Dihasilkan Menggunakan Kombinasi Buah Durian Belanda, Limau Kasturi, Manga, Madu Terpilih Dan Enzim. Buah-buahan Ini Dipilih Kerana Ianya Mengandungi Asid Fenolik Bebas Dan Terikat Yang Tinggi. Proses Yang Dijalankan Adalah Dengan Merawat Campuran Buah-buahan Menggunakan Enzim Atau Fungus Terpilih Dan Ditambah Madu Tulin Yang Tinggi Asid Fenolik Bebas. Jika Menggunakan Teknik Biasa (tidak Menggunakan Enzim @ Menggunakan Gula Yang Berlainan) Asid Fenolik Bebas Tidak Akan Terbentuk. Produk Yang Dibangunkan Juga Tidak Mengandungi Tambahan Gula, Penstabil Dan Bahan Awet. Ujian Jangka-hayat Menunjukkan Nutrima- Just Great Tahan Sehingga 1 Tahun 6 Bulan Tanpa Bahan Awet. Ini Disebabkan Oleh Kehadiran Bahan Asid Hidroksi Benzoik Yang Hadir Dan Bertindak Sebagai Bahan Awet Semulajadi. Perbandingan Terhadap 6 Produk Keluaran Tempatan Menunjukkan Jumlah Asid Fenolik Dalam Nutrima- Just Great Adalah Yang Tertinggi.

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ID : tm3434715318

New Dendrobium orchid hybrid: Dendrobium Tuanku Najihah

New orchid hybrid released by MARDI in 1996. The registeration of Dendrobium Tuanku Najihah was accepted by Royal Horticulture Society of England, August 1996. Dendrobium Tuanku Najihah was new hybrid selected from the cross between Dendrobium Caesar Giant and Dendrobium Sonia. Dendrobium Tuanku Najihah is a free flowering plant with big attractive flowering flowers.

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