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ID : tm3306814039

Portable MQL Applicator

MQL Portable applicator is a detachable minimum quantity lubrication unit for metal cutting machine. It uses very little vegetable oil-based lubricant and pressurized air stream, mix into a flexible nozzle to form mist-like lubricant upon exit. MQL Applicator saves cost and environmental friendly.

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ID : tm3306914040

Solar Desiccant Cooling System

A new solar cooling system is designed with 45.7% energy saving. To proof the concept, technical properties of new cooling system have been compared with one conventional FCU and four configuration of solar desiccant cooling systems. The results demonstrate that by applying a novel solar desiccant cooling system in the seminar room, a 45.7% energy saving is achieved, and the room realizes standard indoor condition (250cm, 50% humidity). The greatest performance, solar fraction and gas emission reduction, which are 1.87. 81% and 8044.6 kg/year, respectively, are achieve by the novel system. The cost saving of RM 16.21 per day, RM 324.20 per month, and RM 3892.67 per year, as well as a payback period of 5 years.

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ID : tm3307014041

Smart Appliance Control System Integrated with World Wide Telco Company

A mobile phone integrated with a specific peripheral controller can receive a command from user mobile phone through GSM network provided by worldwide telco services switch on or switch off of user home appliances and domestic lighting system.

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ID : tm3307114042

Monitoring of Rehabilitation Process via Motion Analysis

The purpose of monitoring is to assists patient to improve rehabilitation process. Moreover, a portable and simple home based rehabilitation device can help patient to improve daily rehabilitation activity. The smart glove and microprocessor system can utilized in monitoring to mini stroke patient.

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ID : tm3307214043

MOD'CAM: Real-Time Motion Detection Using Image Processing Technique for Video Surveillance

MOD'CAM is a wireless portable and real time motion detection surveillance system. MOD'CAM can detect motion based on image processing, upload the image to user's cloud storage and notify the user through email platform. It is a cost-effective monitoring, ease of use, low-power consumption and silently.

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ID : tm3307314044

Local Vehicle's Plate Number Recognition on Smart Devices for Law Enforcement Agencies

The system receives an image from mobile application then performs image processing for character recognition. The plate number that is extracted from the image is used to determine the vehicle and retrieving the vehicle owner record from the database to be displayed in the mobile application.

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ID : tm3307414045

Energy Generation from Catalytic Gasification of Biomass in Supercritical Water

Supercritical water gasification (SCWG) is considered a promising technology for wet biomass species. It is often misunderstood that the main disadvantage of SCWG (>374 degree Celsius, 22.1MPA) is its initial energy required for heating up, this heat can be recovered from the reactor effluent.

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ID : tm3307514046

Deep Bore Plumber Wrench

The replacement process for broken tap washer in the tap head that was buried in the wall is very complicated. A plumber normally need break a pieces of the tile that enable to open the tap. This problem may cause wasting of money and time. The deep bore plumber can reduce the time and cost.

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ID : tm3307614047

D.I.S -Door Buck Installation System

D.I.S -Door Buck Installation System

Product Specification :
1. Simple Way of install and hold the door only one person
2. Specifications door buck installation system
A. Height :35cm
B. Width : 65cm
C. Weight : 8kg
D. Production Capacity :15 Doors/Hour
E. Material : Mild Steel

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ID : tm3307714048

Bio-Mechatronics Robot Rehabilitation for Stroke Patient

This project present the 4 degree of freedom(DOF) robotic arms, focusing on collecting stroke patient data during exercise and help doctor or physiotherapy monitor daily exercise from patient. The proposed deign arms which present appearance, used friendly and can perform exercise a home.

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ID : tm3307814049

Amphibian Vehicle-Cum-Rov Crawler for Land and Seabed Discovery, Inspection and Research Tools.

The invention relates to a tracked and wheeled vehicles adapted to transverse a variety of terrain on land seabed floor. These vehicles are typically controlled by a rider to travel along undeveloped terrain or hazardous environment such detonated mine and can encounter the obstacles successfully.

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ID : tm3317514146



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ID : tm3317614147

Electricity generation from the resulting winds of passing trains

Traveling train creates disturbance to surrounding air and produces significant the project aim is to capture man made wind energy and convert into usable electrical energy. The design and development of this prototype consist of electrical and mechanical parts.

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ID : tm3317714148

Design and develop low cost finger exoskeleton for rehabilitation of stroke patien

This project is to design a low-cost finger exoskeleton for rehabilitation of stroke patient using soft material and flex sensor while maintaining the efficiency of the system between 80%-90%.

This project is designed to reduce the burden of the therapist as rehab can be done at the patients home.

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ID : tm3317814149

Building and Energy Control System

A smarter and effective control system with integration of ai elements into the energy efficiency system and preventive management system is developed for building management. Feature such as variable speed control device and vibration control system and work order system are key design in project.

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ID : tm3317914150

Automated Cylindrical Mandrel System For Filament Winding.

There are many challenges in producing fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes with filament winding process. In this project, an automated cylindrical mandrel system is developed for the process. Substantial time savings and cost savings can be realized from this project.

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ID : tm3318014151

Phrenic Trainer

Post-surgical patients suffer with pulmonary complications due to impaired diaphragm function. Training of diaphragm restores diaphragm and lung function. Assessment of diaphragm excursion and chest expansion with this innovative phrenic trainer provides useful biofeedback info during rehabilitation.

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ID : tm3318114152

Ezy Inflatable Bedpan with Biodegradable Disposable Bag

This inflatable bedpan provides bedridden patients a convenient way to meet their elimination needs. It is comfortable, safe, effective and self operated with low risk hazard to PTS and caretakers. The device conforms to human contour and prevent mechanical and contamination problem and easy cleaning.

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ID : tm3318214153

Alltimed Pillow

Pillow support determine posture of head and neck during sleeping which would contribute to snoring and chronic medical problems. Alltimed pillow made of molded latex foam with separate adjustable system for the neck support for back sleeping position and side support for the side sleeping position.

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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

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ID : tm3482815456

Develop A Framework To Detect Calcification in Coronary Artery Disease Using Deep learning for Intravascular Ultrasound Image

In the coronary artery disease, plaque composite was developed in the artery wall because of the unhealthy diet. The cardiologists diagnose the patient by using angiogram and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) to detect the calcification. The lumen diameter cannot be measured if the calcification exists because of the dark shadow artefact. The wave cannot penetrate the calcification; therefore, the dark shadow artefact exists behind the calcification. In this research study, we would like to collect the data based on different modality and catheter frequency to develop the framework to detect the calcification. The analysis from the data to detect the calcification will be used, using deep learning.

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