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ID : tm3031611287

Propoplus : Bee defence human beauty treasure

Propoplus : Bees defence human beauty treasure is a set of beauty product consists of 2 in 1 moisturiser cream, facial cleanser and hand lotion that sweeps away make-up and grime without drying out the skin. Stingless bee propolis are the active ingredients of this product.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3031711288


IVER is an unmanned aerial equipment that assists rescue workers to find victims during natural disaster. The equipment is able to fly low altitude while providing live video feed to rescuers. Its main focuses are on easy operation, long fly time and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3031811289

Em Foliar Fertilizer

This product is produced by combining effective microorganisms that were isolated from Bris Soil in Tembila with essentials macro and micro nutrients, organic materials and growth regulators required by plants.The microorganisms used are adaptable to the chemical and organic foliar solution

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406415035

Mass Fry Production of Marine Finfishes in Tank

Technology to produce marine finfish juveniles suitable for grow-out in net-cages and earthern ponds. The process begins with broodstock maintenance and eggs production by natural or induced spawning through hormonal injection.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406515036

Spawning Stretcher : Usungan Pembenihan

Alat ini direka khas bagi membantu kerja-kerja pembenihan
di hatcheri. Sebelum inovasi, pengendalian ikan untuk tujuan
pembenihan dilakukan dengan cara memegang induk dan ini
memerlukan tenaga kerja yang mahir dan ramai. Kerja sebegini
bertambah rumit sekiranya induk itu besar. Alat ini direka bagi
memudahkan kerja pembenihan di samping mengurangkan tekanan
pada ikan. Komponen-komponen Spawning Stretcher adalah beg
anti-stress, rangka penyokong yang diperbuat dari polyvinyl
chloride/besi, ruang gonad dan bekas pengumpul.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406615037

SmartWin:Tiub Sedut Air

Alat ini dihasilkan sebagai sistem alternatif kepada kaedah bekalan air laut sedia ada.SmartWin senang dipasang. Komponen utama SmartWin terdiri dari paip polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bersaiz 8 ince lebar dan 10 kaki panjang. Di bahagian bawah paip diisi dengan gravel bersaiz sederhana. Beberapa lubang (1mm) ditebuk bagi membolehkan air masuk kedalam paip. Air disedut menggunakan paip PVC bersaiz 2 inci yang dipasang di bahagian tengah tiub.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406715038

Sistem Asuhan Cents

Sistem tangki Cheap Efficient Nursery Tank System (CENTS) telah direka bagi mengatasi permasalahan ini. Sistem CENTS ini terdiri daripada beberapa komponen iaitu 20 unit tangki culvert bersaiz 180 liter, saluran air masuk, saluran air keluar, saluran pengudaraan dan sistem perparitan. Tangki CENTS yang (75 cm diameter, 52 cm tinggi, 45 cm dalam) disusun dalam 2 barisan yang disambungkan secara selari dengan paip bekalan air. Setiap tangki boleh memuatkan 1,000 ekor ikan bersaiz 2-3 cm dan setiap pusingan mengambil masa 4-5 minggu bagi mencapai saiz 7.5-10.0 cm. Pengurusan mutu air bagi sistem CENTS boleh dibuat secara aliran terus atau kitar semula. Kaedah aliran terus melibatkan air dari tangki simpanan mengalir terus ke dalam tangki CENTS dan melimpah keluar ke dalam saluran buangan.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406815039

SirehMAX : Rawatan Herba Akuakultur

SirehMAX adalah rawatan alternatif yang selamat dan berkesan bagi mengawal dan merawat penyakit bakteria pada ikan.SirehMAX merupakan produk daripada ekstrak daun sireh (piper betle).Produk ini mengandungi pelbagai bahan aktif yang mempunyai khasiat astrigen dan antiseptik yang membantu mempercepatkan penyembuhan dengan mengecutkan tisu-tisu organik serta membunuh kuman.Justeru produk berbentuk cecair ini merupakan agen antimikrob yang berkesan dan boleh diguna untuk merawat pelbagai jebis jangkitan bakteria pada ikan.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406915040

Oxygen Stormer Alat untuk Kekalkan Ketepuan Oksigen

Oxygen Stormer merupakan alat yang direka oleh FRI Tg Demong
untuk meningkat dan mengekalkan kadar ketepuan oksigen dalam
tangki takungan dalam masa yang singkat. Komponen-komponen
OS terdiri dari batu pengudaraan, saluran pengagih dan pemberat.
Dengan menggunakan OS, kadar oksigen air laut dalam tangki
takungan dapat ditingkatkan kepada 6.57 (95.5%) dalam masa 2
minit dan kepada 7.23 ppm (103.1%) dalam masa 1 jam.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3407015041

Fish Egg Harvester

Satu rekabentuk pemungut ideal dari segi keupayaan untuk
memungut telur yang tersenyawa telah di hasilkan oleh FRI Tg.
Demong. Komponen Fish Egg Harvester adalah, tangki gentian
kaca bulat, hapa 400 m dan polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Telur yang tersenyawa dalam tangki pembenihan akan mengalir keluar secara terus ke dalam Fish Egg Harvester di mana telur-telur tersebut akan dikumpul dan dibersihkan sebelum dimasukkan ke tangki asuhan. Inovasi ini berjaya menjimatkan masa, kos, meningkatkan produktiviti serta mudah digunakan.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3489915526

Addressing Your Audio Needs

YOUR complete design, production and after service audio requirements can be addressed by Concept Audio. This company is a specialist original equipment manufacturer (OEM)/ original design manufacturer (ODM) that provides the whole range of services in the provision of premium quality speaker systems.

George Town Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3507115698


This project transforms abundant pineapple skin waste into a biodegradable composite board which can become the alternative material to be used in the furniture and building industries. Mechanical tests were carried out to determine its flexural and tensile strengths; including the impact test all show that this product can be used to make the various applications withstanding the forces involved. Pineapple is cultivated widely all over the world and is not a seasonal fruit. The skin can be obtained all year round so this product can be sustainably manufactured. This product is environment-friendly and is recyclable. Since pineapple skin is waste, this product can be cos-effective and affordable to consumers. Thus, the market potential for this innovation is very promising in this rapidly developing world.

George Town Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3520615833

Anti Static petrol pump nozzle

Land Transportation is the most important source of transports and the petrol station are the place where we depend for the fuel for our vehicles. We Innovated anti static petrol pump nozzle which can detect static charges on us and environment. The fuel will stop flow if any static detected.

George Town Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3520915836

Stegnoma kit

Stegnoma kit is a way to reuse 3R materials by converting them into a multi purpose dryer kit. This dryer kit can be used to encourage student to wash and dry their shoes, socks or light materials in a short period. It is a portable, light weighted, energy saving and cost efficient device.

George Town Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

Kuala Kangsar Perak

ID : tm3005611027

Compact Planar Highly Efficient Antenna for WLAN Applications

A printed microstrip monopole is designed to be operated in WLAN frequency range, which is one of the most important data connectivity features required in mobile terminals. The antenna is designed in compact size and feed, with a parasitic and ground plane to replace large ground planes used in traditional monopole designs. Using a /4 transformer, the antenna is easily matched to any 50 transmission line and ports interface to RF front ends. The optimized design is fabricated onto low cost FR-4, a material widely used in the production of printed-circuit boards (PCBs). Such mature fabrication technology reduces inaccuracy risks and ensures consistency of measured results. Antenna return losses are less than -10 dB over the WLAN frequency range of 2.40 GHz - 2.48 GHz. This narrow band and yet efficient feature reduces the collection of other signals within the adjacent frequency spectrum. Radiation pattern of this antenna entailed a comparable gain and beamwidth against conventional monopole antenna.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3005711028


Laboratory experiments in undergraduate, diploma and certificate courses are often used to assist and complement the classroom lectures. They are an important tool for improving students hands-on skills like measuring, corroborating practical results, comparing theory and practice, modeling, etc. But the complexity of the power electronics systems makes the laboratory experiments implementation not so simple. The Power Electronics field is very multidisciplinary. There are also class time restrictions in virtually all courses, and one of the lecturers challenges is to adjust the deepness and the broadness of the used approach. In this context, well planned teaching equipment can help a lot. It can save class time and spur students motivation.
In this teaching module, the two fundamental topologies of non-isolated dc-dc switching converters which are the buck and the boost converter are developed in one platform. This interactive 2-in-1 buck and boost converter teaching module is developed to demonstrate these two basic topologies in order to help the student understand and visualize the circuit elements clearly. With the concept of plug and play, student can play around with placement of energy storage elements and switching devices to construct either buck or boost converter. On the other hand, students can also varying the output voltage for both converters by adjusting the PWM duty cycle which is microcontroller based. The novelty of this invention is that the adopted concept in this teaching module is to divide the power electronics systems in three modules: the power converter module, which comprises the switching devices and the energy storage elements, the PWM controller module and finally the gate driver module. It was found that this arrangement provides a better understanding by the students and the utilization of the modules in a broader diversity of experiments compared to the available teaching module. In this module, the switching devices and the storage elements positions in the power converter module are allowed to change. Therefore, the same power module can be used to implement either buck and boost converter. Furthermore, the switching devices and the energy storage elements are placed in a visible enclosure in order to help the student visualize the circuit elements clearly. Another important feature is the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller module in this teaching module is microcontroller based which is novel.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3005811029

Embedded Linux Network Monitoring System (eLNMS)

For many years Internet and Intranet traffic monitoring application has been developed to be executed on personal computer (PC) with high processing power. Thus the benefit of low cost, small size and portability which embedded system has to offer has never been benefited by these kinds of applications. The emergence of embedded Linux had driven developers to take up the challenge of developing high processing power application on embedded Linux platform.This research describes the design and development of an Embedded Network Traffic Monitoring (ENTM) system based on single board computer (SBC) and an open source embedded Linux operating system (OS). The developed ENTMsystem is capable of probing network packets, analyze the probe data and display the results of the analyzed and raw data. This system is a handy device for network administrator in analyzing incoming and outgoing network traffic. The main hardware components of ENTM system are the TS-5400 SBC, LCD panel, keypad and Compact Flash (CF) card. The ENTM software system is composed of four modules namely System Control (SC), Network Packet probe (NPP), Packet Analysis (PA) and View Module (VM). The SC module act as an interface/menu to execute various functionalities of the system and the integration of external devices (Keypad and LCD panel) to the SBC. The NPP module capture packets from a network segment, extract the packets information and store them into a temporary data buffer for further analysis. The PA module keeps track of global and individual-host information into files for viewing. The VM is used to display the analyze data through any web browser. To ensure reliability and practicality, analysis of the system performance is significant. Thus, the ENTM system performance is compared against execution of the software on Desktop PC and Wireshark, a well known competitive network analyzer. The experimental results shows that the data capture and packet capture rates of ENTM system is very much identical (less than 0.5% variation) during execution on Desktop PC and Wireshark regardless of its low CPU speed and memory size. The results prove that ENTM design and implementation is highly competitive even though of the hardware specification has low processing power and memory.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3005911030

Embedded Prayer Time System

a) The product is used the GPS and Digital Compass to determine the prayer time and also the Qibla direction.
b) The function of this product is to compute five prayers time (Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib and Isya) and also included with Syuruk and Imsak.
c) The benefit of this product is to facilitate user (Muslims) to decide and to know their prayers time more accurately especially who are need to work outstation and also for those who are like to do any activities at outside of the countries.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3006011031

Engineering and Technology

Designed to provide real-time estimation capability for registering numbers of people came into an area using CCTV, webcam or CCD camera. The crowd estimator system incorporates advanced filtering making it insensitive to background noise variations and neural network was applied to performed an accurate counting on the crowd. This system also features easy installation, adjustable detection area and radiation free.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3006211033

Light Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (LISFET)

This project present about development of MOSFET which operate with photoconductive cells application (LISFET). Most commercially available photoconductive cells are manufactured from cadmium sulfide (CdS), which is sensitive to light in the visible spectrum. CdS photoconductive cells (CdS cells) are often referred to as light dependant resistors (LDR). The fabrication of LISFET consists of two device fabrication processes namely the fabrication of a CMOS technology and the fabrication of photoconductive cells.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3006311034

Low Cost Embedded Portable Herb Leaves Recognition System

Malaysia is an agriculture based country, which 70% of population depends on agriculture. There are need for ability to find and identify different kind of agriculture plants and herbs effectively for the purpose of finding and collecting. The identification of herbs plantation currently is ineffective and inefficient through manual process by trained human resources. This manual process of identifying useful herbs causes ineffective collecting and identifying of the natural resources. The manual approach involves expert human being based on leaves recognition. For huge area a researcher or expert required to cover a huge searching area which causes a lot of time and energy. The propose embedded system for identifying herbs through leaves recognition or what is called as A Low Cost Embedded System for Portable Herb Leaves Recognition System "" developed using concept of Image Processing Techniques and Neural Network Algorithms will ease the searching and identifying useful herb plants. This product describes techniques applied for hardware and software design of the devices. It involves edge detection, template matching and back propagation neural network to provide reasonable accuracy and speed.
This is the only product of this kind which implements image processing techniques and neural network algorithms using low cost embedded system design platform. This device enables leaves to be classified plants type. The plants type defined by it scientifically use for medical purposes. Biological data are obtained using Leaf Area Index (LAI) for the identification of the useful plant. The numbers of expertise in recognizing range of leaves are scarce. The needs of experts are required in order to find and identify leafs for collecting useful herbs for medical purposes. The numbers of herbs (which can be identifying by the unique pattern of leaves) are huge and it is impossible to provide enough people to perform the tasks. With the help of this device the finding and collecting herbs can be made more effectively and efficiently and also helps us to generate more expertise in recognizing range of herb leaves.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3006411035

Maximum Power Point Tracker Using Differential Evolution Algorithm for Photovoltaic Power System

This maximum power point (MPP) tracker is basically a photovoltaic (PV) charge controller that can tracks the maximum power point of a pv array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries or direct connection to dc load.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3006511036

Mobile DC to AC Universal Power Supply / Charger

"i) As a mobile power supply / charger to notebook PC users that always travel by cars.
ii) As an AC power source to power-up selected household electrical appliances that
having power less than 120W directly from a car battery.
This product is an adapter that converts 12Vdc into 240Vac so that most common relatively small powered AC appliances to be used inside the car. The adapter is actually a 120W switching-mode power inverter (SMPI) that generally will power-up selected AC appliances. The SMPI uses the reversed technology of a typical switching-mode power supply (SMPS) and in-fact the step-up transformer used was taken from a similar rated designed power of an SMPS.
The 12Vdc supply is chopped through a MOSFET with a frequency of 25kHz to get a high frequency DC pulses that input into a high-frequency switching transformer which steps up to high voltage 240Vac with the frequency of 25kHz. Then, the voltage is rectified and filtered to a high-voltage smoothed DC and goes through an H-bridge inverter where the output produces 240Vac, 50Hz to a given AC load.
This invention uses a relatively small high frequency switching transformer which works on high frequency DC switching pulses of 25kHz, which is very much lighter, smaller and low-profile sizing compares to its conventional predecessors.
The product is highly potential to traveling businessmen and field worked personnel that always find necessary to have a portable source of AC supply that simply can be plugged into a car???s cigarette lighter supply, as to power-up their relevant appliances."

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3006611037

Multiband Rugged Bow Tie Antenna for Outdoor Application

Bow tie antenna are widely used because their exhibit a very low profile, small size, light weight, low cost, high efficiency and easy methods of fabrication and installation. This actractive rugged bow tie antenna design exhibits wide bandwidth and good radiation characterictis. Omni-directional antenna invented here have 65-89% efficiency with peak gain value is 3.8 dBi. and covers the 5 cellular bands. In general, the antenna is about 1.5 inches high, 5 inches in diameter, and built with a standard TNC male connector at the other end. The antenna will operate within any of the cellular bands between 806 MHz 960 MHz and 1710 MHz 2170 MHz, and should be built to operate in an outdoor environment. This antenna is for a low profile outdoor rugged antenna to be in typical outdoor applications such as ATM machines and vehicle installations.
The novelty comes from the antenna design, which is miniature for outdoor application and produce a linear, vertical polarization while the azimuth plane, (Horizontal) -3dB Beamwidth is omnidirectional. Out of the ordinary, the antenna was able to perform with great efficiency and obtain size reduction without ignoring bandwidth and gain.
This antenna is for a low profile outdoor rugged antenna to be in typical outdoor applications such as ATM machines and vehicle installations and will operate within any of the cellular bands between 806 MHz 960 MHz and 1710 MHz 2170 MHz.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

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