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ID : tm3148612457

Production of Biodegradable Plastic from Palm Oil

A production method of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) and its copolymers from crude palm oil has been developed by using a locally isolated micro-organism identified as Erwinia sp. USMI-20. The production method involves fermenting the carbon source together with a mineral medium solution under an aerobic condition.

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ID : tm3353114502

Penang e-Logistics

This pilot project aims at electronically link and integrate suppliers with logistics providers and the relevant government agencies, which will enhance the national competitiveness. The main goal is to reduce the throughput time by introducing web-based applications for Customs declaration and approval for airfreight at the Penang International Airport.

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ID : tm3485915486

Smart Light Weight Concrete Plant

An integrated Turnkey Static Lightweight Concrete Mixer for the production of foamed lightweight concrete. Specially designed as a static plant that will be suitable for work-site with a high demand for lightweight concrete. It also designed and fabricated as a permanent fixture to be used until the assigned project is completed. Utilizing only a small working area, the site should should have sufficient space for the plant to be set up.

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ID : tm3494215569

Air Touch Screen

Air touch screen is the first system ever made to project your screen on air. User do not need to wear any special glasses or holding any customized devices to operate the air touchscreen. This is achieved by the latest coating technologies & precision optic developed in house by GF technology. Air touch screen system comprises of multiple a spherical mirrors and beam splitters. The screen from display is projected through the optic and beam splitter before projected through the air. A special coating is required to avoid degradation of the screen resolution and brightness as well. All is done by GF technology.

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ID : tm3511315740

Designing : Corrugating and Converting

Solutions provider of design and custom made boxes. Total Packaging concepts which provides a complete packaging of the products. And provide excellent service of JIT Delivery

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Airestec Bioactive Enzymatic Cooling Tower Decontamination & Cleaner

ID : tm203631410

Airestec Bioactive Enzymatic Cooling Tower Decontamination & Cleaner

Airestec Bioactive Enzymatic Cooling Tower Decontamination & Cleaner is specifically made and applied to penetrate, break down, release and flush bio-film bonds (jelly/algae), bacteria, fungal, mould and algae on substrates in cooling towers and aqueous environment to remove bio-film (jelly), from cooling tower distribution decks, tower in-fill, and basins and at the same time keeping the system efficient with reduced energy usage through better heat extraction and less workload on the chillers

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ID : tm204141461

Compact Solar Water Heater With Thermal Battery

The 4th generation solar water heater is combined with high efficiency rechargable thermal heat storage battery. The battery is using the technology of latent heat storage by phase change material. The field test is proven higher performance of this model in comparison with the conventional models.

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ID : tm286779648

Virtual Reality and Environmental Performance Animation of Environmentally-Intelligent Features of Islamic Architectural Heritage of the Early Persian Civilizations

This product is the outcome of a research on the sustainable and passive architectural features of the 15th and 16th century Persian buildings. An analytical study through fieldwork, simulation if building performance and virtual representation results in this product which analyses the intelligent and sustainable aspects of Medieval Islamic heritage in Persia. The passive features and elements studied included thermal, visual and acoustical comfort, passive cooling through dehumidification, optimum selection of materials, orientation of building for sunlight and wind direction.

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ID : tm286789649

Tomato Leaves: A Novel Source of Anti-Inflammatory

In this study, the pharmacologic effects of Solanum lycopersicum leaves extract were investigated by observing the Nitric Oxide (NO) production. The inflammatory activity of LPS-stimulated murine macrophage cells RAW264.7 treated with different concentration of tomato leaves extract (0, 20, 50 and 100g/ml) were monitored by Griess assay. Results showed that the tomato leaves extract inhibited the productions of NO which plays a central role in the anti-inflammatory response. At the highest concentration (100g/ml) of the tomato leaves extract tested, the NO production was inhibited by 84.95%. The results were further investigated by observing the Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) level. The results agreed with the previous observation when at the highest concentration (100g/ml) of tomato leaves extract tested, the PGE2 production was reduced by 37.41% compared to the untreated, indicating anti-inflammatory activity.

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ID : tm286799650

Stability of Long Run Money Demand Function: Evidence from Malaysia

This paper studies the stability of the M1 and M2 money demand function in Malaysia. The results showed that both M1 and M2 are cointegrated with their determinants. However, only the long-run parameter of M1 demand function is stable over the sample period, not M2. The demand function became unstable after 1997 which coincided with the Asian financial crisis. This result contradicts that of Nair et al (2008) who claims that the Asian financial crisis does not have any influence on the stability of money demand function in Malaysia. Out finding also implied that a simple relationship between M2, income and interest rates characterized by the standard model is not sufficient to analyze the effects of Malaysian monetary policy.

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ID : tm286809651

Recombinant Bromelain: A Novel Source on Anti-Cancer

This study observed the anti-cancer activity of recombinant bromelain produced by the DNA recombinant technology thus easing the purification steps. The in-vitro cytotoxicity assay was conducted on the recombinant bromelain treated and untreated breast cancer (MCR-7) and normal cell lines (Vero). Then the half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) on all samples were recorded. Commercial bromelain served as a control in this experiment. The IC50 for both enzymes are 0.29mg/mL and 0.27mg/mL for recombinant and commercial bromelain respectively. Based on the IC50 values, both recombinant and commercial bromelain, did affect the cell lines at high concentration which is more than 0.25 mg/mL. zthe IC50 obtained from MCF-7 cells treated with recombinant and commercial bromelain are 0.20mg/mL and 0.16mg/mL respectively. Therefore, recombinant bromelain behaves similarly to the commercial bromelain in their anti-cancer activity especially to the MCF-7 breast cancer and Vero cells lines.

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ID : tm286819652

Recombinant Bromelain

Bromelain merupakan sejenis enzim pengurai
protein yang pada asalnya diekstrak daripada

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ID : tm286829653

Pon1 Enzymatic Activities as Potential Biological Markers in Chronic Organophosphate Pesticides Exposure

PON1 enzymes are potential biological parameters in monitoring chronic organophosphate pesticides toxicity.

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ID : tm286839654

Nanocoating for Anti-Corrosion of Carbon Steel

Nanostructured coatings offered great potential for various application due to their superior characteristics that are not typically found in conventional coatings. Nanocoating is produced by the usage of same components at nanoscale to obtain desired properties.

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ID : tm286849655

Long Memory Properties and Asymmetric Effects of Emerging Equity Market: Evidence from Malaysia

This paper examines the property of Malaysian equity market (KLSE) returns and volatility by adopting the FIGARCH and FIAPARCH model. It shows that the FIAPARCH outperforms the FIGARCH model in capturing both asymmetry effects and long memory in the conditional variance. This study provides empirical evidences on the long memory property of equity returns and volatility of an emerging equity market with reliable estimation models, which is currently lacking, particularly for emerging markets.

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ID : tm286859656


Produk mengesan kehadiran alkohol di dalam
kandungan makanan dan minuman

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ID : tm286869657

Investigating Educational Leadership Practices Model among Teachers in Malaysian Secondary Schools

This study was designed firstly to validate a proposed model of school leaders practices among the principals in West Malaysian secondary schools and secondly, to investigate the relationships among the integration of Islamic values, leadership principle, transformational leadership and leadership style. A self-constructed instrument was deployed to 12 states in West Malaysia on 1290 respondents. The findings indicated that the hypothesized model has to be re-specified. The evidence has shown that school leaders must be value-driven to fulfil the needs and responsibilities to his or her staff.

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ID : tm286879658

Integrated Spinning Composter

An integrated spinning composter system. Spinning provide air mixing which is crucial for production of homogenized high quality compost. Equipped with heater to facilitate the growth of thermophilic microbes. Integrated with a membrane filter system to handle the liquid by-product of organic waste.

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ID : tm286889659

IIUM Moringa Oleifera Technology(IMOTECH): A Holistic Drinking Water Treatment Solution for the Poor

The present invention relates to the development of a water treatment technology using moringa oleifera seed extract as disinfectant. The technology is green and sustainable, because it will replace the conventionally used toxic and expensive chlorine by a phytodisinfectant which is plat based.

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ID : tm286899660


Sanitiser tangan yang diformulasikan dalam
bentuk cecair untuk memudahkan penggunaan
pada mana-mana permukaan termasuklah pada
sarung tangan getah yang terpakai di tangan.
Diperbuat menggunakan bahan-bahan dan
alatan pemprosesan yang patuh syariah

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ID : tm286909661


iGesic efektif untuk melegakan pelbagai
kesakitan seperti sakit otot dan sendi di pelbagai
bahagian badan (lutut, leher, perut, pinggang dan
lain-lain lagi). Ia juga berkesan melegakan sakit
kepala. iGesic mengandungi 5 kombinasi bahan
aktif yang terdiri dari ubatan semasa iaitu methyl
salicylate, menthol, camphor dan minyak
peppermin sintetik, dan dari ubatan alami iaitu
minyak Eucalyptus

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ID : tm286919662

High Yield Lignocellulosic Ethanol in a Single Bioreactor by Ionic Liquid-Enzyme System

This invention is to explore the high yield of cellulosic bioethanol in a single reactor by Ionic Liquid(IL)-Enzyme(E) system using low cost of Empty Fruit Bunches(EFB) which will overcome the existing multi-stage unit operations and ensure of lowering production cost for industrial applications.

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ID : tm286929663

Exploring Influencing Factors for the Selection of Mobile Phone Service Providers: A Structural Equational Modelling (SEM) Approach on Malaysian Consumers

This study explored vital factors to select service providers. SEM approach was applied to test the hypotheses. The results showed that the price was the most important factor followed by quality, availability and promotion. Findings may provide needful improvement of the players marketing strategy. The study only included information of limited variables from a few cities in Malaysia. Further research should consider more information in context of mobile operators with a larger sample.

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ID : tm286939664

e-Survia: A Fuzzy Based Web Survey Tool

Fuzzy conjoint analysis employed a Likert-scale to represent linguistic terms. eSurvia provides a web-based system application to allow surveyors to create their own survey questions and respondent participate in the survey on the Internet. The uniqueness of this web application is that it uses fuzzy conjoint analysis to process and analyse the survey data, instead of using traditional statistical methods. So far, top the best of our knowledge, there has been no web-based survey with fuzzy conjoint analysis application on the web. This web-based survey will ease the distribution of the survey and its automatic data analysis will assist the researcher to get meaningful results.

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ID : tm286949665

Designing New Arabic Syllabus for Science Programmes Students Part-1

We wrote the latest Arabic text book with the latest approaches compared to other textbooks in the market. Our book, Miftah Al-Arabiyyah, is unique which is suitable for beginners of non-native speakers as it uses 100% standard Arabic. It also strengthens students relationship with the holy Quran and hadith with tool to understand daily ibadah recitations in solat, doa and zikr. The book offers attractive pictures and language games. It also consists of Islamization, Integration and Internationalization values, and a lot of activities and exercises. Lastly, it encourages students to communicate effectively.

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