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ID : tm3499915626

Selective Leverage System

The invention relates to improve performance of a device having a pulsing behavior input or output such as engines and other cyclically devices. This solution includes a selective leverage system gear train that uses leverage principle to improve performance of compressors, alternators, etc.

Batu Maung Johor

ID : tm3500615633

Automatic Traffic Controller Divider

The automatic traffic controller divider works by putting a divider that just distributes the lanes equally. This will help people save time and money by reducing the congestion due to heavy traffic.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3500715634

Flood and Drought Prevention System

The flood and drought prevention system includes an interface box, tanks to store water and a trench around the farm. This system can help farmers store excess water during floods and use them during dry periods.

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ID : tm3500815635

Magnetic Scrubber

A small brush attracted to magnets which can fit into bottles and vases so it can clean its insides.

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ID : tm3500915636


Magnevator can help move people up and down the stairs or help bring furniture and other things up and down the stairs. This works on the principle that electro magnets can push further when electricity is applied.

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ID : tm3501015637

Mini Eco Fridge

The mini Eco fridge is an open cycle refrigerator with two pots with one nested within the other and the gap filled wet sand. Under good ventilation, the inner chamber is cooled as the water evaporates drawing warm air from it cooling vegetables and fruits under Eco friendly conditions.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3501115638

Mos-Ex Mosquito Extinguisher

Mos-ex is a safe mosquito extinguisher which is portable, eco-friendly, cost effective safe to use for humans. The invention works by the mosquito entering a ceramic pipe being attracted to the dark and cool environment and electrocuted once the motion sensor is activated.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509015717

Autism Tricycle Therapy for Pediatrics (ATTHEP)

ATTHEP is product that help improve psychomotor development among autism children. it consist costume-made tricycle, LCD screen, cycling sensor,safety tools and power source that can be used outdoors or indoor.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509115718

CP Chair

The objective is to determine the suitable design for developing cpchair and to evaluate the product safety. According to OT Clinic UKM, Malaysia has limited equipment or aids for cp children and they need an appropriate seating equipment for upright position to improve their functional activities.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509215719

Elbow Joint Rehabilitation Devices

Elbow joint rehabilitation devices provide continuous passive motion exercise to the patient who have elbow injury that has undergone surgical procedures and neurological problem such as stroke and traumatic brain injuries which effected on the elbow.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509315720

Gas-Fueled Remote Control Car Dyno-Testing Machine

Mini Dyno testing and tuning are fine tuning tests precisely to measure and enhance the performance of remote control racing car. The machine increase the need for professional remote control car servicing.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509415721

Mini Core Retrieval(MCR)

Mini Core Retrieval(MCR) is an innovative tool to remove asphalt sample after coring test. Replacing a very risky and ineffective tools such as chisel and hammer as method to remove the sample.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509515722

Motorised Portable Wheelchair

Portable Motorized wheelchair a device that can decrease the dependent on manpower especially in hospitals as it can ease consumer effort in controlling the wheelchair without using so much energy. This product use mechanical components and electrical controller using joystick for directional control.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509615723

Non Invasive Cholesterol Meter

This project is a non-invasive method of measuring cholesterol by using near infra red (NIR) light. Blood was illuminated at a number of discrete wavelengths, based on acquisition of information from analysis of skin components by using a simple test.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3509715724

Versatile The 2 in 1 Eco-Friendly Shoes

People need footwear for daily activities.However sometimes there are people who need to change their footwear but find it troublesome.This innovative convertible footwear name versatile helps to save effort cost and the earth. The materials used are from waste materials to support gogreen campaigns.

Shah Alam Selangor

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