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ID : tm3125612227

Biopreservation of Bread with Lactic Acid Bacteria

The research team developed a method developed lactic acid bacteria (LAB) as biopreservation for bread. The invention delays the germination of common spoilage fungi Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae longer than bread without the added LAB or supernatant. It indicates antifungal compounds are heat stable and produced in bread is improved. This innovation thus offers use of selected LAB bacteria as biopreservation for white bread, a green alternative to the current use of chemical preservatives in bakery products.

Bandar Baru Nilai Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3125712228

Bio-Based Shape Memory Polyurethane Fro Biomedical Applications

Shape memory polyurethane (SMPU) was produced using renewable resources available in Malaysia which was palm oil polyol as the starting material. The production of polyurethane elastomers based oil polyol and polycaprolactonediol with variations in palm oil polyol content ware synthesized in a two-step polymerization process. The addition of palm oil polyol with hyperbranched structure is believed to provide more surface functionality for the interaction between precursors and aid in crosslinking process.

Bandar Baru Nilai Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3125812229

Bio-Based Shape Memory Polyurethane for Biomedical Applications

In this invention, bio-based shape memory polyurethane (SMPU) was produced using renewable resources available in Malaysia for diverse biomedical application. The production of bio-based SMPU from palm oil was done via two-step process involving prepolymer and polyurethane preparation with addition of MWNT. The unique combinations of hard and soft segments found in bio-based SMPU inspired to design and develop improved SMPU performance include synergistic combination of chemical, physical and biological properties.

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ID : tm3125912230

Artificial Immune System Agent for Reservoir Spillway Gate Decision Making

The Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) is a recent computational approach for the Computational Intelligence community. The immunity-based technique is beginning to be used in wide area of applications and emerging as a new branch of artificial intelligence (AI). This study proposes an AIS-based agent system for simulating emergency decision-making specifically in determining the reservoir spillway gate operation due to excess in water level. The simulation will be used as a tool for dam engineers to make a decision in handling flood emergency situation.

Bandar Baru Nilai Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3126012231

Artificial Immune System Agent for Reservoir Spill Way Gate Decision Making

The Artificial Immune System (AIS) is a recent computational approach for the Computational Intelligence community. Like other biologically inspired techniques, it emulates ideas from a natural system, in particular the vertebrate immune system, in order to develop computational tools for solving engineering problems. Immunity-based techniques is beginning to be used in wide area of applications and emerging as a new branch of artificial intelligence (AI). The human biological system is one such system that has become a source of inspiration for developing intelligent problem-solving techniques. The powerful information processing capabilities of the human system, such as feature extraction, pattern extraction, learning, memory and its distributive nature provide rich metaphors for its artificial counterpart. This study proposed an AIS based agent system for simulating emergency decision-making specifically in determining the reservoir spillway gate operation due to excess in water level. The simulation will be used as tool for dam engineer in order to make a decision making in handling flood emergency situation.

Bandar Baru Nilai Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3126112232

Aqida Developmental Modul For Social Impact

Muslim scholars divide Islamic teachings into three main divisions, Akida, Syari'a and Akhlaq. Akida deals with the theoretical aspect while Syari'a and Akhlaq focus on action. The oneness of God (tawhid) is the foundation of Islamic Akida. This Aqida differentiates Muslims from others. The truthfulness of Aqida is important in order to generate a good action. Aqida provides a theoretical framework for what Muslims do. Without a right Aqida it will be difficult to produce a right action. This module provides a systematic approach for understanding Aqida and its impact in social life. It tries to develop a way of understanding Aqida that will enable the believer to avoid sinful acts in their life. The belief in Allah as the creator and the owner of this universe is the foundation of this Aqida. Allah SWT provides a way of how one need to life his life. That way of life are called Syari'a and Akhlaq. Every human being must follow that way of life in order to achieve success in her life. Every action of rational human being will be counted and evaluated. Either he deserves reward or punishment for that action. It will be a judgment day where all people will get their reward or punishment of their actions. A good action will bring a person to paradise and the bad action to hell. These are the fundamental beliefs that will give a social impact in human life. However, the impact of the belief will depend mostly on how far the person understand and remember these beliefs.

Bandar Baru Nilai Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3126212233

Amazing X-dent Box : A Protection to The Dental Technicians and Students

The amazing X-dent box is the protection to the dental technicians and dental student which protect them from short and long term disease (eg : allergy, asthma and lung cancer) causing by the hazardous particles form from trimming process. It has 2 compartments which is very user friendly.

Bandar Baru Nilai Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3126312234

Agile Secure Software Development Methodology

Security and quality control are essential in the earlier life cycle of software development. Hence, this research examines the practices and the security lapses associated with secure web application software metrics that will mitigate the lapses. This research has devised a strategic approach in the form of software metrics in a secure web application development that considers security practices throughout the lifecycle instead of an afterthought issue.

Bandar Baru Nilai Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3502715654

Low cost of Biogass Production via Sewage Sludge as New Source of Sustainable Energy

This experiment explores the production of biogas from sewage sludge as a form of sustainable energy source towards green energy application. Generally, this biogas can be applied as a cheap and renewable source of energy in many beneficial applications for future sustainability.

Jasin Melaka

ID : tm3502815655

Poultry Industrial Waste in Generating New Source of Solid Fuel Energy

Chicken feather fibres are mostly composed of keratin. In pellets, they were compared to other sources of solid fuel energy such as wood, oil palm and coconut shell to see their potential as a new source of solid fuel energy.

Jasin Melaka

ID : tm3445715428

Development of Pineapple Core Powder

Pineapple cores were collected at the Pineapple Cannery of Malaysia and Lee Pineapple Industry. The cores were placed in 2000 ppm SO2 solution to prevent spoilage. The cores were immediately washed upon reaching the lab and blanched for 2 minutes. They were then passed through a communiting machine. After grinding, the extra water was pressed out and the remaining materials were spread thinly on stainless steel drying trays. Drying was done in an electric dehydrator at 600C for 8-10 hours or until moisture content reached about 5%. After drying the dried products were passed trought a hammer mill and sieved to the power. The powder was packed in aluminium laminated film for further use. Chemical analysis of the powder was carried. The was tested on dehydrated fruit and bakery products.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3445815429

Development of fruits rolls

Drying of fully ripe fruit puree with other added ingredients to form a thin leathery sheet which car be roued before packing. The fruits suitable for procersing into fruit rools such as banana, papaya, guara, jackfruit, soursop and other pulpy fruit such as mango.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3445915430

Ternakan Ikan Siakap Air Tawar Di Belakang Rumah (Konsep Bumi Hijau)

Sistem ternakan yang digunakan adalah tangki gentian kaca atau polyethylene berserta dengan sistem penapisan dan pam air. Benih ikan siakap (sekurang-kurangnya 4 inci digunakan, ditebar (kadar 50- 75 ekor dalam 1 tan air). Pemberian makanan dilakukan sekurangkurangnya 2 kali sehari (pagi dan petang) sehingga ikan kenyang. Pertukaran air perlu dilakukan apabila parameter air merosot (diluar julat optimum untuk ternakan) dan bila diperhatikan ikan tidak lagi galak memakan makanan. Air perlu ditukar 90 peratus selepas 2 minggu digunakan. Air yang digunakan hendaklah dipastikan bebas daripada klorin. Ternakan ikan siakap ini mengambil masa 5-7 bulan sebelum ia mencapai berat purata 500 g dan bersedia untuk di tuai. Tangki ternakan hendaklah ditutup dengan net orkid jika tangki tersebut diletakkan ditempat terbuka. Ini bertujuan bagi mengelak ikan mengalami tekanan jika suhu air meningkat.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3446015431

SitroPro : Ekstrak Herba Sabagai Rawatan Alternatif Terhadap Jangkitan Parasit Protozoa Pada Ikan Marin Ternak

Penggunaan SitroPro telah berjaya mengatasi masalah jangkitan penyakit Hexamitiasis dan Trichodiniasis di FRI Gelang.Selain itu , rawatan menggunakan bahan semulajadi terhadap jangkitan ikan ternakan adalah salah satu alternatif yang lebih selamat untuk meningkatkan produktiviti industri akuakultur , seterusnya dapan menjamin keselamatan dan kesihatan pengguna.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3446115432

Parit Konkrit Dalam Kolam Asuhan Untuk Memudahkan Pengutipan Benih Ikan

Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) Gelang Patah atau sebelum
ini dikenali sebagai Pusat Penyelidikan Ternakan Air Payau telah mengubahsuai kolam asuhan biasa tanpa menjejaskan fungsi asal. Ini dibuat dengan membina sebuah parit konkrit (1.0 m lebar dan 0.7 m panjang) serta mencuram dari pintu air masuk sehingga ke pintu air keluar. Kelebaran parit sebanyak 1.0 m memudahkan kerja-kerja pengendalian. Dasar kolam dibuat mencuram ke bahagian tengah untuk memudahkan pengeringan kolam dan penangkapan benih ikan. Pengubahsuaian ini adalah adaptasi daripada kaedah asuhan benih ikan dalam sistem palong yang dapat mengalirkan air secara berterusan dan mengekalkan kesihatan benih ikan. Selain itu, benih ikan akan terkumpul dalam parit di kawasan pintu air masuk untuk mendapatkan air yang bersih dan menyebabkan tiada benih ikan yang tertinggal di dasar kolam dan kadar hidup benih boleh ditingkatkan semasa pengutipan.Air dimasukkan secara terkawal melalui pintu air masuk dan dipam keluar dengan kadar yang sama di bahagian dihujung pintu air keluar.Ini dibuat dengan tujuan untuk memastikan benih ikan sentiasa berada di dalam keadaan aktif dan sihat sebelum ditangkap. Alat penyekat juga
digunakan untuk memudahkan proses pengutipan dan mengurangkan

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3446215433

Kaedah Penternakan Dan Penghasilan Artemia Dewasa Secara Intensif Bagi Bekalan Makanan Rega Ikan Marin

Bagi tujuan menyediakan prasarana dan teknologi penghasilan
Artemia biojisim secara intensif atau satu modul penghasilan
diwujudkan dengan penghasilan 1 kg biojisim/tan isipadu ternakan.
a) Kemudahan Ternakan
Kemudahan ini terdiri dari tangki gentian kaca (650 L). Tangki tersebut dipasangkan empat tiub pengudaraan untuk bekalan oksigen dan bagi menjamin taburan makanan dan taburan
ternakan yang efisien. Air ternakan disedia pada kemasinan 30
ppt yang terlebih dahulu disteril dengan bahan aktif klorin.
b) Keperluan Sista Artemia dan Pemakanannya
Sejumlah 20 g sista Artemia ditetaskan untuk hasilkan purata
3 juta naupli dan membentuk kepadatan dalam tangki pada
5,000/L. Semasa ternakan, makanan yang diberi ialah dedak
beras yang disaring dengan penapis bersaiz mata 50 m. Kadar pemberian makanan adalah 50 g dedak pada hari pertama diikuti 20 g sekali penggunaan untuk tiga kali aplikasi sehari pada jam 0800, 1200 dan 1600.
c) Pengurusan Ternakan
Pertukaran air pada kadar 30% pada hari kelima dan 20% selang
sehari dilakukan untuk mengekalkan mutu air ternakan pada
tahap optima. Bagi tujuan ini, dua jenis penapis kecil bersaiz mata 150 m dan 350 m disediakan. Tiub getah dengan diameter 15-20 mm dijadikan hos supaya tekanan tarikan semasa pertukaran air diminimumkan.
d) Hasil
Biojisim Artemia (dewasa) bersaiz 0.4-0.5 cm TL selepas 10-12
hari ternakan boleh dituai pada kadar purata 250,000 ekor atau10% kadar kemandirian Biojisim Artemia. Ia sedia untuk diberimakan kepada rega ikan sementara menunggu tempoh peralihan kepada makanan jenis rumusan.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3490215529

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

DISCARDED plastic bottles are being recovered, recycled and re-used as fabrics for the apparel industry. The plastics from discarded into resins which then take shape of polYester fiber. These combined with organic then take the shape of polYester fiber. These combined with organic cotton produces blended yarn. This yarn can be spun into fabric that has the same looks, feel and durability of conventional material. These eco-friendly fabrics are widely used in the garments and corporate apparels industry.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3493115558

Detachable Electrical Socket

Product and Process improvement

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3497815605

Flap Gate Regulator' (FGR) untuk Pengurusan Air di Sawah Padi

Fungsi produk ini adalah untuk mengawal paras air di terusan
kepada ketinggian yang diperlukan dengan melaraskan
ketinggian FGR.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3501315640



Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3512215749

RNA Water Level Measurement System

Alat pengukur aras air digital. Ia boleh
disepadukan dengan sistem pam air dengan
bertindak sebagai suis pam air. la boleh bertindak
lebih dari satu suis untuk pam air yang berlainan
dan mengikut aras yang dikehendaki

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3513615763

Maths Fun Board

Maths fun board is a game set which can be used for teaching multi topics and maths skills. This game board helps students to practice the basic operations easily with fun and interesting. It will helps the children to improve their interest, thinking skills and decrease the maths anxiety among the children.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3513715764

Smart Chromo Vision Kit

Smart chromo vision kit is a unique, smart and convenient colour chart guide designed in the form of a wristband, a watch and a coin pouch. This invention enables the colour blind people to correctly identify the colour that they observe by matching against the chart provided on these products.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3519715824

Battery Charger; Transformer; DC Choke; All Types of Metal Box

Provide consultation services on production technology, information technology, microelectronic/microsystem technology, energy and construction technologies.

Johor Bahru Johor

ID : tm3520015827

Double Swing Hygiene Smart Cap

Double swing hygiene smart cap, the cap opens automatically when the bottle is titled and closes when it is upright. Nozzle hole size- design with a large and small diameters. Easy to control the liquid flow. Lock and seal feature for both nozzles. Suitable for all glass and plastic bottles.

Johor Bahru Johor

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