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ID : tm3295313924

WIMO : Wireless power systetoward a sustainable mobility in smart cities

A wireless power transfer system consists of two main subsystems. The first one is the receiving and transmitting antenna, which functions to transfer and capture RF energy to power up the devices. The second subsystems is the rectification circuitry, which converts the received RF power into DC.

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ID : tm3295413925

Split (Stormwater particle & litter interceptor tank)

The split (stormwater particle & little interceptor tank) system has a circular aluminium "swirl chamber" to induce a swirling flow pattern that will accumulate settleable solids and prevent re-suspension through bottom grid structure and able to remove 80% of total particles (down to 50 micron size)

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ID : tm3295513926

Personality, Emotional Intelligence and Learning Style Dashboard 2.0 (Peils Dashboard 2.0)

Peils Dashboard 2.0 allows trainer to identify trainee's personality, emotional intelligence level and learning style via an integrated displays. It helps trainer to choose the right teaching-learning methodologies that suit to individual needs, hence increases the effectiveness of training.

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ID : tm3295613927

One Environmental, Social and Governance Index (1ESG)

One Environmental, Social and Governance Index (1ESG) is an index that provides detailed guidelines on the information needed to be disclosed by companies in Malaysia, considering both financial and non-financial, as well as past,present, and future performance of companies on ESG dimensions.

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ID : tm3295713928

Network Reliability Assessment with predictive analytics for device communication.

This invention is about intelligently select available networks for better connectivity in a communication device. Often time, a single link communication can cause lost of data once it is unavailable specially when its mobile. Hence, this invention shall provides solution for such issue.

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ID : tm3295813929

My Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (MIMES)

MIMES is an online multi-hazard system for flood and landslide. It comprised of an engine called i-awas that incorporates a spatial historical database with real time knowledge to provide risk assessments and warnings. This is green product that reduces the effect of geohazards to the community.

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ID : tm3295913930

Mobile Load Demand Analyzer for High Rise Residentials

As the property market boomed a few years back, Selangor with both residential and commercial properties crowning it nations champion in terms of house supply. Citibank (1) and C.H.William etc. (2) report that steady capital appreciation drives the rapid development of high rise units.

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ID : tm3296013931

Mobile Flood Assistant (MO-FA)

MO-FA is an integrated android-based mobile application to assist Malaysia citizens particularly for those who live in flood risk areas with flood information and early warning alert as well as to facilitate evacuation in search and rescue operation.

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ID : tm3296113932

MA-CIO: A general purpose multi-agent collective intelligence optimizer for network routing

This project demonstrates three agents each having a personal intelligence of network routing. While each agent is able to solve difficult network problem individually, the cio enables these agents to collectively communicate their best knowledge to produce optimum solutions to the problem.

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ID : tm3296213933

Local Server with Bitrate Adaptation for Seamless Online Application

This prototypes is to divert network traffic to a few area, i.e local area by allocating local server to manage clients of the local area. Clients will be redirected from public area to the local area during high network traffic. Traffic condition will be monitored bu traffic coordinator.

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ID : tm3296313934

I-CON: Intelligent Communication Network Planning System for transmission line landslide minitoring

A (GIS)- based system incorporated multi criteria decision making for preliminary site suitability test. This is used to determine the most optimum location of the antenna placement and to select the most suitable communication technology to monitor the health of transmission tower.

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ID : tm3296413935

Debt Diagnostic System (DDS)

Debt diagnostic system (DSS) is a novel software package to access the optimal level of debt (reduce or increase) for companies in the oil & gas industry in the nature of complex organizational structure from various dimensions, including business risk, market conditions and management style.

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ID : tm3296513936

Crack Based Bond Strength Model of Externally bonded Plates for Retrofitting of Structures

Please contact the person in charge.

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ID : tm3296613937

Biologically Engineered Bacterial Red Clay Bricks (BioRed-Bricks)

This invention is about the development of biologically engineered bacterial red clay bricks for sustainable masonry construction using the materials of polluted river sand, red clay and bacillus spp. bacteria. The bacteria can induce calcite precipitation to bind and encapsulate heavy metals.

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ID : tm3296713938

Augmented Reality Accounting Learning Simulation (ARALS)

Arals is the new dimension of learning for the students to learn by adapting latest technology of augmented reality. This augmented reality simulation allows educators and students to create layers of digital information on top of the physical world that can be view through mobile devices.

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ID : tm3296813939

An integrated system of a theme park crowd density detector

The Pir motion sensor integrates together with the Raspberry Pi to detect the crowd density level at a specific booth. It uses the wireless connection to send information to the server. The mobile application displays crowd density level. It allows the user to send their emotion status for each booth.

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ID : tm3296913940

An ageing Resistant Bio-Medically Competent Zirconia Ceramics for Hip Implant

The effectiveness of MNO2 and AL203 in enhancing the mechanical properties and retarding the low temperature degradation of Y-TZP was evaluated by pressureless sintering at a sintering temperature of 1250C - 1550C using the standard 2 hours holding time. It was revealed that the additions of MNO2 and AL203 to Y-TZP were beneficial for sintering, mechanical properties and hydrothermal ageing resistance. The optimum level of doping was found to be 0.6WT% MNO2/0.4WT% AL203.

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ID : tm3406115032

Sistem Maklumat Inventori

Sistem Maklumat Inventori (SISMAI) telah dibangunkan pada
tahun 2004 oleh Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Malaysia (FRI) bagi merekod maklumat aset yang terdapat di FRI, Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang. Sistem ini mampu untuk menyimpan rekod serta mempunyai kemudahan penyediaan laporan aset. Sistem ini
dibangunkan dengan menggunakan platform Microsoft Access versi 2002. Maklumat yang direkodkan adalah butiran perolehan aset, penempatan, penyelenggaraan, pelupusan, serta pemeriksaan yang terdapat dalam kad aset Kew. 312. Sistem ini menyediakan kemudahan carian melalui pilihan nombor siri, item, kategori aset serta nama pegawai. Catatan berkaitan pembaikan peralatan dapat direkodkan dengan baik bagi membantu proses pertimbangan pelupusan kelak. Menggunakan kaedah ini dapat menjimatkan tempoh masa carian, pengumpulan maklumat serta menjimatkan ruang penyimpanan fail secara fizikal. Laporan-laporan berkaitan aset seperti jumlah aset dan kos dapat dihasilkan dalam tempoh yang singkat memandangkan sistem ini mempunyai kemudahan untuk penyediaan maklumat tersebut. FRI telah berjaya merekod semua aset ke dalam sistem ini bagi membantu kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan aset.

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ID : tm3406215033

Fish Profile Information System

Fish Profile Information Sistem merupakan pangkalan data yang
telah dibangunkan oleh Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan, Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang pada tahun 2005. Sistem ini dibangunkan bagi tujuan mengenalpasti spesies ikan memandangkan kekurangan pakar taksonomi dan buku-buku rujukan untuk proses identifikasi. Sistem ini merupakan pangkalan data yang dibangunkan bagi menyimpan maklumat ikan marin, air tawar dan udang di Malaysia. Maklumat spesies ikan yang terdapat di dalam sistem ini fokus kepada ciri-ciri penting idenfikasi secara bergambar bagi memudahkan kerja-kerja identifikasi. Terdapat juga kemudahan carian spesies ikan melalui
bentuk ekor dan badan. Kemudahan ini dapat menjimatkan masa
carian bagi mengenalpasti spesies ikan serta dapat mengatasi
masalah kesilapan identifikasi. Spesies-spesies ikan yang terdapat di dalam pangkalan data ini kumpul melalui pendaratan ikan di pangkalan serta pemancing. Gambar-gambar yang diambil diproses untuk tujuan pengecaman sebelum dimasukan ke dalam pangkalan data. Laporan-laporan juga disediakan untuk kemudahan penyediaan laporan yang diperlukan dalam tempoh masa yang singkat. Sistem ini boleh diakses melalui laman web Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia di di bawah Bahagian Penyelidikan.

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ID : tm3406315034

e-LIBRARY : Sistem Perpustakaan Elektronik Institut
Penyelidikan Perikanan

Sistem e-Library IPP disasarkan untuk memperbaiki kelemahan pada
sistem tradisional yang digunakan sekarang. Beberapa ciri baru untuk
pihak pentadbir sistem dan pengguna telah diperkenalkan, seperti
i) Pentadbir Sistem
??? Cara yang lebih mudah dan cepat untuk mengemaskini dan
mengendalikan rekod material
??? Membolehkan pentadbir mengawaselia pergerakan material
dan mengeluarkan notis pemulangan secara automatik
menerusi e-mel.
??? Sistem sandaran dan sistem keselamatan diujudkan.
??? Membolehkan pentadbir menguruskan sumber material di
samping membekalkan informasi material yang ada.
ii) Pengguna
??? Akses sistem secara online.
??? Kemudahan tempahan awal (advance booking).
??? Kemudahan untuk mencetak keputusan pencarian atau
menyimpannya sebagai salinan fail (soft-copy).
??? Sistem depositori, bagi pengguna yang ingin menyumbangkan
hasil kerja mereka dalam format salinan fail ke dalam arkib
Berdasarkan ciri inovasi yang dinyatakan di atas, sistem e-Library akan dibahagikan kepada dua komponen utama:
1. Perpustakaan digital : Akses secara online
: Pembelajaran secara kendiri
: Memaparkan informasi pada skrin PC
2. Perpustakaan fizikal : Material yang tidak boleh didapati dalam
bentuk salinan fail
: Memaksimakan penggunaan bahan
: Akses kepada material, Internet dan CD

Sistem ini dibangunkan bagi memenuhi keperluan yang digariskan
oleh pihak pengurusan IPP, seperti berikut:
??? Membekalkan bahan material secara ???one-stop???.
??? Membolehkan aktiviti pemprosesan informasi dilakukan dengan
menggunakan teknologi rangkaian.
??? Membenarkan kakitangan IPP mengakses sistem secara online.
??? Mengujudkan sebuah organisasi pembelajaran di IPP.
Applikasi e-Library ini menggunakan pendekatan berpandukan menu bagi membolehkan pengguna mengakses informasi di dalamnya dengan mudah dan berkesan.

Batu Maung Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3499915626

Selective Leverage System

The invention relates to improve performance of a device having a pulsing behavior input or output such as engines and other cyclically devices. This solution includes a selective leverage system gear train that uses leverage principle to improve performance of compressors, alternators, etc.

Batu Maung Johor

ID : tm289419912

YamMush Veg-Get

The study was conducted to determine the ability of yam and mushroom instead of chicken in nugget making. This commercialization product is known as Yam and Mushroom vegetarian nuggets. It is a new innovation and invention product which is different from the current market offering. It is expected to be much healthier alternative product in comparison with the same product lines in the market especially for vegetarian. The yam and mushroom is low in fat compared with chicken in ordinary nugget. Preparation for this product is simple and we can eat it as side dishes, snack even can be added on the menu for those who want to make a sales.

Dungun Terengganu

ID : tm289429913

Multipurpose Stow Vehicle (CAI-KES)

Cai0-kes is a new innovation designed in relation to fulfill the needs of towing unauthorized vehicles especially motorcycles in the vicinity of the campus. This particular product is cost efficient, require minimum maneuvering and thus is very suitable in handling tow vehicles. Since the product requires minimum spaces of storage, it is not only cost effect and less labour intensive, it also saves a lot of parking space in the campus.

Dungun Terengganu

ID : tm289439914

Mandarin For Beginners: PinYin Approach (Yipin Courseware)

Mandarin for Beginners: PinYin Approach (yipin Courseware) is a courseware developed to assist the non-Chinese speaking learners to learn Mandarin language using PinYin approach. This courseware adheres to the UiTM Mandarin language course syllabus with additional interactive learning materials. The development of this courseware is under the supervision of experienced Chinese language lectures at UiTM Terengganu to ensure that it is suitable for all beginners. This courseware also caters the problem of inadequate lecturers by providing additional audio visual learning materials for listening and speaking practice. This courseware has high commercial value as it is suitable for all learners that are from primary schools, secondary schools, higher institutions as well as working adults. They may use it in a self-pace learning manner. This courseware also has the potential of being the templates in future development of related courseware for upper levels of Mandarin learning as well as the teaching of Mandarin for specific purposes such as business, accounting and computer studies.

Dungun Terengganu

ID : tm289449915

Lensa Kamera (Lensa)

The historical development of an organization can be seen through the pictures captured over time. UiTM Terengganu is no exception; it is a campus that organizes many events and activities and the pictures captured document UiTM Terengganu's evolution. But, over the years, these pictures have accumulated tremendously and managing them is not easy. Thus, the Sistem Lensa Kamera (Lensa) is developed. The Lensa is an online application which is developed to store and systematically manage the huge number of picture taken in UiTM Terengganu.

Dungun Terengganu

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