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ID : tm3522515852


1Punch is a new invention designed to facilitate teachers punch holes on OMR answer sheets. Usually teachers use mundane methods to punch holes on OMR sheets using pen knives or hot small cylinder steel. The available single hole punchers on the market are unable to reach the middle part of the sheets. Furthermore, most schools do not have OMR scanner to check answers on OMR sheets. So to overcome this problem and get rid from burden of making holes on OMR sheets,this unique tool will expedite the process of making holes at any area of sheets.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3512915756

From Waste To Wealth: Multifunctional Composite From Waste Materials

A mixing of cockle shell waste and polymerized substances (Polypropylene) can produce a new composite which has enhanced properties compared to that of the Polypropylene. This composite could be made into many products as its application is wide and the properties of the composite could be modified.

Rawang Selangor

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