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ID : tm3346014431 is aweb portal aimed at the promotion of information data on the state of Kedah for the use and perusal of the general public. It is a portal whose objective was to highlight the wealth of information on all aspects of the kedah community.

Alor Setar Kedah

ID : tm3496415591

Furniture For Life

Products based on simple ready-made furnishings with 24 uses in a closet and can be used at one time.

Alor Setar Kedah

ID : tm3148612457

Production of Biodegradable Plastic from Palm Oil

A production method of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) and its copolymers from crude palm oil has been developed by using a locally isolated micro-organism identified as Erwinia sp. USMI-20. The production method involves fermenting the carbon source together with a mineral medium solution under an aerobic condition.

Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3353114502

Penang e-Logistics

This pilot project aims at electronically link and integrate suppliers with logistics providers and the relevant government agencies, which will enhance the national competitiveness. The main goal is to reduce the throughput time by introducing web-based applications for Customs declaration and approval for airfreight at the Penang International Airport.

Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3485915486

Smart Light Weight Concrete Plant

An integrated Turnkey Static Lightweight Concrete Mixer for the production of foamed lightweight concrete. Specially designed as a static plant that will be suitable for work-site with a high demand for lightweight concrete. It also designed and fabricated as a permanent fixture to be used until the assigned project is completed. Utilizing only a small working area, the site should should have sufficient space for the plant to be set up.

Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3494215569

Air Touch Screen

Air touch screen is the first system ever made to project your screen on air. User do not need to wear any special glasses or holding any customized devices to operate the air touchscreen. This is achieved by the latest coating technologies & precision optic developed in house by GF technology. Air touch screen system comprises of multiple a spherical mirrors and beam splitters. The screen from display is projected through the optic and beam splitter before projected through the air. A special coating is required to avoid degradation of the screen resolution and brightness as well. All is done by GF technology.

Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3511315740

Designing : Corrugating and Converting

Solutions provider of design and custom made boxes. Total Packaging concepts which provides a complete packaging of the products. And provide excellent service of JIT Delivery

Bayan Lepas Pulau Pinang

BWAVE IoT Services & Solutions Provider

ID : tm203621409

BWAVE IoT Services & Solutions Provider

Unified Platform For IoT Devices & Super Apps for Smart Home.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm204031450

PREMIA Astaxanthin Eggs

Telur astaxanthin premium yang menyediakan sifat antioxidatif Astaxanthin & nutrisi yang lebih baik. Kualiti yang diperbaiki (kekuatan kuning, kuning telur & komposisi nutrien) telur.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm204041451


Skin care products based on Astaxanthin extract.
Produk penjagaan kulit berasaskan ekstrak Astaxanthin.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm204051452

Biojisim dan Astaxanthin berasaskan Haematococcus Pluvialis

Astaxanthin adalah antara anti-oksida yang termahal di dunia. Ia digunakan terutamanya dalam produk kosmetik bagi tujuan anti-penuaan dan kulit yang mulus. Harga 1kg astaxanthin boleh mencecah sehingga USD20,000 di pasaran terbuka.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm204091456

IV&V Testing Toolkit

Produk Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) ini adalah merupakan perkhidmatan pengujian kualiti perisian untuk laman sesawang dan aplikasi mudah-alih. Ujian dilaksankan secara berkecuali dan tidak dipengaruhi oleh
organisasi/badan atau syarikat yang membangunkan sistem aplikasi tersebut.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3351414485

Seal Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

SEL NPWT adalah sebuah alat perubatan yang
digunakan untuk mempercepatkan
penyembuhan luka kronik. Alat ini memberikan
kuasa sedutan ke atas permukaan luka untuk
mengeluarkan bakteria serta sisa luka

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3351514486

Gajet Pintar

Memudahkan pengguna mendraf pola pakaian
dengan hanya menggunakan pola acuan siap
tanpa perlu menghasilkan pola

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3442215393


Platform dalam talian bagi perkhidmatan terapi tradisional

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3442315394


Pearl Trekker adalah merupakan sistem aplikasi untuk menyalurkan dan menukarkan data global Positioning System (GPS) kepada format yang dikehendaki oleh pengguna. Ianya mengumpulkan signal GPS dari tempat kejadian atau lokasi dan menyalurkan data yang telah dikehendaki bagi tujuan "Automatic Vehicle Location Services (AVLS)" dengan ketepatan masa sebenar (real time accuracy). Sistem ini juga dapat membantu pihak berkuasa dalam melaksanakan tugas menanganai kegiatan-kegiatan yang menyalahi undang-undang dengan lebih efektif dan efisyen.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3442415395


Ini adalah satu set kerangka alat dan proses yang membantu syarikat menguji kualiti produk IT

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3442515396


Ananocoat adalah produk salutan dinding dan permukaan yang mesra alam. salutan disembur di dinding membantu membunuh dan menguraikan bakteria dan kuman. Kami juga mempunyai penyelesaian untuk menghilangkan bau bau berbahaya dari bahan kimia dan pencemaran udara di tempat kerja dan rumah.

Salutan aktif AnanoCoat berfungsi secara berterusan selama dua puluh empat jam (24) sehari membersihkan permukaan dan udara dalaman.

Ananno Sphere adalah syarikat ISO9001 dan ISO14001 yang menyelidik dan mempromosikan teknologi ini. AnanoCoat telah dipertingkatkan dan dipromosikan ke luar negara dan menepati standard eropah.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3442615397

Semi Automated Colour Dyeing System for Yarn and Ready Pieces

Yarn colouring is one of the most important and crucial processes in textile industry.
Traditional method is hazardous and tedious.
Current available machines in the market are expensive and not affordable for small scale Songket manufacturers.
The system/machine improves the overall process of yarn colouring, increases productivity at a reasonable price.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3442715398

SeaHook, Sealock, SeaCut

The objective : To enhance the productivity of seaweed farming and to introduce alternative devices to ensure better quality harvasted seaweed.

Vast majority of seaweed farmers in Malaysia are still employing traditional technique. With continuous effort to increase the awareness of the existence of the newly developed devices to these farmers, the adoption rate of the change is the migrating cost to the new devices.

The overall cost to acquire these new devices is very minima as no changes are made to the farm infrastructure and layout. Furthermore, the acquisition of these devices can be done in stages.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3442815399

Design and Development of Below-Knee Prosthesis Sockets Using CAD/CAE, Optical Digitizing and Rapid Prototyping Technologies.

This project presents a computer facilitated approach in customizing below knee prosthetic sockets. Current procedure for fabricating the prosthesis socket is a labor intensive process whereby every stage requires a skillful prosthetist. With this new approach, the designs will become more exact,requiring less of an artisan attempt at design.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3485115478


Inovasi teknologi hijau yang menggunakan air ditapis melalui elektrolisis, menghasilkan hidrogen gas (H2) untuk diedarkan ke dalam enjinudara enjin kenderaan bermotor atau jentera untuk membantu pembakaran lengkap. Dengan itu, dapat ditingkatkan kecekapan prestasi enjin.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3499315620


Sistem Pemantauan persekitaran yang direka untuk mengesan, menganalisi dan memberi respon dan maklumat kepada pengguna secara real time. Sistem ini direka khas untuk pemilik rumah dan bisnes. Sistem ini juga boleh digunakan untuk memebina aplikasi pintar yang lain dalam industri 4.0

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3501215639

World's Smallest RFID Reader

MD770R is a MDT development of new generation, ultra-small (81mm2) and low-cost HF (13.56 Mhz) RFID reader module using new architecture approach. It measured just 8mm x 8mm, yet provides all the advanced features and performance of a desktop RFID reader to read and write ISO15693 and ISO14443 Type A and B RFID tags. MD770R reader module is much smaller and consumes less power than typical reader module which means it could be utilized on mobile phones and PDA products seamlessly. Significant size reduction at the module level, accompanied by a substantial performance increase, plays a crucial role in delivering future platforms to mobile users by allowing an increased number of features and capabilities. Among MD770R's derived products are BHR300 Bluetooth(TM) interfaced RFID reader and UMR300 USB dongle RFID reader.

Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

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