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ID : tm3253413505

A Web-Based Component For A High Performance Computing System

This system provides an interface to multiple users using different platforms to access generic services hosted on a high performance computing facility. It will enable users to access this system, upload their software, register, store their personal data and check their status remotely. On top of that, the system administrator also will be able to delete, update or insert some users and to change their software status. This web interface also will be able to run on free application servers on top of other enterprise application servers.

Sintok Kedah

ID : tm3253513506

A Novel Accident Investigation Management System (NAIMS)

Accident investigation system is comprehensive tool developed to help organizations to effectively manage accident investigation process and near miss with ultimate aim of achieving Zero Accident, Zero Incident .

Sintok Kedah

ID : tm3253613507

A New Framework Of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Reserve Engineering For Obsolete Single Layered PCB

The need for reserve engineering of printed circuit board (PCB)'s comes for a variety of reasons chief among them is the need to replace an obsolete board that is no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Often companies employ other enterprise to reserve engineer their own design, because they have little or no documentation for their own product or their current design firm or manufacturer refuses to release design details and manufacturing files, hence a nuisance for most of organization.

Reserve engineering of PCB can done in many ways. Most organization that involve in PCB reserve engineering do not reveal the stages involve in producing a new PCB. One of the problems of PCB Reserve Engineering is that it takes weeks to reconstruct back the circuit from raw original PCB into complete workable simulated PCB on an Electronic Design Software. This is done by tracing back the wiring track connection and identifying the components. Even though after this process is completed, there might be errors in connection in terms of wiring. This problem will be worse for more complex circuitry.

The aim of this project is to propose a novel framework for reserve engineering of an obsolete single layer PCB. An equivalent PCB can be produce via this new framework using image processing technique. This framework involves several stage which is Data Acquisition, Images Processing, CAD Editing, PCB Fabrication and Circuit testing and Analysis. Each of stage has been implemented and the result shown that functionality of the reserve engineering PCB is same as original PCB.

The result of this project proved that the proposed framework which is Data Acquisition, Image Processing, CAD Editing, PCB Fabrication and Circuitry testing and Analysis is valid and can be used in reserve engineering of PCB. This new framework only work for reserve engineering of an obsolete single layer PCB.

This project can be commercialising into different industries such as electronic, marine, automotive, and other manufacturing which is using PCB. The proposed framework will be able to help industry to manage missing Gerber data files which can be time consuming and very expensive to reconstruct back. It also can reduce the PCB reconstructing time.

Sintok Kedah

ID : tm3253713508

3D GIS based on game engine for terrain visualization

System enables details visualization of 3D terrain in web environment utilizing unity 3D game engine. Provide terrain analysis such as slope and z face detection color and grey scale shading. Also allow real-time data interaction among users. Helps boost tourism & policy makers for future planning.

Sintok Kedah

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