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ID : tm3250913480

eBook payment method at elufoc: Mobile payment initiative

Development of a WAP and WEB systems to browse and purchase eBooks. Payment is made through deduting pre-paid card.

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ID : tm3251013481

Digital Persuader: Lets See the Dentist

Persuasive Multimedia Learning Environment (PMLE) is designed as educational material; using CD ROM-based multimedia application. It is for parents and teachers to reduce 7 to 9 years old childrens anxiety about dental treatment. PMLE provides a safe place to explore good behaviors of attending dental appointment. And unlike real environments, multimedia learning environments are controllable where users can start or stop the experience as they wish and when they return for additional multimedia learning experience, they can re-start where they stop earlier.

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ID : tm3251113482

Design of A Customized Pressure Garment using 3D Digital Scanned Body Image

A pressure garment is a medical garment that is used to prevent or reduce the formulation of scars after a burn injury. It works by replacing the role played by skin to apply pressure upon the body to ensure that the injured skin is replaced to its original state without scarring. Currently, there are some problems associated with the process of designing and making pressure garments, such as fitting problems, customer satisfaction and delivery time. This research aims to develop a pressure garment that can apply an accurate pressure to a wounded area. In order to achieve the target aim, a system that can design pressure garments for the treatment of burn injuries has been developed. The process included the using of a 3D digital image of human body, obtained from a3D body scanner, to design a 3D pressure garment model. The model is developed by considering several important parameters, such as pressure to be exerted, fabric properties and radius of curvature.

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ID : tm3251213483

Computer-Based Motorcycle Engine Diagnosis And Troubleshooting (MEDT) Trainer

The current practice of motorcycle assembly plant for engine diagnose and troubleshooting training is through on-the-job training(OJT). The trainees are required to understand various engine problems and be able to detect, diagnose and troubleshoot the problems based on sound generated by the engine. It is difficult for the trainees to identify and differentiate error sound since the training is done at irregular basis and can cause considerable delay at the production lines. OJT has limitation and is unable to handle the current organizational demands. A supplement to OJT is required to address these limitations, thus MEDT trainer is suggested as a variable option. MEDT trainer is Computer Based Training (CBT). CBT is any training that uses a computer as the focal point for instructional delivery.

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ID : tm3251313484

Computer aided tool support(cats) for information strategy planning; generating application portfo lio for business area analysis using affinity analys

Innovative way using organion CHART to capture business information and use IT to generate application portfolio for info system planning.

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ID : tm3251413485

CommDI: Community and Data Integration Approach for Developing Business Intelligence Application

Building a Business Intelligence (BI) application is very challenging as it is a young discipline and does not yet offer well-established strategies and techniques for the development process when compared to the software engineering discipline. Also, with respect of BI, several surveys indicated that significant percentage of BI application fail to meet their objectives because requirements are typically overlooked in the real projects. Furthermore, information requirements analysis for BI applications which integrate data from heterogeneous sources differs significantly from requirement analysis for conventional information system.
To tackle these problems, community and data integration approach are suggested to deliver a set of requirements for BI application development. Community can be define as a self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause or interest who collaborate by sharing ideas, information and other resources. Virtual communities consist of participant in online discussions on topics of mutual concern or of those who frequent certain websites. Another approach, data integration is the process of combining data residing at different sources and providing the user with a unified view of these data. Combination of virtual community and data integration approach can help developer to identify a requirement for developing BI application. By using this approach, several BI applications were implemented in various subject areas such as water management, sales marketing, entrepreneur management and preventing maintenance.

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ID : tm3251513486

CommDI : Community And Data Integration Approach For Developing Business Intelligence Application

Building a business intelligence (BI) application is very challenging as it is a young discipline and does not yet offer well-established strategies and techniques for the developments process when compared to the software engineering discipline. Also, with respect to BI, several surveys indicated that significant percentages of BI applications fail to meet their objectives because requirements are typically overlooked in the real projects. Furthermore, information requirements analysis for BI applications which integrated data from heterogeneous sources differs significantly from requirements analysis for conventional information system.

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ID : tm3251613487

CO2 Billing System

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ID : tm3251713488

Click Myheart-set Mymind scan Mysoul: Hisbah Spiritual Education

Hisbah is a process to build a moral consciousness that involves internal control. This tool aims identify the spiritual level by scanner of hisbah reflection al-nafs. This scanner is a self-control device to optimally intellectual potential that involves heart, body, mind, spirit, passion and soul.

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ID : tm3251813489

Children Mobile eBook Creator

Mobile phone contains many features and tools such as mobile camera for taking pictures and a microphone to record sounds. These tools can be innovation utilized to enhance children creativity by building stories from their collections of pictures and audio.Furthermore, children should be able to store, manage, retrieve and index their mobile content collections. These properties should exist in mobile system package as a source of education. Therefore, a mobile eBook application called Mobile eBook Creator for children is developed. This application should help children create their own electronic story books(eStoryBooks), that can also search, retrieve, merge and index pictures, audio, video and text in mobile platform.

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ID : tm3251913490

Child sexual abuse education kit

Persuasive Multimedia Learning Application (PMLA) has been designed and developed with the intention to provide knowledge and increase childrens awareness of child sexual abuse. PMLA integrate persuasive technology and multimedia learning in providing a better learning aid to children.

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ID : tm3252013491

Career Guidance Decision System (CareGuiDeSS)

This study focused on developing Internet-based career guidance Decision Support System for Decision Sciences students in Universiti Utara Malaysia. Admittedly that information on Decision Sciences field is relatively new in Malaysia and in lieu of that reason and plus the enthusiastic acceptance among participating candidates in several works provides a reason to be optimistic about the future use of the format. The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) technique has been adopted in the design of the system to suggest the best potential job sector that suits the end user. Furthermore, the system takes into consideration all major factors that influence career choice and make it a reliable source for career guidance. In effort to provide such information, questionnaires have been distributed to all Decision Sciences graduates enquiring the details of their current job and the information obtained were used in the development of the system database. As a conclusion, the finding of this study is expectantly may assist Decision Sciences students in planning their future career.

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ID : tm3252113492

BM Tutor : Kenali Ayat Bahasa Melayu

Penguasaan Bahasa Melayu (BM) yang lemah di kalangan pelajar terutama pelajar sekolah menengah dalam pembetukan ayat yang gramatis berpunca daripada kelemahan penguasaan tatabahasa yang baik. Permasalahan ini telah diakui oleh pengkaji BM dlama beberapa kajian tentang penguasaan BM yang dinilai berpunca daripada kelemahan pelajar mengenal jenis golongan kata dan pembentukan jenis frasa. Oleh yang demikian, pelbagai usaha telah dijalankan untuk meningkatkan penguasaan BM mereka. Dari segi teknologi, penghasilan aplikasi yang dapat membantu golongan ini mendalami struktur pembentukan ayat dan tatabahasa BM masih belum dibangunkan. Justeru itu, BMTutor dikaji untuk membantu masyarakat terutamanya para pelajar untuk mempelajari struktur pembentukan ayat dan tatabahasa BM secara interaktif. Pembelajaran melalui BMTutor akan menggambarkan struktur pembentukan ayat dari segi jenis struktur pembentukan frasa dan jenis golongan kata bagi setiap perkataan yang terlibat dalam sesebuah ayat. Gambaran yang diberi dipaparkan dalam bentuk pohon penghurai secara automatik. Pengguna boleh memasukkan ayat yang hendak dipelajari dan pohon penghurai akan dipaparkan. Setiap perkataan yang terdapat dalam gambaran pohon penghurai boleh dipilih untuk mempelajari atau melihat jenis-jenis attribut yang terlibat. Attribut yang dimaksudkan terdiri daripada jenis golongan kata, kata terbitan, terjemahan Bahasa Inggeris, imej, audio dan senarai contoh ayat. Senarai contoh ayat yang diberikan bertujuan untuk member gambaran kepada pengguna tentang perkataan yang dipilih agar boleh digunakan dalam konteks ayat yang lain. Setiap contoh ayat yang diberikan boleh dipilih untuk membuat gambaran pohon penghurai yang baru. Secara keseluruhannya, BMTutor memberi ruang kepada pengguna untuk mempelajari struktur pembentukan ayat dari segi frasa dan atrribut yang terlibat dalam setiap perkataan. Pembangunan BMTutor bertujuan untuk memudahkan pembelajaran struktur pembentukan ayat dan tatabahasa BM. Ia juga untuk meningkatkan kajian dalam pemprosesan BM agar boleh diguna pakai oleh pihak tertentu terutama pelajar. Ini kerana pembelajaran melalui visual seperti gambaran pohon penghurai yang dicadangkan akan lebih memudahkan pemahaman mereka disamping menjimatkan masa.

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ID : tm3252213493

Blog Influence Analyzer (B.I.A)

BIA is an innovative automated tool that can be used specifically for measuring and analyzing Weblog' influence. Its strength relies on the ability to analyze Weblogs' influence based on 3 major aspects- recognition, activity generation, and novelty. Recognition is measured by using 2 criteria namely number of in-links and average visits, Activity generation is measured based on 2 criteria , namely number of blog posts and comments, and finally number of out-link is used to measure Novelty. Users of this system would not only be able to measure blogs' influence but also be able to rank and benchmark blogs' influence.

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ID : tm3252313494

BLEUSEMS : An Integrated Structured Exam Management System

Teaching and learning are most crucial part in the education process. However, assessment is one of the most common way to evaluate student performance.It has been noted that assessment based only in multiple choice, fill-in-blank or Yes/no questions is not accurate enough to measure the amount of knowledge the student have acquired, or whether they have understood the subject. Therefore, the field called Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) of open ended questions has been created to study how the computer can be used to automatically assess students' free-text answers. However, evaluating free-text answers automatically is not a trivial task to tackle, as it requires some degree of National Language understanding of the student' answers. Based on hybrid BLEU (BiLingual Evaluation System) algorithm, an Integrated Structured Exam Management System known as BLEUSEMS has been developed, aims to assist both lecturers and students. Lecturers can add, edit and delete question from the examination database and randomly choose a question from its database as well as retrieving its references. BLEUSEMS integrated Expert System to allow similar words being automatically considered as correct answers online (exam, quizzes and others) to BLUESEMS database, the system checks for spelling error using Expert System. Stemming, removal of closed class words and naive Word Sense Disambiguation are performed in the system. Once the text has been processed, the student's answers and references were compared using a modified version of the n-gram co-occurrence scoring algoritm called BLEU. BLEUSEMS is user friendly, has an attractive interface and easy to comprehend by students. Most important of all, BLEUSEMS has shown to reduce the time needed to asses and deliver the structured examination result as quickly as claimed by users at Community College of Bandar Darulaman, Kedah.

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ID : tm3252413495

Automatic Covecethess Assesment of Java Programming Assigment

Modelling the automatic assessment for java program

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ID : tm3252513496

Automated Water Reservoir Gate Control Decision Support System

Flood is the most common natural disaster occurring in Malaysia, which varies from flash floods, monsoon floods and mud floods. It is usually widespread in a large spatial area, and often related to series of events. Decision-making in reservoir spillway gate operation control is usually dynamic in nature to the human intuitive processing. In the traditional decision-making model or the normative approach, all possible solutions will be generated. For each solution generated, weight or risk will be calculated. The optimum option will be chosen as a solution. The main idea in this approach is the evaluation of alternatives and optimization. However, a considerable time is needed for evaluating every single option and comparing them against each other. Thus a normative approach is unsuitable for urgent decision-making such as in an emergency situation where timeless is the primary concern. A faster decision-making model is needed that can facilitate rapid response and accurate decision in such a situation. This project presents the simulation model reservoir spillway gate operation control, namely a Computational Recognition Primed Decision Model (CRPD) for Spillway Gate Control using Temporal Case Based Reasoning. Performance of the proposed model was measured against real temporal operational data at Timah-Tasoh Dam in the State of Perlis, Malaysia with decision accuracy ranges from 85 to 90 percent. Such model can leveraged into other irrigation and reservoir spillway related control mechanism problems.

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ID : tm3252613497

Automated mobile paddy diagnosis system

Implementation mobile technology to diagnosis several paddy diseases using incremental learning algorithm

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ID : tm3252713498

AppGen: Application Portfolio Generator For Information Strategy Planning

Information Strategy Planning (ISP) is concern with an organization's plan to acquire appropriate "IT Blueprint" encompassing suitable hardware, software, software and telecommunication facilities for the utilization of applications required by the business with adequate support structure. The purpose is to determine the enterprise's business goals and a high level overview of the enterprise, its functions, data and information needs.

This project builds an ISP engine, i.e. the Computer Aided Tool Support (CATS) named AppGen, short term for Application Generator. AppGen has capability to generate application portfolio that can support the business strategy of the enterprise. Application portfolio is a major of the ISP deliverables which can significantly aid in formulating suitable strategies for IT supply and IT support structure.

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ID : tm3252813499

Al-Adab: Islamic Sex Education (ISE) Interactive Courseware

AL-ADAB is a computer based Islamic Sex Education ISE courseware. It was developed to facilitate of sex education from the Islamic perspective for teenagers, teachers and parents. AL-ADAB encompasses information pertaining to sexuality to prevent unwanted sexual experience. It creates awareness of vision and aurat, manners in permission asking, male/female relationship, health issues, faithful towards the religion and others. It incorporates interactive multimedia environment of texts, graphics, animations, narrations and videos. An instructor character was incorporated to guide the tour in AL-ADAB. AL-ADAB has been developed as a standalone CD application, for learners to widen knowledge about Islamic sex education anytime and anywhere.

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ID : tm3252913500

Al-Adab : Islamic Sex Education (ISE) Interactive Courseware

AL-ADAB is a computer based Islamic Sex Education ISE courseware. It was developed to facilitate the conveying approaches of sex education from the Islamic perspectives for learners particularly teenagers, teachers and parents. AL-ADAB encompasses all the information pertaining to sexuality with targets in preventing any unwanted sexual experience such as awareness of vision and 'aurat', manners in permission asking, male/female relationship, health issues, faithful towards the religion and others. It incorporates interactive multimedia environment within the element of text, graphics, animations, narrations and videos to attract learners. Furthermore, an instructor characters was incorporated in order to guide the tour in AL-ADAB . AL-ADAB has been developed as standalone CD application, thus it is targeted to learners who wanted to widen their knowledge about Islamic sex education anytime and anywhere.

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ID : tm3253013501

Agent-Assisted Md-Matrix (Mobile Development Methodology Matrix)

Mobile computing is getting more and more attention these days, but the fact that there is still inadequate source of methodology to support mobile development, triggers the interest of this study to explore issues related to mobile development methodologies. The mobile developers are facing formidable challenges in the development of mobile application due to the specific demand and technical constraints of mobile environment. Selecting a suitable development methodology is believed to be the key answer to all this issues. A decision matrix based on Pugh method has been constructed in order to be able to assist mobile developers especially the novices, to choose the methodology that suits the requirements of their mobile development projects. In order to rate the usefulness and effectiveness of the constructed matrix, an electronic version of the matrix call Md-Matrix was designed and coded together with an implementation of interface agent. The agent will assist developer to choose the right methodology for their mobile application development by highlighting the important steps and instruction before a reliable result can be obtained from the matrix. We also believed that Md-Matrix has potential to be further explored as one of the learning tool mobile development course.

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ID : tm3253113502

Agenda ICT Ke Arah Pembangunan K-Ekonomi Malaysia

Agenda ICT Ke Arah Pembangunan K-Ekonomi Malaysia

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ID : tm3253213503

Affective Sociable Human Computer Interaction With A Theory Of Mind

The term human computer interaction (HCI) has only in widespread use for a little over a decade, but has its roots in more establishing disciplines. This requires an understanding of a least three components; listed as the computer technology, the people who interact with it, and what is meant by "more usable". In a nutshell, if a computer (machine) is to interact socially with a human, the machine must convey intentionally, that is the machine must make the human believe that it beliefs, desires and intentions. Therefore, to evoke these kind of beliefs, the machine must capable to recognize (perhaps, to understand) and display human-like social cues and exploits our natural human tendencies to respond to these cues. Children gradually develop such skills in order to recognize and respond to these critical social cues, which is eventually forming a basic idea how human is trying to understand others. These skills allow children (and infant as well) to attribute basic form of beliefs, goals and desires to other individuals and to use this knowledge to predict others behaviour, respond appropriately, and engage in social communicative acts. Such basic interaction and understanding of others can be coined in one phase - Theory Of Mind (ToM). The term "theory of mind" has been used to identify a collection of socially mediated skills, which are useful in relating the individual's behaviour within a social context. A theory of mind is theory because unlike behaviour, mental states are not directly observable, although it can be implemented to make predictions about others behaviour. The skills that associated with ToM are detecting eye contact, recognizing what someone else is looking at, pointing to direct attention to interesting objects and understanding that other people have ideas that differ from one's own. This work is concerned to synergy a human-computer interaction paradigm with a ToM model. The output from this work is the computational model of ToM, integrated with an interactive agent as a mediator to perform sociability acts when dealing with certain gestures and interactions. To verify this model, several social stimuli were introduced to the model and to be tested. Using integrated evaluation modules, the results show a promising future and potential of this model to be integrated with e-learning, sociable machines, entertainment, and computer games technologies.

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ID : tm3253313504

Adaptive emergency evacuation center management (AEECM)

AEECM is proposed as a decision support tool to provide solutions for relocation of victims to other evacuation centres when existing centres are drowned. The proposed solution will provide information on the number of victims and resources that are required to be transported to the new centres.

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