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ID : tm3248413455

Islamic Property Management And Revue System (I-ProMis): Integrated Solution For Wakaf Properties And Baitulmal

Islamic properties such wakaf and baitulmal are valuable assets to the ummah. They are one of the many sources that are at our disposal in promoting the economic well-being of Muslim community especially in its social needs and services and the expansion of muslim's equity. Proper management of these assets is essential as it will give rise to more benefits in the long run. Wakaf land and properties can be developed as investment to generate more revenues for the ummah and the country. However, they have to be managed according to Islamic laws and regulations. The Council and the State Religious Department, which are responsible to manage these types of properties, have been faced by many issues and challenges such as undeveloped lands, improper management of the properties, unregistered wakaf and beliefs that Islamic properties may only be used for the purpose of developing mosques, religious schools and muslim's graveyards. Thus, to properly manage the assets and to address some of these issues and challenges as presented above, we need an integrated system that capable to capture the intricacies of the type of assets.
Islamic Property Management and Revenue System (I-ProMis) is an integrated system for management of wakaf and baitulmal properties. It not only can be used to record the properties but also manage, analyse and allocate the properties. As a result, it can be used to collect the income generated from the rental of these properties. In addition, the future utilization of the prospective property can utilized from the implementation of these features. This project aims to integrate the information on Islamic properties in any countries which have Muslim community in order to manage and develop the properties to become more economical.

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ID : tm3248513456

Intelligent system for reservoir spillway gate decision

Provides decision support ability to control reservoir gate operation using intelligent techniqnes and information visualisation.Using intelligent technique for reservoir flood control can enhanced with visualization for better decision-making.
Area: Reservoir gate operation, Intelligent system, Data Mining, Information Visualization

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ID : tm3248613457

Integrating Time preference in An Automated Hybrid Sport Tournament Scheduling System

A sport tournament scheduling problem was being studied.Sport tournament scheduling is defined as the process of assigning essential sport activities in sequence with the time needed to complete each activity.It is a challenging job due to the wide variety of different needs and requirements that must be handled, either at professional or amateur level. The inefficiency of the solution, which is the schedule and a time consuming tasks are the motivation in investigating the problem of scheduling the sport tournament. Subsequently, a hybridized mechanism of constraints-based methodology and neighborhood search is presented encompassing three stages to generate an efficient complete schedule for the sport tournament. The main objective are to satisfy time constraints and preferences, which at the same time able to achieve fair distribution of break or rest times and game venues among the competing teams.

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ID : tm3248713458

iNeuro loan processing system

iNeuro is a web-based intelligent decision support system that is used to facilitate loan application processing and division making

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ID : tm3248813459

iNCase: Automated Program Advisor

An intelligent advisory system has been developed that incorporates two Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique namely Neural Network (NN) and Case Based Reasoning (CBR). Initially, a series of Neural Network experiments was carried out to obtain an optimal forecasting model with classification accuracy achieved. The model stores information on the optimal Neural Network parameter values and the weight that explain strength of connections between variables. To establish a model, a dataset consisting of 1262 previous universities' application' information with a number of attributes had been trained. The model was able to achieve 84.50 percent classification accuracy versus 75.32 percent by Regression model. Based on the obtained model, Neural Network is able to predict the suitable academic stream (whether Art or Science) for the applicants. The CBR engine is then processed the specific program suitable for the applicants based on the academic achievement as well as the Holland Model Personality Traits result. The intelligent advisory system with hybrid AI techniques introduces a new paradigm in educational management system as a mean to assist the public and can be used as a filter for the UPU to reduce the management workload and will inevitably reduce the time taken to process the applications forms for entering the public universities and colleges. The system is able to predict the suitable program for a person based on their profile, academic qualification and interests. The prototype developed in this research can be replicated in another decision support environment for facilitating decision making particularly for the management level.

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ID : tm3248913460

i-MATCH : A Candidate Selection eAgent for HR Recruitment Solution Using Case Based Reasoning

The costs of manually preselecting potential candidates have risen and employers are searching for methods to automate the preselection of candidates to fill in the vacancies at their organizations. Job portal services have proved to be the most successful and popular information services on the internet. By applying i-match, employers are able to cut off human resources services for keying in the application information and saving time for pre-screening of the potential candidates. I-match System comprises of databases of graduates as well as a match engine that incorporates Case Based Reasoning (CBR) to increase its competitive advantage. CBR recommend the best candidate suitable with the job requirement using similarity measurement. As for employers, they will be able to reach more potential graduates from a large database from trusted resources. In addition, cost will be reduced for publication of job postings, and processing time for pre-selection of graduates. In effect, graduates will gain advantages such that i-match will automatically perform employer to employee matching with less initiative from graduates. In other words, graduate's employability will also increase and this leads to a realization of towards "Perancangan Strategik".

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ID : tm3249013461


iComic was developed based on the user-centered design (UCD) principle. It has 2 modes interactive and self run. The interactive part, such as the container theme and colour, audio, frame selection, page selection and the dialogues spoken by the widget is fully controlled by the user, the self-run part is for users who prefer to sit, but enabling them to control the volume, play-pause, forwarding and rewinding while seated. It has two-mode features, interactive and self run with sound (Yes, the pesona in the comic really speak!). It can be expanded to become a comic container or a comic player (i.e similar concept with QuickTimeTM player as a video container). It has audio and interactive features and is fully user controlled. iComic targets teenagers since they are the majority of comic readers today.

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ID : tm3249113462

iComic : Fatihah

Comic have not got a place in the mainstream. As such this work propose an interactive comic, named iComic, developed according to the user-centered design (UCD) principle. It has 2 modes - interactive and self run. The interactive part is full controlled by the user, starting from the container theme and color, audio, frame and page selection, as well as the dialogues to be spoken by the widget in the iComic. The self-run part is for users who prefer to sit back, relax and watch the comic just like watching TV, but still able to control interface such as volume, play-pause, forwarding and rewinding. This kind of comic is not yet available in the market.

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ID : tm3249213463

ICAL4LA- Bijak Matematik

ICAL4LA- Bijak Matematik incorporates fun and helpful learning incorporates fun and helpful learning experience for low-achieving children. It combines mental arithmetic and common techniques, in rich multimedia approach to assist children understand the fundamental concept in basic calculation. With that, it helps teachers and children.

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ID : tm3249313464

iautoMark: An Intelligent Automated Structured Evaluation System

In general, an exam question comprises of multiple choices, structured and/or essay types of question. To mark multiple choice exam is not a trivial task. However,marking structured exam and essay questions consumes more time than marking multiple choices. In the field of Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA), automated processing of free text material received from students is becoming a necessity. The range of such material may run from single sentences to whole essays. The main goal of CAA is not to substitute teachers or trainers, but to support them in the course evaluation.

An Intelligent Automated Structured Evaluation System known as iautoMark has been developed to assist teachers or trainers in evaluating structured type questions answers. In addition, iautoMark delivers result quickly to both trainers as well as trainees. To develop iautoMark, Billngual Evaluation Understudy Algorithm (BLEU) has been employed in conjunction with Evaluating Responses with BLEU (ERB) approach including stemming, closed class word removal,Word Sense Disambiguation and synonyms treatment procedures.iautoMark has been integrated with Similar Words engine to allow similar words being automatically considered as correct answer during the questions and answers will be checked prior to submitting them into the questions/ answer bank.

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ID : tm3249413465

Hybrid Intelligent Classifier Algorithm For Business Insolvency Modelling

The stock of business that make up the Malaysia economy is like pool. Every year, thousands of new business mostly small go out of business and flow from the pool, only to be replenished by a strong inflow of new or transformed business. Typically, the business exits are either ownership changes or closures unrelated to the financial positions of the business. The remainder can be broadly classified as "business insolvency". The essence of business insolvency is the inability of owners to make a go of their business from financial perspective. Thus, faced with insufficient profits or losses over a sustained period, the business owner is left with little choice but to cease operations. The prototype is named as AVICENA, named as an honor to a famous Muslim scientist, Ibnu Sina. AVICENA uses the artificial intelligence approach as its main engine for classification and reasoning tasks. The classifier system employed connectionist model in recognizing hidden pattern stored in database, while reasoning task uses association rules algorithm. For this experiment purposes, there are 11 input parameters were selected. These parameters can be divided into two categories, which consist of internal and external indicators. The internal indicators define the internal factors that contribute in monitoring business performance, while external variables cater the chaotic part of external factors that affecting overall business operation environments. Besides that, there are some features on this prototype; it offers database management and user support modules, acquires the best performance with 90 percent accuracy rate (achieved during field test), and the prototype can be included with financial analysis database module that can be used as a reference when the classifier yield less confidence or contradict output. This module is built based on the features and formats of Malaysian firms practice. Clearly, the prototype provides basic framework for developing intelligent business insolvency classifier. It attests to the merits of replying on classification model as a worthy tool for business evaluation in management decision-making and affirmative action, based on classification model generated.

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ID : tm3249513466

HiSMS: Hybrid Intelligent School Management System

Sistem Maklumat Murid (SMM) has been used for several years to collect students' demographic information and co-curricular activities but not including their exam performance. To support SMM, Hamparan Markah Murid (HMM) has been used for the purpose of analyzing the students results and ranks their performance accordingly.Nevertheless, SMM and HMM are currently being used independently. As a result, the total student's raw marks and percentage were obtained from HMM without linking the information gathered from SMM. Hence, there is a need to integrate SMM with HMM as well as an automated data mining approaches to uncover the hidden information within the data collected by the two systems. To this end,Hybrid Intelligent School Management System (HiSMS) have been developed using data warehouse design as well as data mining approaches. HiSMS can be replicated in other decision support environment for facilitating decision making, particularly for the management level.

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ID : tm3249613467

High Perfomance Business Infrastructure for smes.

Grid enabled computing facility to perform complex computations for business outlooks, market forecasting, risk analysis & etc.

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ID : tm3249713468

Handwriting Recognition System for Pre-School Children

We present an invention that concern on improving the preschool children literacy by benefiting the handwriting recognition system capabilities in the children learning environment. Although the literacy rate among Malaysian children is high, however some of them are still illiterate. Hence the system tends to minimize the problem based on the technology we invented.

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ID : tm3249813469

Group Formation using Genetic Algorithm

Due to the increasing of complexity in software projects, group work is becoming more important to ensure quality software products can be delivered on time. Thus, in universities, group work is seen as a good preparation for students to industry because by working in groups, it can reduce the individual workload, improve the ability to manage a project and enhance problem solving skills. However, due to lack of programming skills especially in Java programming language and the inability to have meetings frequently among the group members, most of the students' software project cannot be delivered successfully. Therefore, in order to solve this problem , a systematic group formation is one of the initial factors that must be considered to ensure that every group consist of quality members who are capable in Java programming and at the same time they are also staying near to each other. Here, we propose a prototype of Group Formation using Genetic Algorithm (GFuGA), where the members of each group will be generated based on the students' programming skill and the location of residential colleges.

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ID : tm3249913470

GovEXbis: Government Expenditure And Budget Controlling System

Since late 1990s, Malaysian government at all levels have initiated electronic government (e-government) projects whose aim is to provide electronic information and to streamline public sector processes, while providing citizens with facilities in order to obtain government services. All of these projects strive, although at different speeds, to move beyond the first generation e-government. In the area of government financial management, the use of electronic systems can useful in budget-controlling and in managing procurement and expenditure. Thus this project is carried out with the purpose to develop electronic government expenditure and controlling budget system (GovEXbis). The prototype of the system consists of a series of functionalities that contribute to the development of electronic budget, asset management, procurement and payment. This project can be implemented in any organization especially the ones that use budget control in order improve the expenditure process and budget management.

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ID : tm3250013471

Fun with Mathematics : Shadow Play in Action

Digital wayang kulit is not similar to any existing products in educational markets. It helps in teaching and learning of mathematics operations and numbers in a very fun and creative way, and embedded 17 higher order thinking skills hots learning activities with shadow play components.

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ID : tm3250113472

FSilver Globe Food Ordering System

Food Ordering System (FOS) allows customers in restaurants to make food ordering using computer technology, right from the selection of food to the confirmation of payment. The system helps restaurant industry manage their business more efficiently. With the user-friendly interface and easy to learn system, FOS can improve the restaurant business.

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ID : tm3250213473

Face Matching with Active Searching Algorithm (Face Teller)

Human Face identification is one of the most important and rapidly advancing active research area of computer science. In spite of the large number of developed algorithm, real-world performance of face identification has been disappointing. This research enhances invariant recognition of human faces and analysis to improve face verification and identification performance using Active Appearance Model (AAM) for feature extraction in BaYesian classification approach. This research addressed some of these issues to bring human face identification more closely to being useful for real life application. It directed towards the illumination-invariant automatic recognition of human faces and analysis to improve face verification and identification performance. To compare with other feature extraction at the end of the research an evaluation has been done with existing face recognition system using Active Appearance Model (AAM) and algorithm for feature extraction in BaYesian classification approach. The experiments performed on illumination part of the FERET face dataset. The results was satisfied with acceptance rate 99.99 % and error rate 0.10 %.

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ID : tm3250313474

E-WayCool : Antaramuka Pengguna untuk Pengajaran Matematik Tahap 1

e-WayCool menggunakan aplikasi edutainment bagi model konseptual yang menggambarkan bagaimana pendekatan multimedia boleh digunakan untuk membantu proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran subjek Matematik Tahap 1 sekolah rendah serta mengekalkan warisan budaya iaitu Wayang Kulit (WK) di kalangan generasi muda di Malaysia. E-WayCool merupakan suatu alternative untuk mempertahankan WK daripada pupus ditelan zaman di samping menyokong proses pembelajaran dan pengajaran (P&P). e-WayCool menggunakan antaramuka pengguna Wayang Kulit Digital (DWK) untuk menyampaikan kandungan mengikut sukatan Kokurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) bagi silibus pendidikan Matematik. Komponen-komponen utama e-WayCool (watak, muzik, lagu, situati, kondisi, scenario, warna) dipersembahkan dalam 5 bentuk perwakilan iaitu 2D animasi, visualisasi, audio, realism dan cinematografi dan seterusnya komponen ini diintegrasikan membentuk suatu model konseptual yang berasaskan teori reka bentuk interaksi (IxD) supaya lebih efektif dan efisien untuk proses P&P

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ID : tm3250413475

Erased Data Recovery Tool

This tool is a low-level application for data recovery process often for the purpose of computer forensic investigation. It can be used to recover erased data. Two steps are involved in this tool which are Scan and Recover.

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ID : tm3250513476

Enhanced Science Textbook using Augmented Reality (ESTAR)

Science learning involves many dynamic concepts which are difficult to be explained by simply using text and images from a textbook. The enhanced science textbook using augmented reality (ESTAR) enables dynamic concepts to be easily explained and help students to be more motivated towards science.

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ID : tm3250613477

elnfoC n' eMPay: Collaborative eSolution For Scholarly Publication

Provides not only the academics but also the public, a platform to publish, promote and market their knowledge, skills, ideas and talents (in the form of a eContents such as eBooks, eReports, eModules, eStorybooks, etc), so as to establish organization or home-based business opportunities.

Malaysia scholarly printed publication are not widely promoted, and as a result their accessibility has been very limited, they are not noticed locally and more importantly, internationally. Furthermore, so far in Malaysia although there is a strong policy & infrastructure support by the Malaysia government, there are only two companies that have ventured in e-publication business. To overcome the identified disadvantages, an environment called electronic Information Centre (elnfoC) was developed for Web (available at and WAP (available at users.

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ID : tm3250713478

eCEvaS: Web Based Course Evaluation System To Manage Course Evaluation

Course evaluations are used to improved the quality of teaching and learning at educational or training institution through feedback to course manager or individual lectures. eCEvaS was developed using web based technology to ensure cost effectiveness, accuracy and efficiency to handle course evaluation at educational or learning organization.

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ID : tm3250813479


eCadet is a system that facilitates the process of measuring Reserve Officer Training Units (ROTU)cadet performance and identify a number of best fitted cadets for promotion or next higher grade. It also provides space for the trainers to actively monitors their cadet's performance. Cadets are selected for promotion based on demonstrated leadership abilities, acquired skills, physical fitness and comprehension of information as measured through standardized testing. The system will recognize the readiness and progression of a ROTU cadet. Readiness is the degree to which a cadet is capable of fulfilling duties involving leadership skill and Progression is the rate or manner to which a cadet is assigned new leadership or managerial duties. With the implementation of eCadet it ensured all eligible Cadets will receive full and equitable opportunity to compete for promotion.

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