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ID : tm2973110702

Method for Assessing An Organization or Individual using Technology Absorptive Matrix Software (TAMs) for Technology Transfer Purposes

Technology Absorptive Matrix Software (TAMs) is a tool that is derived from a research finding; an IRPA study entitled The Development of Medal Guideline for Technology Absorption in Defense Industry in Malaysia. The tool is a new invention in assessing organizational and individual capacity in terms of technology absorptiveness prior in engaging in any external relationship in technology transfer. The tool can be applied for self-assessment at any level within the organization as well as force-assessment by parent organization as well as its strategic alliances. The assessment will assess enterprise strength in four core areas which entails sub-areas for further assessment. For every assessment activity, a result indicating organizational level of technology absorptiveness will be revealed.

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ID : tm2973210703

Medicinal Herbs Information System (MHIS)

In this world of era globalization, things around us constantly change with time. From manually, they are computerized and revolutionized according to people's requirement and needs. Therefore, this system is developed in order to help people, especially for admin at Taman Pertanian Jubli Perak Kuantan Pahang to manage the data of herbs.

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ID : tm2973310704

Measuring Human Performance By Enhancing Accuracy Of Evaluation using Awtes

Annual Work Target Evaluation System (AWTES) is a web application that measure and calculates the human performances based on their Key Performance Indicator (KPI). It helps an organization to manage and record data, calculate the performance based on two elements which are quantitative and qualitative KPI.

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ID : tm2973410705

Manufacturing of Nano-wood Composites using CNT and Aluminium Oxide Nano-particles

Nano-wood composite is a composite made by using high conductive nano particles with adhesive and wood fibers. It can be used as a replacement for wood composites in the furniture, d??cor and construction industry.

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ID : tm2973510706

Mandarin For All

Product verified effectiveness learn mandarin level 1 within 28 hours for non-native learner. It is a pre-test book for Chinese proficiency test (hanyu shuiping kaoshi=HSK) candidates through hard copy with audio in QR code or e-book. Product recommended by professor China and HSK 1 full mark scorer.

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ID : tm2973610707

Manara Anti-Hysteria First Aid Kit

Hysteria incidents which often occur in educational institutions such as schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities in Malaysia invite various stigma and anxiety among students, teachers and parents. Psychological experts categorize hysteria as a psychiatric disorder known as somatoform disorder while alternative medicine practitioners state that it is due to the interference of supernatural entity. Hysteria incidents disrupt learning process which cause such institutions to be temporarily closed down to remedy the situation. Various efforts had been taken by the parties involved to deal with the incidents, including using the services of traditional medicine practitioners and psychologists. Some events can be recovered, some get worse and there are also cases of recurrence. The Anti-Hysteria Emergency Kit is developed with the aim to assist the relevant parties, particularly educational institutions to deal with cases of hysteria in an easy, quick and safe way.

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ID : tm2973710708

Ledectsys-Leak Detection System

Ledectsys is a system to detect the leak in the gas pipeline. Using speakers to inject a sound wave and microphone to capture the reflection, this system very useful to detect leaks and their location. Ledectsys develop for quality purpose especially in the pipeline industry.

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ID : tm2973810709

Kindly Talk: A Holistic Module for Early Childhood Educators

Kindly talk is professional English training modules for early childhood educators. It consists of two modules entitled: (1) Communication English and (2) Effective Storytelling Techniques. These modules include tahalli grounded in heart intelligence using hands-on, interactive and dynamic approaches.

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ID : tm2973910710

Kenaf Fibre Reinforced Polyster Composite for the Production of Corrugated Sheets for Rural Housing Apllications

Corrugated tin (galvanized iron with Sn) has been used as roofing material in rural housing application since 1820. Subsequently, conventional and synthetic glass-fiber reinforced with polYester composites were used as corrugated roofing material, but they are not enviromentally friendly. A better option would be natural fibre reinforced with polyster resin base, which is enviromentally friendly and possesses extended longevity, as compared to the two abovementioned roofing materials. Studies carried out suggest that the metal roofing material may be replaced with glass-fibre reinforced with thermoset composities and asbestos. However, this high-density subtitution material may cause enviromental problem at disposal. The cost of producing glass-fibre is also high.

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ID : tm2974010711

Jackcar Using Internal Car Power

Car jacks usually use mechanical advantage to allow a human to lift a vehicle by manual force. More powerful jacks are using hydraulic power to provide more lift over greater distances. This paper presents the development of the car jack for emergency use with using internal cigarette lighter power (12volts). The automatic easy car-jack utilizes this power source to save individuals having to exert any energy. To increase the lifting power in order to ensure the power adequate, gear ratio was used. The car jacker was developed utilizing the solidworks and its analyses to check the safety factor and force acting.
The fabrication work has been done with milling and grinding machine. The car jacker will be tested and it predicted to have enough power to lift and holding the car as a normal car jacker

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ID : tm2974110712

IOT Enable Relay Network for Designing an Energy Efficient Highway Lighting System

The objective of this project is to discuss about the Internet Of Thinngs (IOT) enable relay network for designing an energy efficient highway lighting system. It develops a prototype model that can reduce the energy consumption for such system. The experimental results revile its effectiveness.

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ID : tm2974210713

Intelligent Power Protection Scheme

These global changes in the market for electrical power have led to substantially reduced investments in infrastructure i.e. investments in hardware. Protective relays are the sentinels to guard the power system operation as reliably as possible during system disturbances.Historical facts indicate that recent major blackouts were indeed caused by the false tripping of these devices.

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ID : tm2974310714

Intelligent Power Protection Scheme

In Malaysia and many countries there is on going restructuring privatization of the electric power industry. These global changes in the market for electrical power industry. These global changes in the market for electrical power have led to substantially reduced investments in infrastructure i.e. investments in hardware. Protective relays are the sentinels to guard the power system operation as reliably as possible during system disturbances.

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ID : tm2974410715

Intelligent PID Controller for Automatic Voltage Regulators

Optimization algorithm is proposed to automatically optimized the tuning parameter of PID controller to maintain voltage stability in automatic voltage regulator.

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ID : tm2974510716

Intelligent IOT Test List Generator

A common problem in IOT system is the large number of the combinations of hardware, operational and software configuration that required to be free of defects to avoid the failures. This tools will help to generate a sufficient test list that covers the most important combinations.

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ID : tm2974610717

Intelligent In-Car Heat Extraction System (ICHES)

The present invention relates to a method of heat removing system for car passenger compartment, more particularly, to design of its components and system. This system will be used to remove heat that has been generated inside the car passenger compartment during the parking period under direct sunlight.

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ID : tm2974710718

Intelligent Heavy Precipitation Model for Flood Prone Areas

The product is an intelligent heavy precipitation model utilizes combination of past rainfall values near flood prone areas to predict the maximum rainfall intensity in a month. The product uses intelligent machine learning technique in analyzing the rainfall patterns for future prediction.

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ID : tm2974810719

Intelligent Engine for Supply and Transportation of Petroleum (IESTP)

This project present an integrated decision support system where a decision maker is able to choose optimal number of tanks, tank size and truck arrival rate to maximize profit and minimize transportation cost for oil terminal operations. The IESTP is developed using a discrete-event simulation program in ARENA software, mathematical linear programming (LP) in I-Log software and analysis of variance (ANOVA) in SPSS software; these models are combines in a complex program developed using visual basic software (VB). The IESTP is able to predict with 99% confidence a set of factor levels that yields the highest average total profit.

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ID : tm2974910720

Intelligent Classification System of Ammonia in Water

This system intelligently classifies different concentration of ammonia in the water using case-based reasoning (CBR) technique based on odor-profile using e-nose. It could classify high and low ammonia concentration in waste water based on PPM value given by the department on environment.

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ID : tm2975010721

Integrated Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Torch Cleaner

Usefullness and Application:
In the aerospaces, oil & gas and automative indstries, metal welding processes using Metal Inert Gas (MIG). During havy dut utulization without maintenance, however can limit its process productivity because of: droplet form is gradually build up of patter in the nozzle, the spatter leads to block wire feed during welding process, and the corrosion developed inner side the nozzle from spatter build-up mechanism
Market and Commercial Potential:
In welding industries widely used MIG, the torch is needed to be cleaned from spatter and prevent from corrosion. This integrated MIG touch cleaner is essential develop for cleaning the spater developed and preventing the corrosion inside the touch nozzle and increasing welding process productivity. With ergonomics design, free electricity function and low cost device can maintain MIG torch performance.
Product Advantages:
Periodic clean spatter inside MIG touch. Extending the life of MIG welding torches by corrosion prevention. Effective ratchet mechanism to clean spatter inside the touch. More economic in cost and efficient utilization. Maintaining the best possible MIG performance. The ergonomic design and friendly user device

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ID : tm2975110722

I-E.R.A.T. Divo: Managing Diversity from Classroom to Global Community

The initiative to overcome the triple challenges of embedding, engaging and enticing the technical and engineering student to learn ethnic relations via e-learning platform lead to the discovery of a global diversity management tools for global rendezvous and inclusiveness known as I-E.R.A.T. Divo.

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ID : tm2975210723

Highly Efficient Supercapacitors Developed from Electrospun CuO Nanowires

Storage of energy under the electrochemical double layer mode, which devices are known as supercapasitors, with simultaneously high energy and power densities is an active area of research recently to develop deployable clean energy devices. Because the metal oxide semiconductors such as CuO, RuO2, MnO2, etc. offers pseudo capacitance arise from an electromechanical reaction in addition to the conventional double layer capacitance they are a preferred choice to build highly efficient supercapasitors. The CuO is typically interesting among the metal oxide nanostructures because of relatively lower toxicity, large abundance and lower cost, environmental stability, and desirable electrochemical properties. In this research, we have developed nanowires of CuO by a commercially viable nanofabrication technique, known as electrospinning, and studied their structural, morphological, and electrochemical properties. The nanowires of ~ 50 60 nm were obtained by annealing the electrospun polyvinyl alcohol fibrous mats containing a uniform dispersion of copper acetate. The material has a monoclinic structure with lattice constants a = 4.681 A, b = 3.418 A, c = 5.122 A, and = 99.784. The supercapacitor devices were fabricated by dispersing the 70 wt.%CuO in 15 wt.% conducting carbon and 15 wt.% polyvinyl difluoride and pasted on a nickel foam substrate. KOH was used as the electrolyte. The specific capacitance and cycling stability of the devices were obtained from cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic charge/discharge cycling, respectively. The devices exhibited a specific capacitance of ~550 F/g at a current density of 10 mA/cm2 in 6.0 mol/dm3 KOH with a columbic efficiency of ~86%. To our knowledge, this is the highest specific capacitance ever achieved using CuO as the active material. Until the completed end of 400 cycles, the devices showed no lowering of specific capacitance was observed. The electrospun CuO nanowires could therefore be an acceptable choice for building highly efficient supercapacitor devices.

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ID : tm2975310724

Highest Efficiency Led Lighting System

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which is essentially a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electrical current passes through it. Diodes only let electric current run in one direction but LED produces photons of light when this occurs. This way, light is produced on a highly efficient manner since it does not depend on a filament or any other device to convert electricity into light.

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ID : tm2975410725

High Performance Supercapacitor Using Activated Carbon Derived from Waste Palm Oil Kernel Shells

Malaysia is the biggest producers of palm oil, the waste produced surely give severe impact to the environment. Palm kernel shells (PKS) choose as the carbon source as PKS does not have any specific technical use and owing high carbon content. Activated carbon synthesized via chemical activation using potassium hydroxide (KOH) produce porosity and high specific surface area properties. The physicochemical properties of activated carbon were characterized using XRD, BET, FTIR and FESEM. The PKS activated carbon was evaluated as supercapasitor electrode material.

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ID : tm2975510726

Halba Mucilage As New Natural Flow Improving Agent In Pipelines Carrying Liquids In Turbulent Mode

Drag reduction as a science is one of the modern technologies used the power savings. The present work offers a new environmentally friendly and natural product compound which has the ability to increase the flow in pipelines within very small addition concentrations. The unique properties of such compounds will motivate the work in the field of power saving, especially in the field of transportation in pipelines.

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