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ID : tm3015811129

Intelligent Ambient RF Sensor in 2.4 GHZ ISM Spectrum for Smart Building

Ambient RF sensor is a system that can detect human presence using the RF signals of existing wireless sensor network (WSN). This system uses the fluctuation in signals as an indicator for human presence detection. Hence, enables the lighting and plug loads controls without using additional sensor.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016011131

Intelligent Diagnosing System for Voice Disorders

The intelligent diagnosing system for voice disorders is a non-invasive diagnosing system for early tracking and the treatment of the voice disorders with the aid of the speech signal recorded from the patients. The current invasive system has drawbacks namely, risky, expensive, time consuming, requires costly resources, and discomfort to the patients. The proposed system has a speech signal recording device (microphone) and processing system. The articulated sounds are recorded by a microphone and processed to diagnose the voice disorders.
The intelligent diagnosing system for voice disorders has been incorporated with digital signal processing and artificial intelligence which can diagnose the voice disorders. This system helps ENT specialists and speech therapists for early diagnosing of voice disorders. It can be easily configured to cover the needs of ENT clinicians and speech therapists by developing a user interactive tool. It can also be used as a device to study the voice quality of voice professionals such as singers, speakers, etc.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016111132

Intelligent Energy System @ FTK

Intelligent Energy System @ FTK is an innovation that could be very influence factor to enhance the minimum waste of electricity in a building. This product is actually invented purposely to help the university especially UNIMAP (our case study to reduce the electricity based on usage.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016311134

Inverter With Improved Power Factor For Photovoltaic Applications.

Solar energy is one of renewable energy source that become an important role in rural areas as alternative electricity supply like wind, biomass and geothermal.
The output of the photovoltaic (solar) panel is essentially direct current (DC). Therefore, this energy sources requires sophisticated conversion techniques to make them usable to the end user which is inverter.
Inverters are essentially DC-AC converters that converts direct current (DC) input into alternating current (AC) output.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016411135

Investigation Instrument for Transformer Oil

The research focuses on the performance of transformers under the usage of various type of insulating oil including mineral and vegetable oils. The objective is to investigate the alternative insulation oil to replace mineral oil in transformer application.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016511136

I-SPAD: Non-invasive Screening Tool for Differential Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease Severity Levels

Intelligent speech based parkinson's disease detection(I-SPAD) is non-invasive screening tool that provides real time monitoring of parkinson's disease(PD). The main feature of the invention provides a method for distinguishing the severity level(mild and moderate) of the PD from healthy controls.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016611137

Kiddo's Potty Toilet

The Kiddo's Potty Toilet is an educational product that will help family and instructor to train children who having and adhd using a modern toilet properly.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016711138

Low Cost Moisture Sensor Using Miniature Probe Kit

This product is a low cost moisture sensor using miniature probe kit. This probe kit include coaxial probe sensor, calibration kit, and sample holder mold. It can measure the dielectric properties and moisture from DC to 20 gHz frequency range. It just need a small sample for measurement.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016811139

Low Cost Novel Green Composite Solder From Recycled Aluminium Beverage Can.

The challenge of keeping pace with emerging microelectronic device technologies has became increasingly difficult especially to maintain and increase solder joint robustness. One of the major factors that play a crucial role in solder joint reliability is the solder material since they provide electrical, thermal and mechanical continuity in electronic assemblies. Besides that, factors such as cost and manufacturability should be considered together in the emerging microelectronic device today.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017011141

MAG: Magnetized Bio-Adsorbent

MAG is the latest biomaterial developed using nanotechnological advancement. It is novel, simple, fast and effective in dye-removal. Magnetic assisted separation is a promising technique for adsorption of difficult-to-handle samples. The application of magnetic particles is of special interest in relation to environmental as it improves separation of used adsorbents. MAG has been developed from rice husk, which have an ability to become effective adsorbents. The development of nano-ferum liquid modified rice husk into MAG has been achieved successfully.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017111142

MEEGO - Mango Noodles

Supplementation of Perlis sunshine mango peel and pulp flour into noodles was found to increase nutrient content especially in dietary fiber and antioxidant activity. This will promote daily fiber intake towards healthy lifestyle by consuming high fiber noodle from local fruit and natural sources.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017211143

Mems Structure Realization Using KRF Excimer Laser Micromachining

Conventional fabrication process of mems structures involve undercutting the structures involve undercutting the structures to release them, often with an anisotropic wet or dry etching techniques. But for ambience mems structures, they were designed & fabricated using advanced KRF excimer laser micromachining.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017311144

Microwaves Absorbers Using Waste Materials for Anechoic Chamber Applications

This product is a microwave absorbers using waste material for anechoic chamber application. This product can use to absorber 99.99% of microwave signal over 2-18Hz frequency range. Fabricate microwave absorber using three type of agriculture waste: rice husk, rice husk ash, and sugarcane bagasse.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017411145

MIT for Reinforced Concrete Imaging

Magnetic induction tomography (MIT) is a non-invasive, non-instrusive, contactless, electrodeless, robust imaging system. MIT interested in reconstructing passive electrical properties of material that are conductivity, permeability and permittivitty.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017511146

Motorize Cabinet System with Android Based

The motorize cabinet system with android based is a cabinet management system which implemented to overcome the disadvantage of its large spaces due to large number of cabinet in library or office. With the system installed, cabinet can be controlled by using android.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017611147

My Dengue DNA Test Kit

The my dengue DNA test kit provides simple, rapid, label-free for early detection of flaviviridae family that cause dengue virus by using quantitative measurement. Nanotechnology-developed functionalized multi walled carbon nanotubes(F-MWCNTS) is used in the fabrication of lab-on-chip biosensor.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017711148

Nanostructured CD Chalcogenides for Novel Solar Cells Efficiency

QDS have now exploded onto the commercial display market and are appearing in displays of all sizes, enabling semiconductors with greater efficiency and lower power consumption. These QD-enhanced scs are already providing direct competition in markets.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017811149

Natural Adsorbent

Natural Adsorbent is a new non hazardous product that is to substitute Activated Carbon. This is to reduce dependency on the expensive purchasing of Activated Carbon and the need of regenerating it. Natural adsorbent is converted from waste to wealth and it also could bio-degrade with time.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017911150

Natural Adsorbent

Natural Adsorbent is a new non hazardous product that is to substitute Activated Carbon. This is to reduce dependency on the expensive purchasing of Activated Carbon and the need of regenerating it. Natural adsorbent is converted from waste to wealth and it also could bio-degrade with time. The Natural Adsorbent is a novel intention to convert a conventional agricultural waste into high quality adsorbent for wastewater treatment technology.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018011151

Natural Antioxidant Powder

"Callus derived from tissue culture technique of young pomelo fruit (Citrus grandis) may serve as an alternative source for natural antioxidant in a near future. The young pomelo fruit tissue was cultivated on Murashige & Skood medium with modified plant growth regulator and incubated in the dark at ambient temperature. After 4 weeks in the first culture and 6 weeks in the second culture, the callus was ready to be harvested. The high content of ascorbic acid and flavonoid with similar chemical properties of the plant extracts is able to impose similar effect on human health. Callus cultivated via tissue culture technique from young pomelo fruits was analysed using HPLC and was found high in ascorbic acid content (120 mg ascorbic acid in 100 g callus).
The produced antioxidants are considered natural since they were synthesized in actual cellular systems of proliferated cells except they have been grown in controlled environment. Form of homogenized cells structure that contained high edible portion and less residues for readily use in products processing. Natural antioxidant from pomelo tissue culture is suitable to be added in health care product such as vitamin, functional food and beverages and also skin-care product such as cream, lotion and lipstick. High ascorbic acid content also served as natural preservative for longer shelf life of processed products."

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018111152

ND-DSSC: from Fruit Juice to Electrical Power Generation

ND-DSSC (nature based dye for dye-sensitized solar cell) is an environmental friendly solar cell which uses natural source from fruits, plants and flowers as dye for DSSC as opposed to the conventional use of 'chemical-synthetic' ruthenium dye which has expensive purification and synthesis method.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018211153

Non-Invasive Sclera-Based Jaundice Detection System

A non-invasive, high reliability sclera-based Jaundice detection system which is lab-free i.e. does not requires clinical test with blood samples or other specialized equipment.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018511156

Online Firmness Detection using Acoustic Sensor (acuSEN)

This technique provides a rapid and non-destructive method to assess fruit ripeness.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018711158

Paper-Napp:Evolution of Foaming Polymer Composites

Paper-Napp is an abbreviation of new foaming polymer composites desired from recycled newspaper (RNP)/ polypropylene (PP)/ natural rubber (NR). The foam produces closed cell foam which provides outstanding compression strength of a thin sample. This special; characteristic improves the dimension of foam in packaging application and cost. Moreover, the foam possesses low density, good buoyancy for flotation, withstands multiple impacts without significant damage. It is highly durable, resistant to water, chemicals and mostly oils and has high thermal insulation with environmental benefits.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018811159

Photovoltaic Powered Inverter without Transformer

Photovoltaic Powered Inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) electrical energy. Normally, the inverter uses a battery as DC source and it is converted to a high level AC source using a transformer. In this product, the inverter does not use a transformer. The 240 V AC system is developed from a full bridge converter stage circuit using IC SG 3525 that is connected to the photovoltaic array of 240 V. The output of the photovoltaic array is connected to the EMI filter and a power factor correction circuit. On a clear day, the AC load is served by the PV-inverter and TNB is done by PIC microcontroller (PIC16F628A I/P).

Arau Perlis

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