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ID : tm3188512856

Web-Enabled Lean Qualiy Management Framework (Web-LQMF)

This product provides a much needed solution for enabling the achievement of quality, especially in the case of the construction industry. Web-LQMF is a tool for systemic self-assessment of the organisation's practices with regards to its performance. It is an online system that enables an organization to assess itself on core business practices as a first step towards achieving business excellence.

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ID : tm3193912910

Realtrack Materials (RTM) Prototype

The product is intended to improve materials tracking and the overall process of materials management in construction project. Automated data collection using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for tracking materials involves the use of a tag (as a transponder) and a reader ( as an interrogator). The RFID equipment included i-Q8 and i-Q32T active RFID tags with a range of 100 metres/300 ft (read/write range), and an i-CARD 3 (with adjustable output power for a read/write range that is tune able up to 100m/300ft) for the RFID reader (interrogator). The i-Q32T and i-Q8 tags have been selected based on the large memory capacity and make them suitable for use for all the proposed processes. The use of i-Card 3RFID readers because it is a mobile RFID reader, which can be connected to he PCMCIA slot of a laptop or a PDA. The product can be divided into three main component, which are automated materials tracking, database and resource modeling. Each component plays are different role in the prototype system. The RFID system enabled the automated materials tracking while the central MS Access database provided the information of the ??? Materials Order (MO)???, ???Delivery Status (DS)???, ???Storage Information (SI)??? and ??? Use Status (US)???. The MS Project provided the resources modeling function and scheduling information for the system

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ID : tm3249613467

High Perfomance Business Infrastructure for smes.

Grid enabled computing facility to perform complex computations for business outlooks, market forecasting, risk analysis & etc.

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