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ID : tm3074111712

Sustainable Herbal Mosquito Repellent (HEMOR)

This product is designed with the concern of public health from the most dangerous and deadly infected disease in Malaysia which is dengue fever. HEMOR is equipped with heating element that burnt the selected herbal compound slowly. The burning process generate odour that proven can repel mosquitoes. The product should be switched on before the nightfall until dawn. The thermostat controls the temperature of the heating plate and minimized the electric consumption.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3077311744

Rotating Bench

The Rotating Bench is specially designed for outdoors in public areas such as theme parks, recreational areas and zoos. Short information with text and photos of species or animals nearby can be printed on the surface of the bench. Children can refer to the illustrations and information on the bench while seated. Many places around town are installed with many kinds of benches. The bench is the best tool to sit on despite having no other purposes. However this new proposed bench, can be aesthetically painted.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3077711748

Retrospective Textbook Evaluation with Retrotext-E

Textbooks have commonly been evaluated for textbook selection. However they are hardly ever evaluated when they are being used (retrospective evaluation). There are numerous advantages of doing retrospective evaluation, the main one being opportunity to systematically work on adaptation which will eventually make learning-teaching more efficient. In this project the reseachers have moved away from the mono-instrument checklist to a framework which encompasses three distinct instruments: the checklist, the concordance software and the reflective journal. The initial framework was tested and found to be more reliable then the checklist. The bigger challenge however was to develop a computerized version of the framework and this has come in the form of Retrotext-E. This software will have a bigger change of making textbook evaluations more frequent, consistent and efficient. When it takes the form of an on-line tool, the applications will get even wider.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3078411755

Putra Blok

Putra Blok is a type of building blocks with easy installation methods, fast procedures and cost effective construction, without the need for skilled labor. It also does not require expensive assembly machinery.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3082211793

O-Fit: Exercise Equipment for Elderly People

The purpose of this paper is to identify the problems faced by elderly people while living. To find information, research and data collection has been done by using quantitative and qualitative research methodology concept. These methods can give a lot of information about elderly people health needs and problems regarding elderly people easy fall. Besides quantitative and qualitative method to find information, journals and article readings also provided data for the research. From the research, many elderly people not have too much instrument for exercise and living in an unhappy mind. Furthermore, not many nursing homes in Malaysia plan for do the activity for health. This is caused by a number of factors among them the fall are increase and weakness. The findings from this research should create a new product idea related to health needs that fulfills the needs of elderly people.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3084211813

Natural Red-purple Colourant from Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus)

Dragon fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) powder can be utilized to replace the pink to red-purple artificial colours found in food. Some artificial colourants have been reported to cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity and urticaria in children, and genotoxicity. The hylocereus polyrhizus can be used in dairy products (yoghurt, yoghurt drink, milk drink, cultured milk drink and ice cream), cordials and beverages, confectionaries, desserts, sauces and dressings, jams, jellies, snacks and baby food. Besides the food industry, other intended markets are the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3085411825

Mototrcyclist Safety Compartment

As a safety precaution kit agains snatch theft. Research has proved that a locking system for the compartment of the motorcycle is an absolute necessity to prevent snatch incidents from occurring. Due to this, Boxxf-Motorcyclist Safety Compartment, a new design of motorcycle compartment was produced.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3087311844

Load and Distribution Efficiency of Words in Malaysian Secondary School English Language and Science Textbooks

Textbooks can never fulfill every role in the learning-teaching situation. A good textbook however can serve language learning and teaching better if words are optimally loaded and distributed. Uncontrolled loading and distribution of vocabulary can contribute to learning problems. The main intention of the study is look at load and distribution efficiency of words in Malaysian lower secondary school (Forms 1-5) English language and Science textbooks. The textbooks were fotocopied, scanned and converted into computer text files (Corpus of Textbook language) before they were analyzed using three WordSmith Tools namely the KeyWord, WordList and Concord tools. Vocabulary load across units and throughout the books was done. Then an evaluation of repetition and recycling efficiency was carried out on a random selection of words. The study also listed vocabulary that appeared in the PMR and SPM examinations and compared the list with the list of words found in textbooks. All the evaluations done using concordance software showed that there were irregularities in loading and distribution patterns of vocabulary in textbooks and that the textbooks did not accommodate some critical requirements of public examinations, the PMR and the SPM. The findings will help curriculum developers, textbook writers and teachers have greater knowledge of how words function in textbooks. One of the products from this research would be word lists.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3091511886

Great Literary Works in Malay

Two literary works on Malay language by the Malay world in the 19th Century Raja Ali Haji of Johore Riau, were studied. These two works one in the form of manuscripts (Bustan Al-Katibin) and the other in the form of lithographic printing (Kitab Pengetahuan Bahasa) were selected to be published as the Great Works or Karya Agung in Malay civilization. In This study, transliteration and analysis of the two works were done.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3094311914


Electric cutting machine using lighter motors. This machine will increase the productivity of the work.

Mesin pemotong elektrik yang menggunakan motor yang lebih ringan. Mesin ini akan meningkatkan produktiviti pekerjaan.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3095611927

Developing a Vocabulary Teaching -Testing Package

The product is a vocabulary teaching-testing package developed and customized for use by teachers who will benefit from it in many ways. This educational software is a guide for teaching and testing vocabulary in textbooks. Teachers using the product will be able to co-ordinate teaching and testing of vocabulary more efficiently and minimize its ad hoc instruction or assessment. Moreover, it can be used to evaluate the effectiviness of the presentation of vocabulary items in textbooks. This would enable teahers to put into effect plans for adaptation to improve future teaching. Professional development of textbooks is carried out throughout the year. this activity will also introducing reserch to researchers.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3102611997

A Novel Additive that Reduces Oil Absorption and Fat Deterioration in Food

A novel additive made from edible plant extracts that reduces oil absorption in food, prevents fat deterioration and conferring health benefits to the consumer. A natural product which has been demonstrated to reduce oil absorption in food by up to 85%.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3103812009

Public BENCH' with element of Malay Traditional

Culture represents identity, way of life and also element of transmission that inspired and last through generations. This project has been delivered to develop public furniture that can represent or promote traditional elements of the Malay. The idea was to sustain local elements in modern lifestyle, as well as developing a new practical form without losing the values from the past.

This project of designing a modern public bench using traditional elements has been developed through 2 different stages. The first stage involved with design research where the designer has conducted several interviews with traditional and culture experts as well as studying cultural icons and trademarks. While the second part, involved with experimenting works of designing and fabricating a cultural character public bench.

The fabrications process involved precise cuttings and jointing processes using Computer Aided Industrial Design as the element of culture need to be carefully trims and fabricate to precisely design during the assembly stages. It also involved the study of design and shape balance to join different parts of the components during assembly stages. These careful study and fabrication process has led to the production of full scale working prototype of the product.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3427615247

Kaempferia Parviflora (Kunyit Hitam)

Black turmeric based chocolate is able to increase energy.

Coklat berasaskan kunyit hitam yang mampu meningkatkan tenaga.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3428915260

Nutrima Cell Code

An extra drink that promotes health and anti-aging that contains natural antioxidants of Phloretin-G and Vitexin rhamnoside compounds.

Minuman tambahan yang menggalakkan kesihatan dan anti-penuaan yang mengandungi antioksidan semulajadi sebatian Phloretin-G dan Vitexin rhamnoside.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3430015271

Effective Package Techniques to Preserve Freshness of Grey Oyster Mushroom from 5 Days to 21 Days

Grey oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) is highly perishable vegetable. Previous research can only prolong storage life only 4 7 days even at very low storage temperature (0 5 C). The mushroom easily turned brown. Water soak, brittle cap and developed urine like smell even under low temperature. Respiration rate of mushroom is higher as compared to other vegetables. Thus, it produce more heat and water which causes condensation problems on the packaging film. Tissue softening, colour changes and undesirable odour easily detected after 1 week storage at more than 5 C. the combination of the most suitable maturity, packaging materials, active ingredient and storage temperature can effectively reduced browning, water soak, brittle cap and urine like smell. The most suitable postharvest handling system developed extend storage life of grey oyster mushroom up to 3 week at 2 C which will be greatly beneficial to the consumer.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3489815525

Multi Functional Barbecue Pit

Seri Kembangan Selangor

ID : tm3499215619

REMEDII Ultra Moisturizing Cream (Eczema)

Moisturizing cream formulated from Nanoemulsion Bioactives.

Krim pelembap yang diformulasi daripada Nanoemulsion Bioactives.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3505815685

Split Gill Mushroom

Cendawan kukur.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3512415751

Pepper Decorticator

This machine can save time, reduce human labor and also increase product yield.

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