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ID : tm289809951

The Development of Herb Drink from Kemunting Cina, Pecah Beiling and Melada Pahit

The purpose of this study is to develop a herb drink desired from the combination of Strobilanthes crispus, Cattharanthus roseus and Brucea javanica and to confirm that the herb drink is non-toxic for diabetic patients. It is also to compare the antioxidant activity of these three plants.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm290289999

Probiotic Chocolate

The development of chocolate using Lactobacillus plantarum will increase the perception and nutritional value of chocolate. Chocolate itself is a good energy provider and by completing the dark chocolate containing probiotic bacteria will lead to good functional food. L. plantarum is an easy probiotic to be incorporate into our diet as the invention of the L. plantarum complement in chocolate is found to be most effective, particularly, in providing antimicrobial, anti mutagenic, anticarcinogenic properties and promoting the effect of reduction in serum cholesterol level.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2905610027

Nems Mct/Lct-A Novel Palm Oil-Based Nanoemulsion Drug Carrier System for Injections

NEMSTM MCT/LCT is the world???s first combination of coconut oil and palm oil-based lipid nanoemulsion for parenteral (intravenous) injection using a modified emulsion processing procedure and nanotechnology. It is a white, milky emulsion with a globule size range of 200-350 nm. NEMSTM MCT/LCT retained its physicochemical stability profiles after undergoing accelerated stability tests which included heat sterilisation (autoclave), and centrifugation tests. Drug loading tests showed that NEMSTM MCT/LCT injections exhibited similar pharmacological effects in animals as compared to the injection products available in the market. NEMSTM can be used as a technological platform in the development of carriers for drugs, antigens (vaccines), genes and other insoluble pharmacological entities for human and veterinary uses.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2907910050

Malaysia Sexuality Education (MSE)
Courseware : Animation Approach

The government of Malaysia has introduced the National Sexuality Education guideline in 2006 to overcome social problems amongst the juveniles. An early study related to the perception of teachers and students toward the sexual education curriculum taught in school currently was carried out.The study showed that there is a big gap between the perception of the students and teachers toward several issues, such as resources, and content adequacy of Malaysia Sexuality Education was designed and developed based on several learning theories to handle the sensitive sexuality issues of the Malaysian community especially the students.
The theoretical framework was executed through a comprehensive research methodology as the model ADDIE is integrated with usage-centered design to achive high usability courseware in conclusion, the Malaysia Sexuality Education courseware will be a tool or product to be used as a solution to teaching and learning problems in Malaysia Sexuality eduication.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2908710058

Laundry and Linen Handling Systems (e-Laundry)

Improved laundry system to replace the manual laundry system. This system has been used in several hospitals.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2911610087

Halal High Quality Collagen Peptide

Collagen made from bovine fish gelatin process as the main ingredient.

Kolagen yang diperbuat daripada proses gelatin ikan bovine sebagai bahan utama.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2912410095

Focus ON: Awareness on Multiple Exceptionalities

The exhibit is an informational sheet on the occurrence of multiple exceptionalities among children with special educational needs. Children with multiple exceptionalities/ disabilities that may include: speech, physical and mobility, learning, sensory (visual and hearing), and possibly others. They can also exhibit behavior and or social problem and will vary in severity and characteristics. Educational services for children with special educational needs mainly focused on mono disability. However, there are also those with additional unidentified exceptionality present in the school system. A study on the profile and prevalence of children with multiple exceptionalities were carried in selected schools in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. The information in the exhibit is an excerpt of a cross-sectional study to determine the prevalence and the leading cause of visual impairment among children with learning disabilities. It involved 30 children in the Special Education Integration Programmed for students with learning disabilities in a school in Kuala Lumpur. Vision screening consisting of visual acuity test was carried out o these children. The findings revealed that 22 children (73%) failed the screening test and indicated having some forms of visual impairment. Further optometric examination found that the types of visual impairment experienced by the children include refractive error (23.3%), strabismus (16.7%), amblyopia (6.7%), and others. This shows that prevalence of visual impairment is high among children with learning disabilities. The importance of increasing awareness on children with learning disabilities who may have other hidden special needs is important as barriers to their learning potentials can be lessened. There are pedagogical and social implications on the kind of support for children with multiple exceptionalities in the school system.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2913310104

Entrap: Ergonomic Solution for Ballistic Protection

ENTRAP, a natural silk/ENRAN is a flexible, lightweight, ergonomic trauma pack system used for protective apparel, suitable even for gender-sensitive applications.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2914810119

DF Pectin (pectin from dragon fruit)

Pectin has been successfully extracted from dragon fruit peel which is the biowaste from the dragon fruit processing industry. The obtained dragon fruit pectin has high yield that is comparably higher than the apple and citrus pectin. Pectin was isolated by enzymatic extraction. The lack of chemicals during pectin extraction may allow the food industry to move towards environmentally friendly technology and sustainable production.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm2918010151

Bioactive Swiftlet Nest Supplement

The production process of EBN hydrolysate products is faster compared to conventional methods.

Proses penghasilan produk EBN hidrolisat yang lebih pantas jika dibandingkan dengan kaedah konvensional.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm3284213813

Zip-Zap 3S

An effective multipurpose security system embedded into backpack. It runs in a system which alerts user on potential hazard such as snatch theft, pickpockets and anti-harassment. Alarm will trigger at the moment of action that act as self-defense mechanism.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3288213853

Mobile App Using Video Modelling-Social Autism-Aid

Mobile app, social autism-aid, has been developed to assist in daily social interaction and to promote understanding of emotions and gestures using visual modeling and interactive games. It provide a platform for autistic children as they are attracted to visual items. There are 3 video lessons.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3358214553

Rust Inhibitor

This product is a water-based corrosion coating for protection against erosion and improving the resilience of a structure.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm3487915506

Lemon and Ginger Juice

Formulated from natural ingredients such as lemon, ginger, apple vinegar and natural honey that provide good for controlling cholesterol, blood pressure.

Diformulasikan dari bahan semulajadi seperti lemon, halia, cuka epal dan madu asli yang memberikan kebaikan mengawal kolestrol, tekanan darah.

Alor Gajah Melaka

ID : tm3498515612

Gravitational Potential Phone Charger

Gravity is one of the most potent forms of potential energy. Our project was designed to harness the energy stored in gravitational potential energy as efficiently as possible. Using a simple set of gears, we gear up the RPM of an input spindle to drive a generator, which can then charge phones, etc.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm3507315700

Replacing Estradiol-17 With Organic All Plants Proteins

Estradiol-17 is a growth hormone used in poultry. It is harmful to animals and humans health, it is also illegal in some countries. We use organic plants proteins made from rejected plants to replace it which are eco-friendly products.

Bangi Selangor

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