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ID : tm3009211063

A Novel an Environmental Friendly Cement and Concrete

This invention produces an environmentally friendly cement and concrete. It utilizes a mixture of alkali hydroxide, sodium silicate, pozzolanic material and clay as the cement of the concrete. This method emits lower carbon dioxide compared to concretes that utilize ordinary Portland cement. In addition, this invention possesses strong mechanical properties and is a more durable for construction work. Such concrete is non-inflammable and has great resistance against sulphuric acid attack.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3010011071

An Intelligent Communication System for Neuromuscular Disorder Patients

A Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) is an intelligent system that records electroencephalogram (EEG) signals from human. The system records the brain perception signal while the subject is made to visualize a picture and later pre-processed. After pre-processing, the band energy features are extracted using a simple feature extraction technique. The extracted features are then associated with the respective visualization task perception and a neural network model is developed. The system has the capability of recording and processing the EEG perception signals and identifying the correct perception signal. Once the network identifies the perception signal, it is then converted into an equivalent voice signal and played through an audio speaker.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3010311074

Bangkoo: A Modular Concept Bench

A modular concept bench made from reclaim pinewood and engineering wood. Implement the wood joinery technique to enhance bench structural integrity.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3010711078

Build with Thermobarrier

Thermobarrier is invented as passive fire protection by acting as fire retardant materials to resist fire and heat in order to protect building structure. It "Builds and Insulates" a the same time. This provides sufficient time for rescue operation and fire victims to escape for life.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3012211093


Eco-Glass is an eco-friendly product which is use agricultural wastes as raw materials in making glass. Recycling of agricultural wastes as raw materials for Eco-Glass hugely reduce the unnecessary materials on land and reducing the disposal cost. The term Eco is drawn from the idea that the glass produced is both economical as well as economical because we use about 80% of agricultural waste as a main ingredient in the formula.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3015411125

Insight Weaver

Insight Weaver utilizes augmented reality to enhance readability of printed texts, in this case yearbook. The yearbook is constructed with the inclusion of markers and the application (Aurasma) is used to retrieve the overlay.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016611137

Kiddo's Potty Toilet

The Kiddo's Potty Toilet is an educational product that will help family and instructor to train children who having and adhd using a modern toilet properly.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3020811179

Smart Emergency Plug-And-Use Generator

Smart Emergency Plug-And-Use Generator is stand alone plug and use tools which intended as an alternative power supply kit to reduce the issue of a power outage during emergency state.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3284213813

Zip-Zap 3S

An effective multipurpose security system embedded into backpack. It runs in a system which alerts user on potential hazard such as snatch theft, pickpockets and anti-harassment. Alarm will trigger at the moment of action that act as self-defense mechanism.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3288213853

Mobile App Using Video Modelling-Social Autism-Aid

Mobile app, social autism-aid, has been developed to assist in daily social interaction and to promote understanding of emotions and gestures using visual modeling and interactive games. It provide a platform for autistic children as they are attracted to visual items. There are 3 video lessons.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3487915506

Lemon and Ginger Juice

Formulated from natural ingredients such as lemon, ginger, apple vinegar and natural honey that provide good for controlling cholesterol, blood pressure.

Diformulasikan dari bahan semulajadi seperti lemon, halia, cuka epal dan madu asli yang memberikan kebaikan mengawal kolestrol, tekanan darah.

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