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ID : tm2965810629

Trans-B App for Youth Sustainability Rural Livelihood

Thia trans-b app have been developed for training purposes. A total of eight training modules have been embedded to be easy accessed. The module is to increase the awareness among youths in managing organization in rural livelihood sustainability.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2966310634

The Pro Sai Kit and Biofeedback Training to Improve Students' Academic Performance

Students have many obstacles in order to achieve an optimal academic performance. One of the academic performance affects is anxiety disorders while study process, in other word, anxiety has negative effect on students' academic performance. Anxiety is a subjective feeling of tension,apprehension,nervousness, and worry associated with arousal of the nervous system. Student with high level of anxiety will have low academic performance.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2968110652

Smart Kit for Operator's Performance

The worker performance associated with cognitive ability to handle stress, boredom,emotional instability and fatigue in the work emotional performance. The kit consists of biofeedback protocol, biofeedback device, training module for improving and sustaining operator's optimal physiological functions. The system is useful to boost operator's ability to handle their performance blocks by promoting homeostasis and autonomic nervous system. As a result, operators will gain an enhanced health, emotional well-being, and work performance. By using the kit, the operators can enhance cognitive and emotional performance and lead them to improve productivity.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2973510706

Mandarin For All

Product verified effectiveness learn mandarin level 1 within 28 hours for non-native learner. It is a pre-test book for Chinese proficiency test (hanyu shuiping kaoshi=HSK) candidates through hard copy with audio in QR code or e-book. Product recommended by professor China and HSK 1 full mark scorer.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2973810709

Kindly Talk: A Holistic Module for Early Childhood Educators

Kindly talk is professional English training modules for early childhood educators. It consists of two modules entitled: (1) Communication English and (2) Effective Storytelling Techniques. These modules include tahalli grounded in heart intelligence using hands-on, interactive and dynamic approaches.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2979410765

AR Science for Kids (ARKIDS)

AR refers to a technology that allows the user to experience the sense of real world while interacting with virtual & physical objects. Applying AR in early exposure to science for young children will have a great positive impact on them in their elementary years.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2980710778

WHOLEmath: Educational Game for Mathematic

WHOLEmath is a board game that uses the concept of hole and show to challenge children to solve certain puzzles. This educational game allows students to explore multiple Mathematics concepts (numbers, shapes and mathematics operations) by just changing the paper which represents various mathematical problems. The use of holes to challenge the students problem-solving skill is a unique and new way to get them excited and interested in the game.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2982110792

Programme Pekongsian University-Keluarga (PUPUK)

PUPUK is a part of medical program at University Malaysia Sabah. Medical students follow up a rural family for five years. This is a novel approach to medical education which brings benefits to both the student and the community. The project takes place in the region of Kudat on the Northern tip of Borneo. This are was chosen for the project since it was one of the most deprived areas of Malaysia. Families with health or social problems are identified by community leaders. Students see the families three times a year and during this time they assess their health related behaviors. The students are given a selection of questionnaires which they can administer to the family in order to understand them better. During the last two years of medical school the students can attempt to change health related behavior such as smoking or diet. This work is supervised by a member of the faculty who see the students three times a year.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2982910800

Nine Piece Tangram

The Nine-Piece Tangram is a set of polygonal shapes which can be combined to form various shapes including shapes of things. The objectives of this kit are to stimulate students interest in forming shapes and exploring patterns, and to assist students in understanding a variety of mathematical concepts. It can be used by teachers to alleviate students anxiety in learning mathematics and to assist them in grasping mathematical concepts such as Pythagoras Theorem and calculation of areas.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2984810819

GIS Teaching Application For Borneo Regional Climate (GITAR)

GITAR is an interactive multi-layer GIS maps. It is a teaching aids, which translates the highly-technical scientific research ( on climate elements) into a schematic multimedia presentation that most laymen can easily relate. Borneo is selected as the case study. However, this is applicable and replicable to any tropical region. GITAR simplifies the concept of climatology. The interactive map diagram embedded in this project, is useful to communicate this complex subject more effectively. GITAR can be used either as a teaching tool or a support material in workshop.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2985310824

Financial Literacy: How Do University Students Fared

There is increasing evidence related to personal finance mismanagement involving younger generation of Malaysians. Failure to manage personal finance affairs would result financial stress. Occupational psychologists warn that stress at work exhibits itself in such ways as demotivation, physical and mental withdrawal from task and ineffectiveness. Since literature has linked financial illiteracy and financial stress, this research aims to determine the level of financial literacy of university graduates as they are the future drivers of Malaysia's economy.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2988510856

The Use of Matryoshka Chest in Improving student's Achievment in Balancing Chemical Equation.

The matryoshka chest is a teaching tool used in learning the balancing chemical equation concepts. The different size of the chest will trigger student's curiosity, capture their attention and motivate them to unlock the chest using the concept of chemical equations through hands-on activity.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2989810869

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques: An Approach to Enhance Motivation Among High-risk Students

The manual is for teachers to enhance motivation among high-risk students using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. Three main NLP techniques use in this manual are progressive relaxation techniques, discover true values techniques and circle of excellence technique.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm3516515792

Rotactor Gold

Rotactor gold is a learning aid for students to understand the concept of rotation in mathematics. The conventional method in learning the concept of rotation is slow, waste lots of paper and confusing. But using this new invention, rotactor, students can easily understand the concept of rotation.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

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