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ID : tm3032111292

Tajweed Race Online

Tajweed is a set of rules which dictates how the Quran should be recited. Tajweed race online was developed to give an added early exposure of the tajweed rules to the children. In enriches the understanding from formal learning of a basic tajweed rules.

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ID : tm3032411295

Si Buncit

Kajian saintifik tentang kisah si buncit sebagai kaedah dan teknik memperkenalakn huruf hijaiyah al-Quran. Kisah ini diolah bagi memudahkan pelajar mengecam dan mengingat huruf hijaiyah al-Quran diman masalah utama buta al-Quran ialah mereka keliru dan tidak dapat kuasai huruf hijaiyah yang asas.

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ID : tm3034011311

Fiqir Road Safety

Road safety is an important issue. An interactive multimedia application about road safety aducation called "Fiqir Road Safety" based on primary school textbook by Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) was developed by utilizing multimedia elements and employed malaysian theme in the contents.

Kuala Nerus Terengganu

ID : tm3034511316

Course Learning Outcomes Performances Evaluation System

Clopes is a system for designing assessment based on course learning outcomes(CLO). It is a part of academic intelligence system containing sub-modules of exgenoba, ams, mas, sis & edubi. Clopes can personalize student's achievement performance to help lecturers discover their strength & weaknesses.

Kuala Nerus Terengganu

ID : tm3298113952

Resource Deployment Efficiency Tool in Higher Education Curriculum Design

The inspirational innovation has a dual purpose. Firstly, as a curriculum manual to assist Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) design coursework to address the national manpower needs and enhance the collaborative relationship between HEIs and industries and, secondly, as employee selection software. Resource Deployment Efficiency Tool (RDET) can assist HEIs in decision making on a range of fronts, including facilities development, positioning attributes, curriculum developement and the delivery of the core curriculum in Malaysia in an effort to produce a competitive and sustainable workforce internationally.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3298213953

Research Issues and Empirical Studies on Business Ethics

About the ethical issues and empirical studies on business ethics. The objective of this research is to understand the ethical behavioour and decisions in the workplace.

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ID : tm3298513956

PPF Conformance Analyzer

The effectiveness of internal audit functions is significant to ensure proper discharge of responsibilities by internal auditors. The best measure of internal audit effectiveness is through the level of conformance towards the Internal Audit Professional Practice Framework. The instrument is subjected to detailed development process aimed at preserving the validity and reliability of the instrument . The PPF was utilized in the development of the instrument. A new approach of measurement was used as a solution for the limitation in the existing instruments. The results indicated the new instrument was highly reliable and conform to the existing framework suggested by IIA.

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ID : tm3300213973

IBRQ Index

To develop a comprehensive index by considering the limitation of the previous indexes, known as Internet Business Reporting Quality (IBRQ)Index. The development of IBRQ Index is subjected to stringent and detail steps to preserve its validity and reliability. Apart from that, detailed consideration was made pertaining to the use of a weight in the index. Results from multi-rater reliability test indicated that IBRQ Index is a valid and reliable instrument. At the same time, the index was reviewed by prominent researchers to assess its validity. IBRQ Index has significantly contributed to the body of knowledge while simultaneously reducing the gap in the literature.

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ID : tm3300713978

E-z- Disleksia' Courseware

Design to accommodate the needs of dyslexic children with difficulty in reading and learning to read Bahasa Melayu language. It supports the fundamental elements in multimedia which is visual, auditory and kinesthetic within a semi user controlled navigation approach. After testing and evaluation, the courseware has proven to be beneficial not only to dyslexic children but also to children who are having difficulty in their early stage of reading.

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ID : tm3302713998

The Rating System Model for Assessing the Green Quality of Working Life for Malaysian Government

The rating system model for assessing the green quality of working life for Malaysian government institutions which consists of three dimensions namely green leadership, green team based practices and green training and development.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303314004

Mycrat: Malaysian Corruption Risk Assessment Tool

Mycrat is a system that measures the level of corruption risk in an organization. The assessment will be done by independent assessors to ensure fair evaluation is obtained. The evaluation will be administered bi internal auditors and reported to top management further decision

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3304514016

Graduate Happiness Calculator

Graduate happiness calculator is use to generate graduate happiness index (GHI). GHI assists university to identify segments that need to be enhanced in order to ensure graduates remain happy throughout their study periods.

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ID : tm3304814019

ERM Conformance Analyzer

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an approach to manage all from risk faced by an organization. This instrument aimed to provide valid and reliable measures for quantitative assessment of ERM implementation. The COSCO's framework on ERM and IIA's Position Paper were utilized in the developement of the instrument. A new approach of measurement was used as a solution to existing instrument. The result indicated that the new instrument was highly valid and reliable.

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ID : tm3306314034

"How engineer are you?"

This invention aims to determine the extent a respondent is suitable to be an engineer. This software provides a platform for the respondent to access his or her intelligence, personality, technical language and knowledge which is deemed essential for becoming an engineer, based on holistic measures.

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ID : tm3514415771

Vigna Supermeal

Its a complete meal made specially for children, adults and senior citizens based on the specification.

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