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ID : tm3032111292

Tajweed Race Online

Tajweed is a set of rules which dictates how the Quran should be recited. Tajweed race online was developed to give an added early exposure of the tajweed rules to the children. In enriches the understanding from formal learning of a basic tajweed rules.

Kuala Nerus Terengganu

ID : tm3032411295

Si Buncit

Kajian saintifik tentang kisah si buncit sebagai kaedah dan teknik memperkenalakn huruf hijaiyah al-Quran. Kisah ini diolah bagi memudahkan pelajar mengecam dan mengingat huruf hijaiyah al-Quran diman masalah utama buta al-Quran ialah mereka keliru dan tidak dapat kuasai huruf hijaiyah yang asas.

Kuala Nerus Terengganu

ID : tm3034011311

Fiqir Road Safety

Road safety is an important issue. An interactive multimedia application about road safety aducation called "Fiqir Road Safety" based on primary school textbook by Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) was developed by utilizing multimedia elements and employed malaysian theme in the contents.

Kuala Nerus Terengganu

ID : tm3034511316

Course Learning Outcomes Performances Evaluation System

Clopes is a system for designing assessment based on course learning outcomes(CLO). It is a part of academic intelligence system containing sub-modules of exgenoba, ams, mas, sis & edubi. Clopes can personalize student's achievement performance to help lecturers discover their strength & weaknesses.

Kuala Nerus Terengganu

ID : tm3198812959

Magnetic - PLC Training Kit

The main purpose of the Kit is to enhance student understanding of electrical machines control using PLC as the controller. There are two learnig processes embedded in this kit, there are conceptual knowledge (theories) and experimental learning (practical hands-on training).

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3203913010

Development of Multifunctional Robotic Experiment Kit (Robo-Ex) for Teaching and Learning Robotic Design

This research is carried out to design and produce a teaching aid in a form of educational kit that can be used as a training system to help students understanding the concept of how robotic work using PLC programming. The research also focuses on the functionality and evaluation on the design aspect of the developed product. This experimental based research uses ADDIE model as its design. The electronic parts are developed using Proteus 9, Multisim 8 and PCB Wizard. The AutoCAD 2007 and Solid World software is used to design the body parts of robot and the casing of the product.The input and output are represented by the code condition of the switch button, sensor, motors and LED.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3204113012

Development of Digital Electronic Digital Experiment Kit (DEDI-Ex) for Teaching and Learning Digital E lectronic

The study was carried out aimed to overcome the problem faced by students and teachers for the topics number system and logic gates for the subject Electronics and Electric Principle at the Technical Secondary Schools (SMT) and produced a learning kit for ABBM. Research using ADDIE design model which is a model which is a model that has five levels of analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. ADDIE model is also comprehensive and includes stages for an effective study design and development of a product. Digit Electronic Digital Experiment Kit (DEDI-Ex) produced contains 20 practical and includes two practical applications. The objective of study is to prove the truth table through practical activities that have been prepared using this DEDi-Ex.

Batu Pahat Johor

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