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ID : tm3121012181

Sejadah BB

Prayer is one of the strengths of a Muslim. It creates relation between God (Allah) and His servants. Thus, as to develop the ummah, Muslims have to increase the quality of prayers. However, nowadays there are a lot of problems or obstacles for Muslims to do well in prayers. Thus, we come out with a solution. Sejadah BB seems to be like a common one but actually it has its specialities. Firstly, it is used to prevent the problem of robbery cases in mosques. It comes with a secret pocket underneath it. You may locate your valuable things inside besides guarding them while you are praying. Now, you can focus on your prayer! You do not have to worry on your purse, watch, handphone and even your laptop anymore. Besides, from a prayer mat, it can be transformed into an elegant laptop bag. It is awesome! Comes with a small and convenient size, it is suitable to be brought everywhere and every time. It will guarantee the safety of your laptop as it has a protectable cover. Sejadag BB is also equipped with adds-on values. As a number of Muslims love to perform prayer in the dark, it comes with a glow-in-the-dark Kaabah on the top. Therefore, it will glow and show itself towards the worshippers of Allah and this helps Muslims to focus in it. In addition, for those who love travelling, Sejadah BB helps them to perform prayer with no doubt on the right direction anywhere. Just open the prayer mat and it will show the direction of the qiblat on the compass. As our product may solve these problems, it may help Muslims in maintaining the best quality of prayers. As to conclude, prayer is the best key towards developing successful ummah.

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ID : tm3121912190

Myema (Entrepreneur monitoring apps)

Myema is an apps that can monitor entrepreneur performance on daily basis while incorporating other modules such as motivational tip on entrepreneurship, Islamic approach (through daily feed of relevant Quranic and hadith ecxerpt) and also a real time complaint counter.

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ID : tm3122912200

MMS for Decision-Making Process in Critical Medical Treatment

This model envisions the model of Maqasid Al-Shariah (MMS) for decision making process in critical medical treatment. The underlying principle is the preservation of life as the central objective in Islamic biomedical ethics.

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ID : tm3124112212

Informer on Site

Informer on site' is one of prototype mobile application for informing disaster complaint with site pictures and location using the smartphones. Its focus on disaster cases such as flood, typhoon, haze and landslide. This apps can assist the authorities to handle the issue of disaster.

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ID : tm3124712218

EZ Pay

The EZ pay version 1.1 is a combination of four apps which are easy payment plan, credit card manager, calculator and spending tracker. EZ pay is available for androids users at a cost of MYR1. This software is practical and helps user to have a prudent credit card management at their fingertips.

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ID : tm3126112232

Aqida Developmental Modul For Social Impact

Muslim scholars divide Islamic teachings into three main divisions, Akida, Syari'a and Akhlaq. Akida deals with the theoretical aspect while Syari'a and Akhlaq focus on action. The oneness of God (tawhid) is the foundation of Islamic Akida. This Aqida differentiates Muslims from others. The truthfulness of Aqida is important in order to generate a good action. Aqida provides a theoretical framework for what Muslims do. Without a right Aqida it will be difficult to produce a right action. This module provides a systematic approach for understanding Aqida and its impact in social life. It tries to develop a way of understanding Aqida that will enable the believer to avoid sinful acts in their life. The belief in Allah as the creator and the owner of this universe is the foundation of this Aqida. Allah SWT provides a way of how one need to life his life. That way of life are called Syari'a and Akhlaq. Every human being must follow that way of life in order to achieve success in her life. Every action of rational human being will be counted and evaluated. Either he deserves reward or punishment for that action. It will be a judgment day where all people will get their reward or punishment of their actions. A good action will bring a person to paradise and the bad action to hell. These are the fundamental beliefs that will give a social impact in human life. However, the impact of the belief will depend mostly on how far the person understand and remember these beliefs.

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ID : tm3513715764

Smart Chromo Vision Kit

Smart chromo vision kit is a unique, smart and convenient colour chart guide designed in the form of a wristband, a watch and a coin pouch. This invention enables the colour blind people to correctly identify the colour that they observe by matching against the chart provided on these products.

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