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ID : tm3007311044

Hollow Pyramidal Microwave Absorber Using Agriculture Waste

This product is a microwave absorbers using waste material for anechoic chamber application. This product can use to absorb 99.99% of microwave signal over 2-18ghz frequency range. Two type of hollow pyramidal microwave absorber have been produced;
1. Rice Husk
2. Rice Husk Ash

Padang Besar Perlis

ID : tm3069911670

ZeoPKC: An Additive to Control Ammonia Production in Poultry Houses

This product is especially useful for layers in cages or broilers in deep litter system, in open or close house system or range system.Other added advantages for layers include: -improved egg shell quality. -In additional to being safe and healthy,it provides additional nutrients,such as calcium and antioxidants to the layers; - It is easy to use, can just be mixed in the feed. ZeoPKC is proven to be environmentally friendly and cost effective. It is suitable for organic farming system. It is formulated to contain zeolite,palm kernel cake,antioxidants and other useful nutrients.In addition, it absorbs moisture which predisposes to fly larvae,reduces emission of NH3 from fecal nitrogen and is value added organic manure.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3070011671

ZAPPA- The Rice Seeds Germination Enhancer and the Control of 'Padi Angin' Infestation

ZAPPA or `Zapa Padi Angin` is a specially formulated seed treatment with active oxygen which provides vigorous growth to rice seeds grown under aerobic and anaerobic systems.
- Increases root and shoot growth to about 130% & 62%
- Increases paddy yield between 40 to 57%
- Paddy seeds treated with active oxygen in ZAPPA
suffocates the untreated weedy rice seeds present in the
soil, thereby reducing weed problems
- Reduces rats attacks due to standing water
- Conserves water usage (water is not removed after
- Reduces seed borne disease, and increase seed purity.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3070311674

Web Smart Farmer

Web Smart Farmer is a Web Based System to help the farmer to view their field soil variability maps and keep the record of their farming activities through a web portal and take remedial actions using variable rate treatment of their management zones with the help of "rice check" available on-line. The system also allows farmers to keep the record of their farming activities such as amount and cost of fertilizer and chemical uses. The system finally will determine the profit of their farming based on Return of Investment (ROI). This will enhance the farmers' understanding on their cost of productions and real profit being gained by them for each particular season. The target group for these systems is for the farmers and farm managers. The farm manager can view which lot produce highest yield with the lower cost of expenses. This will help the managers to determine which lot with the low produced yield and overcome the problems. This system has the potential to be used in the granary area and also by the government agencies involved in the national rice industry like MADA, KADA and others. Because of the use of open-source technologies, the cost for development of this system is reduced.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3070711678

Vita-Grow : The Growth and Yield Enhance

- VITA-GROW increased plant yield and produce quality
- Produce proven UPM long-term research;
- Reaffirmed by MARDI, BERNAS, FELCRA, DOA, MADA, FOA an
individual farmers in Malaysia.
- Foliar fertilizer containing complete and balanced plant
mixed nutrients;
- Enriched with plant growth regulators and organically
bound micronutrients;
- High strange stability; and
- High stability when mixed who most nutrients.
- Stimulates/induce flowering and better fruit setting;
- Prevent the shedding of flowers and buds;
- Significantly increase yields during; and reproductive
stage by correction of nutrients deficiencies.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3070911680

Virgin Coconut Oil : Application of FTIR Spectrocopy for Analysis of Virgin Coconut Oil

Application of analytical technique to measure the content of virgin coconut oil.

- fast and reliable
- support the green technology

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3071011681

V-Grooving: A New Conversion Method of Bamboo Culms into Flat Bamboo Sheet

The present invention relates to the method and the apparatus for converting cylinder shaped bamboo culms into flat, solid bamboo sheets that can be further processed into various high value-added products. The culm internodes are cut in a series of V-shaped grooves at its outer-side by a special design grooving machine at a predetermined grooving interval. The optimum grooving intervals, which are the function of culm diameter, thickness and the grooving angle, are tabulated in a Grooving Table for simple operator use. Each grooving has 0.5-1.0mm depth grooving cease that serves as pivoted connector to maintain the culm intact and provides pivoted hinge function necessary for flattening process. After series of grooving being completed and the last groove is cut through, the grooved culm is opened up by hand and simply flattened under a pressing machine or clamper. The hinge function of the grooving cease transfers the vertical forces of the pressing into lateral forces that facilitate each the groove to close tightly and can be fixed become flat sheet upon they has been previously coated with certain glue. Since the flattened culm is wide and laterally straight, it can be efficiently and practically planed by a planing machine on one or both of its surfaces and then used for producing of laminated bamboo boards or planks. The advantage is that the processing steps are shorter and more efficient as compared to the conventional split-and-squaring method. Therefore, the product production cost with this method is expected to be lower than those of the conventional method. On top of that, as the machine used is small and relatively simple in its construction, this method and apparatus will be suitable for medium- and small-scales bamboo processors, especially those from bamboo producing countries such as in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Thailand, and Philippines.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3071311684

Use of P-32 Isotope and Phosphate Transporter for Selecting Oil Palm Genotypes with Efficiency P Uptake Ability

Phosphate is one of the crucial elements to complete the plant's life cycle. The use of phosphate fertilizer in manipulating the phosphate availability in Malaysian soils has been a common strategy by planters to improve the plant's growth. In view that phosphate resources is depleting and some environmental issues that arises due to excessive phosphate fertilizer application, a concept of "tailoring the plant to fit the soil" is adopted. We implemented two techniques to identify oil palm genotypes with better phosphate uptake ability. The outcome of the research has the implication that phosphate resources in the soil is better utilized and promotes sustainable agricultural practice. In our study, P-32 radioisotope proved to be a good method to quantify and differentiate the genotypes in taking up applied P among oil palm genotypes were observed. Next, we incorporated molecular technique to understand the uptake of P among oil palm genotypes during P-starvation. A distinct difference in expression of phosphate transporters were observed among the genotypes. These two techniques will contribute in the oil palm breeding program to identifying genotypes with better P uptake ability.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3071811689

UPM BioGreen biofertilizer for efficient production of rice and vegetable

Biofertilizer 'UPM BioGreen' consists of locally isolated nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing bacterial strains and Glomus mosseae mycorrhiza. Microbes were grown in 2.5 % molasses and mixed into compost mix consists of commercial peat (Peat grow) and empty fruit bunches (EFB) compost. Application of one tone per hectare of this product is able to increase plant biomass, photosynthesis and crop yield with 30% less chemical nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. Nitrogen fixing bacteria of this product supply nitrogen for crop requirement. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria and mycorrhiza enhance P solubilization from phosphate rock that improves plant P acquisition and plant growth with reduced P fertilizer. Instead of expensive triple super phosphate (TSP) a cheaper phosphate rock (PR) can be utilized for annual crop production. Phytohormones produced by the microbes construct extensive plant root architecture that increased nutrient uptake from surrounding soil. This product is environmental friendly and suitable for sustainable crop production. UPM BioGreen can be easily applied by farmers by mixing it with organic fertilizer and can be used for crop production especially rice and vegetables. Industries related to organic and biofertilizer production are able to produce this product by using locally available organic materials and industrial byproducts such as molasses. The cost for manufacturing of this product should be less than that of chemical fertilizer.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3072211693


This product is obtained by selecting from a variety of bacteria found in the gut of prawn, water and bottom soil of cultured ponds.

Easy to use, cheaper than imported products, no negative health effect on cultured animals and the animals are safe to be eaten.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3072511696

TrichogreenTM Bio Control Agent and Growth Enhancer - Oil Palm Industry

TrichogreenTM is a formulation of effective, live microbes containing >90% Trichoderma harzianum (strain FA 1132) carried in an organic compost
- Reduces loss of palms due to Ganoderma infections;
- Increases field of Ganoderma infected palms by 54% more,
compared to the untreated, infected control field. Yield
was assessed from fruit bunch numbers and fruit bunch
- Recommended for applications onto healthy, young as well
as mature oil palms;
- Induces a systematic defense system within the palms
against possible Ganoderma attacks;
- Highly recommended for young palms during replanting,
placed into planting holes;
- Excellent for enhanced growth of seedlings for oil palm
nursery operators;
- Recommendation for best overall growth: first apply
TrichogreenTM, second apply organic compost, lastly
apply inorganic fertilizer; and
- Recommended for vegetables, organic and herbal farming.
Kankong ((Ipomea aquatic) showed the best growth when
the plants were applied with TrichogreenTM.
- Is compatible with inorganic chemicals, is safe to
humans, animal and plants.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3073211703


This Sawmilling Yield Calculator is based on the MS Excel platform. It is user-friendly and allows the mill operator to ascertain the yield and sawing variations in the mill accurately. It also allows the mill operator to present the data as a graphical illustration to highlight the profitability of the sawmill. The YIELD CALCULATOR has been tested in several sawmills in Malaysia and has received the endorsement of the Malaysian Wood Industry Association (MWIA).

Short Description:
The yield in the saw milling industry in the country is relatively low compared to their counterparts in Europe and North America. Studies on saw milling yield is relatively sparse, and most available data are out-dated. The lack of reliable data also deters saw mill operators from taking the necessary remedial measures to boost yield.

Keyword: Sawmill, Yield, Costing, Sawn Timber Defects.

YIELD CALCULATOR is the first locally developed sawmilling expert system that enables the mill operator to establish the yield/recovery of the mill together with the sawing variations accurately. Being user-friendly, it's use does not require specialist training and can be adopted easily to any sawmilling situations.

The YIELD calculator can also be used as a teaching aid, as it provides useful background information about the sawmilling sector in the country. It also provides information on quality issues related to the industry.

The YIELD CALCULATOR provides useful data that can be shown as graphical illustrations, which can be printed for future references. This will allow the mill operator to monitor the sawmill productivity closely.

Market / Commercialisation Potential:
The YIELD CALCULATOR has a large potential as it is applicable in any sawmilling situation in the country. It is estimated that this expert system has a market value of about US$ 500,000 throughout the region.

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ID : tm3073711708

Technology for Increased Lodging Resistance in Rice

The product is a growth regulator which controls internodes elongation and thus reduces the problem of lodging in rice. Currently there is no method to solve the problem of lodging in rice except for breeding to obtain dwarf variety. This method is time consuming and also results in loss of eating quality. the product recommended here can be used on the existing varieties to obtain dwarfism.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3073811709

Taman Konservatori Pertanian

The book was conceptualised as an introduction to the plant biodiversity available in the Agricultural Conservatory Park, UPM. Currently it has a one of the highlights to celebrate the 75 annivesary of UPM. Currently it has a collection of 500 species which are conveniently divided into 11 zones; some of which are medicinal, aromatic, ulam, wild orchids, aroids, and spices. The book serves various purpose: 1) to document in pictorial form the medicinal applications of the plant collection in the Park; 2)to be a scientific reference; 3)to inculcate the appreciation for nature; 4)to capture the beauty of the seasonal flowers and fruits.

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ID : tm3074611717

StellarLac : A Probiotic For Poultry

StellarLac is a multi-strain probiotic that can be used as a natural substitute for antibiotic grow promoters to increase performance in chickens (broilers and layers) and as a hypolipidaemic agent to reduce fat and cholesterol in broilers and cholesterol in egg yolk.
- consists of a mixture of 12 Lactobacillius strains
isolated from the intestines of local chickens.
- vialibility of the Lactobacillius strains maintained at
a high level of about 109 viable cells/g.
- low dosage of 0.1% of the probiotic required to be
incorporated into the feed daily.
- increases growth performance.
- improves feed efficiency and immune response.
- increase egg production, egg size and egg weight.
- reduces mortality rate, pathogenic bacteria and noxious
bacterial enzymes in the intestinal tract, also reduces
body fat content and cholesterol level.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3074711718

StellarLac - A Multi Strain Probiotic for Poultry

"Probiotics,which are viable friendly bacterial cultures that have a beneficial effect on the health of a host when taken as a feed supplement,have been considered as a substitute for the antibiotic growth promoters.
UPM have developed a novel multi-strain probiotic that can be used as a natural substitute for the antibiotic growth promoters to increase performance in chickens (broilers and layers) and as a hypolipidaemic agent to reduce fat and cholesterol in broilers,and cholesterol in egg yolk. The probiotic consists of a mixture of 12 Lactobacillus strains isolated from the intestines of local chickens,and scientifically selected for their exceptional performance in poultry.It is in a powder form and the viability of the Lactobacillus strains is maintained at a high level of about 109 viable cells per gram.Only a low dosage of 0.1% of the probiotic is required to be incorporated into the feed daily.Probiotic-fed broiler chickens have better growth performance,feed efficiency and immune response,less mortality rate,less pathogenic bacteria and noxious bacterial enzymes in their intestinal tract,and less body fat and cholesterol than the control broilers fed without probiotic.When compared to antibiotic-fed broiler chickens,probiotic-fed chickens also have better growth performance,feed efficiency and immune response,less cholesterol and less mortality rate.Similarly, supplementation of the probiotic to laying hens improves their growth performance,feed efficiency, egg production, egg weight and egg size,reduces mortality rate,and lowers the cholesterol level in egg yolk at the initial laying period.The egg weight is increased by about 1 gram per egg, and there is a shift from small and medium to large and extra large eggs in the probiotic-fed hens.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3075711728

Smart Grader

The present invention proposes to be applicable for indoor and outdoor usage because it is a portable device. This invention relates to weight grading process in which uses an electromechanical weighing system, a smart processing system and data communication system as required by the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA). Beside this invention assists the farmers from small scale industries to accurately grading the freshly post-harvest fruit. Then, this invention is user friendly which means easy to operate it by all range of ages. Furthermore, this invention can solved the problem to differentiate between two almost similar weights of fruit but have different grades.Therefore, it is the intention here to introduce the easier and simpler automated fruit weight grader. The smart processing system assists the farmers to accurately grading the freshly post-harvest pineapple. Furthermore in this invention the system is designed in portable type, easy to handling, save time and energy, decrease operation cost, adjustable stand within 1 meter, adjustable stand can be dismantle, other fruits can also be used by using function switch, maximum loading up to 10kg, applicable for indoor and outdoor usage, special security for calibration by authorized user and contain communication system. Beside, the development of this invention is inexpensive and no maintenance needed.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3076911740

Ruminants to Poultry: Beneficial Microbe and Gene

Phytate is the major form of phosphorus storage in plants and is converted into biologically active forms of phosphorus by the enzyme phytase. However, monogastrics animals such as poultry and swine are unable to obtain this essential nutrient from their diet as they lack phytase. The unutilized phytate in the diet of the monogastric animals chelates with proteins and minerals, thus, reducing the nutritional value of the feed. It also accumulates in animal excreta, causing pollution of water tables when the degraded by soil microorganisms in agriculture-intensive areas. In the livestock industry, inorganic phosphate is supplemented into animal feed to meet the nutritional requirements of the animals. This practice has led to increased cost of feed and excessive phosphorus excreted in the manure which causes even more severe phosphorus pollution in the environment. Thus, in recent years, supplemental phytase enzyme has been used as an alternative to increase the phytate phosphorus utilization of animal feed. Previous studied in our laboratory have shown that the phytase produced by a newly isolated bacterial species Mitsuokella jalaludinii, could significantly improve phosphorus utilization and growth performance of broiler. However, the requirement of M.jalaludinii for strict anaerobic growth conditions hampers its mass production as well as increase the cost of production of the phytase enzyme. Therefore, biotechnological approach was used to overcome this problem. The phytase gene of M.jalaludinii was cloned and sequenced, and further sub-cloned into the RTS Pivex His6- tag vectors and transformed into E.coli
XL1 Blue. Analysis showed that the novel phytase gene which was cloned is fully functional. Therefore, in additional to the cells of M.jalaludinii which can be used as a feed supplement, this phytase gene can be introduced into other industrially important organisms to increase its production or further engineered to improve its characteristics.

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ID : tm3077811749

RETECS MAPS: Real Time Electrical Conductivity of Soil Mapping System

The characteristics of agricultural land are generally variable. Spatial and temporal variability of the soil chemical and physical properties within a field is unavoidable. To practice precision farming,the traditional field soil sampling and subsequent laboratory tests,which are usually time consuming and laborious,should be replaced by a more rapid and intensive soil sampling system.This could be achieved by using apparent or bulk soil electrical conductivity (ECa) technique for describing soil spatial variability.An electrical conductivity sensor known as VerisEC can be used to measure the average ECa of 0-30cm (shallow ECa) and 0-90cm (deep ECa) depths and locate its position by Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS). A summary parameter,ECa, is related to soil salinity and soil texture,which has high correlation with soil cation exchange capacity (CEC), hence soil nutrients content.

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ID : tm3077911750

Regional Comparative Advantage and Competitiveness of Malaysian Palm Oil Products

The findings of this study are important to researchers, academicians, policy makers and potential investors. The researchers will be able to use the results of the study to apply them for other areas of study. Academicians can use the findings as classroom examples for teaching purposes. Finally, policy makers and potential investors can use them as guidelines in identifying internationally competitive food products.

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ID : tm3079511766

Production of Humic Acid and Humates

Humic acid is produced from compost by first reacting compost with an alkaline agent to obtain a mixture containing humates. Then, liquid fraction of mixture is separated from solid matter and pH of the liquid fraction separated is adjusted between 1 and 2 with acid. The acidified liquid fraction is allowed to stand for humic acid to precipitate out. Finally, the precipitated humic acid is separated from the acidified fraction. K-humate is produced by reacting humic acid with a potassium source in the presence of water. Compost refers to particularly to composted pineapple lesf residues or other composted materials which contain humic acid. On the other hand, the alkaline agent and the potassium source refer particularly to potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution produced from incinerated pineapple leaf residues or other sources of alkali and potassium.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3080411775

Pindang Egg Boiler

Pindang egg is a Malay traditional food in Malaysia
since a long time ago. The specialty of the eggs
is that they have a herbal and sweet taste. The
preparation of these eggs is very complicated which
could take 3 to 4 days where they are boiled with
different kinds of herbs and other mixed spices in a
pot. Based on the research done, a total of 30,000
pindang eggs will be produced every month for
marketing purposes. The method of boiling these
eggs is using a pot size 70cm x 35cm that allows
a maximum of 300 eggs to be boiled at one time,
10 times per day. The eggs are close to each other
without any divider which create connection easily.
This invention helps in holding the pindang eggs
while boiling and indirectly reduce cracked eggs.

A structure holder for pindang eggs in order to
reduce the number of cracked eggs and reduce
loss for entrepreneurs. Furthermore this invention
makes tasks easier with quick preparation process.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3080511776

Pikat; Sound of nature

The presentation provide an inside look at the extraordinary ability of indigenous people in Malaysia to call upon wild life such as the mousedeer and other animals. Creating beat through tapping leaves, these people compel the mouse deer to dance and come closer to them. This phenomenon is unique since the beat is foreign to the mousedeer and yet they become excited to tap and dance along to it. This beat has effects not only on the mousedeer but also on the other animals such deer and birds. The beat resemble the sound of tapping by wood pecker such as mentioned in the Tales of King Solomon in the book written by John D Seymour (2003) pg 30 & 31. In the tales of King Solomon "the Wood pecker sounded the war gong and the mousedeer was the chief of the war dance and at the sound of gong he commenced to dance". This tale is not a myth. A group of researcher from University Putra Malaysia and the Wildlife and National Park Department of Malaysia conducted a study on this unique beat and use it as a method to call the animals especially mousedeer, deer and other animals to come closer to them. This beat has a potential to be used in the animal and wildlife conservation and management. The researchers used video camera and produced an interesting wildlife documentary with a duration of 45 minutes to prove that the beat produced by tapping as practiced by the indigenous people in Malaysia can lure the animals such as mousedeer, deer and other animals to come closer to human being. In the presentation the researcher intends to show part of the documentary that shows the mousedeer dance following the beat.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3081011781

Penggunaan Biochar sebagai Perapi Tanah untuk Peningkatan Hasil Tanaman dan Mitigasi Perubahan Iklim Dunia

Sekuestrasi karbon tanah ialah proses pemindahan karbon dioksida dari atmosfera ke dalam tanah melalui penambahan bahan organik sebagai perapi atau baja. Antara bahan berpotensi untuk sekuestrasi karbon dalam tanah ialah arang biologi atau lebih dikenali sebagai biochar.Konsep biochar berasal daripada terra preta yang diamalkan sejak lebih 1000 tahun dahulu di kawasan amazon, di mana pembakaran sisa tanaman menghasilkan tanah kaya dengan karbon yang tidak senang direput oleh mikrob.

Kelebihan produk:
- memperbaiki sifat fizik, kimia dan biologi tanah bagi meningkatkan hasil tanaman.
- menyimpan atau sekuestrasi karbon dalam tanah dan menyumbang kepada mitigasi perubahan iklim dunia.

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ID : tm3081111782

Pemanjangan Hayat Pascatuai Bunga Keratan Orkid dengan 1-Methyl Cyclopropane (1-MCP)

Bunga keratan orkid derawat dengan serbuk 1- MCP + air di dalam satu bekas bertutup selama 4 - 5 jam selepas dituai dan sebelum di simpan atau diangkut. Gas 1- MCP akan terhasil dan ia menghalang kerosakan etilena yang menyebabkan kelayuan, kehilangan warna dan keguguran bunga dan kudupnya.

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