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ID : tm3149012461

Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors From Blumea Balsamifera DC: Molecular Basis

The leaves of Blumea balsamifera DC (Sembong) are traditionally used in conditions related to urolithiasis or kidney stone. The most common kidney stone is the calcium oxalate stone, however uric acid stones can be formed as a mixture of uric acid and calcium oxalate stones. Uric acid production is catalyzed by xanthine oxidase(XO). This enzyme damage of living tissues. Phytochemical investigation on the Blumea balsmifera leaves' extract resulted in the isolation of hydrocarbons, phytosterols and flavonoids. In this study, the inhibition of xanthine oxidase activity by the flavonoids was assessed.

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ID : tm3149112462

Wb rapid - An Immunochromatography test for the rapid and accurate detection of Wuchereria bancrofti filaria infection

Lymphatic filariasis caused by Wuchereria bancrofti affects more than 100 million people in 80 countries. This mosquito-transmitted disease results in symptoms that include fever, lymphatic & renal damage, adenolymphangitis, hydrocoele, chyluria, lymphoedema and elephantiasis. Wb rapid is an immunochromatography-based rapid test for the detection of specific lgG to W. bancrofti. It employs BmSXP recombinant antigen which is immobilized on a membrane strip. If specific antibodies are present in the test sample (serum/plasma/blood), it forms an antibody-antigen complex with the immobilized antigen; and subsequently detection by a dye conjugated anti-human lgG, giving a pink-purplish coloured line/band. The control line contains goat anti-mouse lgG-dye conjugate, and serves as an indication of proper migration plus reagent control. The test demonstrated sensivity of 95-100% and specificity of 99-100%.

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ID : tm3149212463

Wb Rapid - An Immunochromatographic Assey For The Detection Of Specific IgG4 To Wucheria Brancofti

An Immunochromatography test for the rapid and accurate detection of Wuchereria bancrofti filaria infection. WB Rapid is a good diagnostic tool for the Global Program for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis and Patient diagnosis and follow-up post-treatment.

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ID : tm3150112472

UREX1: Food Grade High ORAC Ulam Raja Extract (Cosmos Caudatus) for Nutraceutical Applications

Fresh Ulam Raja (Cosmos Caudatus) has, for centuries, been consumed as salad with rice and sambal. Its health benefits range from anti-aging, blood cleansing and circulation, derived probably from the various antioxidative compounds found in the plant???s leaves. However, the traditional practice of eating Ulam Raja as a salad to enhance health is given less attention these days due to changed eating habits and lifestyle. Regular consumption of this health-enhancing green has become less convenient for urban consumers. UREX1 is a powdered, food-grade extract made from an optimum extraction process of Ulam Raja. The powder is water soluble and has high Oxygen Radical Antioxidant Capacity (ORAC value) of 2833 micromole trolox equivalence per gram, at par with commercial nutraceutical products in the market. An intake of foods or food products with an ORAC value of 3000-5000 micromole trolox equivalent per day is recommended to slow down aging and the onset of many chronic diseases (USA Center for Aging). UREX1 is a potential nutraceutical-antioxidant product either in capsule (~1 gram a day) or in beverage form. UREX1 may also be combined with other antioxidant-rich fruits or extracts for various commercial purposes. With UREX1, consumers will find it more convenient to enjoy the health benefits of Ulam (traditional Malays salad).

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ID : tm3150512476


Tocotrienols belongs to the vitamin E family, which comprises 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. Unlike a-tocopherol, which is found more abundantly in nature, natural sources of tocotrianols are limited. They are not found in common vegetable oils such as peanut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and coconut oil. Hence little is known about the tocotrienols until rect

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ID : tm3150712478

STANEXTIB: Standardised Extract Based Bio-Enhancer for Anti TB Drug Isoniazid

Bio-enhancers synergize the activity of drugs by various mechanism and help in curing diseases,shortening the duration of treatment and improving patient quality of life.Despite many developments, TB is still more fatal among infectious diseases and a combination of drugs is recommended for a period of 3-9 months. With this in view, a natural bio-enhancer of isoniazid has been formulated and investigated for pre-clinical studies.STANEXTIB has shown the ability to enhance the activity of isoniazid to a level of 75%.The combination containing STANEXTIB and isoniazid (75% less) has shown activity equivalent to MIC of isoniazid 0.4??g/ml. Therefore,the concomitant use of STANEXTIB with isoniazid may improve drug compliance and reduce drug related side effects especially in long terms use of antibiotics.STANEXTIB has been prepared from a refined standarized extract of Piper sarmentosum. STANEXTIB has been evaluated for safety using animal models. STANEXTIB has been investigated using pharmacokinetic parameters involving absorption,distribution and excretion.The product has been evaluated for accelerated stability studied for the shelf life data. STANEXTIB is evidence based bio-enhancer of isoniazid ,an anti TB drug with complete pre clinical data for efficiancy, safety, bioavailability and stability and can be formulated in various dosage forms.

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ID : tm3150812479

Standardized herbal Extract for Kidney Stone and Related Disease

Herbal standardization is to ensure guaranteed potency through acceptable levels of active compounds and carried out to ascertain consistency and repeatability of herbal material. This process is carried out chemically and biologically as a means of product quality assurance and currently is a leading edge technology where patents and commercialization's prospects are made possible

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ID : tm3151012481

Standardized Eurycoma longifolia TAF 273 soft-gel capsule for the treatment of male infertility

Infertility in couples has been defined as the inability to conceive after more than a year of unprotected sexual intercourse and is amajor problem for those who are very keen to have children. While statistics from various sources might difertility affects 10% to 15% of couples where the male has contributed approximately 30% to 40% towards the problem. Male infertility can be due to lack of sperm in the semen, deformed or structurally abnormal sperm, sperms that lack the a ability to reach and fertilize a female egg, genetic disorders or an endocrice disorder.

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ID : tm3151912490

Rapid quality profiling and standardization of centella asiatica (pegaga) varieties using taste sensor, hptlc and ftir -chemometric techniques

Centella asiatica (pegaga,gotu cola) is ahighly sought herbal medicine worldwide. Determining the optimum standard profile for quality for its extract is difficult mainly due to the varied and complex nature of component presence and concentration of the bioactive constituents, which among others constitute the determining factors for quality and efficacy of herbal medicine

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ID : tm3152012491


Sistem atas talian untuk menyokong tabiat merokok

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ID : tm3152612497

PRAF Toothbrush: Pre-Arranged Angle Fitted Toothbrush)

This is an innovative invention from Advanced Medical and Dental Institute, USM which is brought into the market by FULIJAYA Sdn. Bhd.

Unique feature:
- is the first ever toothbrush which comprises of two
brushing where by two brushing surfaces slope downward in
a direction to form 45 degree angles with respect to the
horizontal plane of the toothbrush head.
- The cutting design of bristles i.e., 45 degree tapered
bristles, complies with the brushing technique
recommended by American Dental Association(ADA). This
feature makes the product excellent for children who can
use it without having instructions of brushing

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ID : tm3153312504

pharmacognosical, phytochemical and pharmacological studies of sambung nyawa

Pharmacognosinal studies- authentication quality control or quality assurance standardization

Phytochemical studies - extraction and fractionation isolation and structure elucidation

Pharmacological studies - cardiovascular activities antidiabetic activities

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ID : tm3153712508

Penggunaan Tumbuhan Dalam Perubatan

Sejak berzaman tumbuhan merupakan sumber penting bagi ubat - ubatan dan bahan farmaseutikal. Ia boleh digunakan secara mentah atau separa proses seperti ekstrak dan tintur ataupun diproses sepenuhnya kepada formulasi farmaseutikal. Bagi industri farmaseutikal, tumbuhan juga merupakan sumber penting agen pewarna, pewangi dan eksepien lain. Kini terdapat peningkatan minat yang tinggi dalam perubatan herba secara global dan ini mengakibatkan peningkatan perdagangan herba diperingkat antarabangsa Malaysia sebagai negara ke 12 yang paling mega kebioperolehan (mega diversified) mempunyai 13,000 spesis tumbuhan berbunga dan 10% daripadanya bernilai perubatan. Namun begitu, kelebihan ini belum diterokai sepenuhnya. Herba digolongkan sebagai produk khas(specialty/istimewa) dalam Polisi Pertanian Kebangsaan III (NAP 1998-2010). Ia telah dikenalpasti sebagai satu industri yang akan dibangunkan di Malaysia bagi abad ke 21 . Bermula dengan getah, kelapa sawit dan koko, kini herba merupakan produk pertanian tumpuan yang keempat. Maka satu strategi pertanian dan perladangan diperlukan supaya penghasilan herba menjadi lebih produktif dan kos efektif. Bagi mempastikan negara dapat berkongsi serta bersaing dalam pasaran dunia, terus bertahan (survive) arus globalisasi dan seterusnya melindungi ekonominya, perladangan herba mestilah digalakkan. Petani tidak semestinya hanya menumpukan kepada kelapa sawit dan getah sahaja, tetapi perlu pelbagaikan punca pendapatan daripada pertanian herba. Contohnya diladang kelapa sawit dan getah, tumbuhan herba boleh ditanam dibawah pokok-pokok ini.

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ID : tm3154012511

Pan LF Rapid - An Immunochromatographic Assey For Detection Filariasis Spesies

Pan LF Rapid is an indirect solid-phase immunochromatographic assey to detect the presence of specific antigen for both of Wuchureria brancofti and Brugial filariasis. Product features:
- Able to produce results in 15-20 minutes
- Has a high sensitivity and specificity (both at 97-100%)
- Easy to perform
- No Special equipment needed
- Results are easy to interpret
- Blood, serum or plasma can be used as sample

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ID : tm3155112522

Natural Product Information And Molecular Modelling (NaPIMM) Portal

Databases to afford extensive information which are necessary for drug discovery:

> Natural Product 3D Chemical Structure Database (NatChem)
- a collection of 3D chemical structures of compounds
derived from Malaysian natural products.
> Drug Receptor Database (DRD) - web-based database which
integrates information from multiple online
bioinformatics databases, providing useful and needed
details information (including 3D structure information)
about the known and explored structure based drug
targets and the corresponding disease type and
drugs/ligands related to these targets.

Molecular Modelling Server (MM Server) - enable investigators to submit their virtual drug discovery work using a user-friendly graphical interface.

Three molecular modelling techniques embedded in the server:
> Homology Modelling - to model 3D structure of the
receptors which experimental data is not available.
> Molecular Docking - to perform in silico screening of
potential lead compound.
> Molecular Dynamics - to perform simulations for further
understanding on activities of lead compounds.

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ID : tm3155812529

Multiplex PCRDisc

Molecular diagnostics using PCR has gained an important central role in healthcare recently due to its ability to detect diseases early, stratify patients for treatment and render treatment success. However, due to the sophistication and high cost of PCR devices and supporting instruments, PCR technology found little impact in underveloped and developing countries. To ensure accessibility of DNA diagnostics to the underveloped countries there is a need to create an alternative method to performing DNA diagnostics.

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ID : tm3156512536

Malaysian Herbal Link

Integrative Medicine is an emerging field of medicine which fully integrates conventional and natural therapeutic modalities into a seamless delivery of health care, resulting in enhanced treatment options and improved outcomes for the end user. It utilizes the best of conventional and natural medicine that is least invasive, expensive and damaging and most likely to active an internal healing response, as supported by clinical studies, in the prevention or treatment of any condition or disease as well as in the improvement of health and vitality.

Parallel to the Malaysian government mission, the Ministry of Health Malaysia has taken the initiative to incorporate Traditional/Complementary and Alternative Medicine (T/CM), electronic publishing, digital libraries (including the evaluation and development of methodologies) and information technology (including the use of online production platforms) into unique digital information resource, the Global Information Hub on Integrated Medicine.

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ID : tm3157012541

Krim Haruan (Haruan Cream)

It is basically an antiseptic cream enhancing wound healing, may be used as cosmetic night cream or anti nappy rashes and for small cuts and bruises.

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ID : tm3158412555

Herbal Standardisation

To assure quality, safe and useful herbal products in the local and international markets, the utilization of standardization methods is indispensable. We provide the expertise and know how in standardizing local herbs using various established methods in addition to advanced techniques such as taste sensor technology and high performance thin layer chromatography.

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ID : tm3158612557

Haruan spray for burn and wound

Haruan (channa striatus) contains all the sessential amino acids and fatty acids that are proven to be able to accelerate wound healing. Haruan extracts has already been formulated as creams and tablets and are already commercialized. Haruan spray utilizes these properties of haruan extract and is formulated as a novel form of medicated dressing containing Haruan extract that can enhance the healing process

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ID : tm3159112562

FUCOPRILAT: Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitor from Mas Cotek for Hypertension

Standardised extracts of Mas Cotek (MCSE) (Ficus deltoidae,Fam:Moracea) leaves comprising selected marker compounds and fingerprint profiles were able to inhibit angiotensin-conversting enzyme (ACE) activity indicated for the treatment of hypertension and some types of congestive heart failure. Results showed that MCSE affect ACE activity with high inhibition and were comparable to captopril, an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE inhibitor)used for the treatment of hypertension and some types of congestive heart failure. Preclinical scientific studied related to toxicity,stability and pharmacokinetics have been done ensure safety,quality and efficacy of the standardized extracts.The extract is non toxic when administered orally at 500mg/kg body weight on Sprague -Dawley rats. The shelf life when kept at ambient or low temperature is high.This innovative product can serve as a safe nutraceutical or herbal supplement to regulate high blood pressure and formulated in various dose forms like tablets,capsules,sachets or beverage.

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ID : tm3159512566

EzGenostick: A Rapid Universal Kit for PCR Amplicon Detection

The objective is to provide a simplified detection and interpretion platform that circumvents the utilization of carcinogenic elements and harmful UV light. Molecular technologies such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), commonly employ carcinogenic elements such as ethidium bromide and harmful UV light to visualize DNA or RNA. These techniques remain a chore to molecular scientists. The kit comprises a unique bound glass fibre membrane that works on the principle of lateral flow, similar to a urine pregnancy test, but EzGenostick is designed to to detect amplicons of a target genetic sequence, The test requires only a two-step procudure. Positive and negative results are intrepreted by the number of visual lines on the EzGenostick.

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ID : tm3160212573

Encapsulated Curcumin Microparticles To Reduce Staining And Improve Stability

Curcumin, the main yellow pigment of the powdered rhizome(turmeric) of the perennial herb, Curcuma longa L., has been used for the treatment of diseases including inflammation, skin wounds and tumors. The major disadvantage of curcumin is its high colour intensity, which stains fabrics and skin when in contact. The main purpose of this study is to encapsulate curcumin to reduce the staining problem and also to improve its flow ability and stability.

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ID : tm3160312574

Electronic Nose For Monitoring Medical Plant Extracts

Novelty and inventiveness
A Quartz Crystal Microbalance QCM smell sensor array has been developed for the analysis of medicinal plant using bioactive lipids and gas chromatography stationary phase materials with different polarity as sensing membrane.
The approach is much simpler than their conventional CG-MS counterpart, but providing key information of the sample analyzed. The principle of detection is based on the quartz crystal microbalance where according to Sauerbrey the oscillation frequency of the quartz crystal changes upon deposition of mass on the surface of the crystal by the equation.
Multivariate statistical methods such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Discriminant Analysis (DA), Principle Component Regression (PCR) analysis, Artificial Neural Network (ANN) were used for the Detection, Classification and Quantification.

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ID : tm3162412595


A group researcher has recently developed a standardised extract from Misai Kucing or Orthosiphon stamineus which can be used to treat cancer. Common cancer treatment methods involve chemotherapy which uses powerful drugs to kill cancer cells. This form of treatment, apart from having serious side effects, may also cause allergic reactions. However Canssufive is said to stop the growth of tumor cells in the blood vessels in a natural manner. This product approach to treat cancer prevents the growth of blood vessels to the tumour cells. Tumor cells depend completely on a supply of oxygen an food received through the blood stream. When cancer cells grow, they stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. In this way, cancer cells spread to other tissues and organs.

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