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ID : tm2964810619

Visual Analytics Template of Curriculum Design Based on Malaysia Qualification Framework (MQF)

The course and curriculum templates provide automated analysis and visualization of the curriculum structure to comply with Malaysia Qualification Framework(MQF). This helps faculty to reduce multiple round trip reviewing process and reduce significantly paper printing during the process.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2964910620

Vibration-and-Pattern(VAP) Code: A Smart and Secure Authentication Scheme

Existing graphical password scheme are susceptible to three major attacks, such as shoulder surfing, smudge attack, and brute force attack. In this invention, we propose Vibration-And-Pattern(VAP) code, a new graphical password scheme that is resilient against these three major attacks.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2965010621

VIAP: A New Solution for V2V & V2X Communication in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET)

VIAP (Vehicle Information Announcement Protocol) works with WAVE (Wireless Access for Vehicular Environments) in a road which is deployed by DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) infrastructure. The vehicles enhanced with VIAP are able to announce and share the vehicle information and situation with the drivers, neighboring vehicles, and other related bodies. It helps car users to drive in a smart road environment efficiently and safely.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2966110632

Three Tiers Security Strategy for Passive Data Acquisition

An implementation of three tiers security strategy, into Quick Response(QR) code, is a novel approach for passive and secured data transfer. A case study on Vehicle Identification System(VIDS) showed invented strategy give a fast, secure an reliable result.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2966910640

Tafaqquh Fiddin(E-TFD)

E-TFD is an apps which is linked to google.doc.
It is a low cost and hustle-free apps since it utilises free services available at google.doc.
It undertakes 5 crucial area i.e. registration, attendance, assessment, module and feedback.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2967410645

Student Evaluation Systems

All school in Malaysia will have one occasion to give award to the best student, the highest marks in subjects, the best in co-curriculum and others at the end of every year. To give certain award there should have certain method to get accurate result. Basically,evaluation is very important in selecting the real best student.Otherwise, the best student is influenced by feeling,wrongly calculated and incomplete record.Student Evaluation System (SES) is an automated system that will calculates the total amount of credit for a student to get best student in school.By using this system, the school will get a summary based on the user's data and will give the best solution to appoint the best student. This software comes with database technology that is capable to save and retrieve student's information.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2968210653

Smart Fuel Consumption Cost Estimator based on Parametric Estimating Method

Smart Fuel Consumption Cost Estimator based on PEM is an automated system that will calculates the total amount of fuel cost for a car to travel based on Parametric Estimation Method. Bu using this system, the user will get a summary which based on the user's data and will give the best solution to estimate the minimum cost towards the desired destination. This software comes with database technology that capable to save and retrieve data of driver's information. The software design consists modules of the driver's account, factors of affecting fuel consumption, process for estimation, total time consume and summary from driver's data.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2968910660

Rina Jap. Education Kit

This product especially for non-native speaker learner in Japanese. The product include 400 vocabulary, Katakana writing practice, grammar dialog, games, exercise & 100 useful expression in form of module & CD. It is attract learner & more fun learning Japanese through the games of this product.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2973210703

Medicinal Herbs Information System (MHIS)

In this world of era globalization, things around us constantly change with time. From manually, they are computerized and revolutionized according to people's requirement and needs. Therefore, this system is developed in order to help people, especially for admin at Taman Pertanian Jubli Perak Kuantan Pahang to manage the data of herbs.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2974110712

IOT Enable Relay Network for Designing an Energy Efficient Highway Lighting System

The objective of this project is to discuss about the Internet Of Thinngs (IOT) enable relay network for designing an energy efficient highway lighting system. It develops a prototype model that can reduce the energy consumption for such system. The experimental results revile its effectiveness.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2974510716

Intelligent IOT Test List Generator

A common problem in IOT system is the large number of the combinations of hardware, operational and software configuration that required to be free of defects to avoid the failures. This tools will help to generate a sufficient test list that covers the most important combinations.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2975110722

I-E.R.A.T. Divo: Managing Diversity from Classroom to Global Community

The initiative to overcome the triple challenges of embedding, engaging and enticing the technical and engineering student to learn ethnic relations via e-learning platform lead to the discovery of a global diversity management tools for global rendezvous and inclusiveness known as I-E.R.A.T. Divo.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2976510736

Expediency Heuristic Smart Fuel Consumption Cost Estimator

SFCCE is an automated software that calculates total amount of fuel cost of vehicle to travel. The calculation is based on PEM, which include use's data, input distance and current fuel price; thus gives the best solution to estimate minimum cost towards desired destination. Software design consists modules such the driver's account, factors of affecting fuel consumption, process for estimation, total time consume and summary from driver's data. VB.Net language and SQL Server were used to develop SFCCE and its database respectively.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2976610737

E-Visitor Management System (E-VIMS)

E-Visitor Information Management System (E-VIMS) is a biometric verification application developed for managing visitor information in organizations and offices. functions available including thumbprint verification, visitor registration and notification, search visitor and report generation.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2977110742

Effective Persistence Layer Synchronous Replication for Distributed Databases Environment

Database system: A collection of information and centralization towards decentralization. Distributed database system (DDS): A collection of multiple independent databases. Data replication in DDS technology: Copying data between data stores & guarantees data across multiple sites in a distributed environment. Usually replication process depends on the main server. Introducing the up-gradation of the replication process usually pause the system for a routine of time. Fail or crashes of the main server, usually make the entire system stop working (for database driven system).

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2978010751

Dashboard Model for Social Research Network Sites

A research-related dashboard model for social network sites is aimed to minimize information overflow and provide awareness on research-related information to the researcher. It assists researcher in measuring own research performance, monitoring research trends and alert on upcoming research event.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2978510756

Colour Scheme Assessment Tool (COSAT)

Colour Scheme Assessment Tool (COSAT) was developed according to 3 colour factors which are colour combination colour contrast and colour position. The purpose of cosat is to provide recommendations on web colour selection based on world wide web consortium colour guideline and standard.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm2980110772

A web-extension for authentication of online hadish texts

In this application, we developed a client-based web-extension program to authenticate online Hadish texts from Sahih Bukhari. This application will create Islamic awareness among common people by authenticating the Hadish texts appeared on websites.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm3499515622

One Tap Secure

Home is a place that we can gather around with our families. Nowadays, home are not safer enough for the society because of the burglary cases. That is why we come with a resolution by inventing One Tap Secure (OTS), a home security system that can help to create smart cities with low rate of burglary cases.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm3511215739

Sistem Penutupan Elektrik secara Automatik (Automatic System to turn off power supply-AUTOTOPS)

This product is very easy to install and also user-friendly because of its low cost while saving electricity.

Produk ini amat mudah dipasang dan juga mesra pengguna kerana kos yang murah disamping dapat menjimatkan elektrik.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm3517515802 Project

To increase ICT awareness among the Kuantan communities.
- Increase ICT literacy rate by introducing internet to the community at the ground level.
- Increase computer usage amongst commuinty members by providing them a commonplatform to communicate, create contents and web enterprises.
- Make available a one-stop active community hub for better living with opportunities for lifelong learning, e-public and private services, e-health care and e-businesses.
- Inculcate a sense of belonging and leadership through the training and content development programme.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm287849755

IS-Alignment Web-Scoreboard (IS-Award)

A web based survey tool to measure the current implementation of IS-Alignment in Malaysia Public Universities. It processes strategic users' feedback on IS-Alignment activities to become an index (IS-A Index), which predicts the IS effectiveness and weaknesses to be addressed. The calculation of IS-A Index is based on a validated mathematical model.

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