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ID : tm287849755

IS-Alignment Web-Scoreboard (IS-Award)

A web based survey tool to measure the current implementation of IS-Alignment in Malaysia Public Universities. It processes strategic users' feedback on IS-Alignment activities to become an index (IS-A Index), which predicts the IS effectiveness and weaknesses to be addressed. The calculation of IS-A Index is based on a validated mathematical model.

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ID : tm3209413065

Wireless System For Broadband Internet Access

The Wireless System for Broadband Internet Access is an integrated of Radial Line Slot Array (RLSA) Antenna and Radio Unit. The system act as the front-end part in wireless system or wired link that connects LANs of several kilometers away in localize network. The system could be used to connect exclusive LANs which involved buildings that are not adjacent to each other. The system could also provide internet to the users via wireless link.
Wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint system is the fasters, more cost effective and easy to manage solution in providing seamless network linkages between scattered buildings and to the Internet. This product is integrated of Radial Line Slot Array (RLSA) Antenna and Radio Unit (OEM Product). It using the UNII Frequency Band of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. It can be used for indoor and outdoor application.

Gold Medal - PECIPTA 2007
Silver Medal - IEINP, Geneva 2008

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ID : tm3209513066

WiNDAQ : Multitier of Multiple Access Hybrid Wireless Network For Data Acquisition in Large Remote Area

Product Features :
- Hybrid Wireless Network System
- Multiple Access Network Technology
- Multi-tier Architecture of Mesh Network
- Support various type of data (from Sensor-based Data to Multimedia Data)
- Effective infrastructure for Various Data Acquisition System in Large Remote Area
- Can be enhanced for Controlling Remote Devices (Actual System)

Relevant Industries
- Agriculture & Plantation Industries
- Manufacturing & Retail Industries
- Municipal & Local Authority
- Seaport & Airport
- High Security and Safety Premises/Area/Environment

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ID : tm3209913070


Peranti untuk menyokong akses yang berterusan kepada laman web sama ada semasa dalam atau luar talian

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ID : tm3210013071

Vision Technology in Edible Bird Nest

Projek ini membersihkan sarang burung walit
menggunakan robot dan dalam persekitaran yang
terkawal. Ia bukan sahaja cepat dan bersih malah
mengekalkan khasiat sarang burung walit

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ID : tm3210413075

UTMOST Power System, (UPS) fpr Clean and Sustainable Power Generation

A component of the hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle project

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ID : tm3211413085

TAJMA e-Kaunseling

TAJMA e-Kaunseling development is part of the research efforts undertaken to develop psychological testing based on the internet application software. The development of research is focused on 4 Actors, namely the General User, Application User, Psychological testing Expert and Web engineer. TAJMA e-Kaunseling offers reliable services as Personality Testing, Career Interest testing, Account of User Profile Testing Analysis, electronic Counseling Forum, Database and Knowledge - Base Control. This application can be used for college and University students seeking information related to personality and career interest. It also can be used as an expert system (ES) that can generate a decision support system (DSS) analysis report for organization that involve in the management and structuring of human capital resources. This research also includes e-Kaunseling prototype development that uses purely Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) as the core of the development technology. It uses the Web Engineering Management Strategy and Unified Modeling Language (UML)approaches. The e-Kaunseling research results are suitable as references to many web services based technology application software developers.

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ID : tm3211513086

SzProtect: A Hybrid Technique for Software Protection

The rapid growth in the computer software industry has generated a great demand for numerous type of software. These software however, are prone to various attacks by crackers. Currently, the main treat to the software industry is reverse engineering (RE). RE is the process of discovering the technological principles of a software system through analysis if its structure, function and operation. It enables an attacker to analyze and modify an application without the need for the original source code.

Silver Medal - INATEX 2007

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ID : tm3212213093

SMS Reservation Parking System

SMS Reservation Parking system is practical, effective and time-saving. The product is marketable for commercial purposes and the acquisition of the system by the building management will increase the number of customers. It will solve traffic jams during peak hours as users try to search for empty parking spaces especially at shopping complexes. It will also help users to know of available parking lots at the destination. The device will enable users to book the nearest parking lot to the entrance via SMS.

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ID : tm3212413095

Smart Grounding Design Software

It is not easy to use IEEE Std 80 on 1986 IEEE Guide for safety in AC Substation Grounding. Thus a safe design AC substartion grounding system was designed. Young and inexperienced engineers, consultants, educator of engineering universities and colleges will not be able to use this in a very short time of learning. So the innovation here is to make designing of the AC substation grounding system as a simple exercise with features that can advice us whether the design is acceptable or not.

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ID : tm3214513116

RMaths- Mobile Based Numeracy Learning Applications for Learning Disabilities Students

RMaths is an educational mobile package that is specifically designed for learning disabilities students. RMath provides an attractive learning interaction and activities that is suitable for LD students. This invention also can improve LD students' performance and motivation in learning.

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ID : tm3215013121

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS)

1. Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS for natural resources and environmental mappings and management. 2. Site-specific investigation/ application of remote sensing

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ID : tm3215113122

Reduced Size Active Antenna Beam Forming Networks using Cascaded Butler Matrices

The present invention is aimed to provide a smart antenna with multiple beams for vehicle communication system. It uses Butler matrices to improve higher signal-to-interference ratio. Signal entering one port of the Butler matrix is divided into equal parts before the signal is amplified and then recombined by the combining Butler matrix. Size reduction of branch-line coupler technique using eight two-step stubs is being proposed for practical mobile device applications. In comparison to the conventional hybrid couplers, this coupler offers lower insertion loss and a 25% reduction in built circuit area. Additional degrees of design freedom can be obtained by the inclusion of shunt open stubs, forming the reason for the major reduction in size.

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ID : tm3215613127

QR Big Data Codes

The proposed invention aims at creating a standard two-dimensional code which contains only data and error correction information. This methods hence increases the amount of data that can be stored in a two dimensional code.

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ID : tm3216313134

Portable Broadband Wireless Access (PBWA)

The Portable Broadband Wireless access (PBWA) system is an integration of wireless system and router modem that could function as the backbone for a wireless local area network (WLAN). The PBWA system is equipped with internal internet service provider (ISP), along with management software. It could act as an access point or wireless hotspot, using the unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) 2.4GHz Radio Band and can be used for either indoor or outdoor application. The advantage of the PBWA system is its easiness to operate wherever there is third generation (3G) or general packet radio service (GPRS) coverage plus the capacity to establish its own wireless ad-hoc network. The PBWA system could be placed inside moving vehicles and locations where internet connectivity is deemed as essential.

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ID : tm3216513136

Polydetect: Polygraphic Counter Productive Behavior Index Profiling System

- A web-based automatic index profiling decision support system for Counter Productive Behavior utilizing an integrated Polygraph assessment system.
- The system comprise of four component:
i) Question Formulation
ii) Polygraph Testing
iii) Polygraph Index Profiling
iv) Historical Profile Repository

Gold Medal - IENA 2007, Germany
Bronze Medal - PECIPTA 2007, Malaysia
Best Paper Award, Indonesia

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ID : tm3216913140

Planar Dipole Antenna With Circular Parasitic Element

Dipole antenna becomes popular due to easy of installation and able to radiate omnidirectional. An extremely low profile and aesthetic antenna is becoming more edurable and pleasing the users. With the idea in mind, a unique planar dipole with circular parasitic element antenna has been invented and is suitable for point to multipoint application such as WLAN system or video security transmission using ISM band at 2.4 Ghz. The ISM band is the free frequency band that can be used for public. In this project a unique shape(UTM Logo) of planar dipole antenna with circular parasitic element has been invented to reduce the harmonic frequency(4 GHz) for the dipole and produced the other band of frequency(5 GHz) and to increase the bandwidth for the antenna. The antenna has some unique features such as extremely low profile, easy integration with active devices, flat shape and light weight.

Bronze Medal - INATEX 2007
Bronze Medal - MTE 2008

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ID : tm3217713148

Personalized Learning Courseware Through Digital Learning Object Concept For Learning Multimedia and Computer Networking (DLOC)

This product is an educational courseware that has been developed for learning Computer Animation and Networking. It can be used by varieties levels of users such as higher institution's students, secondary school's students, and public users who have interests in learning the topics. The content of DLOC is broken down into small chunks that can be reused, combined and integrated in various learning environments. This product accepts users registration that has different name. It identify user's status based on name whether he/she is a new user or not. It can count and report user's score. It consist of 22DLOs, 14 Computer Animation and 8 Computer Networking. It also consist of varieties approaches of learning like Simulation, Problem Solving, Constructivist, Inductive Learning, Multiple Intelligence, Visual Spatial and Games. Also consist of an electronic drawing tools that allow user to draw topology diagram and save their works into hard drive. User can personalize their own learning by choosing the topic that they want to learn. After choosing the topic, they build their own menu for the learning. It allow users to see the topic they had learn before. Other features that related are reusable learning object, self-assessment activities and consist of drag and drop activities.

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ID : tm3218113152

Output Visualization Of A DNA Computer On DNA Engine Opticon II System

- Solving Hamiltonian Path Problem (HPP) in DNA Computing based on real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
- Real time monitoring of output visualization.
- Real time PCR is an easier implementation than conventional graduated PCR in term of time requirement in this application.
- In silico information automated in silico processing to abstract Hamiltonian Path.
- Output result between Yes and NO reaction can be clearly separated.

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ID : tm3221613187

Microwave Transceiver Design With Adaptive Transmit Power Control (ATPC) for Rain Attenuation Problem in Tropical Region

ATPC refers to the process of varying the transmit power in a microwave link with the presence of rain attenuation, in order to maintain the desired RSL. The ATPC system implemented in microwave transceiver is an open loop power control system. Consequently, the transmit power level is adjusted by operation on a radio frequency signal, which itself undergoes rain attenuation, and is used to infer the rain attenuation on the other link. It is suitable to be used against propagation fading, with the environment is free from interference. Furthermore, this mechanism is the less complexity. Good accuracy could be obtain since the receiving frequency is close to the transmit frequency in microwave radio unit. In microwave transceiver, ATPC system is integrated in the front end to the transmitter.

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ID : tm3224013211

JUZClick : Online Interactive Multimedia Dictionary

JUZCLICK is an online dictionary multimedia terms. It wasn't only a multimedia dictionary but is also applying a multimedia approaches as a learning strategy. Five elements in multimedia such as text, graphic, animation, audio and video have been used in this "digital library". The goal of this project is to develop an online interactive multimedia dictionary for University's students in browsing and understanding a provision in multimedia that represented through audio, graphic, image, video and animation in addition to traditional media(text and graphic). Product features are consist of more than 100 multimedia terms, users can add and edit the existing terms, each terms will be explain using five multimedia element such as text, graphic, animation, audio and video, users have an opportunity in listening the pronunciation of each term in English, bilingual dictionary which are English and Malay, users has a translation tool to translate the system automatically to other languages such as Italian, Japanese, Germany and etc.

Bronze Medal - 9th Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition
(INATEX) 2007
Gold Medal - 7th Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2008

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ID : tm3226613237

Hardware Encryption Module Applicable to an Electronic Cheque Secure On-Line Transfer System

This product is an electronic cheque transfer system using advanced hardware security modules, which serve to encrypt and hash the cheque before sending it to the server through the Ethernet medium. The protocol used for the data transfer is the SSL/TLS connection, provided by the OpenSSL library. The security provided by this system is very high due to the hardware accelerated cryptographic suite selected such as RSA, AES, SHA and hardware based random number generation.

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ID : tm3227413245

Game Based Learning Multimedia Courseware for Preschool Children Cognitive Development (MYKiD-GAMES)

Courseware for preschool children that is based on local characters and Malaysian views. Consist of 12 learning-oriented games, designed and developed originally by developers. All games have been designed based on local or Malaysian perspective. The use of local characters as cognitive agents.

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ID : tm3228113252

Flexible Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antenna for Wearable Communication Application

This UWB antenna is made from jeans textile material, which is a kind of 100% cotton material. The measured relative permittivity for jeans fabric using the free space method was approximately 1.7 and the loss tangent was almost 0.025. The radiating element and ground plane were made from copper sheet with a thickness of 0.03mm. The size of the substrate fabric was 60 mm x 60 mm with a patch radius 15 mm. A wider bandwidth was achieved by creating a rotated square slot at the center of the circular patch of 6 mm x 6 mm. The operating frequency of designed wearable antenna was between 3 GHz and 15 GHz. The results showed that the proposed antennas have (IS11I10dB) at UWB frequency ranges, constant gain, high efficiency and stable radiation pattern over its whole frequency band.

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ID : tm3228513256

Expert System Software Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Advisor (WASDA)

WASDA, Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Advisor has been developed by the Institute of Environmental and Wastewater Resources Management (IPASA), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. WASDA is developed to assist consultants, designers and engineers for designing and assessing wastewater treatment plant system based on the specified standard. WASDA is a tool for design and process selection of wastewater treatment plant in municipal and industrial sector. WASDA can support the production of conceptual and process design for primary, secondary and advanced treatments as proposed by best practices manuals or public authorities related to sewerage services or environmental control. WASDA includes design calculations, standard criteria, equipment selection, plans and specifications of various treatment units, which displayed as interactive graphic and user-friendly interfaces.

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