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ID : tm3120912180

Sohffanzz E-Family Stress

Sohffanzz E-Family Stress adalah penghasilan system perisian maya alat pengukuran dalam kaunseling keluarga yang berkaitan dengan stress. Ia mengandungi 60 item yang bersifat laporan kendiri yang mengukur tahap tekanan dalam keluarga berdasarkan 6 domain utama. Ia mengambil masa antara 20 hingga 30 minit untuk disempurnakan. Sohffanzz E-Family Stress juga mengandungi manual pengiraan yang lengkap beserta indeks analisis item melalui link system berkomputer. Alat ujian ini boleh diguna pakai oleh para terapi, ahli keluarga, kaunselor keluarga, pelajar universiti, orang perseorangan, pasangan yang mempunyai konflik dalam perhubungan dan juga perkahwinan.

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ID : tm3121512186

Noor Neuro Arabic Language

Satu set bahan belajar bahasa Arab al-Quran

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ID : tm3121612187

Noor Al-Hayat Muqaddam Multimedia

Perubahan gaya pembelajaran kanak-kanak memerlukan persediaan bahan pembelajaran yang mengikut rentak dan gaya pembelajaran mereka. Muqaddam Nood al-hayat Multimedia Version disediakan bagi membolehkan umat Islam di pelbagai peringkat umur dan pada segala keadaan berpeluang mempelajari cara membaca al-quran dengan baik sehingga tiada alasan yang boleh mereka berikan kenapa mereka tidak boleh membaca al-quran. Muqaddam animasi ini amat membantu sesiapa sahaja walauu di mana sahaja mereka berada dan dalam keadaan yang bagaimana sekalipun, mereka akan dapat mempelajari cara mambaca al-quran dengan mudah dan cepat dengan menggunakan Muqaddam Noor al-Hayat Multimedia Version atau Muqaddam animasi.

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ID : tm3121712188

Naise 1.0 : Cross Lingual Information Retrieval with Quhex Indexing Model

This product allow query in one language targeted to documents in a different language through Quhex indexing model in the form of machine language understood by computers. Quhex indexing is a unique representation in binary, independent of the original language that optimize space and search speed.

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ID : tm3121812189

myTarannum Iqra Barakah

This product combines the element of teaching and learning in a courseware named myTarannum (Baiyati). It gathers various types of tarannum levels with certain maqamat (Sikah, Jiharkah, Nahawand and Saba). Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) decrees (with meaning) to improve the Quran reading with ones beautiful voice. Indeed good voice will add to the beauty of Al-Quran.

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ID : tm3122012191

Multiplexer-Based A5/1 GSM Stream Cipher

A5/1 is the stream cipher algorithm used in GSM communication in order to provide over-the-air communication privacy. The objective of this paper is to compare the security levels of two (2) multiplexer-based A5 crypto systems. In this research also, we improved our previous model which is more complicated with five (5) linear feedback shift registers (LFSRs). So, less complex models were proposed by adding a multiplexer which is able to produce the random key generator. Several statistical tests such as frequency test, serial test, runs test, long runs of ones test and linear complexity test were used to test the strength of the algorithm.

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ID : tm3122112192

Multiplexer-Based A5/1 GSM Stream Chiper

Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is standard set developed by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute to describe technologies for second generation digital cellular network. GSM was created with created with a moderate level of service security. Communications between the subscriber and the base station can be encrypted. GSM uses several cryptographic algorithm for information security. The A5/1 and A5/2 stream ciphers are used for ensuring over the air privacy. However, in the research it will focus only on A5/1 stream cipher algorithm. A5/1 was developed earlier than A5/2 and it is a stronger algorithm used within Europe and United States. However, serious weaknesses have been found in A5 algorithms. A5/1 is based around a combination of three linear feedback shift registers. There is a set of statistical tests to determine the security level that can be provided by various algorithms. The perfect system is the one that gives the best statistical results. Simulation on six purposed models performed on PC using Java language. The generated key of the algorithms are analyzed to see whether the generated key is random or not. Verification of algorithms are analyzed using five statistical tests which are frequency test, run test, serial test, longest runs of one test and linear complexity test. Data analysis of the simulation was done using NIST statistical test suite. After all the test and analysis, the algorithms designed had fulfilled the characteristics for a good stream cipher algorithm.

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ID : tm3122212193

Multiple Intelligences Self Inventory (Misi): A Tool to Inspire Your Potential

Multiple Intelligences Self Inventory (MISI) is a newly adopted version by the author from Multiple Intelligences Checklist for Adults (MICA with 8 domains). This inventory consists of 100 items, where 10 items will measure each intelligence (10 domains: i) verbal linguistic; ii) interpersonal; iii) intrapersonal; iv) logical-Mathematics; v) visual-spatial; vi) musical; vii) bodily-kinesthetic; viii) naturalist; ix) spiritual; and x) moral). It has been modified into another inventory which is applicable for adolescents with only 50 items. Teachers and mentor can use this inventory. The book, entitled Kecerdasan Pelbagai: Aplikasi dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran, provides concepts of multiple intelligences and 50 activities for fun teaching and learning.

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ID : tm3122412195

Muamalat Interactive Game 2.0

Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG) is an invention to inculcate fun learning experience for stakeholders of Islamic Banking & Muamalat activities. The game provides hands-on experience dealing with Islamic Banking products & its flow of 'Aqad. It also promote awareness on personal financial planning.

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ID : tm3122612197

Muamalat Interactive Game (Community Edition)

Muamalat Interactive Game (Community Edition)(MIG CE) is a game-based educational tool that promotes inclusive economic development by inculcating the spirit of gift economy, promote awareness on managing personal finance & exposes the players to Islamic Banking, investment and social instruments.

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ID : tm3122712198

Model indeks penentuan had tempoh mualaf

Inovasi model indeks penentuan had tempoh mualaf dibangunkan sebagai pengukuran penentuan had tempoh panggilan mualaf untuk diselaraskan di setiap negeri di Malaysia. Model ini akan menjadi indicator dalam menetapkan had tempoh panggilan mualaf yang sesuai mengikut realiti semasa di Malaysia.

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ID : tm3123112202

Methods of Teaching the Arabic Linguistic by Applying the Method Muthla Takamuliah to Non-Arabic-Speaking Students in the Universities of Malaysia

The researchers examined the teaching of Arabic linguistic skills to apply the method of Al-Takamuliah Al-Muthla through Al-Quran (ATAM) to students who do not speak Arabic as a first language. Researchers built 319 items in the questionnaire using five sub-scales based on the ATAM method to build using positive statements. Sub-scale questionnaire comprising lectures, methods of studying the Arabic linguistic skills were used to apply the method of Al-Takamuliah Al-Muthla through Al-Quran, speaking in Arabic (ASS), Arabic listening skills (ALS), reading in Arabic (ARS) and Arabic writing Skills (AWS). Two hundred persons from UM, UIA, UKM and UPM were surveyed. The results obtained had a Cronbach Alpha value of 0.99. The findings of this study showed a positive correlation between the methods of studying the Arabic language with each sub-scale between the values of Pearson (r=0.57 to r=0.64, p<0.01).

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ID : tm3123212203

Live Digital Forensic Tool

The digital forensics regulation on Malaysia is still at the initial stages in terms of methods and standardized procedures in cybercrime investigation. In most investigation cases, live data acquisition process is always missed. This may be due to the complexity of extracting it or due to the lack of investigation of officers awareness. This research proposes a new live digital forensic investigation tool that could help our digital forensic investigators improve live data acquisition in contrast with the traditional digital forensic method.

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ID : tm3123612207

I-Talk Piskeb (Innovation Talk Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Kebangsaan)

I-Talk Piskeb (Innovation Talk Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Kebangsaan) is an interactive application based on text book Pendidkan Islam Standard 1 until 6. The development of this courseware is to provide the best learning tools for teachers who teach students who are blind or visually impaired.

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ID : tm3123712208

Islamtag: An Integrated Social Network Site

Islam Tag is a new integrated social network that interacts Muslim and non-Muslim around the world. It is the one and only social network that respects all religions. Its aim is to reveal the true Islam in an attractive way. In IslamTag, various social networking integrated services are provided such as a blog, special interest group, video and audio library, multiple login with facebook, tool for selling and buying goods online. It integrates with Google to show locations to help in buying of goods and video and chatting with multilingual auto translation. We have 24 hour online Quran which helps you to listen while surfing. A constant in Islamic knowledge and or technical support will also be provided.

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ID : tm3124212213

I-Muqaddam Noor Al-Hayat

Qur'an recitation skills involve the identification of Arabic alphabets and vowel signs, the use of correct tajweed and intonation, as well as the understanding of the meaning of the verses read. Quranic recitation skills comprise the competency in the seven skills related to Arabic alphabets and eleven skills associated with vowel signs. Competency in these inter-related skills may assist one in achieving aesthetic value of the Qur'an. However, many struggling Quranic readers among school students are not able to recite the Quran correctly according to its tajweed and vowel signs due to lack of competencies in the required skills. Current traditional Quranic teaching methods and materials are not able to help students with Quranic recitation difficulty. In addition, the traditional Quranic teaching method also hardly acknowledges the different learning styles and needs among students. Therefore, in order to meet student's learning needs and styles especially among developing Quranic readers, a new form of Quranic Quranic recitation method is imperatively necessary. with the realization, i-Muqaddam Noor Al-Hayat was developed. The i-Muqaddam is a Quranic recitation method highlights a new concept that focuses on gradual development of skill.

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ID : tm3124312214


IMREADY is an intelligent & a comprehensive mobile analysis application to detect any mobile malwares attack especially the mobile botnet. It is inspired by genetic algorithm, easy to use and self intelligent signature database generation. It is must have app for everyone.

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ID : tm3124612217

Gamifikasi Dalam Pendidikan: Global Zakat Game (V2.0)

Global Zakat Game (GZG) merupakan inisiatif kaedah pendidikan baru menggunakan konsep gamifikasi permainan papan bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kefahaman zakat dalam kalangan masyarakat. GZG membantu mengukuhkan kemahiran pengiraan zakat dalam kalangan amil yang meliputi kesemua jenis zakat harta.

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ID : tm3124912220

E-Sohffnazz Family Stress

The E-Soffanz Stress is a novel and unique, self-directed learning instrument that provides personalized feedback on family and individual's responses to stress and coping strategies. This online family stress assessment invention is a convenient method to measure several domains that lead family stress. The domains are communication, financial, attitude, sexuality and religiosity. It helps to check oneself for stress in family matters. Its usefulness is it functions both a diagnostic device and counseling tools. The brief 36 question create a significant incremental impact in an existing product in on-line assessment questionnaire. It can be administered to individuals, couples or group about 20 minutes. It is immediately scored. The invention also provides treatment on stress management and action plans to reduce family stress. It can be used across all cultures in the Malaysian setting. Audience can also choose to use the manual method to calculate the total score and measure the level stress. The profile uses an engaging process of personal learning that helps individuals uncover and explore stressors in family life and coping resources that can be used to decrease stress.

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ID : tm3125012221

E-PRASMO: An Online Supervision Tool

E-PRASMO is an online supervision and assessment tool operation on goals(moodle) by USIM. It provide a platform for repository (notes, videos, links), e-portfolio (erph,recording) and interaction (sv-ss) for support and feedback via online forum (asynchronous). It is scalable for any demand.

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ID : tm3125112222

Environment Signboard

Nature is getting tired. The environment is getting congested with the pollution caused by human's hand. People are required to recycle things, car pooling, using bottle and food container, use a hybrid car and reduce the use of chlorofluorocarbon. Campaigns here and there but how far does it work? There were cases about environment that affected our healthy, but there is another much more hazardous problem that will affect not only people's behavior but also their faith and belief.A mechanism is needed in order to overcome this matter, to save this deen and environment at the same time. This product (Environment Signboard) was designed to teach the society especially the Muslims to use the genuine and real Hadith in their daily life and caring for their nature surrounding created by Allah.

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ID : tm3125312224

E-Counseling Stress Notes

E-Counseling Notes adalah satu perisian yang direka bentuk untuk membantu individu yang cenderung mengalami stress. Dalam perisian ini, ia mengandungi beberapa bahagian iaitu nota-nota berkaitan stress dan cara berdaya tindak. Ia juga mengandungi perisian e-kaunseling secara maya di mana pelanggan boleh berkongsi isu-isu dan cerita mereka. E-Counseling Notes ini boleh dimanfaatkan oleh semua golongan termasuk kaunselor yang berpengalaman, kaunselor pelatih, guru-guru, mahasiswa/wi, pelajar, pasangan-pasangan, keluarga dan sesiapa sahaja yang berkenaan.

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ID : tm3126012231

Artificial Immune System Agent for Reservoir Spill Way Gate Decision Making

The Artificial Immune System (AIS) is a recent computational approach for the Computational Intelligence community. Like other biologically inspired techniques, it emulates ideas from a natural system, in particular the vertebrate immune system, in order to develop computational tools for solving engineering problems. Immunity-based techniques is beginning to be used in wide area of applications and emerging as a new branch of artificial intelligence (AI). The human biological system is one such system that has become a source of inspiration for developing intelligent problem-solving techniques. The powerful information processing capabilities of the human system, such as feature extraction, pattern extraction, learning, memory and its distributive nature provide rich metaphors for its artificial counterpart. This study proposed an AIS based agent system for simulating emergency decision-making specifically in determining the reservoir spillway gate operation due to excess in water level. The simulation will be used as tool for dam engineer in order to make a decision making in handling flood emergency situation.

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ID : tm3126312234

Agile Secure Software Development Methodology

Security and quality control are essential in the earlier life cycle of software development. Hence, this research examines the practices and the security lapses associated with secure web application software metrics that will mitigate the lapses. This research has devised a strategic approach in the form of software metrics in a secure web application development that considers security practices throughout the lifecycle instead of an afterthought issue.

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ID : tm3519715824

Battery Charger; Transformer; DC Choke; All Types of Metal Box

Provide consultation services on production technology, information technology, microelectronic/microsystem technology, energy and construction technologies.

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