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ID : tm3513115758

From Waste to Wealth: Sustainable Paper From Waste

In line with taking care of mother nature better, this product is a useful creation-Sustainable Paper from Saccharum Officinarun (sugarcane) wastes. The availability of these fibers could reduce the pressure to harvest trees for papermaking, thus saving more tree and promoting a greener environment.

Pekan Pahang

ID : tm3513215759

Secret of Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa pudica sp. has been used extensively as a traditional remedy for bronchitis symptoms. The main objective of this research is to study the effectiveness of the plants??? methanol extract inhibiting the symptom of bronchitis as well as getting the profiles of the methanol extract.

Pekan Pahang

ID : tm3513315760

From Waste to Wealth: ???ParBo??? from Biomass Waste of Palm Oil

This product emphasizes the uses of waste from palm oil tree that can be converted into particle boards (ParBo).

Pekan Pahang

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