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ID : tm3008111052

Trainee Haptic Dental Simulator with Force Feedback

A software system has been developed to help trainee dental doctors to prepare themselves for patient consultation. The environment in a dental room can be limited in space and quiet crowded with dental tools and equipment. Dentists have to be trained to position themselves in this working space such that they can maneuver easily to reach tools and move them around the mouth for teeth inspection. The current form of training using 3D models or real patients can be risky or anatomically monotonous. We propose a training system using 3D graphics to simulate a patients teeth and several dental tools in real-time. This system is currently not available in most dental training hospitals. The main technical feature of the proposed system is the use of an Haptic device to manipulate the tool and generate force feedback to the user. In order to do this accurate 3D models of patients teeth and dental tools are required. It is well known that faithful rendering of haptic force and graphic displays are difficult and often lead to instability. We improve on this by using efficient algorithms and high level libraries of low complexity. This combination is by itself novel. The results obtained are good with a rendering rate of more than to 40 FPS (graphics & force). The proposed system will be beneficial to the young dental community and hospitals. It can be a platform to introduce a new learning paradigm in the medical domain. The system also allows cost saving, time saving and improves quality of consultation. The trainee can repeat the exercises at no cost at all and at their preferred anatomical teeth.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3008811059

A GPS Guided Legged Robot for Mapping Areas of Impossible Human Entry

This invention is a product, a legged (walking) robot, which is useful for mapping the objects in certain areas where man cannot enter. These areas are unknown such as unexplored tunnels and debris that would have been created by calamity such as building collapse and earthquake etc. The robot is small in size and can travel within restricted places and map the objects that may be living or otherwise. The robot has several sensors. The sensor data are processed on robot computers and transmitted wireless to outside world. The robot has a specially designed Ultrasonic Sensor Bank (USB), a Global Positioning System (GPS) and an Electronic Campus (EC). The USB computes the range (distance between the sensors and the object) of objects around the robot, the GPS connects the robot to a maximum of six space satellites to compute its global position and the EC takes the job of GPS when the robot is inside a groove or under a ceiling where satellite signal is highly attenuated. Since the robot is legged, it can easily maneuver rugged path where wheeled robot is not suitable.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3009811069

Aluminium-Polymer ABS Product

Material for aluminium product usually made from aluminiumscrap. Nowadays, the price of aluminium scrap is increased. The idea is now to minimize the cost of production via minimize the weight of the product without changing the form or the shape of product.
Aluminium and metal alloys are common and plenty. In this research , the idea is to combine aluminium with non metals (polymer). In this case Acrylonitrine Butadiene Styrene (ABS) was selected because of its low density and low melting temperature compared with aluminium. However, combining aluminium with ABS as alloys is unexplored off. The process is simple which is, by combining molten aluminium to ABS before casting. The product aluminium-ABS is then tested to study its mechanical properties (hardness and tensile strength and Its microscope.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3011011081

Clay Filled Aluminum Product

- New Improved Aluminium Product
- Having lightweight
- For decorative Items (Fence Flowers)

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3014411115

Hexagonal LED Module For Display System

A hexagonal shape module to form multiple arrangement arrays by combination of modules on support panel. The modules are juxtaposed at the side edges with the lines aligned with each other on side faces of the modules. This makes it possible to arrange the modules in any desired array and even to take any modules out of the array. The polarity connection located at each side faces on module to allow electricity flow with the respective contacts between the modules. Finally the light output can be energized from a single source. In this system the hexagonal light emitted diode (LED) modules are connected together to form desire messaging sign.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3015911130

Intelligent Brain Interface for a Robot Chair

Intelligent Brain Interface for a Robot Chair is a device which can help the paralyzed patients to drive a robot chair within their homes by using their brain signals. The Brain Interface makes use of the active brain functions of the patient to convert their thought signals into control signals to move the robot chair. Hence using only their thought the user will be able to steer the robot chair.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3016911140

MAG: Magnetized Bio-Adsorbent

MAG is the latest biomaterial developed using nanotechnological advancement. It is novel, simple, fast and effective in dye-removal. Magnetic assisted separation is a promising technique for adsorption of difficult-to-handle samples. The application of magnetic particles is of special interest in relation to environmental as it improves separation of used adsorbents. MAG has been developed from rice husk, which have an ability to become effective adsorbents. The development of nano-ferum liquid modified rice husk into MAG has been achieved successfully.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3018611157

Palm Composites : Composite Products From Palm Ash Waste

- New types of floor tiles (T) and partition board (PB)
- 6" x 6" (T) or 3' x 6' (PB)
- Floor covering/Partition wall

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3020611177


Unencapsulated silicon based resistors are potential bio-sensors. These resistors which are fabricated in large numbers on silicon are diced to form individual resistor. The effective resistance of this resistor is reduced when a resistive bio element is deposited on it, hence forms the basis for a sensor. By simple comparison, the characteristics of the source of bio-element are determined. Further, only a transduction circuit, a comparator and display are needed to form a simple bio-based instrument. Potential advantages of this sensor are low cost, simple and robust.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3020711178

Simple Silicon Based Bio Sensor

Unencapsulated silicon based resistors are potential bio-sensors. These resistors which are fabricated in large numbers on silicon are diced to form individual resistor. The effective resistance of this resistor is reduced when a resistive bio element is deposited on it, hence forms the basis for a sensor. By simple comparison, the characteristics of the source of bio-element are determined. Further, only a transduction circuit, a comparator and display are needed to form a simple bio-based instrument. Potential advantages of this sensor are low cost, simple and robust.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3021211183

SSDEM: Statistical Software for Fitting Distribution and Estimating Missing Values in Environment Data Set.

The first software that focused on estimating missing values. Uses the best mathematical equation to estimate the missing data (based on literature). Simple applications assist the user shorten the time needed for estimating missing values.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3021911190

The efficient design of three phase transformer core

Transformer design with 60o degree cutting angle of T-joint is more efficient than the core with cutting angle of T-joint 45o, 23o and 90o. This design (i.e. 60o) was not yet assembled by any transformer manufacturing company in this area. The flux distribution in the core is more uniform compared to other T-joint. The no-load loss of the 60o also showed lowest compared to other T-joint.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3022311194

Uninterruptible Power Supply Using Solar System

Main alternating current (AC) electric power supply is needed by loads continuity. But some times the main supply can be disconnected, so the loads will stop to operate. Using Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the loads can run continuity. Normally, the UPS gets DC supply from rectifier (main AC supply), but in this project the UPS is powered by photovoltaic module, whereas the inverter and transfer switch are controlled by timer and contactor.

Jejawi Perlis

ID : tm3104612017

Tropical Rainstorm Light (TRL)

Tropical Rainstorm Light (TRL) is a warning system to be used during a rainstorm and low visibility condition for vehicles. The TRL emits a yellow green/lime yellow colour light,distinguishing its appearance from the existing amber-coloured 4-way hazard light system.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3104812019

The Development of Light Weight Disposable 60mm Mortar System

A light 60mm Mortar was designed, fabricated and tested by the NDUM to provide a reduced weight system at 25% of the currently used system. The light weight mortar can fire on an average of 200 mortar projectiles. The material of the tube is of tough carbon insulated with Keflar fibres. The mortar, upon completing its tasks will be disposed to reduce the operational weight of the soldiers.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3104912020

The Development of an Increased Range 81mm Mortar Projectiles

The increased range of 81mm projectile is achieved by increasing the surface area of the rear of the obturating line of the projectile besides optimising stability by choosing the most efficient number of fins. Increasing the surface area of the rear of the projectile increases the total force acting on the projectile hence pushing the projectile at a higher velocity. Increasing the surface area of the mortar also increases the overall length, thus improving its aerodynamic profile.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3105112022

TACCOMS: Tactical Communication
Operation Management System

TACCOMS menyediakan fungsi penyampaian
arahan, kawalan, komunikasi dan koordinasi
(command, control, communication, coordination
C4) dengan menggunakan teknologi network
centric, mudah alih (mobile), dan pengesanan
lokasi (locationing)

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3105212023

TACCOMS : Tactical Communications Operations Management System

Tactical operations are very dangerous to the team conducting the operation. There are many cases where a lapse in command, control, communications or coordination can cause lives to be lost and operation to fail. TACCOMS allows for a tactical team leader to have complete command and control of tactical team members during tactical operations. It provides command,control, communications and coordination (C4) functionality for any tactical operation.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3105412025

Survival Water Filter Using "Curcuma Longa" Filteration

Portable water filter being designed with water container on top to store unfiltered water into container. The novelty is it used dried "Curcuma Longa" as antibacterial filter. The design is unique and it is user friendly. This unique filter can produce the clean and drinkable water for survival.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3105812029

Sludge as Absorbent

The invention of product is the reuse of sludge as an absorbent. The reuse of sludge is more environmental friendly and more economic as it is able to replace synthetic adsorbent which is a chemical adsorbent.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3106312034

Putra One Motorized Scooter

PUTRA One is a foldable and light weight motorized scooter suitable for recreational and military purposes. It requires minimal space for storage and can be used to perform various kinds of duty. The specifications of the motorized scooter are as follows: (a) max payload: 17.63kg (30% less compared to the actual design which is available in market; (b) actual size: 1209mm x 1094mm x 522 mm; (c) foldable size: 950mm x 600mm x 522mm; (d) main frame material: Aluminum T6061 Alloy; (e) Engine type: Grass trimmer engine (f) Motor Power:49cc (2.9hp); (g) Top speed: 31.1km/h; (h) Maximum load: 120kg; (i) Accessories obtained from market; (j) The castor angle -17 to 20 degree; (k) suitable for flat surface & off road.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3106412035

Portable Bridging System for Disaster Relief Operations

Portable Bridging System for Disaster Relief Operations comprises portable structures including foldable long-span beams and portable piers. The foldable beams are made of composite materials and/or aluminium alloy. The structures are lightweight, thus, are easily transported, erected and launched. The beam can span up to 28 meters in a single span. However, with the portable piers, it can be constructed in multiple spans, thus making the portable bridging system more reliable for relief operations.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3106912040

Pangolin Armor (Flexible Green Panel for Body Armor Application)

The pangolin armor is a flexible type of hard armor design that possesses the ability to bend into a curvature format. The design can be applied to metallics. The flexible armor panel can be utilized for personnel usage, buildings, land, air and sea structures.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3107012041

Novel Method of Indoor Locationing Using 3D Reverse Wifi Triangulation

When a victim needs to be located in a collapsed structure or building, current locationing technologies such as GPS are not adequate. Current effectiveness of indoor locationing can be enhanced using the Android devices WIFI Triangulation method of locationing, a victim may be located anywhere in a building. When the device sees a present mobile WIFI router, it will send out a message. By process of elimination, triangulation is achieved.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3107112042

Novel Method of Fall Detection Algorithm Using Android Phone Accelerometer and Orientation

Many fall detection algorithm using Android phone are not very effective. Fall detection system must be 100% accurate and effective because human lives are at stake. Current effectiveness of Android fall detection algorithm can be enhanced using the devices accelerometer and orientation. An accelerometer is a device that measures the acceleration of motion of an object. All other fall detection algorithm relies solely on the accelerometer itself but testing shows that it is not an accurate fall detector in all situations. Combining the phones acceleration and orientation data means that it would possible to accurately detect falls in all situation.

Kem Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur

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