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ID : tm3519015817

Car Jack

The aim of this project was to build a car jack that is capable of lifting more weight than a normal car jack can and at the same time, is able to minimize the consumers usage of energy when using it.

Dengkil Selangor

ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

Kuala Kangsar Perak

ID : tm3149412465

WALLPro: A Load Reducing Geocomposite for Retaining Structures

In 2003, the ministry of Transport Malaysia's record indicated more than eleven milion registered vehicles in malaysia. Recent statistics for malaysia indicated more tahan 100% increases in number of registered vehicle within twn years. An average total of more than 5 million scrap tires are produced every year since 1987. At an average of 20kg for each tire, this would come up to 100,000 tonnes a year. The trend iis increasing with increasing populations and number of vehicles.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3150612477

Thermoplastic prepregging system

The project aims to realize continuous Fibre TP Composites, woven and non woven by developing a local and indigenous prepregging system. With this system now, a wide range COFIT or simple prepregs that can be used to manufacture all sorts of thermoplastic based composites, suitable for different application.

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ID : tm3150912480

Standardized Extract of Formulated Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon Stamineus Benth)

Standardized Misai Kucing extract is the product of a multi-disciplinary research and development input from various areas of expertise ranging from Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry and Pharma-ceutics. The main aim was to develop an extract with a standardized profile that guarantee its potency. Selection of quality dried leaves is based on gravimetric, microscopic, chromatographic and spectroscopic parameters and complies with standard data ofestablished techical monographs.

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ID : tm3151312484


Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appreance that they were present or to have an effect at a location other than their true location. The TelePresence system is baed on how High Definition video conferencing. This will allow participants from multiple locations to conduct meetings as if they were in the same meeting room, while actually hundreds or thounsands of kilometers separate them. Different from others, TelePresence system relay on software instead of hardware for video coding at the sending side and vidoe encoding at receiving side and yet able to achieve a very good quality TelePresence system by fullfiling the two basic requirements oof HD video and audio rea-time taransmission and maintaining a good quality of service and efficient storage, comprehension and decompression. This system is a green invention since it encourage more users to use it instead of fyling or driving to attend meetings or training. This will contribute towards reducinng users carbon footprint,which in turns will reduce Enviromental Impacts.

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ID : tm3151512486

Science Learning Kits for Primary Schools

Some primary schools lack the sophisticated infrastructure, facilities and resources found in urban regions. As such students in these schools often lack the necessary exposure to enriched learning environments. Learning materials to support these environments can facilitate meaningful learning. Science learning kits are designed for use by students at different ability levels. Every kit consists of four components, each component complementing other components in the package. The components are a Teacher Guide, Student Activities, Student Assessment and Science Kit. The learning kits are also based on five themes as specified in the Science Syllabus for Primary School. These are Investigating Living Things, Investigating Force and Energy, Investigating Materials, Investigating The Earth and Universe and Investigating Technology.

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ID : tm3151712488

Resin Process Control Technology

Fuzzy logic control of Chemical Reaction. Exothermic Reaction - in particular Computer based Fuzzy Logic Control System (both hardware/software) has been developed for the production of Phenol-Formaldehyde resin used in wood panel products.

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ID : tm3152012491


Sistem atas talian untuk menyokong tabiat merokok

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ID : tm3152712498

PORTAFOAM System For The Production Of Lightweight Foamed Concrete

The PORTFOAM (Portable Foaming Generator) is a machine that transforms a liquid chemical formulation into stable foam. This is a compact version of the foaming generator to cater for small to medium-scale factory or on-site production of foamed concrete. These foam generators rely on mechanical means to deliver the chemicals and are suitable for pilot plant scale production, research and self-help house bulding.

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ID : tm3152912500

Portable intelligent electronic nose (sniffing device)

The electronic nose is a simulation of the human olfactory (smell) system. The electronic nose, which consists or chemical sensor array system coupled with Artificial Neural
Network, is capable of detecting various odours/aromas and differentiating odour concentration. It also can be trained to detect more odour/aromas by putting it in training/leaning mode. The electronic nose is able to replace human panelof trained personnel to determine
the quality of items/products and is applicable to a wide range of applications related to quality control, in the food & beverages, cosmetic, healthcare product, pharmaceutical and packing industries.

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ID : tm3153512506

Personal Computer Numerical Controller

Performance of machine tools is based upon accuracy, repeatability, reliability and machining rates of theproduced part. These performances depend on the advances of controller used by the machine tools. Currently there are three types of machine tools controller: Programmable logic controller (PLC), CNC and PC-based system.

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ID : tm3153612507

Penghasilan Bahan Bernilai Komersial Melalui Sistem Pemfermentasian Keadaan Pepejal (SSF)

Menyedari akan pentingnya alam sekitar, adalah wajar sisa pertanian ini dikitar semula dalam bentuk yang berguna dan bernilai tambah. Sisa pertanian boleh digunakan semula sebagai bahan api, baja, makanan ternakan atau sebagai substrat untuk sistem pemfermentasian keadaan pepejal (SSF) bagi penghasilan bahan yang mempunyai kepentingan industri. SSF ialah proses pemfermentasian yang tidak mengandungi air ataupun kandungan air yang rendah dengan menggunakan mikroorganisma seperti kulat, bakteria atau yis. SSF dapat menghasilkan:
- metabolit seperti enzim yang boleh dikomersilkan untuk penggunaan industri pembuatan detergen, farmaseutikal, kimia, kertas, kosmetik dan lain-lain lagi. Contoh enzim: Lipase, xylanase, protease, mannase, cellulase, phytase dan a-amylase.
- Kompos yang berfungsi sebagai baja dan berupaya memperbaiki tekstur dan struktur tanah.
- Makanan ternakan dengan kandungan nutrien yang lebih tinggi serta lebih mudah hadam.
- Bahan metabolit mikrob yang digunakan dalam berbagai industri kimia pembuatan.

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ID : tm3154712518

New Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resins

a) Liquid crystalline epoxy monomer is used in
electronic industry;
b) Liquid crystalline epoxy resins can be used
as adhesive in industry;
c) Liquid crystalline epoxy resins can retain
adhesion properties when it is exposed to
heating at high temperature.
d) Potential applications are in electronic, as
well as in aerospace adhesives.

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ID : tm3155412525

Nanoparticle Coating for Enhancing Shelf-Life of Herbal Product

Factors influencing chemical stability
- Temperature:a chemical reaction increases by a factor of between two to three-fold for every 10Crise in temperature (Bentley's, 1986).
- Moisture:Moisture absorbed on to the surface of solid drug will often increase the rate of decomposition if its susceptible to hydrolysis.

- To evaluate chemical stability of O.stamineus.
- To establish a shelf life of some markers in O.stamineus and optimum storage conditions.
- To study the effect of tableting and nano-coating on chemical stability of O.stamineus extract.
- To study the bioavailability of the nano-coated materials (invitro).

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ID : tm3156612537

Low Cost Septic Tank

The product has been approved by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembentungan for use nationwide. The Kem. Pembangunan Luar Bandar has also endorsed this product. More than 7,000 units has been installed nationwide. The tank is easily produced either using ferrocement or fibreglass. Currently about half a million household in Malaysia is without any sanitation facility. Therefore, the market is very big for a simple innovativeproduct that has already been commercialised via a pilot project.

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ID : tm3157112542


Kenaf is used as an alternative to recovered paper as a fibre source that is able to meet the cost constraints and produce high quality newsprint. Kenaf has potential in paper making for a multitude of end-users. A suitable quality fibre pulp can be produced from whole kenaf stem using an innovative chemi-thermomechanical pulping process.

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ID : tm3157812549

Integrated 3D Terrain Visualizer

This system enables the visualization of 3D terrain in a web environment. The system is created with the integration of eight different GIS and non-GIS software, consisting of AutoCAD, R2V, PCI Geomatica, Arc GIS, Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML), Chisel, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. This system uses the digital contour data and high resolution satelite images from the QUICKBIRD satellite. AutoCAD is used to extract contour layers, which are then edited by using R2V software. The final contour data is segregated into separate areas accordingly by Arc GIS software. PCI Geomatica is used for segregating and processing the satellite images. The final output is in VRML format and gives a 3D terrain visualization, which can be overlaid with satellite images. All outputs are then compressed using Chisel software. Finally, the website is created and launched into the web server by Micromedia Dreamweaver. This is a novel system that can help users visualize different terrains for a multitude of applications.

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ID : tm3158512556

Herbal Stability Monitoring Using Metabolomics

NON BIASED IDENTIFICATION and QUANTIFICATION of all metabolites in herbal or other natural products are vital determine the status and stability of the complex mixtures especially when developing and modernizing such products into evidence-based medicines. The monitoring of the presence and concentration of the bioactive constituents is extremely vital as it affects the quality, efficacy and shelf-life of the herbal product. Infrared spectroscopy technique in combination with chemometrics data processing could provide total metabolite fingerprint profile of the phytoproduct. Thus, an innovative identification, classification and discrimination tool for stability monitoring of phytoproduct was developed.

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ID : tm3159812569

E-Science Grid Portal

Gris computing has enabled researchers in far-flung locations to collaborate on complex projects-utilizing a huge amount of computing power and data storage by pooling together resources that could not be coupled easily before. E-Science grid portal is a web portal that allows application scientists and researchers to access resources specific to a particular domain of interest via a web interface. The grid portal authenticates users, permits them to access about scheduling jobs, allows them to access and manipulate resource information from a remote database.

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ID : tm3162312594

Carbon Nanotubes : Novel Production of Low Cost High Quality Carbon Nanotubes

This is a new technology and apparatus to produce high quality carbon nanotube (CNT) at a lower cost compared to current methodologies. Discovered in 1991, CNT is powder-like materials that can be used as reinforcement materials. It is a potential replacement to carbon fibers and can be used i the polymer, electronic/semiconductor, biomedical and other industries. Compared to the conventional production, the innovative technology in the production of carbon nanotube developed by USM is simple, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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ID : tm3163612607

Artificial Agro-lumber

The anticipated shortage of wood (log) supply in the new milennium need extensive and innovative applied research study on the agricultural wastes for new lumber materials. The purpose of the invention is to produce an innovative the new wood lumber so called "Artificial Agro-Lumber" made from wastes oil palm trunks. The modified thermoset matrix and improves the strength and stiffness of the material. This new material will be having immersed value in the existing as well as future wood-based industry.

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ID : tm3165112622

Agro-Synthetic Table Top

In this invention, we have developed a innovative high performance composite product made of room temperature thermoset resin and agro-waste fillers. The product is called `Agro-synthetic Table Top` which is identified and formulated for table top application (interior and exterior)

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ID : tm3165212623

Agen Antimikrob Daripada Bahan Semulajadi

Kini, penyelidikan farmakologi telah ditumpukan terhadap bahan semulajadi yang bersifat perubatan seperti tumbuhan, organisma marin, aktinomiset dan haiwan veterbrata. Mengikut WHO sebanyak 80% populasi negara membangun bergantung pada bahan semulajadi sebagai agen rawatan penyakit berjangkit. Malaysia merupakan sebuah negara yang berpotensi untuk dibangunkan menjadi bahan antimikrob untuk memenuhi keperluan negara. Kaedah pengekstrakan baru telah dibangunkan untuk pemencilan sebatian antimikrob, terutamanya daripada bahan semulajadi seperti Rhizophora apiculata, Vernonia Cinerea (tumbuhan), Stichopus chloronatus (timun laut) dan Gracillaria changii (alga) Bahan ekstrak mempunyai aktiviti yang signifikan dalam merawat penyakit dermatofit. Kajian yang telah dijalankan dalam makmal telah berjaya menghasilkan serbuk dan ekstrak kasar yang dapat diformulasikan menjadi krim dan salap.

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ID : tm3165512626

Academic Integrated Management System (AIMS)

Academic Integrated Management System (AIMS) was comprehensively developed based on an intensive field research in rural schools, Delphi panel discussions with respective stakeholders, Educational Management Theories, Contemporary Research, and the Ministry of Education Malaysia rules, regulations and circulars. The system consists of six principle kits namely: Academic Management Kit, Co-curriculum Management Kit, Staff Development Management Kit, Parenting Management Kit, Student Guidance & Counseling Management Kit, Monitoring Management Kit. The Management of Academic Curriculum Kit provides comprehensive notes, ideas and sample letters for immediate use by school heads and administrative staff members. The Management of Academic Co-Curriculum Kit presents matters relating to organizing and enhancing of activities with respect to Academic Co-Curriculum. The Management of Counseling and Guidance Kit highlights good governance in the management of counselling and well-being. The Parenting Management Kit engages parents with home support activities, time management and children???s emotional development to enhance students integration in the school system. The Professional Development Kit aims to augment teachers knowledge. The Monitoring Management Kit is the most unique feature of this system as it provides the freedom for school heads and administrators to chart school???s improvement plan. These Kits are designed with the intention to effectively facilitate, guide and provide quick solutions to common problems related to the management in schools in order that schools can effectively and efficiently progress with their core business of teaching and students??? development.

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