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ID : tm3499915626

Selective Leverage System

The invention relates to improve performance of a device having a pulsing behavior input or output such as engines and other cyclically devices. This solution includes a selective leverage system gear train that uses leverage principle to improve performance of compressors, alternators, etc.

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ID : tm287809751

DiSFoS towards Eco-Friendly Product

DiSFoS is to achieve a greener environment in the future. It will gradually replace polystyrene container with Dilenia suffruticosa container as it is more eco-friendly. They are biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and able to raise health awareness among the society.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm287839754

Cyclo Electric Generator (CY-E-G)

It is apparent that in this 21th century, the world is facing an energy crisis. In this project, magnetism plays the biggest part on producing electric current. It combines a simple motor principle with a simple generator principle. When these two mechanisms are combines, we generate cyclic electric current without battery or any other sources of electricity. The materials used are affordable for everyone. Copper wire, magnet, LED, clip paper or pin, iron rod and gears are used.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2981010781

Transport Mechanism Across Ceramic Nanofiltration Membrane for Production of Isotonic Solution

The use of ceramic membranes has recently been gaining interest among many researchers. However, due to the complexity of the ceramic membrane, there is a need to investigate its transport behavior during the separation process. Ceramic NF membranes' filtration efficiency depends on steric (sieving) and electrical (Donnan) effects. Through these combination, there are may be high rejection rates of small uncharged solutes while the surface electrostatic properties allow monovalent ions to be reasonably well transmitted through with multivalents ions mostly retained. Transport equations used in this study are based on the extended Nernst-Planck equation, which is the fundamental relationship governing the transport of ionic species through membrane pores. The mass transfer in ceramic membrane will e more complicated compared to that in polymeric membranes due to the membrane surface charge effect.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2981410785

The LCP Method: A New Technique To Measure Surface Tension

The Problems
- Advanced instrument is expensive( >RM100k) where low cost method is less accurate and tedious to use
- Accuracy of conventional method is affected by liquid properties

Product Features
- Flexible & affordable: choice of set-up (manual, semi or fully auto) to suit budget
- Easy to set-up and use
- Accurate, reliable and suitable for various types of liquids
- Patent filling in process
- Looking for interested partners: immediate commercialization and further development.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2981710788

SM-TUFF: An Alternative Adsorbent For Removal Of Cr(VI) From Waste waters

Waste waters from several industries, including electroplating and leather tanning are enriched with chromium (Cr). This heavy metal exist as Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in aqueous systems and Cr(VI) is about 200x more toxic than Cr(III). Adsorption is one of the methods for the removal of chromium from waste waters. However, except granular activated carbon (GAC), the existing commercial adsorbents are ineffective for Cr(VI)removal though highly effective for Cr(III).

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2982710798

Osadhi Sensation - Natural Fragrances for Well Being

A Perfume can be defined as a blend of two or more fragrant materials that can be characterized by having olfactive properties to impart a pleasant scent or smell, or to emit a pleasing odor. Perfumes have a wide range of applications from personal uses; to mark a scent of feminity or masculinity, fragrance ambiance, aromatherapy to household cleaning products that are perfumed.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2982810799

No More Smoking Burners-UMS Helps in Developing a Smoke Emission Control System

TA burner smoke emission control device was invented by Ir. Philip Yong (IC No. 421219-12-5031) and patented (Malaysian Patent 111240) in 1999. There appears to be no such device commercialized to date. Ir. Yong has been awarded a Cradle grant to commercialize his invention and to quantify the effectiveness of the invention. Typical single stage industrial scrubbers which remove particulates from exhaust gas using water have an efficiency between 60 to 80% removal of particulates with a water use of 0.45-0.55 litres of water per m3 of exhaust air [1,2]. The invention works by spraying water onto the smoke produced from a burner to cool it and then forced through a mechanical mixing process diving dissolve chamber (DDC, Item 60 in the patent). The gas is released through a rotating exhaust while the water continues to collect more smoke emissions until the water is replaced. Sawdust, wood stick and tyre tubes were burnt in the burner to simulate the pollutant gas. The device???s ability to remove smoke particles is found to be highly effective, above 90 percent, based on tests on the diving dissolve chamber alone of the smoke emission control system. Filter paper was used to capture the residue smoke particles carried by the cooled exhaust gas and a membrane filter for the water suspending the particles. The existing system must be coupled with a feasible water treatment technology for it to be validated as fully functional, besides the design modifications suggested for the rotating gas sparger. The machine???s effectiveness in operation has been captured on video and Ir. Yong is confident his invention can be commercialized immediately.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2983210803

Molten Salt Electrolysis Process For Non-Toxic Carburization of Low Carbon Steel

The Earliest development of a metal carburising process using molten salt technique was use of a cyanide bath. Unfortunately it has severe drawbacks due to the production of noxious cyanide present in waste products and the bath itself or solid waste salt in the wash and quenched water from treated parts. Development efforts in recent years have all been concerned with reducing or eliminating the toxic hazards of cyanide in the bath.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2983410805

Mindcreate: Ideas Evaluation Tools

Manual assessment of creativity is modified to computer-based systems where creativity (fluency and originality of idea) can be assessed. Mindcreate: Ideas Evaluation Tools is user friendly which combines psychology and advanced technology systems (IT) to make creativity assessment easier and complete is suitable for all industries that emphasise R&D.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2984010811

Investigation on the Effect of Face Dimension on Natural Convection of Forced Draft Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

This research seeks to; (1) conduct experiments to determine the plume average velocity and temperature profiles upon rising above the air cooled heat exchanger; (2) validate the existing mathematical correlation by using the experimental results, and;(3) develop a mathematical correlation and simulate to determine the natural convection performance.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2984510816

Improvement of Cold Water-Soluble Sago Starch

Cold water-soluble starch is a modified starch that can dissolve in cold water to form dispersion or paste without cooking. It is always used as a thickening or gelling agent in instant convenience foods which require short cooking/preparation time, to fulfil the busy lifestyle needs. This study focused on the preparation of instant starch using alcoholic-alkaline treatment. This treatment is concerned with a process wherein granules of starch are treated with alcohol and strong base to cause swelling of the granules and conversion to a form having increased cold water solubility. The uniqueness of this instant starch lies in the high intact granularity that contributes to desirable eating quality in the final products, such as high viscosity, smoother mouthfeel and texture, and hence high glossiness. This project was started by optimization of process parameters for alcoholic-alkaline treatment of sago starch using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Results obtained indicated high amount of NaOH use in the treatment greatly improved the cold water solubility, yet it also led to rupture of starch granules (that could potentially reduce the desirable eating quality). Only 52.2 +-1.5% of cold water solubility could be achieved in order to retain the granularity of sago starch. It was then followed by attempts to improve the granularity of the sample by combining the alcoholic-alkaline treatment with different types of chemical modifications. RSM was used to investigate the effect of various process variables and their interaction on the responses studied. The modified GCWS sago starches were assessed in terms of their physicochemical properties and performance (quality) as instant starch. Our findings indicated that the cold water solubility of modified GCWS sago starch was successfully increased to >60% or >80% (with intact granularity) depending on the type of combined treatment used. This study has shown that optimum degree of chemical modification could enhance the starch granular strength to withstand alkaline hydrolysis and processing condition during alcoholic-alkaline treatment. In brief, all treatments share the fact that NaOH was the most important variable affecting the responses studied. Modified GCWS sago starch produced could be used as instant thickener in instant cocoa filling and topping premix for bakery and confectionary products. Nevertheless, this instant starch exhibited short texture and was not suitable to be used as gelling agent. In comparison to GCWS sago starch produced by alcoholic-alkaline treatment the functionalities (pasting and thermal behaviour) of instant starch produced were found different due to the structural alteration that took place in the starch granules. Further studies which look into the structural-functionality of modified GCWS sago starch, such as rtheological research (including texturizing properties) and investigations into molecular weight distribution and particle size distribution, may provide a better understanding of potential niche are applications, particularly in low calorie food industries.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2985410825

eRF-SWARM : Evolution of Swarm Robotic Controllers Using RF-localization

An automated synthesis technology has been developed and implemented for generating adaptive and rebust autonomous robot controllers.
RF technology is used as the localization method for robot coordination and task identification. Robot controllers are able to work collectively and intelligently as a group to solve a complex task of box-pushing using RF-localization technology.
Multi-objective artificial evolution is used as the automated controller synthesis technology that is able to optimize robot's task solving abilities and at the same time optimize the robot controller's neural network (ANN) architecture.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2985610827

Engineering Studies on The Solid State Fermentation of Palm Kernel Cake

Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) is a by product from palm oil mills which is usually turned into soil conditioners or ruminant feed. However, with proper Solid State Fermentation (SSF) PKC can be converted into poultry feed. The engineering questions that this research seek to answer include the modelling, optimisation, design and scale up of large scale bioreactors for the SSF process. As this work is strongly influenced bty the strain of microorganism utilised, we are working closely with the UMS Biotechnology Research Institute.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2985910830

E-COUNCIL: Assessment Tools for Management-Union/ Employees Partnership

Joint Consultation Committee (JCC) which is represented by the management and union/employees is the best mechanism for fostering a strong partnership at workplace. Therefore, a web-based union/employees and management partnership evaluation and analysis tools was developed (E-Council). The innovation of this product is web-based, two-way communication and therefore accessible anywhere and anytime. It provides a security login password, an alert system and a reminder. The potential market for this innovation is Government Linked Companies (GLC companies), government agencies, PEMNADU, MAMPU, CUEPACS, MTUC and MEF.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2986110832

Development of Combine Harvester in Seaweed Cultivation

In the up-stream sector of seaweed industry, especially utilising the varieties of Kappaphycus and Eucheuma, planting, harvesting and transporting contribute to about 80% of labour usage. The remaining 20% labour is mainly for seeding selection and drying activities. To counter this condition, a Combine Harvester was invented to mechanise planting and harvesting. Seaweed Mini Estate System makes farm management more efficient and increase productivity per unit area. In a larger scale of seaweed farming, Combine Harvester is highly recommended.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2986610837

C-Channel - An Efficient Precast RC Floor Panel For Modern Building

Conventional normal weight concrete (NWC) and lightweight concrete (LWC) developed at UMS using OPS (Oil Palm Shell) solid waste are recommended for production of C-Channel. It is made with 1m width and various lengths. It is a structurally efficient and quality assured floor product. C-Channel is full precast product using reinforced concrete having steel within allowable limit. It is developed in 3.2, 4.2, 5.2, 6.2, 7.2 and 8.2 m lengths. Total concrete used are 0.30 m3 for 3.2 m, 0.42 m3 for 4.2 m, 0.57 m3 for 5.2 m, 0.73 m3 for 6.2 m, 0.89 m3 for 7.2 m and 1.07 m3 for 8.2 m length. It saves concrete from 35.34 to 47.80% compared with conventional floor. It reduces weight from 35.34 to 56.50% thus enhancing handling and transport capacity and reducing structural weight. It's allowable service load capacity is very high from 11.56 to 26.71 kN/m2 for NWC and from 12.95 to 22.30 kN/m2 for LWC as uniform distributed load (UDL). It is very cost effective and it claims better sound insulation property and having service facilities. It also claims no water leaking effect. It's production is very small and medium entrepreneurs to venture into prefabrication of C-Channels. It does not need any topping concrete after final placement thus avoiding temporary propping. It's deflection recovery is between 92-95% for NWC and 84-100% for LWC. It is highly recommended for use in modern building as per Industrial Building System (IBS).

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2986710838

Cassava Composite Lumber (CCL) From Agriculture Waste Of Cassava Stems

Social and economic developments of humans are largely dependent on the better utilization available resources. Humans have from ancient times made great use of wood-based products as they are the most available resource. Increased environmental consciousness particularly on recycling of traditional materials, unprecedented forest resource degeneration and global warming, however has led to world-wide efforts to develop bio-composites from non-wood resources. Sustainable lignocellulosic resources are available in different forms of non-wood based fibers and agricultural residues. Non-wood commercial fibers include jute, sisal, kapok, kenaf, flax, hemp, ramie, etc. Agriculture residues include stalks of most cereal crops, rice husks, coconut fibers (coir, bagasses, maize cobs, peanut shell and other agriculture residues). Non-wood lignocellulosic resources have for a long time being used to produce composites. Today, the men-made lignocellulosic composites are becoming attractive in both commercial and non-commercial applications.Plant-based composite, especially those from the agriculture residues plants may in the future become materials to replace wood and polymer based composite in terms of their attractive specific properties, lower cost, simple processing technologies, eco-friendliness and ability to be recycled after use. The performance and quality of the plant fiber-based composite can be further improved by adopting appropriate engineering techniques. Must of the recent developments of bio-composites from non-woody lignocellulosic resources have been aimed at improving the quality and performance of the product. However, apart from attaining these core attributes, the composites produced from these resources offered several other advantages among them being the achievement of improved mechanical properties.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2987210843

Ammonia Removal By Synthesized Polymeric Membrane

The objectives:
1. To synthesize polymeric membranes
2. To characterize the membranes: contact angle, thickness, porosity and pore size distribution, and
3. To study the mass transfer and removal efficiency of ammonia from saline water by direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD)

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2987410845

Acti-Yo - Yoghurt Powder Incorporated with Herbal Extracts

- Acti-Yo is a dried powder produced from low fat probiotics youghurt with controlled fermentation.
- It has the ability to retain more than 10 CFU/g of probiotics (L. acidophilus La-5 and B. lactis Bb-12) in the dehdrated powder.
- It provide the 2 in 1 health promoting properties by incorporating standardized herbal extracts (bitter melon, etc) with therapeutic potential and probiotics.
- Does not require cold storage facility, long shelf life and convenient preparation.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2987610847

A Novel Method for the Estimation of Genome Sizes using Real-Time PCR

This innovation describes a unique protocol that has been developed to rapidly estimate the genome size of an organism without the use of expensive equipments. It is useful for the determination of changes that occur to the genome size during phylogenesis. Mutations such as large chromosomal aberration, which leads to diseases, may be easily detected using this method. The method may also provide a tool to identify new species as each species has a unique genome size.

Kota Kinabalu Sabah

ID : tm2988310854

Window to The World (An Interactive Model for Extraocular Muscles)

The eye model is a low fidelity stimulator which shows the synchronized movement of both eyeballs. It demonstrates the extraocular muscle. The functionality of the model addresses the students' haptic memory as they see the demonstration and the haptic memory as they handle the movements.

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ID : tm2988910860

Response of Underground Pipes due to Blast Loads

In our day-to-day activities, we come across underground pipes which are used for services such as water supply, drainage, sewerage, oil and gas supply. Due to huge investment in the construction of these installations, there is a need to study their responses due to blast, especially in cases where it is lain across the road or directly underneath multistory buildings. This research work has examined the carious constituents of blast vis--vis ground media, intervening medium, pipes and blast loads. Using Unified Facilities Criteria (2008), ground shock parameters for blast in buried pipes, open trench and surface blasts for commonly used explosives at various stand-off were estimated. In addition, using empirical method, shock parameters for underground blast for commonly used explosives at various stand-off were also estimated. Existing models were verified using the Abaqus code and results compared with those obtained using the SAP program. Consequently, parametric studies of buried pipes were carried out using a finite element-based numerical code, the Abaqus. Finally, guidelines for the design of buried pipes to resist effects of blasts were suggested.

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ID : tm2989910870

Minimalist Robotic Kit As Educational
Intervention Computational Thinking

Inovasi reka bentuk dan pembangunan modul
pembelajaran tentang robot dan pengaturcaraan.
Penggunaan robot untuk meningkatkan
kemahiran berfikir komputasi dalam kalangan
pelajar di sekolah rendah dan menengah

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ID : tm2990110872

Kenaf Core a Filler in Road

Kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus, L.) originated from Africa was found 4000 years ago. Kenaf is afast growing species which can attained the height of 3.5 ??? 4.3 m in just 120 days after planting. Kenaf is renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Kenaf has strong fibres and multiuses.

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