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ID : tm3307914050

Orbital Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

Friction stir welding for tubular structure imposed a quite challenging issue. The Requirement of the some sort of holding mechanism is vital. Therefore, this structure is to be used to accommodate this requirement thus makes tubular structure to be welded successfully and soundly.

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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

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ID : tm3308214053

Impedance Pump

This relatively new type of pump can have many uses in the industry. It is more efficient than conventional pumps and can be made very compact. This means it can be made very compact. This means it can be used as pumps for coolants in computers or industrial equipment. An impedance pumps is an elastic tube that pumps liquid when a part of it is compressed periodically (tapped) The flow rate in this valveless pump is mainly dependent on two factors:
1) position of tapping on the elastic tube
- tapping one side will cause the liquid to flow in one direction while topping the other side will cause the liquid to flow in the opposite direction.
2) the tapping frequency
- the flow rate is highly dependent on the tapping, and at some frequencies the flow stops.

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ID : tm3309214063

Tactile-Enabled Home Security System (TEHSS)

This project develops a tactile-enabled home security system (TEHSS) which can generate tactile responds to alert users as a result of window or door vibration. It detects intrusion intelligently with the aid of vibration analysis by using vibration sensors and smart phone application.

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ID : tm3309814069

Intelligent Lift Control Using Crowd Detection

This invention aims to improve transportation time within buildings by prioritizing deliveries to floors when the lift is full occupied. The system uses vision techniques to track the lift occupancy and uses this information to improve the control system of present lifts.

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ID : tm3311814089

Monash Mas - UV Led Mask Aligner

We have invented a UV led based mask aligner system, An equipment that can be sued for manufacturing IC's and mems chips. Innovative automation and sensor system, and lens less optics are the key inventive steps that aided in 90% less production cost with assured state of the art function and beyond.

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ID : tm3312114092


Geneblocks is the first board game set that encourages student to learn gene regulation in molecular biology through collaboration and competition. Game based learning is proven to improve students' motivation and understanding of the subject and promote active learning beyond classroom.

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ID : tm3312514096

Automated Micro Device Manufacturing System

The present invention is micro device manufacturing equipment that can overcome Critical Dimension(CD) loss, a challenge faced in IC manufacturing industry. The machine comprises of wet bench utilizing and inventive end point technology and a mask aligner system to ensure minimum CD loss at low cost.

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ID : tm3492715554


Recomedia is a wireless presentation device which transforms projectors into collaborative display for efficient meeting. It enables anyone to present content from a laptop or smart device wirelessly over to a display. It emphasizes on simplicity and ensure easy-to-use for managing presentations.

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ID : tm3492815555

Recotraffic Connect

Managing a highway that strethes over hundreds of kilometers can be challenging and costly. Recotraffic connect is a highly effective system for highway management particularly in emergencies. It can transfer information quickly for analysis, provide fast response and facilitate decision making.

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ID : tm3520515832

Weight watcher

Weight watcher is designed to overcome the issues of overweight school bag. It consist of an acrylic structure and electronic parts to warn the children when their school bag exceed 10% of their body weight. It is light, small and user friendly. It can be fitted into various type of school bags.

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ID : tm3520715834

Savvy and Safe

Savvy and safe is a water distiller using only solar energy to produce clean drinking water from recyclable materials at almost no cost. It is an innovation that not only improves quality of life but also save lives by providing. The solution to produce clean water easily and effectively.

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ID : tm3523815865

Easy Toothbrush

This project shows an innovative way how to apply tooth paste in a newly-invented brushing method.

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ID : tm3523915866

Foldit Table

This project is about an innovation way of folding a table that reduces use of space.

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ID : tm3546616093


Merupakan produk inovasi mudah alih yang fleksibel, mudah
dipasang serta mudah dibawa bagi membantu mangsa-mangsa
bencana supaya merasa lebih selesa ketika berada di pusat
penempatan sementara. Alat ini juga boleh digunakan sebagai
ruang solat, bilik persalinan, ruang perubatan dan lain-lain
lagi. Dilengkapi dengan hook slot, hook dan push lock button
untuk ketinggian yang boleh dilaraskan mengikut kesesuaian

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