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ID : tm287869757

I-360 Interactive 360 Virtual Environment

I-360 is an educational application that allows the users to interact with the virtual environment with the guidance of a virtual instructor. It is developed using unity. The interaction element is included with the use of leap motion, a sensor device that supports hand and finger motions as input.

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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

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ID : tm3241513386

Wireless Electrical Switch based on Voice Control using Malay Syllable

Wireless Electrical Switch based on Voice Command is a wireless electrical switch that controls any electrical appliances using voice commands. It uses a speaker independent speech recognition method where no prior system speaker training is required. Any Malay word regardless of syllabus combination can be used. This real-time system uses Malay vowel recognition algorithm that extracts features from spoken words via a conventional microphone. These features are then classified using machine learning and statistical methods such as neural network and logistic regression.

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ID : tm3243213403

Teambuilder : A team building and coaching game

Teambuilder is a new team building approach that uses boardgame and project management concepts. It promotes effective communication and teamwork in managing and completing tasks of various complexities through coaching and self-reflection techniques.

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ID : tm3243613407

Student's Mobile Information Prototype (SMIP) for Higher Education Environment

Student's Mobile Information Prototype (SMIP) was developed to facilitate the administrative learning services for students anywhere and anytime. SMIP provides eight main services which include 1)course announcement, 2)exam result, 3)instructor profile, 4)course registration, 5)financial statement, 6)calender, 7)student profile, and 8)library loan services. The limitations of mobile phones and communication were considered when designing the SMIP. the information to be displayed has to be minimized and the navigation hyperlinks were anchored at the bottom of each page to meet the small screen of mobile phones. The size of the header image is less than 3.5 bytes to reduce the download cost and to avoid the low speed of network connectivity.

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ID : tm3244813419

Real-Time Warehouse Management System with RFT Operation for Third Party Logistics (3PL) Environment

The warehouse is the core of Supply Chain Management operation- all day long, materials are moving in and out of this central business area. Large numbers of warehouse companies currently practices multi-site distribution and experiencing real challenges in this area impacting productivity and profitability. This required core competency. Efficiency of warehouse processes is the key to business metrics-affecting the number of orders to shipped, inventory availability and customer service levels. It becomes more and more complex and difficulties associated with managing global supply chain.

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ID : tm3246213433

MYOPPIDEX: Malaysia Oil Palm Plantation Investment Decision support System.

MYOPPIDEX has been developed to assist the Malaysian oil palm planters especially the independent small holder in their decision making. The interactive game their environment renders player a complete control to experiment their future planting strategics and anticipate the maximum profit to be earned.

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ID : tm3247513446

Malaysian Intelligent Home System (MyHoms)

Malaysian Intelligent Home System (MyHoms) is an intelligent smart home voice activated system which uses Malay words voice commands to control electrical household appliances such as lights, fans,electric doors and windows. It is a speaker independent system where no prior system speaker training is required. This real-time system uses Malay vowel recognition algorithm that extracts features from spoken commands via a conventional microphone. These features are then classified using machine learning and statistical methods such a neural network and logistic regression. Next, the classified vowels will be compared to a series of command templates where the specific commands are identified and exucuted. Words such as "buka", "tutup", "lampu", "pintu" and "tingkap" are use as commands. This system can be integrated into houses and office building.

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ID : tm3249013461


iComic was developed based on the user-centered design (UCD) principle. It has 2 modes interactive and self run. The interactive part, such as the container theme and colour, audio, frame selection, page selection and the dialogues spoken by the widget is fully controlled by the user, the self-run part is for users who prefer to sit, but enabling them to control the volume, play-pause, forwarding and rewinding while seated. It has two-mode features, interactive and self run with sound (Yes, the pesona in the comic really speak!). It can be expanded to become a comic container or a comic player (i.e similar concept with QuickTimeTM player as a video container). It has audio and interactive features and is fully user controlled. iComic targets teenagers since they are the majority of comic readers today.

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ID : tm3249613467

High Perfomance Business Infrastructure for smes.

Grid enabled computing facility to perform complex computations for business outlooks, market forecasting, risk analysis & etc.

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ID : tm3250513476

Enhanced Science Textbook using Augmented Reality (ESTAR)

Science learning involves many dynamic concepts which are difficult to be explained by simply using text and images from a textbook. The enhanced science textbook using augmented reality (ESTAR) enables dynamic concepts to be easily explained and help students to be more motivated towards science.

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ID : tm3251113482

Design of A Customized Pressure Garment using 3D Digital Scanned Body Image

A pressure garment is a medical garment that is used to prevent or reduce the formulation of scars after a burn injury. It works by replacing the role played by skin to apply pressure upon the body to ensure that the injured skin is replaced to its original state without scarring. Currently, there are some problems associated with the process of designing and making pressure garments, such as fitting problems, customer satisfaction and delivery time. This research aims to develop a pressure garment that can apply an accurate pressure to a wounded area. In order to achieve the target aim, a system that can design pressure garments for the treatment of burn injuries has been developed. The process included the using of a 3D digital image of human body, obtained from a3D body scanner, to design a 3D pressure garment model. The model is developed by considering several important parameters, such as pressure to be exerted, fabric properties and radius of curvature.

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ID : tm3251713488

Click Myheart-set Mymind scan Mysoul: Hisbah Spiritual Education

Hisbah is a process to build a moral consciousness that involves internal control. This tool aims identify the spiritual level by scanner of hisbah reflection al-nafs. This scanner is a self-control device to optimally intellectual potential that involves heart, body, mind, spirit, passion and soul.

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ID : tm3252513496

Automated Water Reservoir Gate Control Decision Support System

Flood is the most common natural disaster occurring in Malaysia, which varies from flash floods, monsoon floods and mud floods. It is usually widespread in a large spatial area, and often related to series of events. Decision-making in reservoir spillway gate operation control is usually dynamic in nature to the human intuitive processing. In the traditional decision-making model or the normative approach, all possible solutions will be generated. For each solution generated, weight or risk will be calculated. The optimum option will be chosen as a solution. The main idea in this approach is the evaluation of alternatives and optimization. However, a considerable time is needed for evaluating every single option and comparing them against each other. Thus a normative approach is unsuitable for urgent decision-making such as in an emergency situation where timeless is the primary concern. A faster decision-making model is needed that can facilitate rapid response and accurate decision in such a situation. This project presents the simulation model reservoir spillway gate operation control, namely a Computational Recognition Primed Decision Model (CRPD) for Spillway Gate Control using Temporal Case Based Reasoning. Performance of the proposed model was measured against real temporal operational data at Timah-Tasoh Dam in the State of Perlis, Malaysia with decision accuracy ranges from 85 to 90 percent. Such model can leveraged into other irrigation and reservoir spillway related control mechanism problems.

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ID : tm3253613507

A New Framework Of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Reserve Engineering For Obsolete Single Layered PCB

The need for reserve engineering of printed circuit board (PCB)'s comes for a variety of reasons chief among them is the need to replace an obsolete board that is no longer available from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Often companies employ other enterprise to reserve engineer their own design, because they have little or no documentation for their own product or their current design firm or manufacturer refuses to release design details and manufacturing files, hence a nuisance for most of organization.

Reserve engineering of PCB can done in many ways. Most organization that involve in PCB reserve engineering do not reveal the stages involve in producing a new PCB. One of the problems of PCB Reserve Engineering is that it takes weeks to reconstruct back the circuit from raw original PCB into complete workable simulated PCB on an Electronic Design Software. This is done by tracing back the wiring track connection and identifying the components. Even though after this process is completed, there might be errors in connection in terms of wiring. This problem will be worse for more complex circuitry.

The aim of this project is to propose a novel framework for reserve engineering of an obsolete single layer PCB. An equivalent PCB can be produce via this new framework using image processing technique. This framework involves several stage which is Data Acquisition, Images Processing, CAD Editing, PCB Fabrication and Circuit testing and Analysis. Each of stage has been implemented and the result shown that functionality of the reserve engineering PCB is same as original PCB.

The result of this project proved that the proposed framework which is Data Acquisition, Image Processing, CAD Editing, PCB Fabrication and Circuitry testing and Analysis is valid and can be used in reserve engineering of PCB. This new framework only work for reserve engineering of an obsolete single layer PCB.

This project can be commercialising into different industries such as electronic, marine, automotive, and other manufacturing which is using PCB. The proposed framework will be able to help industry to manage missing Gerber data files which can be time consuming and very expensive to reconstruct back. It also can reduce the PCB reconstructing time.

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