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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

Kuala Kangsar Perak

ID : tm3523615863

BANLAM (Penggera Banjir Malam-Tanpa Wayar)

BANLAM is a wireless alarm system developed to detect flood during nightime. BANLAM is specially designed to be placed outside a home and is very user-friendly.

Sungai Besar Selangor

ID : tm3523715864

Sang Sulam

SANG SULAM is an environmentally friendly project, which incorporated the concept of recycling, energy saving and creativity. SANG SULAM are garden lights which use the solar concept to produce energy.

Sungai Besar Selangor

ID : tm3114112112

Module of Transformational Leadership Development Training Programme

This module is the outcome of the research entitled "A Case Study into Understanding Transformational Leadership in Selected Schools in Malaysia". The research was carried out in its attempt to explore the innovativeness and creativeness of transformative school leadership upon schools and its performances of students and teachers. The findings suggested that the dominant characteristics of transformational leadership amongst the teacher leaders are risk taking, visionary and value driven. The findings also revealed that transformational leaders played significant role in empowering followers and had the desire for learning.

Tanjong Malim Perak

STEM Roll-A-Dice

ID : tm3468215455

STEM Roll-A-Dice

"STEM Roll-A-Dice" merupakan inovasi gamifikasi PdPc yang menerapkan komponen-komponen pendidikan Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan dan Matematik (STEM). Matlamat pembinaan permainan ini adalah untuk untuk menyemai minat pelajar terhadap subjek-subjek STEM serta meningkatkan penglibatan mereka dalam menceburi bidang-bidang kerjaya STEM. Berkonsepkan kerangka papan permainan, inovasi ini berbeza daripada papan permainan konvensional kerana mengintegrasikan teknologi Realiti Berparanta ataupun lebih dikenali Augmented Reality (AR). Papan permainan menampilkan 5 bidang kerjaya berkaitan STEM iaitu pendidikan, pertanian, industri, robotik dan perubatan. Keseluruhannya, papan permainan ini mengandungi sebanyak 250 soalan berkaitan pendidikan STEM yang terpapar secara rawak. Tinjauan pasaran mendapati prototaip STEM Roll-A-Dice berupaya menarik minat mereka untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai pendidikan STEM. Selain itu, testimonial pengguna menunjukkan animasi 3D melalui teknologi AR serta paparan papan permainan sangat mengujakan mereka. Mereka merasakan inovasi ini sesuai dijalankan oleh guru-guru atau pendidik yang ingin mengimplementasi PdPc abad ke-21 atau Blended Learning. Buat masa ini, aplikasi yang dimuat naik di Google Play mengandungi soalan-soalan dalam Bahasa Melayu. Walau bagaimanapun, proses terjemahan kepada Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Arab sedang dijalankan bagi memenuhi permintaan antarabangsa. Adalah menjadi harapan penyelidik agar inovasi ini digunakan oleh semua lapisan masyarakat bagi mendedahkan mereka terhadap pendidikan STEM.

Tanjong Malim Perak

ID : tm3110412075

Visualisation Approach Teaching Aid (VATA) For Teaching And Learning Science

Demonstrations and laboratory experiences have always been considered essentials for the reinforcement and understanding of science concepts. Visualization of phenomena through such techniques as demonstrations, simulations, model, real-time graphs, and video is an important component of learning science, and these techniques can contribute to students understanding of science concepts by attaching mental images to these concepts.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3110812079

Universal Mass Balance

On the earth, mass of an object is measured using a balance based on the Hookes Law where the compression of an active element in the balance is directly related to the gravitational force acting on the object. However, recalibration of the balance is required when the gravitational value at the measurement position changes. In the space, where the gravity is approaching null, the balance becomes useless as no compression is detectable by the active element. A few methods have been proposed for mass measurement in the space where gravity is negligibly small. Therefore, we designed a simple space mass balance which is not only useful in the space, but it can use at any gravitational values.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3111112082

TI-Nspire CX-Based Learning Environment for Enhancing Mathematics Students' Higher Order Thinking

The TI-Nspire CX is a mobile device developed by Texas Instrument that can be used in the mathematics classroom. A learning environment based on this mobile device was designed to help secondary school students to enhance their higher order thinking. In a traditional mathematics classroom, students have difficulties developing their higher order thinking. Through the TI-Nspire-based learning environment, students will get to develop a greater understanding of the mathematical concepts and ideas and enhance their creative thinking, critical thinking and mathematical thinking abilities such as mathematical problem solving, reasoning, communication, connection and representation. In the TI-Nspire-based learning environment, students will be provided with tasks that requires students to perform mathematical exploration, investigation, problem solving and modelling. The tasks will provide students with opportunities to use mathematical tools systematically in solving problems and be engaged in investigation and exploration of patterns and relationship to help them enhance their reasoning abilities and communication skills. The tasks will require students to model real world situations mathematically so that they can develop an understanding of the world through the model and of how the model can be used to make further prediction if changes were to occur to this situation. The TI-Nspire, as a mobile and inexpensive device can be of great help in reducing the challenge of developing and enhancing higher order thinking of students in the secondary mathematics classroom.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3111212083

Thought Pattern Modification(TPM) Modules Based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy(CBT) in the development of student's positive thinking.

The construction of thought patterns modification(TPM) module is formulate based on cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT) in the development of student's positive thinking. TPM-CBT modules are designed to be applied in 8 sessions of guidance group which include 22 group activities.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3111512086

The Formation of A Malaysian Nation: Policy on Strengtening of National Schools

This presentation is about the Malaysian education policy to integrate its multiethnic society in order to achieve the vision of a Bangsa Malaysia (A Malaysian Nation). At the primary level, National Schools (SK) are designed to play the role of encouraging interaction between the different ethnic groups. However the presence of other types of schools, particularly the Chinese Schools (SJKC) and Tamil Schools (SJKT) has caused constraints for the National Schools to attract pupils other than the Malays, namely the Chinese and the Indians. Efforts by the government to strengthen National Schools are found in the Education Development Master Plan 2006-2010 (EDMP). However the cultural needs of various ethnic groups is not seriously considered in the EDMP.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3111612087

The Development of Strategic Green Lean Six Sigma Performance Measurement Systems for Automotive Industry

This research seeks to identify a comprehensive set of Strategic Green Lean Six Sigma Performance Measurement Systems and to develop a systematic tool to improve control plans in the automotive industry. The excel System-based content was structured according to the Green Lean Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard Performance Improvement collaborative continuity as a vendor assessment tool. It is to manage the level of operation strategy and organizational performance. Strategic Green Lean Six Sigma Performance Measurement Systems benefits the automotive industry as a developing tool, methodology guideline and business engineering strategy.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3111712088

Teaching And Learning Of Lift In A Fun World

Learning in a proper environment should offer fun. Many cases have shown that not all disciplines can ensure that learning can be achieved in such a situation, especially the learning of electric circuit controls of an elevator. Developing an electric circuit control requires a combination of various fields of knowledge contained in the Engineering Technology syllabus. Students are exposed to subjects such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and programming. Explaining the subjects and equipment is not easy because the students may lose focus during the course of learning and during practical sessions. Hence they cannot achieve the objectives of the lessons. This study will develop a product that is safe, easy to install, small in size, easy to carry the classroom or laboratory for testing and practicing the elevator system.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3111912090

Sports Formation Kit (SPFOR-Kit)

SPORTS FORMATION KIT (SPFOR-KIT) is a new innovation in helping students and teachers in the teaching and learning process. SPFOR-Kit is a device where it can help teachers in how to teach and deliver a variety of methods in physical education strategy formation. In addition, this device is capable of becoming a stepping stone in the construction of teacher and student creativity. SPOR-Kit is a set of teaching aids to attract interest and attention of the students to understand a concept and subject matter easily creating active learning environment and attractive. Students are also said to be directly interested to learn and interact with the active. This process is said to be pushing toward improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3112112092

Software For Ultrasonic And Computer-based Integrated System For Characterization of Non-dispersive Solids

Propagation of both modes of ultrasonic wave's velocity i.e. longitudinal and shear, propagating in a material are closely linked with the material physical and mechanical properties. By measuring both velocity modes, material properties such as Young's, bulk and shear modulus, compressibility, Poisson ratio and acoustic impedance can be determined.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3112412095

Permata Negara ECEC Project (A Project in early Childhood)

In Malaysia, most of the child care services and nurseries (taska) emphases mainly on providing care, and the component on education was not attended to. Subsequently, no curriculum has been developed to address this exclusion. The PERMATA Curriculum addresses the holistic needs of all children irrespective of their social-racial and economic background. The Curriculum impact is articulated through the development of 5 teaching modules, systematic training of teachers and care-givers from throughout the country, and on built environment of nursery centres in the country. The pioneer curriculum, was tested on 318 children age 6 month to 4 years, in five Permata Centres in the first phase, and six centres in the second phase of the study. The outcomes were overwhelmingly conclusive in support of the importance of the government focusing on, and investing in quality early learning programmed in Malaysia.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3112512096

PEACE: Parental Engagement In Accelerating Children Excellence

PEACE enhance parents' understanding on parental engagement & guides them with fun, creative & dynamic activities designed for potential holistic 21st century learner & to overcome challenges for stem graduates. It employs daily & natural settings & engages in environmentally friendly practices.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3112712098

PBL Module for Teacher Education

The PBL Module developed aims as a teaching and learning resource for the implementation of PBL in the secondary school. This invention comes in the form of a module or Teacher's Guide entitled "Teach and Learn through PBL: A Teaching and Learning Resource" and a video CD entitled "Understanding The Problem-Based learning Process". The Teacher's Guide introduces and explains the PBL approach in teaching and learning. The main components of the module includes (1) Introduction to PBL in Teacher Education (2) Defining features of the PBL approach (3) Stages in the PBL process (4) Advantages of PBL and (5) Constraints and suggestion on implementation. The Video CD demonstrates each stage of the PBL process.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3113112102

Nitrification Activated Sludge System (NASS) For high-Strength Ammonium Landfill Leachate Removal

Stringent discharge ammonium limit imposed by the Malaysian governments to the landfill operators (10 mg/L for N-NH3).

Existing full scale sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system for treating landfill leachate may occasionally fail to remove the ammonium below its permissible limit due to the substrate inhibition on the nitrifiers, thus the leaked N-NH4+ can be found in the nearby river (Yusof et al. 2009; Yusof et al.,2008)

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3113412105

MYVQ-Measuring Vocational Intelligence

Double-sided flip board for three different tests. Multiple test can be perform by using a single kit. Holistic approach in identifying students with vocational talent by combining a written and practical approach as well as different attributes of vocational talents.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3113512106


MyGuru2 is an e-learning platform that is used to support e-learning. It enables lecturer to create and upload learning resources and activities for learners??? access. It at the same time allows lecturers and learners to track and monitor their learning progress. MyGuru2 acts as an integrated learning portal where lecturers and learners can access features like subject information, file sharing, forum, notes, online survey, online assessment, wiki, web conferencing and learning evaluation.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3113912110

My Puppets

The mini puppet stage showcases the different place in Malaysia within the classroom. Puppets are created by the children themselves. The children will used the puppets they created in drama and story-telling, not only creatively, but also to improve aspects of literacy and social interactions.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3114212113

Module and Training on Effective CLIL Pedagogy at School and University Levels

The Malaysian CLIL project makes an important contribution at tertiary level since PPSMI being phased out progressively which to end in 2012. In the same context, it is also applicable for National Type Chinese primary Schools since the number of Malay learners enrolled in these schools is significant and increasing, this project paves the way and poses challenges for institutions and educational authorities in Malaysia to conduct well-designed research on how best to organize, implement and assess programs that integrate content and language.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3114312114

Model Pemerkasaan Sekolah Kebangsaan dalam Pembentukan Bangsa Malaysia

Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) penting dalam konteks interaksi etnik. Sejak merdeka polisi pelajaran menjadikan SK alat perpaduan. Terdapat pandangan menyoal kewujudan Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK) sebagai halangan perpaduan; ada saranan SJK dihapuskan. Namun, mustahil untuk menutup SJK kerana budaya etnisiti yang kukuh. SK perlu diperkasa tanpa mempersoal kewujudan SJK. Data dikumpul untuk meneliti supaya SK menjadi pilihan. Sekolah Bangsa Malaysia adalah model pilihan dalam pembentukan Bangsa Malaysia.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3114412115

Lorentz Force Physics Experimental Kit, EM-L01

When a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field the conductor will experience a force in a pecific direction. The magnitude of the force depends on the magnitude of the current flowing through the conductor, length of conductor and also on the strength of the magnetic field. The developed experimental kit known as EM-L01 uses an electronic balance, a U-shape magnet, wires, a battery or low D.C. Voltage source and an ammeter to measure the magnitude of the Lorentz Force. The results obtained are comparable to the calculated values and are suitable for tertiary physics education.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3114512116

Logo @ Ani. Pensil

Modul interaktif Logo@Ani.Pensil secara hans-on bertujuan untuk memudahkan para pelajar dan guru-guru seni visual di sekolah/IPT dan pereka grafik.Modul ini mengandungi enam modul iaitu
1) Unsur seni
2) Prinsip rekaan
3) Proses Rekabentuk
4) Teknik
5) Logo
6) Aplikasi asas seni reka

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