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ID : tm3009611067

AIROD - Automated & Intelligent Respiratory Online Diagnosis

AIROD is a software tool developed for the purpose of detecting of respiratory pathology using respiratory sounds. AIROD uses artificial intelligence to detect respiratory pathology and their severity. AIROD can be further used as a tele-medicine tool, learning tool and self diagnosis tool.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3012811099

Enviro-Fuel: Fuel for The Future (Waste to Wealth)

In Malaysia, the open burning of agriculture wastes from the paddy industry had created environmental and health issues. Therefore, by converting these wastes into bio-ethanol product will eliminate those issues. A novelty bio-ethanol production method had been carried out, which gave better yield.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3015311124

IMOI: An Android-Based Rainwater Harvesting For Intelligent Mango Orchard Irrigation System

The system will collect rainwater from the building roof and stored in the water tank. An android-based system will monitor and control the water for mango orchard irrigation.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3015711128

Intelligent Affective State Assessment Tool for Post Stroke Patients in Malaysia Using Wireless EEG Signals

This product is used to assess the emotional deficits of post-stroke patients in Malaysia using EEG signals. This tool is giving the emotional disturbances of stroke patients in topography plots and machine learning methods. This tool is useful for neurologist to diagnose the emotional impairments.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3017611147

My Dengue DNA Test Kit

The my dengue DNA test kit provides simple, rapid, label-free for early detection of flaviviridae family that cause dengue virus by using quantitative measurement. Nanotechnology-developed functionalized multi walled carbon nanotubes(F-MWCNTS) is used in the fabrication of lab-on-chip biosensor.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018011151

Natural Antioxidant Powder

"Callus derived from tissue culture technique of young pomelo fruit (Citrus grandis) may serve as an alternative source for natural antioxidant in a near future. The young pomelo fruit tissue was cultivated on Murashige & Skood medium with modified plant growth regulator and incubated in the dark at ambient temperature. After 4 weeks in the first culture and 6 weeks in the second culture, the callus was ready to be harvested. The high content of ascorbic acid and flavonoid with similar chemical properties of the plant extracts is able to impose similar effect on human health. Callus cultivated via tissue culture technique from young pomelo fruits was analysed using HPLC and was found high in ascorbic acid content (120 mg ascorbic acid in 100 g callus).
The produced antioxidants are considered natural since they were synthesized in actual cellular systems of proliferated cells except they have been grown in controlled environment. Form of homogenized cells structure that contained high edible portion and less residues for readily use in products processing. Natural antioxidant from pomelo tissue culture is suitable to be added in health care product such as vitamin, functional food and beverages and also skin-care product such as cream, lotion and lipstick. High ascorbic acid content also served as natural preservative for longer shelf life of processed products."

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018211153

Non-Invasive Sclera-Based Jaundice Detection System

A non-invasive, high reliability sclera-based Jaundice detection system which is lab-free i.e. does not requires clinical test with blood samples or other specialized equipment.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3019811169

Rapid Detection Of Melamine in Milk and Dairy Products

Rapid detection of melamine in milk and dairy products can be done using chitosan based sensor. This highly sensitive, selective and fast response sensor can be integrated with smartphone in order to make it portable and ease us to monitor the melamine concentration in milk and dairy products.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3021611187

TB-Screen: Intelligent Automated Diagnostic System for Tuberculosis Detection

TB-Screen: an automated intelligent tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic system for detecting the presence of TB bacilli in a Ziehl-neelsen sputum smear slides. It consists of an automatic image capturing facility and image processing algorithms.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3308014051

Durian Seeds Latent Fingerprints Powder-A Green and Effective Approach in Crime Scene

Durian seeds are made into powder form for the development of cheaper and more effective fingerprint powder for better visualization. This was tested in both porous and non-porous surfaces and the result showed potential in visualization. This fingerprint powder was cheap and non-toxic.

Ipoh Perak

ID : tm3488415511

Spirulina Plus, Natural Spirulina

To construct 50 spirulina cultivation ponds and the installation and commissioning of a dried biomass production line

Ipoh Perak

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