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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

Kuala Kangsar Perak

ID : tm3353414505


Sejenis pukat tunda yang bersaiz sederhana

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3354014511

Ozone Generator Electrode Box

This novel design of ozone generator with attached air compressor provides an alternative green chemistry treatment method for the remediation of industrial and municipal water treatment application. This uses of technology can be extended to treat factory effluent and perform wastewater remediation.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

ID : tm3354314514

Mini Piling

Mini Piling machine was developed specifically for small scale projects. It can be used to plan pipe with 2" to 4" diameter, square tube with 2" to 4" size and etc. It is driven by 4.5HP engine. The speed of pile planted using this machine can reach up to 50 second peer feet. Only requires two operator.

Putrajaya Putrajaya

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