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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

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ID : tm2992510896

Y-Tube Olfactometer for Insect Behavioural Responses to Volatile Compounds

This prototype was designed to determine the olfactory response of insects or other invertebrates towards different volatile compounds in order to improve the effectiveness of phermone trappings. This prototype also can be used as a teaching tool of entomology course or in chemical ecology research.

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ID : tm2992810899

Web Based Clinical Decision Support System for Hyperbilirubinemia: Hybicare

This product examines from a systems perspective some of the major issues associated with the provision of computer-based decision support in the management of the Hyperbilirubinemia patients. The concept of Web-Based Clinical Decision Support System for Hyperbilirubinemia (HybiCare System) is to facilitate hyperbilirubinemia risk stratification in newborns which support the clinical process and use of knwledge, diagnosis and investigation through treatment and long-term care. This system assist health care providers in clinical decision making by providing well-balanced information on the management of jaundice in newborns.

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ID : tm2992910900

Wave/Air Displacement Generator

The wave/Air Displacement Generator capitalizes wave crests through dynamic movement to create displacement of air in water in a confined container fitted with a small outlet, creating a stream of air with enough velocity to propel a mini propeller/ turbine. It can also rotate a mini motor to generate an electrical energy of up to 12 volts. Applying the basic principles of Bernoulli???s Continuity Flow Conservation of Mass a confined system, the mass that enters the system must also exit the system at the same time. Flow rate = Q = Area x Velocity
R1A1V1 (mass inflow rate) = r2A2V2 (mass outflow rate)
Where r is the density of the fluid. (In this case is density of air)
If the fluid at both points is the same, then the density drops out, and you get the continuity equation: A1V1 = A2V2
Therefore if A2 < A1 then V2 > V1
Thus air exiting a nozzle has a higher velocity.

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ID : tm2993310904

Titania/P3DT/Seaweed Bilayer Hybrid Solar Cell as Third Generation of Solar Technology

In this research, hybrid solar cells which consist of a combination of organic Red Seaweed(RS) and Poly(3-Dodecylthiophene)(P3DT) with organic titania nanocrystals materials are fabricated via electrochemical method. Power conversion efficiency value of ITO/TIO2 NCS/P3DT/RS/Au was 2.0%.

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ID : tm2993510906

The Hurricane Protective Barrier System

A windstorm consisting of violent winds with 64-72 knots (11 on Beauford scale), have a significant force that is able to cause damage to property and environment. Since 1990, natural disasters have affected about 217 million people every year especially windstorms disaster contributed of world disaster in 15% loss of life, 27% number of events and contributed 45% of economic loses and increasing every year. High winds cause significant structural and environmental damage. However, the research on ideal and effective windstorm protection or wind barrier method are rather limited. The used of this Wind Barrier for deflecting incoming wind as a novel method to reduce severe damage to properties with the ability to withstand windstorm's forces. The barrier is formed y joining several aerodynamic ellipse-shaped beam or 'S' shape curves arranged horizontally equidistance from each each other made of a set of blades and aerodynamic rod shape in between superposed on one another at regular distance for deflection of high wind velocity, at the lower end of the last 'S' shaped curve can be attached a wind blade to be used to generate electricity.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2995110922

Prototype of a Re-circulating Type Multipurpose Fish Egg Incubator for Small and Commercial Hatcheries

In most of the commercial fish and prawn hatcheries, achiving high hatching of the fertilised eggs has been major constraint. This causes short supply of the quality fish seeds, waste of energy and considerable loss to entrepreneurs. The main cause of the present problem is non-availability of an efficient and affordable egg incubator which is one of the important units in hatcheries. The same prototype model can be scaled-up to a commercial size model following the same principle. The present novel prototype model of the fish egg incubator system provides an adequate oxygenated, sterilised and uniform water of desired temperature for better incubation of fertilised fish eggs. Another advantage of the fish egg incubator is that all fertilised eggs are continuosly rotated with a gentle flow of water, reducing the chances of injuries to achieve a higher hatching rate. In still another novelty of the incubator is that unfertilised and underdeveloped eggs could be identified and removed easily to keep the chambers condition free from bacterial and fungal contamination. Besides, the eggs in incubator include the fact that embryonic development can easily be observed. The utmost advantages is the system can be operated continuosly for any time with less energy consumption.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2995310924

Production of Vital Copepod : Solution for Aquaculture

Copepods from harpacticoid group are known to have high quality and nutritional value as diet of early larval stages of fish and shrimps, a superior characteristic as compared to other live diets such as Artemia and rotifers. Production of a high quality and easily managed copepods is the vital part in managing fry in aquaculture industry, an aspect which needs to be developed in Malaysia.

copepod produced from this system contains high percentage of fatty acids, an important nutrient required by early fish and shrimp larvae.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2995410925

Production of Low Fat Fish Sausage and Fish Crackers With High Content of Fiber, Phytosterol and Essential Fatty Acids Originated from Seaweed

Adding the seaweed with other ingredient to the original ingredient of fish sausage and fish crackers, and other cookies will add value in their nutritional property especially with regard to their phycosterol, PUFA (w-3 and w-6 fatty acid), mineral content such as Ca and Fe, and enhance the fiber content of food products. The seaweed also has antioxidant and cytotoxic properties which is needed to avoid degenerative diseases and aging.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2995910930

Orange-Plankton: Advance Live Feed

Live feeds are selected live organisms used as diet for cultured species in the aquaculture industry. In Malaysia, aquaculture activities widely dependent on Artemia and rotifers as live feed, although they have lower nutritional values and need to enriched with high-quality algae. Orange-Plankton is a new alternative to solve these problems and at the same time, it will reduce the production cost. It comprises a group marine plankton cultured under a manipulated environmental condition (photoperiod, salinity, temperature, aeration) to induce the increase of their lipid content. They are fed with an extremely high concentration of food cells produced under control conditions (light,salinity,temperature,aeration) so as to maintain the high survival and growth. The orange-plankton is available fresh and is recommended for larvae of marine fish and shrimp.

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ID : tm2996510936

NANO-CAT: CO2 Greenhouse Gas Converter into Useful Products

Recently, the present high level of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), greenhouse gas has caused serious concerns about global warming and climate change. Therefore its effective fixation would definitely benefit the mankind for the sake of a sustainable society. As a result, the development of new routes for CO2 conversion into value-added products like fuel has become an attractive field of the catalyst materials.To achieve this target nanocatalyst (Nano-CAT) converter seems to be an efficient and effective approach to convert CO, greenhouse into natural gas, methane(CH4) fuel at low temperature. The Nano-CAT converter not only exhibits an excellent catalytic activity, but also cost effective, easily available and high in stability towards poisoning effect.This is attributed to their novel physical and chemical properties. Due to their excellent catalytic activity, NANO-CAT converter can be used in oil and gas and biomass industries for CO, removal and biogas purification,respectively. NANO-CAT Converter can be effective and effecient technology for C02 removal in oil & gas and biomass industries since it's not only can removed CO2 but also convert the C02 into CH4 thus increases the content of CH4 in natural gas and biogas, as a result of the reaction between C02 with the H20 to produce CH4. The Nano-CAT converter are expected to have great attention because it offers an ideal option to solve the C02 greenhouse problems and utilization of renewable energy for fuels production.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2996610937

MY_ATMOS : Novel Method With Stochastic Approach to analyse Big Data Sets

Big data analysis requires a comprehensive and reliable software and new innovative techniques in the field of environment. My_Atmos, adopted draw on insights and techniques from both statistical and machine learning traditions. It is a predictive modelling techniques that used an artificial intelligence tree-based technique name the boosted regression trees (BRT). My_Atmos with a stochastic approach stochastic element to the boosting algorithm by proposing to take a random sample of observations in each iterations from a big data sets that critically needed in data mining environmental data (commonly totaled up to million data). This techniques matches up to the latest trends in the field of fusion of computational intelligence techniques to develop efficient and affordable computational models for solving practical problems and green technology (less paper and online). It was found that the working system developed were found able to manage and being used as a tools to analysed various datasets. High performance were obtained between model and observed of different type of datasets with R'2 value of 0.60 (for particle number and traffic), 0.77 ( for particles in quarry industries), 0.92 (for indoor air quality in long distance coach). My_Atmos also useable to as a predictor tools and also applicable to plot concentration of pollutions overlay on the map. Compared to other techniques:First, the BRT method has the ability to deal with complex data and explain the variability of air quality;Second, the BRT model can provide a much smoother gradient, analogous to the fit achieved when using gbm package. It can also handle sharp discontinuities, which is an important advantage when modelling the distributions of particles that only occupy a small proportion of the sample environmental space.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2996910940

Mic-Pyro: A Microwave Pyrolyzer To Recover Diesel-Like Fuel From Waste Palm Oil

Mic-Pyro represents an innovative pyrolysis system that combines the use of microwave magnetron and a continuous stirred bed reactor to convert waste palm oil into an alternative fuel. A lab-scale pyrolysis prototype followed by an upgraded prototype have been developed to demonstrate its technical feasibility. The microwave pyrolysis provides rapid heating (~16C/min) and a localized reaction hot zone that thermally promotes extensive pyrolysis cracking of the waste oil at 550C, leading to increased production of a biofuel product in a process taking less than 35 min. It also creates a reducing reaction environment that prevents the formation of undesirable oxidized compounds in the biofuel. The pyrolyzer produces a 70 wt% yield opf a biofuel product that is low in oxygen, free of Sulphur, carboxylic acid and triglycerides, and which also contains light C10 C15 hydrocarbons and a high calorific value (46 MJ/KG) nearly comparable to diesel fuel, thus showing great potential to be used as fuel. This pyrolyzer offers an attractive alternative to transesterification that avoids the use of solvents and catalysts, and the need to remove free fatty acids and glycerol from the hydrocarbon product. The pyrolyzer operated with an electrical power input of 1.12 kW was capable of producing a biofuel with an energy content equivalent to about 3kW, showing a positive energy ratio of 2.7 and e73% recovery of the energy input to the system. Our results show that Mic-Pyro has huge potential as a technically and energetically viable means that can be scaled up to a useful commercial level for the recovery of biofuels from the waste oil.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2997010941

Marine-Derived Natural Product as Potential Antibacterial Agent

The study was aimed to search for new potential antibacterial agent from marine organism. This study involve the isolation of the lead compound aaptamine from aaptos sp, which further structurally modified to give a series of potent derivatives and then evaluate for their antibacterial activity.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2997610947

HeXAN Bio-plastic: Smart Materials for Greener Technology

The term 'green business' which reflects on the act of balancing the business productivity with green (environmentally friendly) technology has come to prominence in recent years. Malaysia's prime minister even forecasted the output from green technology sector will achieve almost RM86 billion by 2030. By combining such prospect with consumers demand,converting a natural polymer into 'smart material' such as conductive plastics for green technology application have become favorable. Exceptional low cost materials, flexible, mechanically stable,leakage free and ease of production, the HeXAN bio-plastic holds a good footing to commercialize. In term of performance, HeXAN bio-plastic gives the optimum conductivity of 4.51*10'-4 S cm-1 at room temperature. The availability and relatively low cost material, 2-HEC is chosen as a core material for this product. Due to unique properties of 2-HEC,HeXAN bio-plastic brings the best solution for non-biodegradable, toxic and harmful materials. Hence, offering potentially transformative possibilities on advances of energy storage devices towards 'Greeener Technology'. Stay green to stay safe.

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ID : tm2997710948

Herpes - check easy

A DNA diagnostic kit for simultaneous detection of Koi herpesvirus and cyprinid herpesvirus in Koi & goldfish.

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ID : tm2997910950


This Green-Cell @ bio-polymer electrolyte (BE) system is based on CMC-AB. It is to overcome the world of modern technology demands for long-life, environmentally friendly, low-cost, reliable and rechargeable batteries. It has specific energy power unlike the commercial electrolytes used in batteries today. The traditional batteries are high in conductivity, hazardous and are non-biodegradable. The CMC-AB biopolymer BE produced is a step towards the development of a Green Nation.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2998110952

Graphene/Polypyrrole Nanocomposites for Electrochemical Devices Towards a Simple and Green Approach

Graphene/Polypyrrole prepared via an in-situ polymerization, has a possibility to replace current carbonaceous electrode materials due to its high surface area and high electrical conductivity. This Graphene/Ppy hybrid material has a good accessible as electrode material with improved capacity and cyclability.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2998210953

G-LAC: A special curve for various design intent

In commercial CAD systems, the planar curves, namely NURBS and Bezier curves, have been used to generate visually-pleasing shapes. Since the curvature of the stated curves cannot be controlled directly, designers have to go through the painstaking fairing process in order to make the curvature monotonic (which indicates aesthetic appeal of a shape). Similarly, natural spirals are equally troublesome to control as they are less flexible. The solution is G-LAC which stands for Generalized Log Aesthetic Curve. This high quality curve has been invented via curve synthesis process to produce visually-pleasing shapes with less flexible. The solution is G-LAC which stands for Generalized Log Aesthetic Curve. This high quality curve has been invented via curve synthesis process to produce visually-pleasing shapes with less effort. It is remarkably flexible and can be reduced to natural spirals by selecting suitable shape parameters. G-LAC has high potentials in automobile and product design, railway/highway design, motion design etc. It is cost saving as designers can now produce aesthetic shapes in a short period of time without going through the painstaking fairing process.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2998410955

Fruit Peel Char As A Green Solid Fuel, Soil Additive, And Carbon Black

Fruit Peel Char (FPC) is a biochar product with two applications - the first function being a solid fuel as an alternative source of energy, and another function as a additive to improve the soil fertility. It represents a versatile and sustainable product that can continually be generated from waste fruit peels - an under-explored biomass waste that is abundantly and readily available in Asia. A yield of up to 48wt% is obtained for the FPC from an innovative pyrolysis method incorporating microwave heating. The FPC shows a high carbon content with a low content of oxygen, and sulphur is not detected in the char. In combination with a calorific value of 27MJ/kg, the FPC can be used as a solid fuel to power the generation of electricity for the pyrolysis process. The FPC also has a surface area of up to 105m2/g and a highly porous structure containing mesopores, thus it can provide many spots to enhance the nutrient retention period in the soil that in turn improves the soil fertility. Combined with its high carbon content,the FPS can also used as a source of carbon black, which is commonly used as a pigment and reinforcement in rubber and plastic products; the surface area of the FPC is close to those reported for carbon black (50-120m2/kg).

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ID : tm2998710958

Fish TB-check easy

A DNA diagnostic kit for detection of Mycobactering in ornamental fish

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ID : tm2998810959

Fabrication of Polymer Bare Opal Via Green Feasible Route for Photonic Crystals Application

Malaysian govern recognized the importance of 'Green Technology'. Significant driver of this research is the development of 'Green Reaction' under solvent free condition, using water as a medium of reaction, simple and fast workup procedures should be seriously considered.

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ID : tm2999710968


Fuel applications are increasing constantly. High demand of the usage can make the fuel exhausted one day and besides, we have to find new forms of energy in order to support our needs. Eco-7 uses HHO gas for the combustion. The maximum rate for production of this HHO gas is 78.70ml/min at pH 8.9. Using Eco-7, we found the distant covered was 16.5km further than with the common 150ml fuel which was only 7.4km Eco-7 thus can give substantial savings, multi-usage and safety.

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ID : tm2999910970

DFishLen: Digital Tools for Measuring Fish Length

DFishLen is an innovation software to measure fish length. It is to study fish population using length-based model with digital cameras to measure the size of objects. The image of individual fish is taken and the image shows the main parameters such as distance object, focus length and pixel size. The digital cameras have a built-in parameters, which are the distance image and the pixel size, to calculate the actual fish length and the image of the fish length.

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ID : tm3000310974

Cultured Seawater Tilapia as Potential Marine Food Fish

This research is based on recently published problem statements of local consumers and farmers in Malaysia. (1) Demand and prices of freshwater tilapia have been unstable recently due to the `off-flavor, muddy flavor or geosmin flavor*. (2) Capture fisheries production has been decreasing recently, not only during monsoon season. To overcome these problems, this project was carried out in order to solve the `geosmin flavor" occurring in freshwater tilapia muscle. A contribution to ensure marine food fish production through mariculture and promote new dimension of tilapia culture.

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