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ID : tm3297113942

Waste to Wealth: Coal Fly Ash to Na-a-Zeolites

Coal fly ash (CFA), a by-product of power generation, is rich in silica and alumina. Using the Box-Behnken Design(incorporating statistical software) and a domestic microwave oven, the silica and alumina have been successfully extracted from the CFA. The concentration of Si4+ and AI3+ ions were determined by ICP-OES and found to be comparable with those obtained from the thermal extraction reactions at 550C. Prior to hydrothermal treatment, the silica to alumina ratio in the extracts was adjusted using aluminium foil and the products were found to be gibbsite.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3297513946

The tribological behaviour of nanoparticle as an additive in lubricant

Nanoparticles, the microscopic particle with at least one dimension less than 100 nm, have been recognized as suitable additives in lubricants due to their ability to roll like ball bearings between two shearing surface. Lubicants are ona of the key catalyst to the development of major industries such as heavy machinery, power generation, marine, aerospace, medical etc. The main functions of lubricants are: protection against wear and corrosion, reduction in friction,heat transfer, removal of contaminants and debris. This project successfully demonstrates significant reductions in the wear and friction damages on the mechanical parts via highly efficient and cost effective strategy.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3297713948

Solid Hydrogen Storage Materials

This project focused on the production of lightweight solid materials having high surface area, low density and high pore volume suitable for high hydrogen storage capacity. The materials were produced using low-cost precursors and environmental-friendly menthod. This material will serve as the alternative solid storage method as comapred to the conventional high pressure storage method.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3297913950

Short Holding Time in Developing Nano-Bioceramic Composite for Dental Application

In this invention, a novel technique based on a wet chemical method was tailored to produce ultra pure Synthetic Hydroxyapatite (SHA) powder that composed of nano-range crystallites v(<100nm) which exhibited excellent sinterability at low firing temperatures with short holding time of 1 minute. The synthesize nano-SHA exhibited excellent densification behavior when compared to commercially available powders. Additionally, the mechanical properties of the resulting nano-SHA body prepared using the synthesized powders was enhanced by the incorporation of magnesium oxide (Mg) via a novel processing method based on ultrasonification and mechanical miling.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3298013951

Rubbercrete Hollow Blocks: Novel Solution for Industrialized Building in Malaysia

Modified rubbercrete hollow block made of cement, fly ash, silica fume, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate partially replaced with crumb rubber collected from waste rubber reproduction plant. This rubbercrete hollow blocks exhibit potential for use as a direct substitute for conventional concrete hollow blocks. Its strength as an engineering material appears to lie in their ability to reduce the heat transmission, increase the electrical resistivity and improve sound absorption. In addition, the rubbercreate hollow blocks can be used as a bearing systems.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3298313954

Pressure Sensing Utilizing Linear Cavity Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser

The pressure sensor structure utilizes a linear cavity erbium-doped fiber laser which is formed by a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) at one end of laser cavity. The FBG acts simultaneously as a wavelength reflector and pressure sensor to measure static pressure applied by a shock tube facility. The sensor is tested to measure a static pressure from 0 to 10 bar. The fiber laser pressure sensor has characteristics of simple configuration, high output power of 3.571dBm, stable output wavelength and power and high signal-to-noise ratio over 55 dB .This sensor is expected to be an attractive choice for long-distance pressure monitoring

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3299213963

Intelligent Water Quality Prediction System

This system adopts Artificial Intelligent (AI) approaches (of hybrid Kohonen Self Organizing Maps and Fuzzy Logic) in modelling and predicting the water quality in terms of the growth of coliform and e-coli for tropical lakes and natural wetlands of Putrajaya, Malaysia. The main motivation behind the invention is due to fact that the presence of bacteria in water particularly e-coli is hazardous and can cause serious deceases such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, etc. Whereas on the other hand the presence of bacteria cannot be easily detected by human senses- thus, it is highly desirable to predict the water quality by easily observed ecological factors such as temperature, pH and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) that is known to have significant influence to the growth of bacteria coliform in water. The overall system has been trained and tested for its accuracy on a reliable database that provides samples of relevant parameters from tropical Putrajaya Lakes and Wetlands over a period of five years. The system has demonstrated prediction up to 90.5% of accuracy.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3299313964

Intelligent Transmission Route Finder (ITRF)

An automatic and intelligent system is created to overcome this problem named as the Intelligent Transmission Route Finder (ITRF). This system created by integrating two powerful software which is Geographical Information System (GIS) and Power Line System (PLS CADD). ITRF will create dual function system that will generated landslide prone area including other environmental sensitive area (ESA) at the same time.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3299913970

Innovative Landfill Multi Gas Filter

This product presents an overview of one common landfill gas control technologies. A landfill might need gas control measures for several reasons, including government regulations, odor problems, or uncontrolled releases of gasses that could pose safety and health concerns.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3300313974

High Strength Al-Zr Composites Engineered for High Temperature Application

The invention relates to a new Al-Zr composites enginereed to exhibit superior thermal resistance and high strength suitable for a host of engineering application. The solid sintered composites produced yielded high densities, composed of a two-phase equiaxed grain structure comprising of Y-TZP having tetragonal crystal structure dispersed homogeneously in an alumina matrix forming composites.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3300513976

Factory Waste-Derived Permanent Magnet

An 850,000 tons yearly production steel factory waste was successfully purified and converted into raw material of hard ferrite using a low cost method in this work. By studying the magnetic properties and the Curie temperatures of the compounds in the factory waste, a high-gradient magnetic separator was designed and fabricated. Base on Fillingham's diagram, oxidation was employed to obtain Fe2O3, the raw material of hard ferrite. The factory waste-derived permanent magnet (hard ferrites)fulfills all the parameters required for industrial permanent magnets. The maximum energy product, remanence and coercivity value are high enough to claim that the permanent magnet fabricated in this work is a good as the industrial permanent magnets.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3301213983

Developing A Carbon Disclosure Index for Electricity Companies: An Insight into Asian Countries

A disclosure index is a qualitative based instrument designed to measure a series of items which, when aggregated, gives a surrogate score indicative of the level of disclosure in the specific context for which the index was devised.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3301613987

An Improved Steatite-Based Ceramics Developed For Industrial Application

This invention relates to a process for manufacturing steatite-based ceramic doped with a small amounts of manganese oxide and the development of a new material suitable for a host of industrial application. The developed product has the advantage of superior hardness when compared to commercially available material.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3302813999

Synthesis of Green Graphene Using Waste Palm Oil

In this invention a novel approach was developed to reduce the graphene oxide (go) using an eco-friendly green reducing agent viz. Beta-carotene which are abundantly available in waste palm oil. The reduced graphene was characterized by UV-spectrum, raman spectrum and x-ray diffraction pattern.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303014001

Power Infrastructure Communities Advancing Resilience Toolkit Integrated System (picartis)

Picartis is a community intervention designed to enhance community resilience through assessment, planning and site selection of power infrastructure by integrating environmental sensitive area (ESA), social and engineering elements into the system.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303414005

Microwave Assisted Post Treatment Processor to Produce Second Generation Biodiesel for Gas Turbine Application

This is a novel process that deploying microwave irradiation to produce improved biodiesel or called second generation biodiesel through distillation. The improved fuel has shown better properties compared unimproved biodiesel and subsequently meet gas turbine fuel specification standard ASTM D2880

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303814009

Intelligent Settlement Prediction Using Monte Carlo Simulation (I-SPMCS) at Dumping Area in Malaysia

The intelligent settlement prediction of soil using Monte Carlo simulations (I-SPMCS) is developed to stimulate the long term settlement of the soil at dumping area. The total settlements at the dumping area are to be predicted because in order to reuse the dumping area, the soil must be stabilized.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3303914010

Intelligent Rain Water Harvesting System for Domestic Usage

In this project rain water harvesting for domestic usage at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) was carried out where the size and location level of the storage tanks used in the fixing, pipe lines and check valves network, filtration, water treatment, flow and many other factor been considered.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3305414025

Eco-friendly Integrated Green Technology Expert System for Sustainable Green Infrastructure (GENIUS)

GENIUS is an integrated green expert system which assists in solution development of Manual Saliran Mesra Alam (MSMA) 2nd Edition components. GENIUS product provides new tools, techniques and procedures to enhance waterways located in urban area. GENIUS can provide the detail design of each selected stormwater BMPs. The unique about the GENIUS it can predict the pollutants and runoffs generated from the developmentduring the construction based on lacal data and provide the best strategy for the development. It is also aimed to expand the sources for managing stormwater pollutants in order to rehabilitate the river system and prepare a budget allocation of using stormwater BMPs in terms of installation cost and maintenance cost annually including the Life Cycle Cost analysis. In the long term, this study will support the government aspirationto promote green technology in Malaysia.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3305514026

Controlled Release Formulation of Beta-Naphtoxyacetate Herbicide (CRFB)

The heavy use of herbicides in agriculture has given rise to serious environmental and public health problems. Therefore it is important to develop controlled release formulations of herbicides that are highly effective, and also safe for the worker and environment. In this project, controlled release formulation is developed by using zinc-aluminumium-layered double hydroxide as a host for beta naphtoxyacetate (BNOA), a plant growth regulator. The synthesized can be done at a relatively low cost. Encapsulation of BNOA into the host, Zn-Al-LDH allows controlled release and safer application of the agrochemicals, preventing the excess accumulation of herbicides in the environment.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3305614027

Construction Economical Floating Breakwater Using Scrap Tires with Revetment

Green invention on mangrove replanting solution

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3316914140

The Use of Image-Processing Technique to Characterize Grain-Size Distribution

This invention presents the use image-processing technique later known as automated grain sizing (AGS) to characterize the particle size distribution. This technique is non-intrusive and provide new approach in characterizing grain distribution.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3317014141

Durability and Strength Performance of Self-Consolidating Concrete Incorporating Triple Blended Qua-Si-Rha

The use of eco-friendly triple blended Qua-Si-Rha which are the combination of Quarry Dust(Qua), silica fume(Si) and Rice Husk Ash(RHA) as fine aggregate replacement and supplementary cementitious materials improved the workability, durability and strength performance of self-consolidating concrete.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3317114142

AR Index: Forecasting Building Design Resilience via Architectural Parameters and RS Chart

The main motivation of this research is to forecast building design resilience via architectural parameters and previously develop Rainfall-Soil risk chart(RS Chart). The index of building resilience towards landslide is in between 1.0 to 5.0. Highest decimal number denoted higher degree of risk.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3317214143

"RON" classification for forecasting river bank erosion

Sand, Silt and Clay Compositions Are crucial To determine the ability of soils to resist erosion. "RON" application software was created to forecast the risk level of river bank erosion by taking into consideration the percentage of occupy for sand, silt and clay.

Kajang Selangor

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