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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

Kuala Kangsar Perak

ID : tm3149312464

Waste to Wealth: A New Composite

Awareness towards enviromental impact had stimulated the interest for converting polystyrene from waste materials into value added-products so called from 'waste to wealth'. Recycling is one of the common and easy process for waste management. However, polystyrene foams have recycling limitations because it contains flame retardant material. In this invention, we overcome this problem by using a new technique of recycling whereby converting the waste polystyrene to a new resin. After extensive studies, the new resin applied as matrix material reinforces with oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) fiber to produce new composite materials. Excellent adhesion between the polystyrene resin and the EFB fiber had exhibit promising results on tensile, flexural and impact properties. In addition, the new composite materials are low weight, low water uptake and customizable as can be applied in furniture.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3149512466

ViscoLigno: A 4-in-1 solution for drillers

The formulation of drilling mud is one of the most important aspects in drilling engineering. This is because the drilling muds are capable of lubricating and cooling the drill bit and drill string as well as carrying cuttings out of the borehole. All of these funtions require appropriate viscosity of drilling muds to facilitate pumping, circulate the cuttings and transfer them to the surface. Apart from that, adequate gelling property (gel strength) of the drilling muds is also required to prevent drill cuttings from settling down at the bit. Noteworthy, some of the chemicals or additives commonly used as a drilling mud gelling and viscosifying agents are carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), xanthane and guar gum. However, these commercial drilling additives are subjected to thermal and biological degradation at temperature above approximately 120C. ViscoLigno has been formulated from oil palm lignocellulosic waste to overcome the obove shortcoming especially for deeper hydrocarbon wells. The rheological performances of the product as a drilling mud multi-functional agent showed that, ViscoLigno gave good gelling and viscocity building abilities at low dosage of 0.5 % w/w. ViscoLigno also can stand high temperature (200C which is equivalents to about 10 km depth) as a drilling mud gelling and viscosifying agent without the addition of other chemical. Moreover, this product capable of maintaining the pH of drilling mud at desired pH range of 8-10 at various temperatures without the use of pH controls agents; and not to mention that ViscoLigno is also able to act as a corrosion retardant agent for drill string and subsurface drilling equipments. These will definitely minimize the use of extra chemical while drilling, which will directly reduce the enviromental risk and at the same time reduce the cost of drilling operations.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3149612467

ViscoLigno : Drilling mud additive powder

ViscoLigno is a new drilling mud additive that was developed from oil palm lignocellulosic waste. ViscoLigno is formulated for drilling in the oil and gas industry. It is environmentally friendly and can withstand extreme conditions in deep oil well.
Compared to other conventional drilling mud chemical additives, ViscoLigno has the following advantages:
- good gelling and viscosity building abilities.
- can withstand high temperature (200 C).
- can maintain the pH level of drilling mud at the desired
level (8 to 10) at various temperatures.
- able to act as a corrosion retardant agent.
- can reduce the cost of drilling operations.
- can avoid the use of harmful chemicals that threaten the

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3149712468

Vaccine Production

Virulant strains of vibro bacteria has frequently been isolated from diseased marine fish, causing vibriosis disease. Home-made whole vaccine produced in our laboratory and some field trials indicated good protection agains vibriosis.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3149812469

UV sensor based on Titanium dioxide (TiO)natotubes

The ultraviolet spectrum has both beneficial and damaging effects to humans. High ultraviolet (UV) intensity areas can be found in laboratories, hospitals and industries where UV instruments are used. People who are exposed to high doses of UV light are at risk due to the mutagenic effect of UV. UV sensor which is able to detect and provide fast information about leakage of UV light is an essential working tool for these people. These are various types of UV light sensors in the market. UV sensors are commonly fabricated based on semiconductor compounds such as GaP, AIGaN and SiC. The raw materials for these compounds are expensive and techniques used to grow the compounds are complicated.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3149912470

UV B Radiation at Penang

To measure harmful solar ultra-violet radiation reaching to earth surface. To provide much needed information on the radiation level climatology at present. To monitor possible ultra-violet radiation increase due to ozone depletion. To provide feedback on harmfuleffects of UV radiation.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3150312474

ULC Agro-fibre Modular Septic Tank

Malaysia's most common form of sewerage system is the invidual septic tank (IST). There are an estimated 1.2 million premise with individual septic tanks in the country. An IST comprises two chambers connected in series. In the first chamber, solids from the incoming sewage settle forming a "sludge", while greases and oils float to the surface forming a "scum" layer. Effluent from between the scum and sludge layers then passes into the second chamber where further sedimentation occurs. Presently, prefabricated ISTs are made from fibreglass, a mixture of glass fibre and unsaturated polYester. Currently the production cost is about RM800 with the price increasing with the increase in oil palm industry are produced in large quantities in Malaysia, approximately more than 10 millions tonnes per annum. Subtituting the glass fibres with natural fibres reduces the cost to RM400.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3150412475


Typhoid fever remains as a public health problem in many developing countries. There is a need for an alternative test for typhoid that is rapid, sensitive, specific and cost-effective. A novel approach to outer membrane studies by Prof Asma Ismail and her research team has paved the way for the discovery of 50kDa, a specific outer membrane protein for S. typhi. The specific protein was used to developed a rapid dot EIA test for typhoid called TYPHIDOTTM that detects for the presence of specific IgM and IgG to the 50 kD antigen. The test became a breakthrough in typhoid diagnosis since 1896 and could produce results within an hour compared to 2-5 days via the conventional culture method and 2 weeks via the serologiccal Widal test.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3151612487

RNA EnviroCopp:A Novel Moleular - Based Copper Detection Kit in Freshwater Enviroment

Copper is one of the most subtle and dangerous form of aquatic/freshwater contamination that leads to serious harm to aquaculture industry, human health via consumption of copper-contaminated aquaculture based-food and ecosystem. In Malaysia alone, millions of ringgit are lost (in aquaculture industry) and spent (to repaire the damage in the ecosystem) every Yesr as a result of copper contamination in freshwater. Our newly developed invention-copper detection kit "RNAEEnviroCopp: A novel molecular-based copper detection kit in freshwater enviroment" is specifically designed and developed to be cheap, rapid, sensitive, reliable user friendly, offers early diagnostic and does not require the usual complex chemical reactions. This inventionis the only one ever done in the world utilising molecular-based technology to detect the presence of copper at a very low level in the freshwater enviroment.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3152112492

PVC-ENR formulation for shoe sole

The polymercompound prepared is a dynamically vulcanised, plasticized PVC/ENR thermoplastic elastomers.The The immedate consumers are the polymer industries for the manufacturing of shoe soles for workers in the industry. ENR being a polar rubber is oil resistant and in comparison with similar product already commercialized based on NBR indicates that the ENR based product and capable of meeting the standaerds (ASTM). The pilot plat stage involves the use of twin screw extruder for continuous production.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3152312494

Production Pure Niobium and Tantalum Oxides

Process for purification of niobium from columlite/tantalite has been patented. Currently works on simultaneous separation and isolation is currently been persued

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3152412495

Production of Ultraviolet/Electron Beam curable Surface Coatings for Wood Panels and Furniture Finishing

Upgrade the surface of wood panel products with ultraviolet radiation curable surface coatings. This is a solvent free system and therefore environmentally friendly and material saving. This technology is energy saving.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3152512496

Production of PHB/PHBV Bioplastic Polymers

Foosil fuel plastics derived from petroleum are used in virtually every appliance made by man, from household appliances to the upholstery in commercial passenger aircraft. However, with rising environmental concerns, a new generation of plastic-like materials based on renewable resources has been developed in recent years resulting in the production of bioplastics.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3153012501

Portable Foaming Generator

PORTAFOAM is a portable generator that transform liquid chemical into stable foam that is used to make light weight concrete block.

It is suitable for:
- Small to medium scale factory
- On-site production of foamed concrete
- Pilot plant scale production
- Research
- Self-help house building

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3153112502

Plug-And-Play Virtual Power Meter for Energy Efficiency Analysis

Energy bills form a significant portion of expenditures for many industrial and commercial buildings. However, many SMEs lack the expertise and budget to carry out data driven energy conservation projects. Virtual Power Meter is a plug-and-play energy analysis system that seamlessly integrates smart meters, sensors, powerful database visualization and analysis software for energy conservation.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3153812509

Peat Particle Board

Peat soil under specific chemical treatment can be made to be flame retardant and smokeless. This chemically modified peat in the presence of 10% natural stabilizer can be mixed with crossfinking resin hot pressed at 100C, pressure of 14-18 tons

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3154212513

PALMCEL - A Natural Biopolymeric Paper Strenght Reinforcing Agent

Papermaking in Malaysia is essentially based on recycled fibers. One of the major issues faced by mills using recyled fibers is the diminishing strenght of papers with recycling. It is the object of this invention to introduce a new class of biodegradable chemicals derived from locally naturally occurring material (the oil palm residues), hence aptly named Palmcel, which can augment both the dry and wet strenght of papers. Artificial neural networks, in particular the Radial Basis Function Network (RBFN) has been used for process optimization. For a successful operation, the strenght additive has to be water soluble to allow maximum absorption onto the cellulose fibers and contain functional groups that are capable to bond the fibers thereby increasing the paper strenght, both of which are characteristics of Palmcel. Palcel, can be used in various ways. Firstly, by addition at the papermaking wet-end process, in which it is mixed the fiber furnish before paper is formed. It can also be use as a tub size, where the already formed paper is passed through a shallow bath containing the biopolymer aqueous solution. Alternatively, it can be applied as a spray/coat onto a sheet of paper/paper products to enhance the strenght properties.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3154312514

OVINEX the Premium Sheep Collegen

OVINEX, extracted from the skin of religiously neutral and disease-free animal (sheep) using a blend of enzymes originating from plants, provides a resource solution to the HALAL COLLAGEN MARKET (worth RM1.6 billion annually). Neither sultural nor religious issues (especially HALAL issue) could be raised against OVINEX. OVINEX have been shown to result in one of the lowest allergy responses in humans. It has also been clinically proven that OVINEX supports the regenaration of tissue-engineered skin bilayers. OVINEX show superior properties in terms of solubility, absorbability and availability to interact. Other advantages include a better fit to human make-up, traceable, no odor and high thermal stability.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3154412515


The aqua feed industry is one of the most thriving industries today. Realising that fact, USM's Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies (CEMACS) cultures various algae isolates that form a nutritious feed for the fish and prawn fry industries.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3154512516

Novel Ecofriendly Method for Sterilization and Decolorization Using Bioplastic-TiO Composite Film

Photocatalysis has been demonstrated; to be an inexpensive and effective method for treating a wide range of pollutants in both water and alr.App;tuved by the food testing iaboratoly of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), TiO, is considered a safe substance and harmless to human. It is corhmonly used in paint, printing ink, plastics, paper, synthetic fibers, rubber, condensers, electronic components along with food and cosmetics. The use of photocatalysis in water purification provides new tools for pre;sarving the environment. However the use of TiO* sugpensions in photocatalysis requires subsequent separation and recycling of the catalyst. In the case of lfltrafine Ti02 catalysis this is a time consuming and expepsive step in the development of recovery technology. Ifowever, we 1 have developed a novel way to overcome the problems. That is, we coated the TiO, photocatalyst (Degussa's P25 formulation) on olyhydroxyaikanoate (PHA) fllm. PHA Is a bio-based thermoplastic synthesized by various microorganisms. Interesting features of TiO, coated biopiastic:
(a) Antimicrobial (to maintain sterile cdndition)
(b) Blodegradable (to create green environment)
(c) Decolorization [to treat industrial waste (dye)] (d) Cost-effective means of recycling the ll0, photocatalyst.
(d) Eco-frlendly (biodegradable, sun - Ilght as Advator) and user-friendly.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3154912520

Natus: The new remedy for microbial caused diseases

A novel extraction method has been developed to produce potential antimicrobial compounds, especially as antifungal agents from another member of sea cucumber, Stichopus chloronatus which was found effective to combat various types of ringworm infections caused by dermatophytes and also pathogenic yeasts. The novel extraction method produces powdered extract that can easily be used to formulate into cream, ointment, lotion or solution.

Advantages of the invention:
1. The use of Stichopus chloronatus which is abundant in Malaysian waters as raw materials for traditional medicines.
2. The efficacy and potency of the products are better than gamat (using our novel method of extraction).
3. Has great potential in commercialization.
4. Diversify applications of sea cucumbers to prevent extinction.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3155012521

Natureblot - Natural and Eco-friendly Facial Oil Blotting Film

Oils is naturally produced by the skin for lubricating purpose, protection from excessive dehydration and maintenance of health and luster. Excess oil gets trapped in the skin pores and this results in bacterial infection that can be one of the causes of skin acne. Skin surface oiliness also affects apperance and selfesteem. The problem is further exacerbated by modern lifestyles whereby people are often outdoors. Because the oil produced by skin has important biological functions blocking oil production using chemicals is not the best solution. On the other hand, methods that provide temporary but fast solution such as oil blotting paper/film may be safer and more effective. Oil blotting papers although efficient are rough on the skin and sensitive to humidity.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3155212523

Nano-UV Coating for Umbrellas, Shades and Textiles with Near-Zero UV Transmission

Over half of new cancer cases are skin cancer (melanoma) caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. As earth ozone layer depletes at a rate of 4% per decade, more UV radiation lands on earth causing more skin cancer cases. People living in countries that receive lots of sunlight like Malaysia should be concerned over this global catastrophe. The present invention offers an effective solution to the UV-related health issues by introducing a product, NanoZT-UV Coating Kit, capable of transforming common textiles into UV blocking textiles with near-zero UV transmission. With NanoZT-UV Coating Kit, one can easily make a UV blocking coating on umbrellas, shades, canopies and other textiles with a UV protective factor (UPF) of 50+, the highest UPF factor in the industry. NanoZT-UV coating is tested according to international textile AATC standard and it exhibits excellent UV transmission of 2%. Nanotechnology is emploYes to develop UV blocking nanoparticles (zinc oxide and titania) that are embedded in the UV coating. NanoZT-UV Coating Kit is high quality, cheap, easy to use and has huge impact to society.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3156012531

Modular Aquaponic System

Eco-friendly integration of intensive freshwater fish culture wth vegetables hydroponics in a recirculating system. The Modular Aquaponic System is an expansion of the commercially available intensive freshwater fish production in portable canvas tanks developed by the Aquaculture Research Group, USM (ARGUSM). Aquaponics is a technology in which effluents from an intensive fish culture system is integrated with vegetables hydroponics via a closed recirculation system.

Minden Pulau Pinang

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