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ID : tm288319802

The Potential of Modified Lignocellulosic Fiber as a Cheap Biosorbent

This preliminary study was conducted to modify the surface of the fiber to enhance chitosan interaction using silence coupling agent. The OPF modified with bis-aminosilane was characterized on the water absorption behaviour from 24 to 168-hour immersion time. The result indicated that the composite treated with bis-(trimethoxysilylpropyl) amine absorbed the least water compared to the composite without silane treatment. The Tensile test indicated that the bis-aminosilane improved the tensile strength. The SEM micrograph showed chitosan was not pulled out from the fiber surface after 168-hour immersion time and the presence of bis-aminosilane enhance the adhesion between fiber/chitosan polymer matrix.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3002210993

Znode : Novel natural dye dssc from fruit mixtures for nature's energy conversion

The degradation of the oil and coal leads to the researchers on the renewable energy to compensate these energy supplies. Dye sensitized solar cell is the third generation of the solar cell family. This project discovers the potential of the dssc in energy supply with the novelty of znode and fruits.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3005311024

WMT Sensor

WMT sensor is a novel invention that provides solution for imaging industrial flows through state of the art imaging technology of multi-phase flow.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3008511056

Wind Turbine Generator Test Bench

This product is a test bench to perform dynamic simulation and study the performance of wind turbine generator. The generator is driven by the ac motor which is controlled by vsd to provide variation of wind energy. This product is accompanied by a load set to stimulate a complete micro grid system.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3009111062

A Novel Aluminium-Polypropylene Materials for Decoration Product

Metals and metal alloys are common and plenty with their own uniqueness for appropriate applications. However, the need to search for new materials is always in progress and various approached are available which include combining two or even more metals; or combining metals with other materials. However, combining metals with polypropylene as alloy is unheard off. This project is an attempt to combine the molten metal with polypropylene to obtain a new material.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3009411065

A Robust Green Nano-Geopolymer Ceramic Reinforced Lead Free Solder For High Strength Electric/Electronic Interconnect Application

The use of reinforcing nano-size Geopolymer particulate is promising method to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of the lead-free solder materials. SN-0.7CU+Geopolymer Nano Ceramic PB Free Composite were fabricated via Powder Metallurgy (PM) method.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3009911070

Ameliorate Solar Cell Performance Based on Porous Silicon Surface

For energy band calculations, it is proposed to this use density functional method (DFT) of the full potential-linearized augmented plane wave (FP-LAPW) method as implemented in WIEN2K code. The Engle-Vosko generalized gradient approximation (EV-GGA) formalism is used to optimize the corresponding potential for energetic transition and optical properties calculations of II-VI compounds for having the right kind of design details appropriate for solar cell applications as described above.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3010311074

Bangkoo: A Modular Concept Bench

A modular concept bench made from reclaim pinewood and engineering wood. Implement the wood joinery technique to enhance bench structural integrity.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3010611077

BioHiMAG: Biofriendly, High Potential & High Efficiency Magnesium Sacrificial Anode

A biofriendly Mg sacrificial anode containing Ca, Sr, Mn and Zr is capable of reducing the use of SF6, stabilize the molten magnesium, enhance the current efficiency of the anode and improve the driving voltage. The performance of a current sacrificial anode is beyond the commercial product.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3010811079

Cell-Meth: Cellulose Methacrylate from Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassiper) as Filler Reinforced in Thermoplastic

Cellulose methacrylate, made from processed water hyacinth (Eichhornia carssiper), treated with methyl methacrylate, using dicumyl peroxide as an initiator. The cell-meth is chosen as reinforcement in thermoplastics since it can bond the brittle structure of the thermoplastic. The new material was applied as a filler, reinforced in thermoplastic composites. Excellent adhesion between the low density polyethylene and water hyacinth fibers had exhibited promising results in mechanical properties, morphology and thermal stability. In addition, the new composites are low weight, lower water uptake and degradable.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3010911080

Cellulose-Methacrylate as Antimicrobial for Water Hyacinth Plastic Composites

The antimicrobial plastic can slow the occurrence of fungi on the food. Cellulose methacrylate content of 10% is the optimum additives to prevent the occurrence of fungi in the food such as bread and ready meals. The water hyacinth plastic composites are renewable resources and biodegradability.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3011111082

CO2 Capture from air, flue gas or biogas and the recovery of the CO2 using the downflow gas contractor (DGC) reactor

It was concluded from the trails that the downflow gas contractor (DGC) unit is a very efficient system for selective capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide from air (reduction from 360PPM to 10PPM or less), thereby effecting a reduction of environmental pollution and effects of global warming.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3011311084

CSMON: System for Monitoring Atmospheric Hazards in Confined Space

The CSMON is an integrations of electronic nose and mobile robot equipped with wireless camera and obstacle avoidance for navigation. The electronic nose was developed to monitor the atmospheric hazards gasses.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3011411085

CU2ZN1-XCDXSNS4 Nanostructure for Solar Cell Applications

CU2ZN1-XCDXSNS4 based photoelectronics have unlimited markets to be benifited for society and life. Due to its high value and distinguished potential applications, CU2ZN1-XCDXSNS4 shows low cost and high efficiency.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3011811089

Development of Intelligent Neuro Marketing System Based on Human Brain Signals

This is a universal system and is independent of subjects with different races, gender and ethnic. A novel channel reduction algorithm is used to derive 8 EEG channels for estimating the consumer emotional response. To enhance the emotion assessment rate of consumer, this system is also incorporated with frequency localization algorithm to derive the specific band of EEG frequency. Total computational time and memory requirement is highly reduced by above inventions.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3012811099

Enviro-Fuel: Fuel for The Future (Waste to Wealth)

In Malaysia, the open burning of agriculture wastes from the paddy industry had created environmental and health issues. Therefore, by converting these wastes into bio-ethanol product will eliminate those issues. A novelty bio-ethanol production method had been carried out, which gave better yield.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3013011101

E-Rubball High Toughness Hollow Sphere

E-Rubball high toughness hollow spheres is a lightweight material and provide excellent properties. What is made this e-filler because it involves simple procedure , specially developed for high-impact application.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3013511106

Fibre Concrete Panel(FCP): Prefabricated Hybrid Panel for Reservoir Tank

This is a brilliant invention that can be entitled as green product which is applying the waste from oil palm product as a part of main material and able to be a good solution and brilliant IBS product to the construction industry.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3013911110

Geogrete for underwater structure

Georgette is environmental friendly concrete not only consumes less energy and emit less carbon dioxide in the production process but provide comparable properties i strength and work ability but also exhibit better durability and corrosion resistance and most suitable for marine environment.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3014311114

Hand Gesture Controlled Surveillance Robot

The hand gesture surveillance robot is mobile robot that operates under arduino based on hand gesture and in the same time brings surveillance through video feed on screen using Raspberry PI 2.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3015011121

Hybrid Power System with Wireless Data Monitor

A hybrid renewable power generation system was implemented through parallel connection between two potential energy resources: photovoltaic (PV) and battery. The method consist of utilizing a buck and boost converter connected from a battery source to provide adjustment according to PV potential.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3015111122

Hydrophobic Silica Aerogel for Metal Removal

Hydrophobic aerogel immobilized with Cyanex 272, is a promising material for the extraction, separation and recovery of metals from aqueous solution. The performance is not changed after washing and is higher than the conventional materials.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3015211123


Icplast is produce by adding Polyolefins with Pro-oxidant that has been extracted from Cylindrica Imperata using pressurised hot water extractor (PHWE). This natural Pro-oxidant can accelerates the degradation of polymers.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3015311124

IMOI: An Android-Based Rainwater Harvesting For Intelligent Mango Orchard Irrigation System

The system will collect rainwater from the building roof and stored in the water tank. An android-based system will monitor and control the water for mango orchard irrigation.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016511136

I-SPAD: Non-invasive Screening Tool for Differential Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease Severity Levels

Intelligent speech based parkinson's disease detection(I-SPAD) is non-invasive screening tool that provides real time monitoring of parkinson's disease(PD). The main feature of the invention provides a method for distinguishing the severity level(mild and moderate) of the PD from healthy controls.

Arau Perlis

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