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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

Kuala Kangsar Perak

ID : tm3284213813

Zip-Zap 3S

An effective multipurpose security system embedded into backpack. It runs in a system which alerts user on potential hazard such as snatch theft, pickpockets and anti-harassment. Alarm will trigger at the moment of action that act as self-defense mechanism.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3284413815


The main focus of this invention is to improve the surface hardening method in order to achieve high strength and quality, durable and low cost tool for welding of metal matrix composite. The main benefit of this project is reducing pollution as compared to conventional welding process.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3284713818

Tri-promoted CZMZNS Catalyst

A green process for methanol production production via a catalytic CO2 hydrogenation reaction was developed. CO2 gas was used as a feedstock for the reaction at 523K and 2.25 MPA in the presence of tri-promoted copper-zinc catalyst which resulted in CO2 conversion of 19% and methanol selectivity of 99%.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3284813819

Torrefaction Process by Using Flue Gas and Its Product (torrefied biomass)

In this process, lignocellulosic biomass feedstock is torrefied by fluegan from boilers, and is converted into solid fuel with improved properties, such as higher calorific value, long shelf life and better grindability. In the existing process design, thermal energy is provided from partial combustion of biomass. Torrefaction medium is gas from torrefaction reactor or thermal oil. The process above proposed is free from the cost of partial combustion of biomass and inert thermal medium to carry thermal energy from thermal energy source to biomass to be torrefied.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3285113822


Therecoblock is made of rubbercrete (Cement, Fly, Ash, Nano-silica, Sand and crumb rubber from scrap tires) which exhibits : High Strengths, Low density and thermal conductivity, high electrical resistivity, High noise reduction, impact absorption and ductility. Also, low price and green product.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3285413825

Solar-Driven Water Purification(SWAPT)

SWAPT consist of an integrated advance photoelectrochemical cell(PEC) and decorated dye-synthesized Solar Cell(DSC). An eco-friendly Bivo4 is deposited on the glass to minimize solar energy absorption while simultaneously purify the untreated water, hence optimize the quality of processing water.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3285513826

Solar Vortex Engine For Power Generation (SVE)

This invention is solar updraft power generation system. It converts the solar energy to thermal in the absorber, then to kinetic energy in the air stream, and finally to electricity through wind turbine. The novelty that the system replaces the tall costly chimney by artificial tornado.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3285613827

Solar Thermoelectric Air Conditioning System (STE-AC)

STE-AC consist of pv panel on top face and thermoelectric module at the middle portion. By using concept of photoelectric and peltier effect hot and cold chamber is created in the same facility. Ambient air is circulated inside building via cold chamber reduces thermal load without using any fuels.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3285813829

Smart Permeability Modifier

Base materials are bentonite, which grafted with precursor and a copolymer of n-isopropylacrylamide-acrylic acid. The product has a water-like viscosity(~1 cp), average particle size 1.2 to 0.6 micron and thermally stable up to 400 degree c. It has high tendency to reduce permeability (45-80%).

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3286113832

Robust Nano Geo-Cem for Oilwell Drilling

The research introduced newly nano geopolymer cement replacing opc-based cement in which flyash is used as base material. The product output able to resist acid attack during acidizing job and mechanically improved compared to opc-based. The product is eco-friendly since it used waste material.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3286613837

Purification of Methyl Esters Through Reactive Distillation System

Our reactive distillation system is able to purify methyl esters from non-edible oil such as rubber seed oil. The system purifies the methyl esters and it enables the product to be applied in wider application. Our product quality meets the ASTM D6751 and EN 14214 standards.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3286913840

Polymerized Amino Acid Ionic Liquids (PAAILS) for CO2 capture

PAAILS with arginine and lysine absorbs more than 14 WT% CO2, higher than any chemicals. The CO2 sorption increased because they have several amine sites which provide more sites for CO2 binding. The compounds are stable and easy to handle as they are solid. They are also considered green chemicals.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3287013841

Plastic & Paper Waste Geopolymer Brick(PPWGEOBRIC)

Paper and plastic waste contributed about 28.5% and 12.4% respectively to the overall waste in Malaysia. Geopolymer brick is a brick without cement that is manufactured using paper and plastic wastes as aggregates. With alkaline sol & crm the brick produced has batter quality than cement bricks.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3287213843

Petro Ash Cement

Petroleum sludge is hazardous due to the presence of carcinogenic-mutagenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons(PAH). Incineration is often used to degrade PAH, but it creates ash handling problems. Petro ash is finely ground thermal treated ash, which is very effective for high performance concrete.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3287313844

PC-GLY: An Eco-friendly Solvent for CO2 Capture

PC-GLY is a solvent for CO2 capture with high CO2 loading with low operational cost. The solvent can be efficiently used from low to high pressure operations such as at offshore conditions. The solvent has acceptable toxicity for safe handling and disposal into the water bodies.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3287513846

NSFG-SBA (Green Nano Silica Gel from Sugarcane Bagasse ASH)

Greeno Sili-Gelo is a fine & highly reactive silica gel, which is extracted from sugarcane bagasse ash by a novel technique. The bagase was first treated at zeroenergy purifying method, then incinerated and ground using very low energy. The highly pulverized gel is used in high performance concrete.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3287713848

Natural Low Transition Temperature Mixtures (LTTMS) As Green Solvent

The invention provides a green and cost-effective alternative to utilize aqueous l-malic acid solution that can be obtained by microwave hydrothermal extraction from fruits and plants. The physicochemical properties of LTTMS are not affected by the water with enhanced lignin solubility capacity.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3287813849

Natural Hydro-Low-Transition-Temperature Mixture(NH-LTTM) as Sustainable Green Solvent for Biomass Delignification

A greener microwave-hydrothermal extraction technique and environment friendly solvent NH-LTTM solvent have been develop. It has high potential to replace the conventional biomass pretreatment technique that utilized dilute sulfuric acid or sulfur dioxide, energy intensive and laborious.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3288313854

Mixed flow wind turbine

The wind turbines are either axial flow or radial flow, where both are not suitable for the solar chimney power plant application. The invented wind turbine is mixed flow. It has been proven that the invented turbine has superior features compered to the available wind turbines.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3288413855

Microwave Electromagnetic System for Geopolymer Concrete Testing(EMGEONDT)

Geopolymer Concrete(GPC) is newly green construction materials that have superior properties compared to the conventional opc concrete. Its production is still limited to precast application which prompt the need for adequate nondestructive testing and monitoring equipment for quality of manufacturing.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3288813859

Magnetic Nano-Composite

Magnetic Nano-Composite is a bio-adsorbent of oil palm empty fruit bunches wastes that exhibit efficiency aptitude to adsorb heavy metals (PB,CR and CU) above 95% with a much faster adsorption (<75%). The magnetic properties of bio-adsorbent can easily separated for reuse.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3288913860

Macronano Dye Solar Module

This invention is a dye solar module fabricated using in-house synthesized photo electrode materials. It consists of TiO2 aggregates-Nanoparticles composites that produce good efficiency in the range of 7-10% under irradiation of AM1.5 (1000 W/cm2) simulated sunlight. This dye solar module is capable of generating electricity in low-light conditions such as cloudy skies and non-direct sunlight. It can be deployed as built-in PV in the facades of building such as walls, canopies and roofs. This power all day every day solar module requires relatively low manufacturing cost that does not involve high vacuum processing. It uses readily available non-toxic raw materials.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3289113862

LCPM-SUM: Low Carbon Precinct Modeling for Sustainable Urban Development Malaysia

Lcpm-sum is precinct information modelling developed for creating green built environment within cities. It bridges the external infrastructure with the building cluster in a precinct, which can continuously calculate ecological foot print, determines overshoot if observed & suggests mitigations.

Seri Iskandar Perak

ID : tm3289513866


I-SGBR is an integrated suspended growth reactor which integrates the anoxic, aerobic, clarifier and sludge digester chamber into a single reactor system. This novel integrated system removes organics and nutrients of wastewater, saves footprint and enhances the removal of organics as well as cost.

Seri Iskandar Perak

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