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ID : tm289559926

Alat Perlindungan Radiasi T-Rax (TM)

T-RAX (TM) digunakan untuk memberikan perlindungan ke atas pesakit yang berada bersebelahan dengan pesakit yang sedang menjalani pemeriksaan radiografi mudahgerak.

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ID : tm3318514156

Intelligent Real-time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS)

Intelligent real time integrated system for sustainability(IRISS) is designed to transform the collecting data method to measure the impact towards the environment before, during and after the development. IRISS provides the data directly through the internet of things(IOT), cloud computing and web.

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ID : tm3404115012

A new toughening agent for termoset resins developed from natural rubber

A technique was developed to toughened thermoset resins using liquid natural rubber. The modified resin was proven to improve impact properties of composites.

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ID : tm3404315014

Development of carbonated apatite material for possible biomedical implant purposes

Carbonated apative is the latest material being researched as a bone replement material. It has a close revemblance to bone mineral. It is a catepin phosphase-based bioceramic that contains carbonate. It has an excellent biocontabilish with hard tissue (bone) which makes them an excellent material for bone subsitute.
Advantage: Bone substitute material

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ID : tm3404415015

Development of powder metallurgy high speed steels component through additives Enhancement

Produce cutting tool inserts from high-speed steel powder particle hrough powder metallurgy technique.
- Ability to fabricate high quality & near net-shape products
- Minimise wastage of raw materials
- Cost reduction

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ID : tm3404515016

Development of Ti02 thin films by sol gel methol

Develop Ti02 thin films by sol gel technique for electrochromic devices.

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ID : tm3404815019

Environmental Friendly Binder System for MIM Process

To overcome at least some of the problems associated with other binder system such as blamrable, toxic and caranogenic, a composite brider system lad been successfully developed which consist of water soluble oligomer, PEE and PMMA. The news system has been successfully used for various retal powders.This binder is of cursively for use in environmentally friendly MIM feedstock formulated for water debuding.

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ID : tm3405115022

Research and Development of Alternative Brake Pad Materials

Pads with composite materials using Powder Metallurgy technique.

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ID : tm3484015467

From Waste to Wealth : Utilisation of Waste Plastic as an EcoFriendly Binder System for Metal Moulding (MIM) Industry

The key to the successful application of metal injection moulding (MIM) process in production practice is the selection of a binder system together with a suitable debinding procedure. There are various binder-system that have been developed for use MIM industries which include the use of major fraction of petroleum-based binder and waxes.

However, there are problems associated in the use of the said binder-systems. To overcome at least some of the problems associated with the other systems, an eco-friendly composite binder based on recycling materials were successfully developed SIRIM Berhad that consist of plastic waste in powder form which was obtained from waste of polyolefin (such as mineral water bottle, plastic container etc)

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ID : tm3509815725

Terminalia Catappa Crystal Filter (natural material)

This filter is designed based on two main material, Terminalia catappa leaves and crystals. Both materials are placed into layer separately. The combination of both materials can reduce pH value so that the water suitable for cleaning purpose.

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ID : tm3517415801

Chromolaetics: The Power of Wound Healing

Chromolaetics' is purposed to heal wounds with use of Chromolaena Odorata, which is known as traditional medication. These products consist of filtered water, canton C.G., Chromolaena Odorata leaves extract and olive oil. These products are green invention, because of our secret organic contents.

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ID : tm3524615873

Chopper Mixer for Making Brake Lining Material

Friction materials typically composed of four main constituents; fiber, resin, filler and additive. The materials in powdery form, mixed and cast into brake linings under high temperature and pressure.

Mixers available in the market are specific to powdery and dry materials that do not stick to each other or to the wall of the mixer. The brake lining meterial composition is powdery but has some tendency to form lumps or stick to the wall of the mixer that will cause inconsistency to the mixture. None of the mixers that are currently available in the market can produce homogenius mixture.

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ID : tm3524715874

Hard Thin Film Coating on Cutting Tools

Cathodic Arc physical Vapour Deposition (CAPVD) technique is used to deposit hard and resistant layer thin films of about 1-10 pm. This Coating is used to improve friction, wear and life of cutting tools, mould and dies, machine elements, automotive parts.

Hard thin film nanostructured composite caoting to improve surface property using CAPVD.

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